October 20, 2017

The line is uttered by Ed Harris in that great Nicholas Cage / Sean Connery action flick “The Rock”. The soldiers under Harris’s command have arrived on Alcatraz Island with the goal of forcing the U.S government to pay them millions of dollars so they won’t fire missiles containing deadly V/X gas into San Francisco. Whether Harris is serious about inflicting death on the likes of Tony Bennett or not, he cautions the soldiers who have joined him using that immortal line:

“Make no mistake about it, gentlemen, we are in harm’s way.”

It’s the same line I utter whenever I step off the jetway and into the terminal at Boston’s Logan Airport, where a sea of big-government liberals, progressives, and Kennedy family worshippers await. They’re not necessarily bad people, mind you – certainly as human beings go they’re no better or no worse than the folks you’d meet anywhere else (albeit with cooler accents), and in fact I always feel a sense of gratitude at being able to enjoy yet another visit back home to where I grew up: my family and friends, veal cutlet subs (no cheese, thank you), Howie Carr, Margaritas Mexican restaurants, fried clams and seafood (not fish), Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, exorbitant taxation, small, windy roads, and the endless construction on Route 93 to and from New Hampshire. (BTW, were that road was here in Arizona, I guarantee it would be called, “the 93”, like they call every main artery or interstate that runs through these parts.)

Ahh Massachusetts. Where in the Logan car rental center lobby there’s the advertisement for the JFK Library and its seemingly-endless exhibit dedicated to “The Lion of the Senate”, Ted Kennedy. Not sure if it’s a worthwhile gig to do or not, I only know Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment. A fat, sexist pig, a fraud, and a hero in Massachusetts’ highest political traditions.

You can’t avoid the politics of the place, because, unlike here in the Valley of the Sun where it’s all about recreation, ASU football, tattoos, Dutch Bros. coffee stands (although Dunkin’ Donuts are showing up all over the place), and doing one’s own thing, the folks in Massachusetts live and breathe professional sports and politics as if it’s a part of the very air they breathe.

…not that being a liberal stronghold is worth much where you have a state Senate and legislature that’s on the take from top to bottom, where it’s not a question of if you’re corrupt but how corrupt you are and how many family members you’ve been able to get on the state or county payrolls. Of course, Massachusetts is represented by those two powerhouses of progressivism and integrity, Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren and Ed “Milquetoast” Markey, who are nothing but pigs feeding off the trough of the D,C. Swamp. If there are two more ineffectual progressives and partisan pols in Washington, D.C. you’ll have to let me know. But no one cares about that kind of thing in Massachusetts – it’s just the way it is and has always been.

But that’s OK – I just like visiting there. The food is the best you’ll ever eat outside of New Orleans, the fall weather I plan on playing golf in ought to be a welcome change from the heat that still hasn’t broken here in the Valley of the Sun, and my friends remain my friends even if we might see things from different sides of the political aisle. There will be the seashore to visit, woods to walk in, golf to play, good food to eat, and friends and family members to visit and share laughs with. I still can’t get used to the fact that my Mom won’t be at the apartment to greet me with a warm, “There’s my son!”, but Dad is still there and we’ll have a good time when we take the Sunshine Bus down to the Mohegan Sun to play some Caveman Plus Keno.

The weather promises to be great the first few days before settling into the kind of fall weather I’m hoping to see. A chill in the air at night, bright-colored leaves, and the smell of the air that’s uniquely autumn in the northern climes. I’ll be playing golf at the “Three Ps”: Pease Golf Course on Sunday, Passaconaway C.C. (one of my top 5 favorite courses) on Monday, and, hopefully, Portsmouth C.C. (my #1 favorite course) the following Sunday before I return on Halloween Eve.

There’s a lot – and I mean a lot of stuff waiting for me to get to when I get back, but I’ll worry about that when I board the plane to Phoenix. Until then, it’ll hopefully be another nice trip back home. Even though, as a conservative and a die-hard fan of President Trump, I’ll be in harm’s way.

See y’all in the Eastern Time Zone!

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October 18, 2017

There’s no greater example of the differences between the Obama administration and the Trump administration than the case of Army deserter and chickensh*t Bowe Bergdahl. The Obama administration attempted to give him the hero treatment, his parents even treated to a Rose Garden visit – something I never understood. Except, of course, for the fact that Barack Obama never treated the military with anything but scorn and the minions in his administration sought to glorify anything that would diminish our troops fighting in combat by using Bergdahl’s case as an excuse to try and empty out Guantanamo Bay. And wasn’t it Obama’s national security advisor Susan Rice – you know, the one who went on all the Sunday cable shows after the Benghazi fiasco to blame the whole thing on a video? – who called his service honorable. Honorable?

Of course, the Trump administration has a worldview quite different than Barack Obama’s, so the guy is finally getting what he deserved. In my view, he’s damned luck this isn’t sixty or seventy years ago – he’d be shot as a traitor rather than getting a life sentence. Which is why the deal Obama made looks even worse today than it did back then.

The greater the distance between the present day and the Obama administration, the more people are beginning to see what a sham it was and just how much the fawning mainstream media covered up for its lawlessness and excesses. But the truth will ultimately all come out.

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October 10, 2017

A few thoughts and comments about the Liberal Left finally being exposed for exactly what it has always been: a cesspool of hypocrisy, corruption, and intolerance powered by identity politics under the guide of “diversity”, “fairness”, and “social justice”.

It took the election of Donald Trump to expose these vile bastards for who they are. It didn’t start with the likes Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the NFL players, Ashley Judd, Madonna, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the L.A. Times, Antifa, George Clooney, Jimmy Kimmel, the Democratic Party, Black Lives Matter, the mainstream media, the GOP elites, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and all those behind the “Cheap Labor Express”, immigration activists, college and university administrators and professors across the country and the snowflake “social justice warriors” being brainwashed by their socialist/communist agenda, and (unfortunately) it’s not going to end any time soon, but by golly, it’s about time the game was being taken to them on a daily basis.

They say sunlight is the best disinfectant, and just watching the whole Harvey Weinstein thing play out is going to be fascinating. Everyone – and I do mean – everyone – in the “entertainment industrial complex” (Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party, etc.) is going to be looking to cover their pathetic and sanctimonious asses having to explain the utter hypocrisy in enthusiastically supporting the likes of Hillary Clinton while all the while knowing and covering up for the actions of a sexual predator. Like John Lennon once sang, “all I want is the truth. Just gimme some truth.”

…oh wait a second: I guess I do understand why these folks supported Hillary Clinton. Right, Bubba?

…and oh BTW, wasn’t Harvey one of “Shrill Hill”‘s most enthusiastic supporters and contributors? So where is “Madame President”‘s condemnation? I won’t hold my breath.

Some of this is just breathless to behold. You have Black Lives Matter protesters disrupting a ACLU speech, of all things! And DACA activists disrupting a Nancy Pelosi presser? And libs calling for a boycott of ESPN after they suspended their house racist Jamele Hill. Honestly, folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

…and speaking of that gift that just keeps on giving: “San Fran Nan” is now threatening to shut down the government over DACA. I have only three words: Do. It. Please.

Finally, back to the poster child for everything that’s gone wrong with the liberal left. If you’re the NFL where do you from here? Your reputation and brand is being shredded week in / week out by a bunch of ignorant employees who don’t seem to understand the need to restrict their provocative thoughts and actions to places off the playing field. Talk about self-inflicted wounds! Slave owners and slaves, indeed. Keep it up, I say, and see where that gets you. At that point, I’m guessing there will be plenty of blame to go around but have a feeling no one will be looking in the mirror!

…and while all this happens, Donald Trump just eggs them on into higher stratospheres of frustration and fury. Honest to God, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that the election of Trump could cause the kind of biblical proportion-esque level of liberal mayhem and hysteria we are witnessing on a daily basis. This has more than just a protracted tantrum, this is the equivalent of a Fukishima meltdown.

It sure is a joy to behold. Pass the popcorn.

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October 3, 2017

A few thoughts about the mass shooting that took place in Vegas Sunday night:

1. It makes me heartsick to even have to blog about this. I love Vegas, and for the same reason most other folks do – it’s a place to go to get away from the troubles of the world, not find yourself a victim of it.

2. The sad truth is, if someone wants to commit mass murder there’s not a whole lot to stop them unless their family, friends, and neighbors somehow pick up the scent. Just like what happened in San Bernadino and elsewhere, it’s gonna come out that folks knew about this guy and what he was capable of, and whether out of fear or just blindly going on about their daily lives said nothing or did nothing.

3. Want my take on it? No? Well, I’ll give it to you anyway: the guy was a loon and a gambling addict who got tired of losing at the casinos and decided to teach Vegas a lesson it would never forget. You read this and perhaps the motive becomes fairly obvious. Think about it: can you imagine the impact on Mandalay Bay alone? Would you want to book a room there now? I sure wouldn’t. Not only will it be forever stained by being the scene of this tragedy, but they’re going to get ass sued up the yang-yang for damages by any and all affected. I’m not sure that’s right, but if in fact they allowed the guy to check in under his girlfriend’s ID that’s a major problem and neglect on their registration desk’s part. I know every time I’ve checked in to any hotel – never mind in Vegas – they always ask for an ID to go with the credit card on file. Not that it might have prevented the massacre if he was forced to show his ID and not allowed to register if he didn’t, but that in itself opens the door very wide for lawsuits.

4. It’s so predictable what happens whenever there’s a mass shooting. Generally speaking, you get (most) politicians and civic leaders offering up sympathies, prayers, and concerns for the victims and their loved ones, then liberals and Democrats who don’t even wait for the bodies to cool before they traipse in front of the cameras and call for gun control. It’s sickening, but then again you’re talking about sick people who see everything through a political lens and are sick in their very souls. Michael Savage has called liberalism a mental disorder, and it’s people like this and this and this that only confirm Savage’s diagnosis.

5. You can look at the vast majority of mass casualties by gun violence in a single setting and see two common threads: the guns were illegally purchased, and they occurred in a gun-free zone. I’m OK with tightening up regulations wherever it makes sense, but gun control ain’t the answer. It’s the mature response in times like this to recognize that guns don’t kill people, people do.

6. It makes me wonder about stadium settings and how many baseball parks and football stadiums are within shooting range of a hotel or high-rise buldings. I guarantee you Toronto Blue Jays players and the folks at Skydome see the world a bit differently today. Same thing with the Cubs and Wrigley Field, and any number of other locales.

7. It also makes me wonder why no one has attempted this kind of thing before. I mean, you have a virtual killing field anytime you have high-rise buildings and a concert or a sporting event within range. At least the poor folks at the Highway 91 event could at least start running. Can you imagine a full stadium with people seated in tiny rows and aisles as a means of escape? Not to mention the players on the field. It’s a sad state of affairs for someone to contemplate, but that’s the world we live in.

8. And it makes me recall that visit to Vegas a couple of years ago when me and fellow Goodboys “Killer” Kowalski and “Doggy Duval” McLaughlin were staying at the Palazzo, and Killer and I witnessing those Iranians starting to bust up the bar in the middle of The Venetian casino. It all happens so fast around you, but who knows what would have happened if those guys decided to shoot up the place instead of smashing a bunch of $50K chandeliers. I guarantee you if they had I wouldn’t be blogging right now.

9. Kudos to the Wynn for taking additional security measures. I’ll be going there in December – can’t wait – but you have to be realistic about things in this day and age. And it’s going to be everywhere. It’s sad, but that’s the way it is: you can bet this kind of thing will be springing up all over the casinos, clubs, and hotels.

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September 27, 2017

On one side you have:
* Democrats
* Progressives
* the Liberal Left
* the Mainstream Media
* Academia
* Antifa
* “Big Entertainment”, including media, Hollywood and the large record labels
* “Big Sports”, including NFL / MLB / NBA / ESPN
* Big Government, including all Obama administration holdovers
* Big Pharma
* Blue Staters
* GOP Elites
* Wall Street
* The Welfare Industry
* Illegal Immigration Activists
* U.S. Chamber of Commerce
* “K Street” and all lobbyists related to the above
* the Abortion industry
* National Intelligence (including the CIA, NSA, and FBI)
* Feminists
* Social Justice “Warriors”
* Hillary Clinton

On the other side you have:
* President Donald J. Trump
* Conservatives
* Red Staters
* the NRA
* The vast majority of those serving in our military
* A majority of police officers, firefighters, and first responders

It’s a fight to the death, and you can see all the people in group #1 finally being exposed for what they always have been as they crawl out from under their respective rocks whining and moaning and groaning and complaining and bellyaching and “taking a knee” over so-called “injustice” and “inequality”.

One question for those of you:


After all, nothing in the grand scheme of things has changed much since then – it’s only been, what, ten months, right? Oh, wait a dog-gone minute: there was something that happened in that time, wasn’t there? The election of Donald J. Trump as President.

You know what I think? All you folks in group #1 have no guiding principles whatsoever. Your problem is that you just can’t get over the shock of Hillary Clinton being beaten like a rented mule by Donald Trump – DONALD TRUMP! – after being led on for months on end that Crooked Hillary had the election in the bag.

That’s all this is – a temper tantrum by a bunch of petulant, juvenile, and spoiled leftists, elitists, prima donna athletes, and social-justice snowflakes who hate Donald Trump, and, by default (because it elected him) America and all those who voted for Donald Trump. Why now? Because they’ve finally come to realize that after months of being brainwashed by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post and The New York Times telling them that Russia meddling in the 2016 election was going to get Trump impeached and the election overturned in favor of Hillary, there was no meddling, Trump is President, and Trump is going to remain President for the next three years.

So now after some NFL dopes start “taking a knee” on behalf of supposed racial injustice and inequality (whatever that means) and disrespect this country’s flag and national anthem, these clowns have finally discovered a gesture that will make them all feel warm and fuzzy and united, allowing everyone to see just how they feel about President Trump. So they’re now emerging from their Manhattan high-rise condos, mansions, colleges and universities, chardonnay-swilling social circles, and gated communities to use this gesture to bash the President simply because he loves this country and is not afraid to show it and slam those who don’t.

(I know, I know, the whole “taking a knee” thing started with Colin Kaepernick while Obama was Prez, but at the time he was just a lone wacko wolf. Kinda like John McCain with an afro.)

That’s all this so-called “movement” is, folks – a temper tantrum designed to grab the greatest media attention.

The sad truth is, it shows just how hypocritical they are. All the time Barack Obama was President, he could have used his unique background and the power of his position to bring this country closer together and ease the racial divisions and tensions we have. Instead, he used his globalist world-view and progressive agenda to exploit our differences, exacerbate racial tensions, and bash America and what it stood for at every turn. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the continuation, if not culmination, of every progressive’s wet dream, and for months on end these people waited with breathless anticipation while the mainstream media foisted one incorrect poll after another on the American people and called Donald Trump and his supporters everything from racists, sexists, homophobes, and xenophobes, sh*tting on them with dripping disdain at every turn.

They didn’t get their way, and now they blame and hate this country for it. So they denigrate our flag and national anthem, the very symbols of this country’s greatness. A country that gave them the best of everything it possibly could, expecting only that they give their best on behalf of it in return. And instead, this is how they treat their country. All because Donald Trump was elected President.

It’s sad, it’s sick, and it’s destructive. But they don’t care, because to them every waking moment in their lives is about playing politics and putting themselves ahead of this country’s interests. Funny thing is, I’d respect them all a helluva lot more if they came out and just admitted they were “dropping a knee” in protest of Trump being elected President. While my feelings about their actions wouldn’t change, at least they’d be admitting the truth, and once you have someone’s true perspective you can start hashing things out. But to all of a sudden claim, nearly ten months into Trump’s presidency, that its racial equality and injustice behind their disrespecting this nation’s flag and anthem is an insult not just to my intelligence but to that of millions upon millions of others.

Maybe they don’t know it just yet, but they are now all being revealed for the hypocritical, spiteful, and hateful people they are. And there will be consequences – far beyond anything they can imagine. This is a battle of wills, with our country’s history, traditions, successes, failures, lessons learned, rule of law, and sanctity of our borders at stake. The left is actively trying to destroy all of this, because they know that if they lose there is no going back. President Trump is the greatest threat to their agenda they have known, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him and what he stands for. So it’s not just an innocent act of “taking a knee” going on here, it’s the furthering of agenda that seeks to disrespect, demean, and ultimately destroy the social fabric and contract that keeps our country working together for our preservation and self-interest.

These folks are playing with fire, and those who play with fire are bound to get burned.

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September 26, 2017

Very disappointed to hear not just about New England Patriots players “taking a knee” during the national anthem prior to yesterday’s game against the Houston Texans, but reading QB Tom Brady’s and owner Bob Kraft’s comments about it afterwards.

…not to mention the highly-predictable defense for their actions by Boston sportswriters afterwards. But what would anyone expect in that regard? We are, after all, talking about the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

And I guess now we can expect Boston Celtics players do it this season with their coach’s OK.

So that’s the what it’s going to be going forward, huh? The politicization of every previously enjoyable aspect of our recreational lives, including sports? And for what, exactly?

If it’s about racial inequality and injustice, what exactly does that mean? Are we talking Ferguson? Baltimore? Trevon Martin? If so, give me a break. Or is this all about President Trump and your continued need to piss and moan about his election and his having the guts to call you out for your disgraceful behavior? Is that it? You disrespect the country’s flag and anthem because you feel the Prez is disrespecting the NFL because he feels, as do millions of Americans, that you have all the means at your disposal to protest whatever the hell it is you want to protest, but you should at least show respect for the nation’s flag and national anthem?

If in fact it’s about so-called “racial equality and justice”, what does that mean, exactly? What is it you despise so much about this country that you would show so little respect to our flag and anthem? Have you not had the opportunity to make millions upon millions of dollars playing a sport you love? You already have the freedom of speech and assembly to disrespect the very objects that stand for those freedoms at any other time, but you feel the need to do it on a national stage?

The NFL can try and spin this any way they want, but it doesn’t fly. You want to talk “racial injustice”? This country has spent hundreds of billions of dollars since Lyndon Johnson’s so-called “War on Poverty” and on public schools and inner cities, and for what? The inner cities – primarily under Democratic leadership for generations, BTW – are nothing but cesspools of graft and corruption. And just how much money do we need to keep flushing into the sewer of our nation’s public schools when it’s the poor and the minorities whose schools suffer the most while the public teacher’s unions line their pockets with cash? And if you want to talk about “black lives mattering”, why aren’t you all in Chicago on weekends experiencing first-hand the black-on-black violence and innocents getting slaughtered beyond anything presently happening in Afghanistan or Iraq?

Truth is, fellas, America has always been a land of injustice. Still is. Probably always will be. And it’s not just about the poor and minority communities, either. What about the florist who refuses to sell flowers, or the bakery that refuses to bake a cake for gay weddings? Is it justice when they’re harassed to the point of going out of business? Or the poor bastard whose film was accused of triggering the attack on the Benghazi consulate in 2011? That dude actually went to jail for nothing but a lie pushed by the Obama administration to protect the incompetence that led to the death of our Libyan ambassador and four brave Americans. Where’s the justice there? And where’s the justice when the rich and privileged skate because they have the money and/or influence to get the best lawyers the money can buy? Can someone say, Chappaquiddick? Where’s the justice in millions upon millions of babies, many of them African-American, aborted through no fault of their own. Where’s the justice in that?

You can look around and find injustice anywhere: rich spoiled kids driving around in Ferraris leaving the hard-working kid walking or skateboarding his way to his McDonald’s job in his dust. A local coffee shop that goes out of business because the city chooses to rip up the street it’s own for infrastructure improvements. CEOs who make millions upon millions of dollars in annual compensation while blue-collar couples work multiple jobs to make ends meet. If you’re looking for fairness, you’re looking in the wrong place. We don’t live in a socialist country, we don’t live in a utopia. There’s no such thing as fairness on the face of this earth. Sure, there is definitely room for improvement in so many ways. But while no one is questioning your right to freely express yourself within reason, that doesn’t mean you have to disrespect the objects of this nation’s identity.

But if this is the way it’s going to be from now on, that’s fine with me: I don’t watch the Patriots or Celtics, and am neither a NFL or NBA fan. But if the Red Sox want to start doing this kind of crap during the playoffs the TV will be turned off, and pronto. And it won’t a big loss – I can find equally-satisfying recreational pursuits in its place.

Maybe I’m just a dinosaur, but I happen to think this country is a pretty fine place to live, a country unlike any other on this earth, where the only limitations you have are those you place upon yourself. For professional football players who make millions of dollars doing something they love to do, this self-glorified behavior is nothing but shameful. And the same goes to those who support these actions – fellow players, the owners, the announcers, the media who make their living following them: they’re all getting paid pretty damned fine money to do what they do. They can make every kind of excuse they want, but in the end they’re not only disrespecting the flag and our national anthem, they’re disrespecting those who have lost mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, wives, and husbands in the service of their country as soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, police officers, firefighters, and first responders. You know, those who truly know what the meaning of sacrifice is.

Taking a knee to make a political statement during the playing of the national anthem in front of thousands of people on a bright, sunny fall afternoon while getting handsomely paid for doing that which you love most is not a sacrifice, it’s nothing but a cheap political trick, a sad joke, and a disgrace. Sure, people like me may not like it and approve of it, but that also doesn’t mean we have to support it in any way. And for an industry that lives and breathes on the support of fans through ticket sales, concessions, marketing, and team memorabilia sales, there’s going to be a price – literally! – that to be paid.

We didn’t start the fire, but I’ll tell you this: we’re going to turn the flames back on you. And when it starts hitting you where it hurts the most, and in the only place you only really care about – your wallets and paychecks – don’t come crawling back to us, because we won’t be listening. We’ll have already moved on.

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September 19, 2017

My first impression after watching the original “60 Minutes” version of Charlie Rose’s interview with President Trump’s formal advisor Steve Bannon was that it was pretty much as expected – a hit job, even though Bannon (at least in my view) acquitted himself quite well.

Then I saw the full interview, and was struck by how different the overall tone was and how “normal” the conversation was. It’s not only quite interesting, it’s actually riveting – not just in the broad range of topics covered, but how well both Rose and Bannon come out of it. Rose, while obviously coming from a Beltway elitist perspective, is nevertheless respectful and getting the most out of his subject; Bannon is unapologetic and passionate in his “America First” populism. Seeing the longer version, I’m impressed with the quality of it all – both Rose and Bannon deserve a lot of credit for how well it was conducted.

The longer version is something everyone in this country ought to see, for it shows not just how two grown-ups in the room coming from two different sides of the political aisle can be forceful, yet respectful of each other’s perspective, but it provides a window into President Trump’s world-view. Sure, there were a couple of moments where you could tell Rose came close to getting under Bannon’s skin, but I thought that Bannon handled those moments deftly and came across far less than the racist, alt-right nationalist ogre the mainstream media and Democrats have painted him to be. I had a lot of respect for Bannon prior to and after the “60 Minutes” version; I now have even more. Anyone who wants to truly understand how Donald Trump operates and how his campaign was able to beat Hillary Clinton’s in the general election ought to invest their time in this interview. The guy is an “America First” populist, and it’s obvious he and President Trump are cut from similar cloths. I’ll tell you this – I’m glad I have the likes of Steve Bannon on my side.

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September 13, 2017

So Irma has come and gone, and while there are areas of Florida that were completely devastated, it could have been a whole lot worse. If the hurricane’s track (and, BTW, kudos to the National Hurricane Center for virtually nailing it) had stayed just off the west coast in the Gulf instead of veering slightly inland (we’re talking, like, only fifty miles here) or took the path Donna did in 1960 we’d be talking a catastrophe. As it was, for folks like my mother-in law in Port Richey and my sister-in-law’s ex and two kids (that aren’t kids anymore) up in Citrus County the Gulf Coast got nothing more than a blowy rainstorm. Like many, they chose to ignore the local authorities and didn’t evacuate. All I can say is, to quote the great Tom Petty, “you got lucky“.

Far be it from me to question motives, but might all those Hollywood celebrities who gathered to raise money for the victims of Harvey and Irma be doing so only because some mucky-muck higher up in the movie studio echelon looked at the lousy a year the movie industry has been having and the outpouring of criticism Hollywood has been receiving for its incessant Trump-basing, and decided some positive press was in order?

…and while I’m certain the estimated $44 million they raised will be gladly accepted, forgive me if I resist patting these limousine liberals on the back for emerging from their walled-in and gated communities to do something for, y’know, the common folk. Heck, Oprah ($2.9 billion), Cher ($330 million), and George Clooney ($180 million) have net worths between them more than $3.5 billion. What a bunch of troopers.

…and they simply couldn’t stop themselves from keeping politics out of it, bleating over and over their climate change agenda. Gimme a break. Joe Bastardi of Weatherbell.com has been preaching over and over the fact that while we’ve had two bad hurricanes this year, this is nothing compared to years between 1945 and 1955 when the U.S. was hit repeatedly by hurricanes, and not small ones either. Look at 1947 alone! The fact is, as the migration to places south of the Mason-Dixon continues as the country grows older and folks want to escape the winters and the high cost of living in the Northeast “blue states”, more and more folks and property will be put at risk by the natural course of events that occur when the tropics light up every year.

Two cases in point: look at the 1954 hurricane season: can you imagine the damage and costs if you had storms like Hazel and Carol if they were to take the same tracks today?

None of this has anything to do with climate change – at least the man-made kind. Just something to think about…

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September 12, 2017

Watched Trump advisor and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon on Sunday night’s 60 Minutes and was positively blown away. Not only did he honestly and aggressively push back at liberal weasel Charlie Rose’s pear-clutching, elitist, Beltway-centric assertions, but for all intents and purposes he fired the first shots across the bow at the GOP elites in Congress who have been digging their heels in from day one against President Donald Trump’s agenda.

There was virtually nothing I found objectionable about anything Bannon said, particularly when it came to Senate Majority Leader Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul “RINO” Ryan – after all, they’d had the better part of eight years to put together a opposition-led legislative agenda that could have been ready to be pushed through on day one with a Republican president but have done nothing. Why? Because it’s far easier to do exactly what they had hoped and planned for – serve as the opposition to President Hillary Clinton’s agenda instead of actually having responsibility as the party in power to, y’know, stand for and do something. And Bannon called them out on their disloyalty:

…“The Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. That’s a brutal fact we have to face.”

…“Mitch McConnell when we first met him … he basically says, ‘ don’t want to hear any more of this “drain the swamp” talk.’”

…“In the 48 hours after we won, there’s a fundamental decision that was made. You might call it the original sin of the administration. We embraced the establishment. … Because you had to staff a government.”

…“The plan was to do Obamacare because, remember, Paul Ryan and these guys come in and said, ‘We’ve done this for seven years. We’ve voted on this 50 times.’ … There is wide discrepancy in the Republican Party, as we know today, now that we’re in it. But I will tell you, leadership didn’t know it at the time. They didn’t know it till the very end.”

I guarantee you that there were no two people in Washington as horrified on election night when the election was called for Donald Trump than “The Turtle” and RINO Ryan. They probably even wet their jammies at the thought that they could be held accountable by Trump voters; they surely knew there would be no more excuses. But that didn’t mean they didn’t stop trying. And that’s what Steven Bannon accomplished in his Charlie Rose interview: not only was he firing shots across the bow of McConnell and Ryan, revealing them for the weasels they are, but also putting them on notice that any Republican senators and congressmen up for re-election who didn’t support the President’s agenda were going to find themselves primaried come next summer.

So the game is on: you have RINO Republican senators like Alabama’s Luther Strange, Tennessee’s Bob Corker, and Arizona’s Jeff Flake that know their future aspirations are now in danger. They know Bannon’s plainly-spoken and unabashed “America First” agenda is what put Donald Trump in the White House to begin with, and they have to know Bannon has deep-pocketed donors ready to back his efforts to primary any Republican senator or congressman up for re-election in 2018 who aren’t behind Donald Trump 100%. Maybe they don’t believe it – yet. But make no mistake about it: if you were to ask Republicans in Washington who they fear most: Donald Trump or Steve Bannon, they’ll answer Bannon. They know he’s a tough-as-nails Irish street fighter carved out of the same mold as Andrew Breitbart, and they know he’s not afraid to name names and kick ass.

When I first heard that Bannon was leaving the White House I was dismayed, but knowing that his leaving truly was his own decision and that he feels he can do far more to push the Trump agenda outside the confines of the West Wing, I’m ecstatic. There’s a tsunami similar to 2014 heading towards Washington, and it’s going to be bloody for Republican incumbents who have no clue as to what’s about to hit them. Bannon has the money and influence to recruit solid alternatives to the GOP elites, and the same “cold anger” out there that put Donald Trump in the White House is ready to rise up against establishment Republicans like it did to President Obama and the Democrats in 2014.

The GOP Washington elites have been put on notice, and it’s going to be exciting to watch. The revolution starts in two weeks.

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September 1, 2017

…and no, I’m not talking about the Beach Boys album from 1969 – which, BTW was pretty damned good. I just find it strange that we’re less than nine months into Donald Trump’s presidency and already the focus is already on 2020, as if his presidency – and the time left in his presidency – doesn’t matter. The mainstream media continues to act as if his election last November was some kind of accident or bad dream, and that he’s either going to either resign or be impeached.

I hope the Dems and libs continue to feel that way. It will make it easier for Republicans and conservatives in 2018.

The fact is, there is a helluva lot more support out there for Trump, and this is (once again) something the mainstream media refuses to even consider as a reality. They say the definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. And that’s what you’re seeing out there now. Folks still talking about the polls (yeah, they were spot-on last November, weren’t they?), folks still accusing anyone who supports Trump to be racists, sexists, xenophobes, etc. etc. etc.

Yeah, that worked so well in 2016.

Oh, and by the way, 20/20 had some damned good tunes on it. Not just this and this, but it also featured a tune written by Charles Manson, and – more importantly – it cracked open a door for the American public on the intriguing puzzle that was SMiLE via this and this.

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