October 16, 2018

I know there are a lotta folks out there – including those who regularly (or semi-regularly) visit this blog in their Internet travels – who either hate, despise, or disdain President Trump. I get that. But this picture pretty much sums up what the upcoming 2018 midterms are all about:

Americans like winners, but they despise bullying losers even more. Is Donald Trump’s rhetoric at times tough? You bet, but that what winners say and do. Bullying losers, on the other hand, use physical violence and threats of violence to intimidate their opposition into silence or capitulation. This is exactly what the political Left in this country is trying to do. It would be nice if Democratic leadership in Washington would have the courage and class to take the high road and act like leaders and condemn the actions of these people in the strongest terms, but, given their childish and reprehensible behavior during the Kavanaugh witch hunt confirmation hearings, that’s obviously expecting to much. So all one can do is look at what both sides are selling during this election cycle and choose what’s best for the country in the long run.

You don’t like Donald Trump? Fine. You want to consider yourself a member of the so-called “Resistance”? Fine. But there are lessons to be learned from the past – most especially, in the differences between our Revolution and the French Revolution. There were mobs in the early days of our Republic that threatened to upset the fragile coalition of states that had come together to form a more perfect union. Same thing in France. The difference between our respective revolutions is that our leaders at the time recognized the inherent danger of the mob and put them down before they had a chance to spread. In France they didn’t, and it took the likes of Napoleon to bring the bloodshed to an end – bloodshed that included the deaths of the very leaders who had formed the original Resistance against the monarchy to begin with.

The lessons before us are clear: you kow-tow to demands of the mob and allow the mob to grow in numbers and confidence, don’t be surprised when some day they come after you.

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October 8, 2018

The harping, weeping, and gnashing of teeth from Hollywood celebrities and the mainstream media is starting to subside. They know they got steamrolled – as they should have been – but I think it’s instructive to take a sober look at what exactly went down over the past week as far as the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court went. I might be wrong (not that it happens much) but I happen to believe this whole thing will be viewed as a watershed moment in history where the American electorate saw the face of the a new Democratic Party, one far different from the one they and their parents grew up in.

This new Democratic Party, hijacked by a bunch of well-funded socialist “progressive” activists who only care about hating Trump for (supposedly) stealing the election from Hillary Clinton, transgender rights, open borders, and abortion on demand have been revealed for the loons they are. I normally don’t quote an article at length, but in this case, and because it’s so well written, I will (my comments and boldings):

Most of us are relatively naïve, ready to believe what our news outlets put forth. We have open minds and were ready and willing to listen to Ford’s testimony and consider for ourselves if it was believable. It was not. Her testimony was obviously scripted, practiced, massaged, and fabricated out of whole cloth.

Ford may have seemed like a victim, not of Kavanaugh, but perhaps of her Democrat operatives. Over the past days, however, what is nearer to the truth is that she was and is part of a faction of anti-Trump activists bent upon destroying Kavanaugh in order to deny Trump another nominee to the Supreme Court.

They have badly misjudged the wisdom and sentiment of the American people. These Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are so deluded by their belief in their own intellectual superiority that they felt comfortable publicly, derisively attacking a man with a reputation finer than any of those who sat in judgment. This was like Salieri sitting in judgment over the music of Mozart – preposterous.

At first, those of us paying attention were anxious to hear Ford’s story. The bits of news that preceded her appearance before the Judiciary Committee were titillating. Was it possible that this man, Brett Kavanaugh, with a thirty-years-plus record of impeccable judicial service to his country, had a dark side? Then we heard Blasey Ford “testify.” How anyone who listened to her practiced, phony childish act could believe that this was not calculated is a mystery. She was obviously scripted, coached, and performing.

Perhaps she did not expect to have to appear before the committee. She and her handlers may have assumed that the taint of her accusation would bring about his withdrawal from the nomination or that Trump would withdraw it. Guess they have not been paying attention to how Trump operates or who Kavanaugh is. They guessed wrong.

Given the numerous falsehoods of the FBI and DOJ we now are aware of – the “two front doors” lie, the fear of flying lie, the claustrophobia lie, her polygraph lies – what seems credible now is that this was a manufactured, orchestrated setup at the outset. They used Mark Judge’s book as a template and contrived a tall tale.

Trump nominated Kavanaugh, and the left shifted into overdrive; he would be defeated by any means necessary. Schumer said as much twenty minutes after Trump announced his nomination. From that moment on, they would dig down deep into the reservoir of radicals willing to go to the mattresses. Schumer likely began the plan with Feinstein. They knew that [Democratic operatives] Katz and Bromwich would come aboard [as lawyers]. Blasey Ford most likely volunteered her services. Ford’s lifetime friend, retired FBI agent Monica McLean, may have been on board to help write that ridiculous letter that ended up in Feinstein’s hands. Schooled, allegedly, in psychology, hypnosis, and all the attending versions of mind manipulation, Ford probably felt confident she could pull off the charade; she would use her baby voice to appear fragile and vulnerable. But she did not pull it off. There is a mighty chorus of Americans who pay attention to these issues and events. They were not fooled.

The “narrative” of her alleged groping was vague enough to provoke doubt but wholly without corroboration. That the persons involved in this farce thought she would be convincing without a shred of evidence is comical. They really do think all of us outside their bubble of leftist groupthink are imbeciles. They actually thought we would all fall for Ford’s absurd performance. Sure, the dupes on the left loved every moment of it. They don’t need evidence or witnesses. They believe survivors. Survivors of what? Nothing.

Ford [Ed. note: and her annoying and pathetic California guttural, little girl voice of hers] now looks like a liar and a fraud. There is most likely a real journalist out there right now who will dig deep and write the book about this travesty a few radical leftists perpetrated on all of us. It was all a lie.

These people feel so entitled to force their agenda upon all of us that they have lost all moral sense. They will lie, cheat, and steal to win in the end. That is exactly what they did. They lied, cheated, and stole Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation, his life’s work, his love of teaching and coaching girls’ basketball. They did it without a moment’s thought for what it meant to him or to those of us out here in this great nation.

What we saw at that hearing Thursday last week was an abomination. It was Kafkaesque, the shameful, purposeful attempted destruction of a fine man without a kernel of evidence. And they knew what they were doing. Our left today is monstrous. Leftists learned well from the Clintons’ politics of personal destruction. It has always worked before; why not now? Not now because of Trump. He fights back. And Kavanaugh stands tall.

…Feinstein is a menace, as are Schumer, Blumenthal, Harris, Booker, Whitehouse, and Klobuchar. They need to be voted out of office; they do not seem to have this nation’s best interests at heart. That should be clear to everyone by now. It is but for those hordes of paid-by-Soros protesters haranguing Republicans to vote against Kavanaugh.

What’s alluded to in the above is that it took none other than President Donald J. Trump to grab the reins of a horse-cart careening out of control and return it safely into barn. At the Southaven, Mississippi rally, he used a tactic he happens to – like it or not – do quite well: ridicule. Ridicule Dr. Ford, ridicule her so-called “legal team”, ridicule the hypocrisy of those Democrats hell-bent on destroying a man’s reputation and life solely for political purposes. And in doing so, he exposed the evil that the Democratic Party and the liberal left of today stands for. They’re not stupid. They’re not ignorant. They are a bunch of shrill obnoxious zealots. More than anything else, they’re a vile, despicable, reprehensible, evil mob that needs to be put in their place. And the only thing they understand is the hammer. Not the hammer of suppression of their right to speak (that’s what socialists do); Trump’s hammer is that of punching back twice as hard:

This is a lesson that should be tattooed on the forehead of every GOP politician. We are in these fights to win. You don’t win by standing there and letting the other guy punch you, hoping that his knuckles break before he knocks you out. You have to punch back. If we are to stop this tsunami of last-minute allegations in critical nominations, we must raise the cost of entry to the point where only allegations that have documentary evidence are allowed to be heard. I don’t care what Ford says happened. I don’t care what Ramirez says happened. I don’t care what Swetnick says happened. Put up or shut up.

I think I speak for all conservatives when I say this: we know rape happens. We know sexual abuse happens. But I’m sorry, if you’re going to come forward and destroy someone’s life and, along with it, his family and his reputation you’re gonna have to do better than some cloudy memories of more than three decades ago. And you’re going to have to present yourself in a helluva lot more professional and honest manner than Blasey Ford did. Above all else, you better bring facts. It’s not going to be good enough anymore to reduce the argument to a “he said / she said” debate: the Democrats, loony left, and their operatives in the mainstream media have seen to that. They’ve destroyed that well-worn strategy once and for all.

Perhaps not intentionally, but maybe that’s a good thing.

The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee made a huge mistake and miscalculation borne out of past experience and their typical playbook. Accuse someone of something dreadful and wait for the Republicans to cave and run for the hills. That might have worked in the past, but that’s not the way President Donald J. Trump plays the game. You folks out there who hate him for what he is can grouse all you want and call us Trump supporters everything in the book. Fact of the matter is, the man fights. The man wins. And the man isn’t going to fight and win unless he knows there is a great injustice in play. He doesn’t operate that way just on behalf of Brett Kavanaugh – hell, he’s been operating that way since the day he was inaugurated President.

This is something the mainstream media, the Democrats, Hollywood, and the unhinged liberal left has yet to understand. Americans love winners. And they will hitch themselves to a winner even if they themselves don’t necessarily agree with everything the winner does. The important thing is to win. And that’s what happened over the past week: the Republican Party finally recognized that in Donald J. Trump they have a man – their President, no less – who has their six. And wins. And, for the first time since his inauguration, they chose to take the risk and embrace the brute force of his personality and his general operating philosophy fully. And they won doing it.

Their agony is my joy.

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October 6, 2018

Found this comment over at Powerline blog in regards to this post fitting:

I grew up in NYC during the rise of Trump. I knew he would win. Why? Though he is a billionaire he’s a street guy like real New Yorkers are. He stands his ground, fights back aggressively and doesn’t give a damn what people think about his manner. Notice how people who only understand victory always say “well I wish he wasn’t so outrageous on Twitter”? If he wasn’t it wouldn’t be Trump. As a veteran I will attest that the Carl Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix AZ I go to went from worst to best in less than 18 months and he’s not even a vet. Even our departed Senator McCain didn’t do a damn thing about it. He was good at hating the President and to hell with us vets. I believe President Trump will eventually send the Democrat Progressives to the dustbin of history. Deep inside he will have his revenge for the attack on his family and the country he loves so much. And no sir I am not sick of winning.

I’ve got friends, and I know y’all have as well, who have taunted me to no end about my support for President Trump. At times, I have found it hard to articulate why I admire the man so. It was once said that President Lincoln, after hearing every reason in the world why he shouldn’t hitch his wagon to that of General Ulysses S. Grant, simply responded, “He fights”.

Lord knows, Donald J. Trump isn’t perfect. But in an era where the mainstream media endlessly promotes the likes and agenda of every left-wing, social justice warrior fascist like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein while painting people like me, people who just happen to think that the Judeo-Christian traditions upon which this country was founded, and people like me who think the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights still have relevance even in this 21st century we live in idiots, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and out-of-their-mind lunatics, all I can say is, he fights. And he wins. And no, I am, and will never get, tired of winning.

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October 5, 2018

Forget about the everything you’ve been told by the Democrats, the loony left and their faux outrage (BTW, has there been one day since Donald Trump was elected president that there hasn’t been a way of loony left outrage of one sort or another?), and the Democrats’ political operatives in the mainstream media in regards to the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. It’s gotten to the point of absurdity. If there is one thing you read, check this Twitter feed from one Sarah Gonzalez somewhere in the state of Texas. She not only hits the nail on the head, she bashes in the heads of all those who have played a part in the personal destruction of Mr. Kavanaugh and his family solely for the purposes of political gain.

You might not believe me, but in the beginning I was willing to keep an open mind about Dr. Christine Ford. But after watching her testimony with that phony little girl voice (no college professor I’ve ever known would talk and present herself like that), her helpless and vulnerable demeanor, the gaping holes that appeared almost immediately in her testimony, and then seeing her so-called “legal team” fawning all over her, knowing full well that they’re all well-known operatives in Democratic political circles, I knew she was lying and basically full of shit.

The oh-so outrage over the way President Trump ridiculed her testimony is misplaced, I think. Dr. Ford deserved to be ridiculed. She’s never told the same story twice, she remembers nothing, and has yet to say anything that directly implicates Kavanaugh in anything. But golly gee, he’s sure unqualified for the Supreme Court. Go figure.

Some people are feeling sorry for her, saying that she is as much a victim as Kavanaugh as a result of her identity being leaked to the media by someone in the Democrats’ political machine. I don’t buy it for a minute. She knew exactly was happening around her, and she allowed herself to be a willing tool and foil in the hopes of destroying Kavanaugh’s nomination. Both she and her Democrat operatives truly thought, I believe, that Republicans would do what they’ve always done in the past when these kinds of things came up – run for the hills and cower (read: Alabama and Judge Roy Moore). But this is now the Republican Party of Donald Trump, a president who believes in punching back twice as hard, and a Party now unafraid to point out the utter hypocrisy, lies, and typical political shenanigans that the Democrats have employed so successfully in the past.

Two final thoughts:
First, you knew this was nothing more than a political lynching when Stormy Daniels’ creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti got involved with bring forth a client claiming Kavanaugh drugged and then gang-raped women. I have to believe the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee were horrified to hear about this human trash crawling out from under his rock to pollute their well-planned, all-in-good-faith, high-tech lynching.

Finally, Let me ask y’all a question? If you were an employer, would this whole Kavanaugh sham make you more likely or less likely to hire a female in your company? I thought so.

I truly believe that what Dr. Ford and her fellow liars and schemers have done is incalculable damage to feminist and #MeToo movements and those who truly have suffered years of internal torment as a result of some form of earlier sexual abuse. Dr. Ford is clearly not one of them – t least as far as Brett Kavanaugh is concerned. It is reprehensible for any woman to falsely accuse someone of rape or sexual abuse for either personal or political gain, but it does happen (Rolling Stone / UVA, Duke lacrosse, anyone?). Now, if someone wants to come forward for something that truly did happen, they’ll have a higher bar to reach in order to be believed. It’s truly sad.

But it shows the level to which Democrats will descend to achieve their own political ends, and how little they really value not just the rule of law and the fundamental precept that you are innocent until proven guilty, but women. To Democrats, women (and African-Americans, for that matter) are nothing more than tools and human shields to be cleverly and shamelessly deployed as needed in order to obtain and maintain their own power. If the sad charade of the past few weeks has any silver lining whatsoever, it will be that the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have been revealed for the vile, evil, and despicable human waste they truly are.

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September 3, 2018

I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the John McCain funeral yesterday – the mainstream media coverage this past week has been so over the top and revealed to be nothing more than an excuse to go on a 24/7 orgy of Trump-bashing that I just wanted the guy put away dry so we could all finally move on with our lives. It sure sounds like it set the right tone as far as ol’ Maverick would have wanted it: petty and and political to the end. Candace Owens is right: the fact that his family insisted on turning a funeral that could – and should – have been an uplifting celebration of the man’s life into a political bash-fest says more about the man than himself than anything else.

I’ll say this: it seemed to cap off perfectly John McCain’s life, both as a person and a politician.

Now that ol’ Mav is in his final resting place, here’s hoping his cheap-shot artist, petty daughter will now disappear from the national scene. After all, without the Daddy-direct line of communication there doesn’t appear any further compelling reason for “The View” (or anyone else, for that matter), to keep her around. I guarantee it’s not her intelligence or talent for incisive and entertaining repartee that has kept her around this long: she’s barely – and I do mean barely – one step above the equally-insufferable Chelsea Clinton.

…Say, that’s an idea: have Meghan and Chelsea co-host their own cable network talk show. They can call it “The Insufferables”!

It occurs to me that Breitbart’s Virgil is absolutely right: there was more to the funeral than that of just John McCain, it was the funeral of the globalist war party, of which McCain was an enthusiastic, charter member:

Yes, in the Establishment’s collective mentality, the good old days were the time when the U.S. border was open, when trade deals were easy, and foreign wars were being fought.

The Establishment, of course, never cared that, as a result, social chaos was increasing, wages were declining, regions were de-industrializing, and young Heartlanders—not Establishmentarians, of course—were getting killed and maimed overseas. So when Meghan McCain defined those days as “greatness,” well, that was what the Establishmentarians came to hear. She was patting the big shots on the back, and they were glad for the pat. And John McCain, of course, was the champion of that sort of Beltway bonhomie—and, especially, the bipartisan “fun” of foreign wars.

…Yet Virgil was particularly struck by a string of tweets from Michael Tracey, an independent journalist of notable independence:

This funeral was one last demonstration of McCain’s belief in “bipartisanship” for its own sake. It almost doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re “working together.” Just so happens that McCain’s primary “bipartisan” initiative was endless war.

That seemed like a funeral not so much for McCain, but for an ideology which had once sustained America’s imperial hegemony, and is now on the way out.

Some of those last few words deserve a second look: “Seemed like a funeral not so much for McCain, but for an ideology which had once sustained America’s imperial hegemony, and is now on the way out.”

Tracey’s argument is that McCain-style “neoconservatism,” which can be summed up as invade the world, invite the world, is now a goner. While the Establishment—including plenty of Democrats—loves it, most Americans don’t.

In fact, it’s not surprising that imperial grandiosity plays well in blue Washington, DC, and in New York City; after all, it’s fun to get rich and noble from imperialism. What’s less fun is to be a legionary from some red state, slogging it out in a hostile land, all for the sake of someone else’s ideological empire.

The America people, of course, have always had the power to put a stop to all this grandiose globalism, if and when they choose to exercise that power at the ballot box. Finally, in 2016, they did. That was the story of Donald Trump, who romped through the Republican primaries, and then to the White House.

And it was also the story of the 2016 Democratic primaries, when Sen. Bernie Sanders nearly defeated Hillary Clinton for the nomination. (Interestingly, Sanders was also not in attendance for the McCain service, although, of course, Hillary was there; she was sitting right by another foreign-war enthusiast, Dick Cheney.) Moreover, since 2016, there’s plenty of evidence that the populist anti-Establishment rebellion is continuing, in both parties.

So yes, Tracey has a point: The Establishment will cheer for Meghan McCain, and its handmaidens in the MSM were happy to make the whole of last week into a McCain Mediathon. And yet at the same time, the Establishment is deathly afraid that it can’t put the old humpty-dumpty back together. It fears that the American people won’t get fooled again; no more will they let themselves get conned by the neocons. John McCain really is gone.

The amount of American blood these people have on their hands is nothing short of astounding. And to hear the likes of Barack Obama and Meghan McCain criticize Donald Trump, a president who is thinking outside the box in order to prevent the loss of more American blood is the absolute height of irony. But that’s OK: as Powerline blog’s John Hinderaker writes:

What can we conclude if there is a funeral for Person A, and the “eulogies” are mostly about Person B? For one thing, Person B is obviously a heck of a lot more important than Person A. John McCain was heroic in some ways, notoriously small-minded in others. It is perhaps a fitting coda to his career that his funeral was mostly about someone else.

Indeed. I’ll pray your soul rests in peace, John McCain, but you did yourself and your reputation no favors by allowing the mainstream media to turn your passing into nothing more than a Trump-bashing orgy of self-indulgence. Clearly both you and the mainstream media, whose favor you incessantly coveted throughout your political career, deserved each other.

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August 28, 2018

Yes, I’m going to go there, so if any of y’all snowflakes can’t stand the idea of someone breaking with the elitist mainstream media slob-fest over Arizona’s beloved so-called “Maverick”, you can stop reading right here.

First, let me state that sincere condolences go out to Senator McCain’s family. He was diagnosed with an awful disease that had to have broken the hearts of those whom he loved and loved him in return. No one wishes cancer on anyone, and the fact that he hung on as long as he did must have been both heart-breaking and heart-warming to his family and loved ones at the very same time. He is commended to have put up the brave fight for as long as he did, and he is to be commended for it.

That being said, enough with the over-the-top, fawning and slobbering over the Senator’s passing by the mainstream media. The fact is, they hated him during his run for the presidency against Saint Barack Obama and did everything they could to paint “Maverick” and his campaign in a negative light. You can look up the stories yourselves: he was a warmonger, a lover of conservative causes, he rolled over to conservatives who pushed back against his (and others) attempt at “comprehensive immigration reform” (a.k.a., full amnesty for illegal aliens) when that couldn’t get passed, and he was ridiculed for suspending his campaign when the stock market crash happened. And who can forget the barbs and ridicule he received after choosing Sarah Palin as his VP?

After all, when you get Democratic socialists – of all people – praising Senator McCain at his passing, you know something is up. I’ll at least give these clowns credit: at least their true to their values.

Can we all be honest here? The only – and I mean the only reason the media has its hankies out in droves over Maverick’s passing is – you guessed it – the disdain he felt for President Trump. In that regard, Maverick’s legacy and the mainstream media are two peas in a pod. They both hated and hate Donald Trump in a visceral way, and the fact that Maverick got the last word in on his feud with President Trump only cemented the media’s commitment to making sure that – and in the spirit of his buddy Ted Kennedy, his supposed “happy warrior” legacy (which, BTW, is nothing but bullshit) – would be the focus of their non-stop coverage.

The fact is, the only thing John McCain loved more than being a six-term senator with all the perks and privileges that went along with it was the camera. It was the media and their cameras and coverage that moved him, not some underlying personal and political philosophy. Whatever and wherever got him the most publicity, that’s where he and his so-called “maverick” philosophy went. You want proof? In his last campaign, he made repeal and replace of Obamacare the focal point of his campaign. Yet, when the time came to cast the deciding vote, it was out of spite to Donald Trump that he voted against said repeal and replace.

And, oh by the way, that was the last time he represented Arizona voters in the Senate. Rather than doing the honorable thing and step aside, he chose to hang on to the bitter end. Why? Because that would mean sailing off and out of the limelight. And being out of the limelight is something Maverick would never allow to happen.

I’ll leave John McCain’s military and political career to others to honor and evaluate. All I’m saying is the mainstream media’s deification and overblown coverage of the senator’s passing is nothing more than their way of gleefully attacking Donald Trump. They despised Senator McCain when he ran for president and bashed him whenever his political whims diverged from theirs, but they sure do love him now and mourn his passing because of their shared hatred of President Trump.

John McCain loved the media spotlight. And in his death the media is now giving him what he always sought above all else.

And in that odd, symbiotic way, I think they kind of deserve each other.

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August 2, 2018

I love this new painting by John McNaughton. It describes exactly why people support President Trump.

From left to right: Nikki Haley, James Mattis, Ben Carson, President Trump, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, Melania Trump, Mike Pompeo, Sarah Sanders, Ivanka Trump, John Bolton, Kellyanne Conway, John Kelly

You may not like him personally, but I don’t think he cares much about that. He knows he’s been sent to Washington by the kind of ordinary folks Washington long ago stopped listening to: the men and women of America who work hard and want to see their interests given priority over that of the Beltway elitists, globalists, and insufferable leftists who despise this country, its traditions, and its rule of law under the cloak and guide of “tolerance”, “diversity”, and “acceptance”. Me? I don’t care about the so-called Russians. You want to know what I care about? This. And this.

In my view, you’re either with the President and his movement or you’re aligned with the same swamp creatures who seek only to protect their interests and power. The Trump Train is on track “get-outta-my-way”. Get on it. Get over it. Or get under it.

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July 9, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome, example 1,297,600. You read stories like this and this, and it’s hard to not agree with Michael Savage when he wrote that liberalism was a mental disorder. As Boston radio talk host Howie Carr is wont to say, “Your agony is my joy.”

…another thought: I’m betting that same putrid wallflower considers herself a feminist. I thought feminists considered themselves tough, strong, equal to men in every way. Frankly, this woman sounds like she needs a man to protect her from herself and tell her, “Suck it up, buttercup!”

Liberalism suicide watch. Some of them are pretty funny.

What’s really sad about today’s liberals and liberalism in general is their complete innate and inability to laugh at themselves, others, and the world around them. That’s what made comics like Bob Newhart, Rodney Dangerfield, and Don Rickles so funny back in their day. Just go out on YouTube and look some of their videos – even forty years later they are (as they say) LMAO. George Carlin was really good until the very end when much (not all) of his stuff became more angry than funny. But he still knew how to turn the screws – his routine on global warming remains a classic, and one of the funniest things you’ll ever hear.

Do you think in today’s culture Mel Brooks could have made The Producers or Blazing Saddles? Of course not. And Monty Python’s Life of Brian? When it came out, it was deemed outrageous and blasphemous at the time for its nativity beginning and crucifixion ending. You know what scene today would cause the greatest sense of outrage? This one. Because the least funny and tolerant people in the world are transgenders, who have been so spoon-fed liberalism from day one that they think they’re so damned special and that their rights trumps (excuse the expression) those of others. They’ve not only lost their sense of body, but of mind. You don’t believe me?

You know what conservatives did the day after Barack Obama was elected? They went to work and continued living their lives just as they did on the last day of George W. Bush’s presidency. Folks like the pathetic wallflower mentioned in the above are actually pretty sick folks. As are the ones who harass and terrorize folks simply because they are wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Because that’s what they are – terrorists. We’re nearly two years into Donald Trump’s presidency and liberals still can’t get over it. But this is what happens when you’ve traded your existence for the emptiness daily politics brings.

Elections have consequences. It’s time for liberals to grow up and get over it.

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June 28, 2018

Interesting article in City Journal about the goings-on in today’s European Union:

…The EU, that great construct of progressive centralism, he added, “is devoid of any character. European culture is in hiding, disappearing, without a soul.” Critical here is the precipitous decline of Christianity, the ideal that forged Europe’s premodern identity. Well over 50 percent of Europeans under 30 don’t identify with a religion; in the UK, the Muslim population could exceed Anglican Church membership within a decade.

Christianity’s decline, observed Tocqueville scholar Joshua Mitchell, represents a direct threat to European democracy. The great French writer, he reminded us, was Christian, and his descendants today remain committed to the Catholic faith. Christian values tempered the transition from aristocracy to democracy; Tocqueville saw Christianity as a constraint on the rampant individualism and materialism characteristic of democratic societies, which he had observed in the United States. Tocqueville, Mitchell suggested, “believed people have to have a culture, a place and a religion.”

Perhaps the most heated expression of demo-pessimism comes as a reaction to mass migration, notably from Islamic countries. The decision of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to open her borders to refugees from places like Syria and Afghanistan and the African continent has destabilized European sensibilities in a way not seen since the Second World War. Few speakers defended Merkel’s actions, reflecting almost three-to-one negative reaction to mass migration among Europeans. This opposition has helped nurture populist movements across the continent, including the new government in Italy. Unrestricted migration helped drive Brexit in the UK and sent many traditionally centrist voters elsewhere flocking to anti-immigrant parties, including some on the extreme, quasi-fascist right.

A couple of thoughts about this:

Of course, Christianity has only itself to blame for the “precipitous decline” mentioned above. Modern-day Protestantism is nothing more than watered-down, modern-day liberalism practiced on Sundays – by and large – by churches who have handed their legacy and used the ordination of radical feminists, gays, and lesbians, as a tool to shove modern-day progressivism down the throats of their ever-declining numbers. And the Roman Catholic Church’s horrendous mishandling of sexual abuse cases by priests has harmed the Church immeasurably. It’s no wonder, then, you see the rise of non-denominational small and “mega” churches who take the Bible seriously, teach the Gospels, and require their members to tithe. You can criticize them all you want – especially when it comes to the televangelists who are all over the cable networks – but nature abhors a vacuum, and these churches are fulfilling a need for people seeking a greater purpose and fulfillment in their lives beyond the reach of modern society and the information and media-saturated world we live in. Good for them, I say.

Finally, Mark Steyn predicted this set of affairs in his fine book, America Alone, in which he wrote the following:

On the Continent and elsewhere in the West, native populations are aging and fading and being supplanted remorselessly by a young Muslim demographic. Time for the obligatory “of courses”: of course, not all Muslims are terrorists — though enough are hot for jihad to provide an impressive support network of mosques from Vienna to Stockholm to Toronto to Seattle. Of course, not all Muslims support terrorists — though enough of them share their basic objectives (the wish to live under Islamic law in Europe and North America) to function wittingly or otherwise as the “good cop” end of an Islamic good cop/bad cop routine. But, at the very minimum, this fast-moving demographic transformation provides a huge comfort zone for the jihad to move around in. And in a more profound way it rationalizes what would otherwise be the nuttiness of the terrorists’ demands. An IRA man blows up a pub in defiance of democratic reality — because he knows that at the ballot box the Ulster Loyalists win the elections and the Irish Republicans lose. When a European jihadist blows something up, that’s not in defiance of democratic reality but merely a portent of democratic reality to come. He’s jumping the gun, but in every respect things are moving his way.

What we are seeing today is nothing more than a modern-day reenactment of the Goths and the Vandals sacking Rome. Unlike Rome in its day, however, we know exactly what’s going on out there in the so-called wilderness. We read about it, hear, text and tweet about it, and get browbeaten by the elites in our society over it, and then, basically, do nothing about it. I’ve never understood the “open borders” crowd and their hatred for Western civilization. At least here in the West we don’t force women to cover themselves up and treat them as second-class citizens. I guess it’s all borne out of ignorance: until one lives in a truly repressive society and culture you have no way of knowing how good you have it on the western side of the fence.

Oh well. My Hemingway Daiquiri needs refreshing.

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June 23, 2018

This article by Patricia McCarthy at the American Thinker does a better job of explaining something I’ve been saying all along:

The rage and fury of the left today are astonishing. Conservatives hated every moment of the Obama presidency and the damage his administration did, but not one of import ever behaved in the manner the leftists do today. There is something so aberrant about the left now. Is this who these people always were in ever-repeating generations? No. Never before was the left so vitriolic.

The most curious aspect of the left’s malice is how incendiary it is among people of a certain age – that would be those of us old enough to know better! The old meme that we mellow with age does not apply to the likes of Robert De Niro or Peter Fonda. These men, like so many others of their ilk, have reverted to being the worst of ignorant childhood bullies. Think Animal Farm. As for the women like [Kathy] Griffin and [Samantha] Bee? They are the ultimate examples of the evils that feminism wrought: unrelenting anger at real men. They loved Obama precisely because he was never a real man, certainly not for those of us of a certain age. He was and remains the perfect pajama boy of his Obamacare dream, a feminized, immature, 98-pound weakling, in mind, body, and spirit.

Like I’ve always said about the left – and that goes for the majority of liberals and Democrats – is that they don’t know when to stop. Even if (and it’s becoming almost impossible to find an example nowadays because their hatred for Trump, well, trumps everything else) they have a good idea, it’s never enough to just put it out there for debate. Everything has to be shoved down your throat like a forkful of mashed spuds. And if you happen to disagree with them, well, you’re a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe or a Nazi.

I’ve talked about the three-legged stool of the religion that liberalism is – diversity, tolerance, and acceptance, and how liberals are only tolerant, diverse, and accepting as long as you hold their views and think the way they think. And the difference between the left and the right in the way they handle differences of opinion these days is astonishing. When Barack Obama was president you never saw conservatives in Hollywood threatening to kill him or harm his family. You never saw anywhere near the level of freak-out you’re seeing on the left, and it appears to be getting worse. The left has always embraced fascism and the idea that the ends justify the means, but they’ve usually been fairly successful in keeping their true agenda under wraps. It appears that is no longer the case. McCarthy continues:

We are in fact a divided nation, the mature and immature, the civil and uncivil, the decent and the indecent. We are divided between those who love this country and those who hate it. Our leftists are Marxist globalists who want to see America destroyed or at least transformed from the inside, as Khrushchev predicted fifty years ago that it would be. The Marxists have won in academe. They have won over the Democratic Party completely. Pelosi, Schumer, et al. are on board with flooding the U.S. with illiterate migrants, numbers of them criminals, to satisfy their anti-American ideology. They and their agenda should be shunned by all Americans with a modicum of common sense.

Personally, I think what’s really freaking the left out these days is that they’re finally coming to the realization that President Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere. It was always a fairy-tale that he was going to be impeached. Now the reality that Robert Mueller’s investigation isn’t going to have Trump or anyone around him led away in chains is starting to set in, as is the understanding that the American people are (for lack of a better term) “getting used” to Trump’s persona and his “America First” agenda. They see large cracks starting to appear in their historic hold on African-Americans as a loyal voting bloc as folks like Kanye West and Candace Owens start speaking their own form of “truth to power”, so like a snake cornered they are lashing out in their anger and frustration. And as that anger and frustration grow, it become more unhinged. As McCarthy closes:

The left today is vicious beyond reason and dangerous. They are purposefully trying to incite violence against the president and his family. They are appealing to the craziest, most mentally deranged among us. They are hoping for an assassination. If it happens, as when Steve Scalise was so injured, they celebrate. It is who they are. Odious. They have descended into the abyss of revulsion from which they are not likely to recover any time soon. We need to fight back as conservatives have never before fought back. This left needs to be repudiated.

And conservatives are finally starting to fight back. What is different now is that Donald Trump is president. And not only is he unafraid to express his love for this country, its history, laws, and traditions, he’s not afraid to punch back twice as hard when previous Republicans and conservatives would cower and run away and hide. Trump is used to the rough-and-tumble of New York and New Jersey real estate politics, and his massive ego actually embraces the same when it comes to national politics.

General George Patton once said that Americans love winners and despise losing more than anything. What is truly freaking out the left is that they see Trump winning and the Democrats message for the midterms – open borders, more illegal immigration, a return to Obamacare, repeal of the Trump tax cuts and higher taxes – as a losing message unable to gain a foothold amongst mid-term voters. They see their party leadership in the hands of Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as ineffective and a joke. And as the idea of a massive “blue wave” recedes and the prospects of Republican gains in both the Senate and, perhaps, even the House, improve, the liberal left is being marginalized to their own wacko extremes. Not exactly a winning message for traditional left-of-center Democrats and Independents.

Expect things to get worse as the mid-terms draw nearer.

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