October 7, 2017

It’s a beautiful weekend here in the Valley of the Sun. While the nights have cooled down nicely into the 70s, the days still feel pretty damned warm and the sun’s angle, while noticeably different than it was even just a month ago, is still hot on the skin.

This week I’ll be turning 62, and, as I was saying to Tracey while we had morning coffee at the Tiki bar, it’s time to start actually playing more golf instead of just hitting balls. Playing weekends on uber-crowded courses isn’t a lot of fun (at least to me), so I’m thinking of taking advantage of my ability to work from home and start getting out on a weekday mid-morning after working a few hours, play a round, and return back to the office.

…which means, I feel I’m at a point now where I like the changes I’ve made to my swing and know what I want to do going forward, so I feel comfortable working on those aspects of my game in earnest that I’ve never been able to do before: situational awareness, course management, etc. etc. For some people that kind of thing comes naturally and easy, but for me it’s something I need to work on. Fortunately, it’s a skill that can be learned. As Ben Hogan once said, the longest difference in golf is the one between one’s ears.

The Boston Herald’s Steve Buckley has been pretty spot-on when it comes to the Red Sox and manager “Accountability John” Farrell all year, and today’s column is devastating. I was saying to my dad after yesterday’s second-in-a-row trouncing by the Astros that the team looked tired, unmotivated, unprepared, and overmatched. Farrell’s choices in the lineup were (as usual) questionable, and he can’t strategically manage a short series if his life depended on it.

…but beyond that, I just don’t like the way this club seems to go about it’s business. There are a bunch of veteran prima donnas in the clubhouse, and when an up-and-coming star like left-fielder Andrew Benintendi blows off reporters after the game instead of doing the professional thing and answer questions, well, that tells me that the players aren’t going about things and learning to do things the right way, both on and off the field. And while “Accountability John” may not be the one who hits and throws, he is responsible for how this team ultimately performs day in and day out. And what’s going on right now is, to be honest, an embarrassment.

…which is why I think the whole Dennis Eckersely / David Price incident this past summer seems now like a defining moment, as when a patient finds out that the cancer growing inside his body is no longer treatable. This was an opportunity for “Accountability John” to take control of the clubhouse and show both stars and rookies how things should be done as professionals and how you treat people with respect. Instead, Farrell blew the whole thing off as a clubhouse matter and refused to even apologize to Eck on behalf of the team, thus revealing to everyone the kind of “bunker mentality” that’s in place at Fenway Park by the manager.

…and maybe that’s why the Sox have looked so poor in the post-season: they don’t know what it means to step and perform when the pressure is on. Instead, they come across as prickly, self-centered, and unprepared for the spotlight. Watching the way the Astros, Indians, and Yankees not just play baseball, but play the game vs. the way the Sox do, you can see that, as Buckley writes, they truly are nothing bunch a bunch of frauds.

October is when it always feels right to start listening to the music of Pink Floyd again. It is universally believed that in terms of a pure concert experience – sights, sounds, effects, set list – the 1994 “Division Bell” tour was the best the band ever did. I’m so fortunate to have had a chance to see it. If you haven’t got a couple of hours to have a cocktail, crank the computer up loud, two examples that give you an idea of just how cool the experience was: “Astronomy Domine” and “One Of These Days”.

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October 5, 2017

So this is what life is like this time of year in the Valley of the Sun. Don’t even think about trying to play golf, or even hitting balls. The golf courses are pretty much all closed until ~ the 20th because everyone has reseeded their summer Bermuda and planted winter rye. And it’s happening across thousands upon thousands of front lawns where everything once glorious green is now the color of wheat waiting for the landscapers to do their thing.

R.I.P. Tom Petty. Truly one of the greats. He had a quirky, kind of goofy, laid-back persona but a knack for writing songs with great hooks and equally-cool music videos. Had a great, no-nonsense band that just churned out no-frills rock. He’s now in heaven with his Traveling Wilbury mates Roy Orbison and George Harrison (the latter with whom he co-penned the incredible “Cheer Down”, which marries Petty’s sense of melody and lyric with a truly virtuoso performance by Harrison). He went too soon, but I have a feeling he got every ounce out of the life he lived and enjoyed it all.

In the days ahead you’ll read dozens of stories like this one, but this one in particular is tough. Very tough. Prayers go out for not only the dead, but for those who survived. They’ll need all they can get.

…along those same lines, now that’s a smart phone!

Talk about your dangerous jobs! Maybe KFC isn’t such a bad gig?

The President’s Cup was a snoozer, for sure, but it definitely underscores just how much young talent the U.S. has out there. Methinks Europe is going to have their work cut out for them in next year’s Ryder Cup.

You probably won’t hear a lot of this from the usual media suspects – they’re far too interested in bashing President Trump – but I think this is a big deal. European nations ignore at your own risk.

I think this is exactly right. The media keeps looking for ways to see President Trump stumble, but all he does is show them how petty and ignorant they are. The President doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and the media just can’t fathom it.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Kelly’s problem is that she forgot who she was. Her show was amped up by the killer ratings she would get when sandwiched between powerhouses like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, but her ego took over. Talk about someone screwing up their career, and royally!

…speaking of ruining one’s career: that moronic Democrat mayor of San Juan. Surely she realizes what a jerk she looks like. You diss the President of the US in public and then when he criticizes you for your incompetence you double down on stupid? Good luck with that, honey…

And a final thought for y’all’s consideration: here is where the NFL protests and the Vegas massacre intersect politically, and you tell me where I’m wrong: The same people supporting the protesting of the flag and our national anthem because they believe that police shootings of innocent civilians is an epidemic are now the same people telling us that we need gun control and that only the police should have guns. …And you tell me that liberalism isn’t a mental disorder?

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September 30, 2017

A few items of interest to post while wondering just how far the NFL will “drop back” in the wake of the blistering negative coverage it has received as a result of turning what used to a nice way to veg out on a Sunday afternoon into another day of politics shoved down your throat.

…along those same lines, you wonder what on earth gave these guys the idea to push this kind of crap. Think about it: you have what has come to be America’s pastime with tons upon tons of money to be made by everyone involved. You have a brand that has been virtually unassailable in the way it has been marketed. And all of a sudden you one friggin’ clueless dope who starts pissing in the punchbowl and the owners don’t know how to handle it. This “taking a knee” business could have been stamped out from the very beginning, but the owners are too afraid of what the players would do.

…along those same lines, Steve Sailor at Takimag.com has a lengthy but sobering take on the NFL’s problems, and they aren’t going away soon. It’s truly a must-read, one of the most riveting pieces I’ve ever read.

I’m hoping for the best from the Red Sox in the American League playoffs, but in my view they’re far behind both the Indians and the Astros in overall talent. Come the offseason, their needs first and foremost will be a bat and a new manager.

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline blog remembers the last day of the 1967 American League season and the impact Red Sox outfielder Carl Yastrzemski played in that last pivotal weekend. I remember it fondly – sometimes as if it were yesterday, sometimes as if it really were a half-century ago. Even today, it’s hard to believe just how crazy that season was for New Englanders.

Jimmy Buffett’s politics might be a little leftist for my tastes, but I respect him as an artist and, most especially, his ability to take a transcendent image and make a cultural dogma out of it. Heck, I had me a Pinot Grigio under a Margaritaville neon sign in my patio a little earlier.

Some examples of cultural rot and madness:
* Tennessee golf course changes its name.
* Federal judge tells Pennsylvania county to drop the Christian cross from its seal
* 10-year-old students called names after reciting Pledge of Allegiance in class
* That Cambridge, Mass. librarian is a moron. Mark Steyn explains why.
* Music teacher investigated for putting semen in students’ flutes

While I respect Salena Zito’s reporting, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker can hardly be considered a Republican. But it doesn’t change the fact that Democrats across the country are facing significant headwinds going into 2020. It’s not hard to imagine that by that time there will be less than a dozen states towing the Democratic Party line.

I tried to watch the first two rounds of the President’s Cup and gave up. It’s a snoozer. And so, for that matter, is the coverage. To be blunt, it’s not important. Hell, given the level of competition (Jhonny Vegas, really???) it’s arguably one minor step head of the national long-drive competition. And I’m thinking most golf fans feel the same. Wake me up when the real 2018 season begins at Kapalua in Hawaii.

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September 24, 2017

The only thing I will say to NFL commish Roger Goodell and all major sports enterprises and teams is this: do you really want to go there? You want to be on the side of people disrespecting the flag? You really want to go there? Really?? You do know the direction this is ultimately going to go, don’t you?

Look, I don’t care about a person’s political philosophies and affiliations. I don’t care how ignorant they are or might be. You don’t like or believe in our national anthem and flag, and respect the generations of men and women who died fighting for your right to be as ignorant as you are? Fine. I respect your right to believe what you believe. But you do not have the right to insult the very people who pay your salary and the advertisers who have paid damned good money that has afforded you the means the ability to achieve the lifestyle you have been able to achieve.

I don’t claim to know what’s going on inside your head, but it seems to me this country and its freedoms have been pretty damned good to you to enable you to make a living doing what you love to do and actually make money (and a hell of a lot of it), doing it. That’s what makes this country what it is. But you insult and degrade the blood sacrifices made by generations who came before you – generations that didn’t have half of the benefits you have been given – and died for you on beaches in France, in the biting cold of Korea, in the rice paddies in Vietnam, or in the flea-infested deserts of Iraq. You desecrate the sacrifices both they and their families made. But you don’t know that, and you why? Because you’re stupid, and because you’re ignorant.

It’s pretty damned easy, I’m guessing, to walk out on the runway into a stadium of 60K folks and think your sh*t doesn’t stink, and that your petty and ignorant gesture actually means something. Spare me your fuc*in’ social justice bullsh*t. Here’s a question: how many professors allowed you to skate through classes at college to enable you to attain the kind of lifestyle you now are able to achieve in that oh-so-evil capitalist America?

The system worked pretty damned well for you, didn’t it?

You may not think there’s a whole lot I can do beyond this blog that will have an impact on you and your ignorance. But there are sponsors out there who are paying some serious dough-re-mi to allow you to achieve the lifestyle you have. And I can tell those sponsors to go fu*k themselves if they insist on supporting a sport that supports the denigration of our flag and our national anthem. You know the saying, money talks and bullsh*t walks? Well, I’m guessing that in the weeks ahead you’re going to find out just how far your sponsors are going to be willing to go in allowing this kind of cancer to spread. Because that’s what it is: like it or not, you are role models to young people.

Methinks the NFL is about to have a sh*tstorm come down upon it. The one thing advertisers with the big bucks will not, and cannot, tolerate is controversy. You started it. The President called you on it. Now let’s see who blinks first. I got news for you: it won’t be the advertisers.

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September 23, 2017

…because a lazy late September weekend demands it. Hammond organ, piano, bass, drums (in my view the best Nick Mason ever played – notice how he plays just behind Roger Waters’ bass), and finally Dave Gilmour’s guitar played through a Leslie. Most folks who hear this can’t believe this is Pink Floyd, but they did so much great stuff before “Dark Side Of The Moon”. My late brother Mark used this track to learn how to play drums, so it has always held a special place in my heart. Enjoy!

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September 22, 2017

Even though here in the Valley of the Sun the transition from summer into autumn isn’t quite as drastic as it is back home in Massachusetts – the trees aren’t changing color (at least not down here), and the days and nights aren’t that much cooler (if that’s the word!) than they’ve been, but the signs are nevertheless there both to see and to feel.

Here at The Great White Shank’s hacienda, the most obvious change is in the swimming pool. It was only two weeks ago that the water temp was still hanging around 90 degrees – absolutely the best! – but it takes only a few nights in a row where the air temps drop around 80 to make it barely swimmable. Today I thought about hopping in to reattach my refurbished pool vacuum, but it only took one step in for me to realize that doing it from the warmth of the pool deck was the better option. I took a look at the pool thermometer; no wonder – it read 81,a little brisk if you ask me. Still, if the day is warm enough and I’m all sweaty and grimy from hitting balls or doing backyard work it might be worth one more shot before calling it a season.

While it’s not officially the end of monsoon season – we still have another couple of weeks before its “official” end – you can tell it’s over for all intents and purposes. The humidity, and the clouds that hovered daily over the Superstitions to the east and off to the southeast towards Tucson for the last three months are gone, leaving the sky a brilliant and iridescent blue. It doesn’t sizzle like it did even a month ago, and while the sun is still hot on the skin, the days lack that edge to them. There’s a big difference between 108 and the low ’90s, I’ll tell you that!

Another sign of fall around here in the Valley? The golf rates are about to skyrocket as the snowbirds start to trickle in from places like Nebraska, Iowa, and all points north to Canada. It’s great for the local economy, and the local courses, bars, and restaurants that have been just hanging on since May are ready to welcome back their regulars for another season.

With the “cooler” weather here, it’s time to give the backyard some attention. This weekend I’ll be backwashing the pool filter and washing and scrubbing down the patio and patio furniture and the Tiki bar. Now that we’re pretty much over dust storm season – and this year we had a heckuva lot more dust than rain – everything gets a much-needed washing and cleaning. The Tiki bar deck will need to get re-painted and re-stained, and all the tikis and silk flowers will get another coating of Krylon Clear. It’s also time to steer the queen palms into their winter dormant period; today they’ll get their semi-annual fertilizer injections and I’ll knock the watering back from one hour three times a week to 30 minutes twice a week.

The other big chore this weekend is fall planting. Which for me means taking the beautiful hydrangea out of the front pots and replacing them with some fall colors. The hydrangea will be washed down, dried in the sun, then bagged until Memorial Day weekend next year.

Of course, anyone unfamiliar with this area who come out here would immediately think they’re still in the middle of summer. But the days are getting just as short as they do back home – this week was the first week I had to turn on the lamp in my office for my 7 AM calls. And pretty soon the daily highs will drop below 90. The 80s only last a few weeks; around Halloween the heat gods will officially “flip the switch” and we’ll be in that truly delightful time known as “Arizona winter” until things start heating up around mid-March.

We’re coming into a nice time of year, and I’ve grown to like it more and more over the years. Sure, I miss the trees turning color, the cool nights, and the various doings and events that are unique to fall in New England, but it’s what comes after that, that I don’t miss. And like they say out here, you don’t have to shovel sunshine.

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September 21, 2017

A few random thoughts while wondering if by the end of next week New England and the Canadian Maritimes (God, I love the sound of those words!) might be paid a visit by Hurricane Maria:

While this may be true, all that matters to me is that I can pronounce “margarita”. In a certain Margaritaville.

the answer is “yes”. Next?

And a big “Yep” on this for Judge Roy Moore, running for the Alabama senate seat vacated when President Trump appointed Jeff Sessions as AG. It’s this kind of truth that the country needs to hear. Political correctness. Godlessness. And where has it gotten us? To places like this.

…and speaking of Attorney General Sessions, it’s time to start doing your job and lower the boom on the illegal actions of the Obama administration. And if you can’t, then step out of the way and let Trump appoint someone willing to start draining the swamp.

Sure I love golf, but I have zero interest in the FedEx Cup playoffs and have better things to do this weekend than to watch to see who wins. I watched the event in Boston only because it’s nice to watch New England golf on TV, but could have cared less who was playing, let alone winning. To me the FedEx Cup playoffs are nothing more than a showcase for a bunch of privileged, rich, and pampered pretty boys playing for even more money than they already can make. Here’s an idea: cut the total purse in half and donate it to the victims of Henry, Irma, Jose, and Maria. Then you’ll see what the priorities of these guys really are.

…that aside, I think this is about right. That Open Championship finish by Jordan Speith would have been fun to watch had I not been three-putting my way around Triggs Memorial on Goodboys Invitational Sunday (which already seems like a lifetime ago). Personally, I’d like another crack at that course, think I could take it down. Who’s with me?

…my own highlights this golf year? Hitting my tee shot to within six feet on the island green 12th at Lone Tree (the first time I’d ever hit that green in six tries) then draining it for birdie; making birdie on the par 3 8th at Trilogy Power Ranch from an impossible downhill bunker lie (on the short side, no less!); hitting my 124-yard 8-iron approach shot on the par 5 #3 at Agawam Hunt Club on Goodboys Friday to three inches (yes, I made the putt for birdie – even I can’t miss those!).

How bad is Hillary Clinton’s re-emergence on the political scene? Well, all I can say is, when you’ve lost the Huffington Post

Just my view, but the Red Sox look like a team that can beat up on crappy teams but are going to have trouble in the playoffs. Forget about the bullpen, that’s the least of their worries. They’re very vulnerable to good pitching – something they’ll see in spades come October – and they have a lousy manager who will be out-managed at every turn.

Kudos to the Prez for a powerful speech in front of the UN on Tuesday. You know how I knew he got the job done? When I read that the likes of John (“did you know I served in Vietnam?”) Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Condoleezza Rice – globalist frauds all – hated it. The amount of innocent blood these three clowns have on their hands is enormous, yet the media’s concern is limited only to the fact they hated Trump’s speech.

Heh. Is there anything alcohol can’t do? Hat tip: Instapundit.

This isn’t a bad list, but I think the Ramones “Rocket To Russia” and Neil Young’s “Live Rust” deserve at least honorable mention.

Reason #1,266 why Democrats are completely tone-deaf. I suppose Ellison could have compared the DACA kids to Japanese citizens imprisoned in internment camps during World War II, but, oops, that was a Democratic president who did that. What a moron.

…and that, my friends, closes the book on another Goodboys Nation weblog summer. And what a summer it was. See y’all come the fall!

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September 15, 2017

…and what a week it was! Finally got a sniff of the coming Arizona fall – it was ten degrees cooler (well, relatively speaking) than yesterday. After so many months above 100 it was nice to see 95 today.

I’ve been saying this for years. Sure, there were abuses and the exploitation, but on balance the main benefits colonialism brought in Africa and Asia were the integration of diverse cultures and order. I guarantee you wouldn’t see the kind of despotism and civil wars that have killed millions of people had the Europeans been in charge.

Methinks the Venezuelans chose right – if given the choice between eating a cute bunny and having it for a pet, rational folks will choose the latter every time. (Warning: cute bunny pic at the link!)

Rule #1 for conservatives in this Trump day and age: trust nothing you hear from the mainstream media. All it is doing is actively working to create dissatisfaction between the Prez and those who voted for him last year so Democrats benefit in 2018. The media will say anything, do anything, and try everything in its power to create disapproval. I would have thought Kurt Schichter knew better, but I guess everyone has their buttons that can be easily pushed and anyone can have a bad day.

The story behind the world’s oldest known photograph. Pretty fascinating.

I, too stand with bikini-wearing baristas. What guy in their right mind wouldn’t?

What is it with the LPGA? They have their final major where play gets suspended the first day because of rain and what do they decide to do? Make it a three-day event. Really?? I mean c’mon – you want the tour to be treated with the same kind of respect as the men’s tour? Man up!

The Red Sox are gonna have to seriously address their Hanley Ramirez problem before they start post-season baseball.

Have a great weekend, y’all! Me? I’ll be splitting time between work and hitting balls – finally getting the chance to get back to work on my short game which I haven’t touched since Goodboys Invitational weekend nearly two months ago (has it been that long?).

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September 14, 2017

Just a few random thoughts as here in the Valley of the Sun we say sayonara to summer, as it looks like the days of 105+ temps are finally – finally! – over and the nights get ready to settle in the 70-degree temps of what is usually a very short fall season. Looking forward to getting out and hitting balls in temperatures below 100 degrees as it promises to be this weekend.

How bout dem Cleveland Indians! Are they really this good, or are they streaking too early and in danger of peaking before the playoffs start. I guess we’ll find out in three weeks time.

If I’m Kim Jong-Un I’m not going to sleep any easier hearing about this, I’ll tell ya. Watching the video at the link is worth your time, I guarantee it.

I’ve posted before that The Capris’ “There’s A Moon Out Tonight” is my all-time favorite doo-wop song. So imagine my surprise to find an Irish group called The Roomates do a bang-up job of it a cappella. And their released version of the song is just as good. If you love doo-wop, you can’t go wrong by picking up a bunch of their CDs.

Hillary Clinton is either delusional, a narcissist beyond anyone’s comprehension, or a masochist of the highest order to keep throwing herself out there and embarrassing herself on a daily basis like she’s doing. Seriously, there’s something psychologically deficient at work here. I guess it’s one thing to write a stupid, boring book that blames everyone else except numero uno for your humiliating loss to Donald Trump last November; it’s another thing entirely to drag your frumpy, sorry ass out there on camera simply to listen to people fawn over you simply because you’re, y’know, Hillary Rodham Clinton. One of these days she’ll go away and leave us all alone, but one can only hope it comes after she runs for president again in 2020. It’s hard to find a more joyless, colorless, phony, and despicable creature walking the earth.

Geez, Yahoo! News writes about this as if it’s a bad thing. It’s time for the USA to stop being the caretaker of the entire world and start taking care of its own. Once we’re done doing that then maybe we can talk.

I remember the good old days when ESPN was all about sports. Now it’s just a social justice cesspool.

Here’s the real story of Hillary Clinton’s election night. Because in the end it was always, and would always be, about her and to hell with everyone else.

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September 9, 2017

A few random thoughts while seeing where exactly Hurricane Irma is going to hit…

Me? I’ve been commenting at the Weather Underground blog over the past few days that the NHC track was always too far to the east and that they were putting too much credence in that dopey trough sliding down from Oklahoma. It just didn’t seem that strong to me – certainly not strong enough to push a hurricane as large as Irma has been up the Florida east coast or even up its spine. I always thought it would hit anywhere from Sarasota to the Florida / Alabama border, and I’m sticking with it.

…I notice that late last night they started moving Irma’s landfall from Ft. Myers up to Tampa Bay, and now they’re hinting that it could even hit further north than that. Knowing that hurricane tracks are prone to wobble one way or the other, I’m guessing Tampa Bay or slightly north of there, but if I were living in Pensacola (I wish!) I’d be keeping a wary eye to the south.

My favorite hurricane song? Gotta be Neil Young’s “Like a Hurricane”. That is some bad-ass grungy guitar playing on Neil’s part.

They say Irma will be the strongest hurricane to hit Florida since Hurricane Donna in 1960, might even surpass that. I remember Hurricane Donna hitting Massachusetts – in fact it’s one of my earliest memories, I was almost five then. I can remember the wind wailing outside our windows and eating supper by candlelight after our power went out. I seem to remember the menu that night included Spam.

The pictures coming back from Barbuda and St. Maarten are heart-wrenching. It will be interesting to see what kind of wrath Irma leaves in Florida.

Looks like I’ll be making another donation to Samaritan’s Purse for the victims of Harvey and Irma. I’d much rather give my money to SP rather than a bureaucracy-heavy organization like the American Red Cross. Putting the money as close to the local folks in my view is always best, and the folks at SP are top-notch in that regard.

And let’s not forget Hurricane Jose that’s spinning out there behind Irma. Me? I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that somewhere down the line Jose and New England are going to be used in the same sentence.

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