October 7, 2018

Out here in the Valley of the Sun, the phrase “cold system” tells you that, indeed, the seasons have changed. I’ll admit, it’s a joy to have had “Arizona winter” start two weeks earlier than it normally does, but that’s what an El Nino winter will do for you. And it’s not just this, there’s a good chance Hurricane Sergio out in the Pacific is going to turn and give us even more rain come next weekend. I say bring it on! In the meanwhile…

Congratulations to Brett Kavanaugh on his confirmation to the Supreme Court. Not only through your confirmation hearings was the American republic finally awakened to how the mob rule of Democrats and liberal activists work, but they saw just how President Donald J. Trump and the art of winning works. Republicans will never be the same again.

…my “Beers for Brett” was a Sam Adams Octoberfest. I. Love. Winning.

Love Chris Sale, but that’s all the Sox have in the starting rotation. David Price is a dog. And for all that money? Hate to say it, but I’m picking the Yankees in 4.

But of course they’re not. They know their attempted lynching of a good man purely for the purposes of a political agenda failed miserably. Hope it was all worth it for them. I’m not sure how they can even look themselves in the mirror. But given how shameless they are, I’m sure they sleep very comfortably with the choices they made.

I’m sick of people apologizing for what they honestly feel. Today you have Bette Midler (who I’m sure I have little in common with politically) backing down for simply quoting the sentiment of a John Lennon song from 1972. Would the song be in poor taste today? God, yes. But grow up, everyone! I know what Midler was alluding to – albeit in a way I disagree – I was around at that time. It was a period piece, written 42 years ago! Words are nothing more than words. And I’m sick of these moronic dweebs crawling around from under the baseboards and their oh-so-precious Twitter and Facebook accounts to pass judgment on others. You know what I would say to them? F**k you. I don’t support what Ms. Midler said, but I’ll go to the walls to defend her for her right to say it.

…BTW, the album from which “Woman Is…” came from, Sometime in New York City, was not, in and of itself, a great album by any stretch of the imagination, but two Yoko Ono songs were, in my humble view, the absolute balls. “Sisters, O Sisters” sounds like something out of a Connie Francis LSD trip, but it’s just harmless rock n’ roll pap with a solid guitar solo, and “We’re All Water” is, well, a Yoko Ono classic:

We’re all water in this vast, vast ocean
Someday we’ll evaporate together.

Doesn’t get better than that lyrically, does it? If it were my choice, I think I’d like to have that written on my tombstone. They just don’t make music like this anymore.

…speaking of music they don’t make like this anymore, if you’re a Pink Floyd fan (and even if you’re not), hearing the last time the Floyd’s David Gilmour and Richard Wright performed their classic “Echoes” will simply make you shake your head. Do y’all selves a favor? Pour yourself a cocktail, turn off the lights, set the video to full, turn up the volume, and just lose yourself.

Ahh, Floyd. Would you mind if I added this to the list of music they don’t make anymore. It’s eerie, sad, and gorgeous all at the same time. Not to mention this? Richard Wright was truly an underrated member of the band.

Exactly. So which is it, liberals? You can’t have it both ways. But of course, that’s the way you play the game. I supported Serena Williams at the time – the official was being a jerk. And there’s Brett Kavanaugh expressing his disdain at Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who were gleefully dragging his reputation through the mud. So which is it, libs?

As I’ve always said, the problem with Democrats and liberals in general is that they simply are incapable of not overplaying the hand they’ve been given. What’s underscored in all of this Kavanaugh kerfluffle is that Senate Democrats have only themselves to blame. Which is why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the gift that keeps on giving. Well done, Harry.

Your agony is my joy.

So let me ask you this: if you had your choice of First Ladies and their choice of dress who would you choose?


The fact that liberals are bitching about Melania Trump’s choice of clothing while in Egypt boggles the mind. Not only are they vile and petty, they have no taste when it comes to what looks good on a woman. I’ll say it again – and happily – their agony is my joy.

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October 6, 2018

Found this comment over at Powerline blog in regards to this post fitting:

I grew up in NYC during the rise of Trump. I knew he would win. Why? Though he is a billionaire he’s a street guy like real New Yorkers are. He stands his ground, fights back aggressively and doesn’t give a damn what people think about his manner. Notice how people who only understand victory always say “well I wish he wasn’t so outrageous on Twitter”? If he wasn’t it wouldn’t be Trump. As a veteran I will attest that the Carl Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix AZ I go to went from worst to best in less than 18 months and he’s not even a vet. Even our departed Senator McCain didn’t do a damn thing about it. He was good at hating the President and to hell with us vets. I believe President Trump will eventually send the Democrat Progressives to the dustbin of history. Deep inside he will have his revenge for the attack on his family and the country he loves so much. And no sir I am not sick of winning.

I’ve got friends, and I know y’all have as well, who have taunted me to no end about my support for President Trump. At times, I have found it hard to articulate why I admire the man so. It was once said that President Lincoln, after hearing every reason in the world why he shouldn’t hitch his wagon to that of General Ulysses S. Grant, simply responded, “He fights”.

Lord knows, Donald J. Trump isn’t perfect. But in an era where the mainstream media endlessly promotes the likes and agenda of every left-wing, social justice warrior fascist like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein while painting people like me, people who just happen to think that the Judeo-Christian traditions upon which this country was founded, and people like me who think the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights still have relevance even in this 21st century we live in idiots, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and out-of-their-mind lunatics, all I can say is, he fights. And he wins. And no, I am, and will never get, tired of winning.

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October 5, 2018

It’s pretty funny to watch our rabbit Peach sleep. He looks like roadkill, doesn’t he? It’s easy to be that relaxed when your surrounded by one’s food dish, towel, paper bag and lots of books to gnaw on. Guess he’s glad that the end of another work week is at hand. Bring on the weekend!

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Forget about the everything you’ve been told by the Democrats, the loony left and their faux outrage (BTW, has there been one day since Donald Trump was elected president that there hasn’t been a way of loony left outrage of one sort or another?), and the Democrats’ political operatives in the mainstream media in regards to the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. It’s gotten to the point of absurdity. If there is one thing you read, check this Twitter feed from one Sarah Gonzalez somewhere in the state of Texas. She not only hits the nail on the head, she bashes in the heads of all those who have played a part in the personal destruction of Mr. Kavanaugh and his family solely for the purposes of political gain.

You might not believe me, but in the beginning I was willing to keep an open mind about Dr. Christine Ford. But after watching her testimony with that phony little girl voice (no college professor I’ve ever known would talk and present herself like that), her helpless and vulnerable demeanor, the gaping holes that appeared almost immediately in her testimony, and then seeing her so-called “legal team” fawning all over her, knowing full well that they’re all well-known operatives in Democratic political circles, I knew she was lying and basically full of shit.

The oh-so outrage over the way President Trump ridiculed her testimony is misplaced, I think. Dr. Ford deserved to be ridiculed. She’s never told the same story twice, she remembers nothing, and has yet to say anything that directly implicates Kavanaugh in anything. But golly gee, he’s sure unqualified for the Supreme Court. Go figure.

Some people are feeling sorry for her, saying that she is as much a victim as Kavanaugh as a result of her identity being leaked to the media by someone in the Democrats’ political machine. I don’t buy it for a minute. She knew exactly was happening around her, and she allowed herself to be a willing tool and foil in the hopes of destroying Kavanaugh’s nomination. Both she and her Democrat operatives truly thought, I believe, that Republicans would do what they’ve always done in the past when these kinds of things came up – run for the hills and cower (read: Alabama and Judge Roy Moore). But this is now the Republican Party of Donald Trump, a president who believes in punching back twice as hard, and a Party now unafraid to point out the utter hypocrisy, lies, and typical political shenanigans that the Democrats have employed so successfully in the past.

Two final thoughts:
First, you knew this was nothing more than a political lynching when Stormy Daniels’ creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti got involved with bring forth a client claiming Kavanaugh drugged and then gang-raped women. I have to believe the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee were horrified to hear about this human trash crawling out from under his rock to pollute their well-planned, all-in-good-faith, high-tech lynching.

Finally, Let me ask y’all a question? If you were an employer, would this whole Kavanaugh sham make you more likely or less likely to hire a female in your company? I thought so.

I truly believe that what Dr. Ford and her fellow liars and schemers have done is incalculable damage to feminist and #MeToo movements and those who truly have suffered years of internal torment as a result of some form of earlier sexual abuse. Dr. Ford is clearly not one of them – t least as far as Brett Kavanaugh is concerned. It is reprehensible for any woman to falsely accuse someone of rape or sexual abuse for either personal or political gain, but it does happen (Rolling Stone / UVA, Duke lacrosse, anyone?). Now, if someone wants to come forward for something that truly did happen, they’ll have a higher bar to reach in order to be believed. It’s truly sad.

But it shows the level to which Democrats will descend to achieve their own political ends, and how little they really value not just the rule of law and the fundamental precept that you are innocent until proven guilty, but women. To Democrats, women (and African-Americans, for that matter) are nothing more than tools and human shields to be cleverly and shamelessly deployed as needed in order to obtain and maintain their own power. If the sad charade of the past few weeks has any silver lining whatsoever, it will be that the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have been revealed for the vile, evil, and despicable human waste they truly are.

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October 4, 2018

R.I.P Geoff Emerick, legendary engineer for so many of the Beatles’ albums from Revolver to Abbey Road. His book on his tenure with the Fab Four, albeit a tad on the self-serving side, remains a fascinating read. To think of the aural magic producer George Martin and Emerick were able to achieve given the unsophisticated technology of their times seems, compared to this day and age, incredible to believe. But their collective work will hold up forever.

And R.I.P. Peggy Sue. Buddy Holly’s version was, of course, iconic, but I thought the Beach Boys did a pretty fair job of it back in 1978.

Well, well, well – If this is true, maybe not everything was sweet and dandy with the American team at the Ryder Cup. Koepka is denying it, but there’s enough smoke to think that there may have been more fire at the Ryder Cup than just in the way the Europeans played throughout the weekend.

…while on the Ryder Cup. is there a more unlikeable and arrogant player on the PGA Tour than Patrick Reed? Sure, he had two very good Ryder Cups in 2014 and 2016, but he sucked this year. And if it is true that Jordan Spieth didn’t want to play with him, I can’t blame him one bit. I’ll say this: “Captain America” better damned hope he plays his way onto the 2020 American squad, because unless he somehow changes his act between now and then, there’s no captain in the world who would pick Reed as one of his personal picks. Besides, by then I’m guessing there will be too many other better players out there to choose from by then.

…still on the Ryder Cup: it’s sad, but accidents do happen out there. The woman was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The good thing is I’m sure all of her medical bills will be taken care of, but to threaten legal action is ridiculous. Anyone who attends a golf tournament in person has to know there’s a risk, however slight, of an errant ball heading their way. Accidents do happen.

Now that the MLB regular season is over, let the firings begin. In Baltimore I can’t believe manager Buck Showalter lasted as long as he did – he should have been fired after Memorial Day. His teams have been playing uninspired and fundamentally poor baseball for a couple of years now. And hopefully GM Dan Duquette’s tenure is over there as well. Baltimore is to good a baseball town to be suffering with bad teams like it has been lately. One has to wonder just how much management cares.

While there is not much I agree with when it comes to Chelsea Clinton, she’s spot-on here. It’s one thing for Democrats, the loony left, and their operatives in the mainstream media to oppose Brett Kavanuagh’s nomination on philosophical grounds, it’s a whole ‘nutha thing to see he and his family personally and viciously attacked like they have been. And the behavior of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, from Dianne Feinstein down to Chris Coons and their respective staffs – has been reprehensible, juvenile, and unprofessional in every sense of the word. Fortunately, voters are seeing their elected leaders in Washington behaving in this fashion, and one can only hope that voters respond at the ballot box next month accordingly.

You can tell just where the Democrats think their so-called “resistance” to the Kavanaugh nomination is going when the New York Times once again delves into President Trump’s finances and tax returns. The loony left undoubtedly cares about this kind of thing deeply (although it’s debatable just how much they’ll be inspired to vote because of an issue that couldn’t even prevent Trump from being elected in 2016. Most rational folks know all about Trump’s wealth and how the wealthy are able to work the tax codes to their benefit; they’ve long ceased to care. What I think voters do care about is the rockin’ economy and the performance of their 401Ks. Of course, don’t expect the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN to cover anything as insignificant as that – it’s much more important to focus their undivided attention on the drinking habits of a high schooler and college student nominated for the Supreme Court. Morons.

It’s a world gone mad. What dufuses in the marketing department came up with this? It’s not only ridiculous it’s a cynically transparent idea thinking that millennials are too stupid to think they can get more than just donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts. I mean, everyone in New England knows DD as D-squared, right? Now what are we supposed to call it – D?

Let the record show that on Wednesday, October 3rd the first Halloween decorations showed up in our neighborhood and the first Christmas catalog arrived in the mail.

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October 3, 2018

Target Handicap: 20.0
MyScorecard.com Handicap: 27.5 / Change: (+0.3)
Location: TPC Scottsdale – Stadium Course
Score: 53

Welcome to the Golf Quest – The Next Generation. You might note that, unlike previous Golf Quest posts, I’m no longer arranging my Golf Quest around prepping for the next Goodboys Invitational weekend. First of all, I have no clue as to when that weekend will be (a change of venues might be in the wind). Secondly, no matter when that might be, I’m admittedly on the fence and taking a wait-and-see attitude as far as my future participation goes. Given my age and my stage in life, it feels far more comfortable to have a target handicap I can work towards without having to worry about getting my game together within some predetermined time schedule. Now that I’m nearly 63 and (hopefully) four years from retirement, I’m much more comfortable making being a 20-handicap golfer a larger target in my overall golf experience. No pressure, just play whenever I can and see if I can make inroads towards that magic number.

It was with that mindset that I decided to try and play nine holes at TPC Scottsdale’s legendary Stadium Course this past weekend while Tracey and I were spending a couple of nights at the nearby Scottsdale Princess to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. It was Saturday, and Tracey had lined up a message and assorted activities at their spa, so I grabbed my clubs and took the shuttle down to the TPC to see how I might amuse myself for a few hours.

The golf shop folks at TPC were the most accommodating and gracious folks I’ve met at any golf shop, anywhere. Told them I had a few hours to kill and what would be the most cost-effective way of doing it. Was told I had my choice of spending $80 for an all-day pass with access to their driving range, chipping area, and putting green, or I could pay $112 for 9 holes at the Stadium course were I willing to wait an hour until the twilight rate kicked in. That was no-brainer – I could hit the Toro restaurant grill for a beer, then go out and work on my game for half-hour or so.

A beer and my own cart later, I’m at the driving range with unlimited balls to hit and the chipping and putting area just across the cart path. It was cool to think a hacker like The Great White Shank could be standing and hitting ball in the same exact place as any number of tour pros would be doing at the Waste Management Open. I felt relaxed and then reassured when I didn’t shank or skull the first few pitching wedges I hit to limber up. I felt even better when the first few drives I hit seemed to lack that friggin’ dipsy-do, right-to-left push/slice that had cropped out of nowhere when I played with my Goodboys pal Killer a few weeks ago.

I had been hitting balls for maybe fifteen minutes, just focusing on tempo and slowing down, slowing down, when Aiden, who had been so nice in escorting me to the driving range and showing where everything was, drives up and asks me if I want to get out a little early. Five minutes later, I’m standing on the first tee at TPC Scottsdale’s Stadium course placing my orange Wilson 50 on a tee with my playing partners, a couple vacationing from China who spoke no English and some dude with tattoos all over his body just off a place from Vancouver, watching.

The course was absolutely gorgeous, a Tom Weiskopf design that you have to play to believe. A course with every hole laid out so beautifully. No 2,000 yard carries like at the tricked-up Foxwoods course we played during Goodboys weekend this year. Just a thinking man’s course where you can see the entire hole laid out in front of you, look at the little orange ball in your hand, and think about how best to get said ball into said hole in four or five strokes. The greens were perfect – you didn’t want to be above the hole, ever. And if you were below the hole you still had to give the ball a whack. But they rolled pure from beginning to end. And the sand trap? Like white powder – several of which I found myself in. Unbelievable.

The first tee has been a problem for me all this year.
This time I slammed a drive center-cut 230 yards smack-dab in the middle of the fairway.
We were off.

But this is The Great White Shank standing in the fairway, just 111 yards from the green. I grab my 9-iron and try and focus on taking an easy swing. I yank it 20 yards right, one bounce off a hill, and into someone’s back yard. Took a drop, chip and two putts for a double-bogey 6.

The Great White Shank can play double-bogey golf in his sleep.

But it was the triple bogey blues that got me on #s 2, 3, and 5. Three putts on two and three after chunking a 5-iron on #2, skulling a 5-wood OB on #3 (after another beautiful drive, no less), and on #5 after my drive trickled into a big and beautiful fairway bunker ending up just under the lip. All I could do was laugh at where it ended up and try and power it out backwards. Which I did, but then, after a majestic 7-iron fade to twenty feet, ol’ Mr. “Three Wiggle” got me again. But it couldn’t have been any more fun. You could just see the grins on our faces as we tried to navigate our way into good positions on each hole. It was golf the way it should be – multiple ways to play each hole, choose your risk and reward. In some ways it reminded me of two of my favorite courses, Passaconaway and Portsmouth – courses with character and your challenge laid our right in front of you.

I made a few mistakes out there, left (I’m guessing) six strokes out there, putted really poorly – 22 putts. But overall, it was just an enjoyable round. Finished bogey-bogey-bogey the last three holes which was very satisfying. The sun was setting low and the last 100-degree day of the year was working its way towards dusk. The Pinot Grigio in the Toro lounge afterwards tasted great as I drank in one of the great golf experiences of my life. Would have been nice to play 18 and the stadium par 3 #12 (without the stadium, which is put up and taken down every year), but nine holes was good enough. And a fantastic Mexican restaurant at the Princess was waiting.

I’ve still got a lot of work to do to get to a 20-handicap – besides working on that 3/4 swing my Goodboys pal “The Funny Guy” keeps encouraging me to do, I’ve got some work to do on the angle of my take-away and getting it less flat. But the short-game tip Killer gave me a few weeks ago is really paying off, and I’m confident my putting is going to come around. Sure, my handicap now stands at a whopping 27.5 (!) but I’m confident that with work 7 1/2 strokes isn’t going to be that hard to shave off.

But that’s my goal: 7 1/2 strokes. Whenever I can whittle them down. Could take me a year, could take me two. But it’s a nice goal to have. And when I finally achieve it, I’ll look back on an early fall Saturday afternoon at TPC Scottsdale with a sense of wonder and pleasurey. Paired with lodging at the Scottsdale Princess just down the street, it’s a golf destination combo that’s pretty damned hard to beat.

The Golf Quest is on…

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October 2, 2018

A few items on an unusually dark, gloomy, and rainy Tuesday:

Congratulations to Team Europe on a magnificent performance at this year’s Ryder Cup. I’m as surprised as anyone at the rout they gave the Americans, but I guess I shouldn’t have been if I had read the tea leaves: the course at Le Golf National, Paris, France demanded accuracy both off the tee and from the fairways, and that’s just not how golf is played on the PGA Tour these days. By and large, the courses are set up for the players to hit the ball as far as they can and be able to have a shot no matter where they might end up. That’s not the game the Europeans are used to – because the courses are not as exquisitely manicured as the American courses are they know fairways and greens are the key to playing well.

…and can we be honest here? With the exception of Justin Thomas, Tony Finau, and Jordan Spieth, how many Americans do you really fins likeable? Personally, I look at the team and don’t see a whole lot of players who actually seem like they enjoy the whole Ryder Cup experience. Patrick Reed’s an ass, and I don’t think Bubba Watson, Tiger, and Dustin Johnson are that far removed. Phil Mickelson’s star has lost a lot of shine, in my opinion – I find it hard to root for him anymore. And the rest seem like a bunch of colorless, privileged country club types. Europe, on the other hand, just play with a kind of fearless joy that you can’t dislike. Run down the roster and tell me who you find unlikeable. They play as a team, and it’s a joy to watch.

…only 191 days until the opening round of the Masters.

This is not your father’s Democratic Party.

…and neither is this.

You have to wonder what the Democrats think they’re achieving with all their juvenile actions and hateful rhetoric. Honestly, these people have to be the most miserable people on the face of the earth. I hate to say it (actually I don’t) but who would want to vote for people who convey such hatred and negativity in everything they think, do, or say? I’m not saying they should have to agree with or side with President Trump and the Republicans as the opposition party. But why can’t they do so in a professional and classy way? Do they actually think their bitter and hateful behavior gets them votes? I believe in the end that voters want to vote for something that’s positive. Today’s Democratic Party has been consumed by hatred, and they wear it on their sleeves like the stench of death.

You want to know why I like President Trump? Just like Lincoln liked General Ulysses S. Grant: he fights.

Here’s a pretty damned fine tune by an ex-Beatle written by another ex-Beatle that hit the charts right about this time 45 years ago. Definitely a George tune, but Ringo getting by with a little help from his friend. And Jack Nitzsche’s string arrangement combined with Richard Perry’s production is something right out of the Phil Spector playbook. Stunning.

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October 1, 2018

It’s not every day (or actually, year) that you get the remnants of a Pacific hurricane making a beeline towards the Valley of the Sun, but it looks like that’s going to be the case with Hurricane Rosa. Yesterday morning, thin clouds could be seen towards the southwest and by afternoon they started looking like a true storm system. We got 1/4″ of rain last night but the big rains are still a ways off. They’re saying we could get anywhere from one to three inches of rain overnight through later tomorrow, so we’ll have to see. There are Flash Flood watches up everywhere, but our little subdivision isn’t prone to anything like that.

What was quite welcome along with the clouds of Rosa was a lovely afternoon to do some yardwork – the temperatures were in the low 90s, so I did all the kinds of things in preparation for the coming of Arizona winter: trimmed some bushes, backwashed the pool, took what is probably the last swim in the pool for the year (82 wasn’t chilly but it wasn’t warm either!!), and switched all of my irrigation stations to winter settings. The queen palms have had their winter feeding, and they’ll shortly go into dormant stage until next April.

No matter how much rain we get out of Rosa no one around here will be complaining – anything we can do to help the Colorado River basin will not only help Arizona out, but our neighbors in Mexico, Nevada, and California as well!

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September 27, 2018

1. The Ryder Cup. On the surface one has to think the Americans ought to be heavily favored. This might just be one of, if not the, most talented teams ever assembled. Lots of young guys who thirst for the spotlight. And with Europe, is there anyone besides Tommy Fleetwood and Francesco Molinari that scares you right now? Rory McIlroy certainly doesn’t, and neither of the others do. I won’t be watching – I’ve got too many other things to do – but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Americans win in a rout.

2. The 2109 schedule. Man, talk about compressing your entire season into just six months! I can see a greater likelihood that someone who, say, comes out of The Players Championship (no, I’m not going to capitalize all the letters as the PGA Tour does), really hot could then run off a string of majors in short order.

3. Justin Thomas. Have to admit he’s looked a little listless and sloppy at times this year. But one has to remember that he’s still a (at least in PGA Tour terms) a kid, and he’s still learning his craft. I fully believe that in five years’ time he’ll have racked up at least three more majors and will be the dominant American player. And there aren’t many guys I know who could pull off wearing pink.

3. Jordan Spieth. Could it all have come a little too easily too early for Jordan? I love his game, but there’s something going on there that if he doesn’t get a handle on it he runs the risk of becoming a has-been at a very early age.

4. The problem is that there’s too damned much money out there. Think about it: you’re 24 years old and rich beyond your wildest dreams. And in this day and age on the PGA Tour you don’t even have to win to make oodles of dough-re-mi. It would take someone with a very high level of discipline and maturity not to let it get away from him after achieving so much success so early in his professional career.

5. Rory McIlroy. See #4 above.

6. Dustin Johnson. It’s obvious the guy has game and can hit the ball a long way. But I sense no killer instinct there, no desire to refine his game to the point where any one would fear him. Sure, the guy will make a pile of money any given season (and maybe that’s good enough for him), but in my view he’s wasting his talent. Maybe those rumors of issues in his marriage with Paulina Gretzky have something to do with it.

7. Rickie Fowler. Think Dustin Johnson without all the rumors that have dogged Johnson over the years. On the surface Rickie is squeaky-clean, and perhaps that’s true. But methinks between the money, the fame, and his character he doesn’t possess that killer instinct you need to start out hot at a major, then put your foot on the necks of the rest of the field to grab his little piece of immortality. He’s a nice player and fun to watch, but he doesn’t strike me as someone who can come from behind and snag that major by going super low on Sunday. I hope I’m wrong – would love to see it happen.

8. Phil Mickelson. I think that win in Mexico will turn out to be his last hurrah, both in terms of his game and he being the ultimate fan fave. That act he pulled at Shinnecock gave his reputation a hit (he should have either been disqualified or, more appropriately, DQ’d himself after the round ended), and his game is all over the place. He’s had a good run, but time catches up to everyone no matter how good you are.

9. Tiger Woods. And the same will happen to Tiger. As I’ve mentioned before, he’s going to get injured again – it’s a virtual guarantee. His body was old before his back surgery, and nothing has changed since then. This is a very good run for Tiger – perhaps he can keep it up for another year or two or three – but no matter how hard he works out it is unreasonable to expect him to maintain his level of play over the past month for an entire season.

10. That being said, I could see him peel off a major or two over the next few years. There are still significant headwinds facing him – the number of great players out there, his health and age, etc., but I’ll admit I never expected to see him playing at the level he has been again. So maybe all the fawning attention Golf Channel has been foisting on him all year is warranted. After all, Tiger just doesn’t move the needle as far as professional golf is concerned, he IS the needle.

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September 25, 2018

Took this pic late Sunday afternoon after rearranging the faux flowers bent all to hell by the summer dust storms and added a couple of “dead” leaves on the table to give it a fall kind of feel with the late afternoon sun on the palm trees in back. Nice, huh? BTW, that’s a half-finished Hemingway daiquiri providing the mood – it’s my go-to drink of late.

Since I posted that recipe seven years ago I’ve tweaked the ingredients some, primarily because Oronoco rum is no longer manufactured and my replacement rum of choice, Olo silver seems a tad sweeter than the Oronoco was. Or perhaps I just like my Hemingways a little on the tart side:

1 1/2 oz. Olo silver Rum
1/2 oz. Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
1 oz. grapefruit juice
1/2 fresh-squeezed lime juice
1/4 oz. sweet syrup

Chill your martini glass in the freezer for ten minutes so that when poured you get little ice crystals for the first few sips. That’s key. Squeeze a small slice of lime for presentation, then delight in that lovely, unique gold-melon color provided by the grapefruit juice.

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