January 2, 2020

Deep breath. The air all fresh and new. That, my friends is the sound made knowing the holidays are over and a bran’ spankin’ new year has begun. I know that because the local Fry’s already has the Valentine’s Day aisle fully stocked and ready to go. So let’s kick off the first “Thursday Thoughts” of the year in style. In other thoughts:

You see, it’s spouting stuff like this that makes Hollywood and entertainers look nothing more than Trump hating caricatures:

“If you read the history, you won’t be surprised. It’s exactly the same,” Ronstadt replied. “Find a common enemy for everybody to hate. I was sure that Trump was going to get elected the day he announced, and I said it’s gonna be like Hitler, and the Mexicans are the new Jews. And sure enough that’s what he delivered.”

I mean, how dumb can one person be? How ignorant about history can one be? Clue to Linda: loved your music but don’t you have to be some kind of an ignoramus to know your analogy doesn’t hold up? If Trump is Hitler (a favorite and all-too-easy meme of the loony left, just like any Republican other than John McCain, BTW), and Mexicans are the “new Jews”, then answer me this, Linda: why are so many of them trying to come here by any means necessary? I don’t seem to remember Jews all over the world flocking to be part of Hitler’s Germany. Wasn’t the direction was all the other way (in more ways than one)? So just shut yer yap and stick to what you know best – singing.

Here’s hoping this is the year that President Trump pardons Michael Flynn and Roger Stone.

I’m sorry, but as a Roman Catholic watching this it’s hard not to view Pope Francis as a vile, disgusting, pompous, and ungodly man. This is how he treats members of his own flock? Just one question, PF, were these comments before or after slapping that poor woman’s hand? I guess one can add hypocrite to the above list as well.

One of the more outrageous and disgraceful aspects of the Trump presidency is the mainstream media’s treatment of First Lady Melania Trump. She has more class, modesty, and dignity than “Moochelle” Obama, who the media fawned over relentlessly throughout the Obama era. Don’t believe me? Just watch how she watches her husband answer the media’s questions prior to the New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago with such grace and style.

Sad to hear of the passing of Neil Innes, whose Monty Python association led to his co-founding (with Eric Idle) the “Prefab Four” The Rutles; “All You Need is Cash” was the first “mockumentary” predating the iconic “This Is Spinal Tap”. Innes could write Beatles-style songs almost as good as the real thing – listen to “Hold My Hand”, “I Must Be In Love”, “Ouch” (a George Harrison favorite, BTW), and “Love Life” and you’ll see what I mean.

My only response to Don Lemon’s comments on CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, and to all those on the loony left who hate President Trump and accuse those of us who support him of being racists comes courtesy of the late, great, and incredibly-missed Andrew Breitbart.

November is coming. Bring. It. On.

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December 23, 2019

The President has it exactly right:

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December 20, 2019

…because this is what happens when you’ve wasted three years on your liberal orgasm of self-indulgence. One can only hope that when the GOP takes back the House in 2020 they shove it all right back down your vile, hateful, evil throats. You could at least show some guts and pass your counts to the Senate for consideration but you’re a bunch of losers playing a loser’s deck.

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December 18, 2019

And so the Democrats finally get what they’ve been aching to do since Election Night 2016 – impeach the President. I hope all you Democrats and liberals out there are rejoicing tonight, because this is your high-water mark as far as the whole impeachment saga goes. How do I know? Think about it:

First you had the whole “Russia collusion” thing. Question: did you hear any specific charges related to “Russia collusion” in the Dems’ two articles of impeachment? No.

Then you had the Mueller investigation and subsequent report. Question: did you hear any specific charges related to the Mueller investigation in the Dems’ two articles of impeachment? No.

Then you had the Ukraine phone call. Question: did you hear any specific charges related to the Ukraine call in the Dems’ two articles of impeachment? No.

So what exactly did the Dems impeach him for? As Powerline blog’s Paul Mirengoff (no fan of Trump by any means, BTW) writes:

The historical significance of this event lies mainly in the fact that, until now, no president has been impeached without some allegation in an article of impeachment that he committed a crime. This was also the first impeachment proceeding that had no support in the House from a single member of the president’s party.

Legal scholars disagree as to whether impeachment requires a crime. However, the Constitution provides that impeachment of a president is to be for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” I find it hard to read this language as permitting impeachment in the absence of the two crimes specified or another significant crime.

Moreover, as Ted Cruz pointed out during a discussion at the Heritage Foundation earlier this week, the framers of the Constitution rejected a draft that called for impeachment for “corruption,” as well as a draft that called for it in cases of “maladministration.”

It seems to me that the Democrats have impeached Trump for some combination (as they see it) of corruption and maladministration.

“Abuse of power”? Are you kidding me? In what way, specifically? “Obstruction of Congress”? You mean, by the President exercising his rights to not provide requested information to Congress without a formal impeachment inquiry in place? I mean, seriously – is that the best they could come up with?

I have to think that “San Fran Nan” Pelosi knows her time is up. She’s obviously lost control of her party’s power base. How do I know? The fact that she’s allowed the likes of Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff to manage this fiasco. Think about it, Democrats: these are your powerhouse legislators? An absurdly obese toady and a bug-eyed loon who is as dirty as they come?

Unfortunately for many liberals and Democrats, they’re going to wake up tomorrow absolutely stunned that Donald Trump is still President. And will continue to be. This is how ignorant the Democratic base is: they really think they accomplished something by this charade.

Oh, I do believe the Democrats have accomplished something. No one knows what will happen between now and next November, and I would caution all those conservatives out there that there is still a heckuva long way between now and next November 3. Anything can happen in politics. But because the only cards the Democrats have left in there hands to play – the race card and the impeachment card – that’s not a whole lot for Democrats in red states and swing-voting districts to argue on behalf of their re-elections. The impeachment charade might play well on the cable networks and in liberal strongholds across the country, but compared to the record Donald Trump will be running on, that accounts for bupkis. And right now (and of course things can change) the House will be a bloodbath for Democrats next November.

And regardless of the brave Botoxed face “San Fran Nan” is putting on, I have to think deep down she knows this is a fiasco beyond all imagination — the reality of which will hit the Democrats Thursday morning when everyone realizes that everything that they have focused on and pushed for the last three years has resulted in nothing. Trump is still President, and will continue being President for at least the next eleven months. Oh sure, she’ll likely try to extend the fiasco as long as she can, but how can you on one hand argue that the President deserves to be impeached but then employ delay tactics to keep it out of Mitch McConnell’s hands? She knows she’s trying to make chicken salad out of chickensh*t, but you can only play that game for so long. But she knows there’s no other choice – whether or not the Dems retain the House after next November’s election she knows she’s out – so she’s reduced to playing the role of loyal soldier knowing there are young lions out there just waiting to rip her apart.

I hope it was worth it, Democrats. Because starting tomorrow you’ll have to actually face the reality of life after impeachment. And it won’t be pretty.

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September 28, 2019

Been following all the so-called drama of the Ukraine phone call controversy that has the Democrats, having failed to find anything to impeach the President on resulting from the Mueller report, stepping up to the plate for a second whack at impeachment over a phone conversation between the presidents of the USA and Ukraine. Conventional wisdom has this saying that, because of the Democratic rule changes and such, Nancy Pelosi will find it easier to start impeachment hearings against the President and that, as a result, impeachment’s gonna happen.

Maybe so. But I don’t buy it.

I’m going to stick to my guns and my previous assertion that what is really going on here has little to do with national security or a perceived quid pro quo as a way for Democrats to finally find a way to remove the President from office. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the Speaker of the House is trying to carefully thread her way between her Party’s base and a rabid group of Trump-haters in Congress who are insisting the President be impeached, and a Party establishment and members of Congress who know damned well impeachment is a fool’s errand that will only result in a bloodbath at the voting booth come 2020. And one cannot forget that the Speaker has to know who’s driving the impeachment bus right now – she has to be concerned about her own job and her legacy; that if she doesn’t give impeachment at least a good-faith effort she’ll be pushed out as Speaker.

All this may be true to some extent, but to those who pay close attention to this kind of thing and have the ability to read the political tea leaves as I do, it’s pretty clear (at least to me) that all the conventional wisdom with its focus on Trump and impeachment is wrong and completely missing what’s really happening behind the scenes. And what, you might ask yourself, might that be? Simply put, this is a surgical strike by the “Clintonistas” in the Democratic Party to take out “Slo'” Joe Biden (and, as I will point out, Elizabeth “Fauxcahontus” Warren) with a surgical strike, thereby greasing the skids for Hillary’s re-entrance into the Democratic presidential race.

Don’t believe me?

Think about it for a moment, and let’s look at a few seemingly-unrelated headlines from this past week. First, of course, you have this whole Ukraine controversy. But think about it: who’s being hurt more by it? President Trump, or Joe Biden? I would argue it’s the latter, because while Democrats are using the Ukraine phone call to attack the President, folks are also seeing for the first time that damning video of Biden threatening Ukraine with the withholding of aid money if the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into corruption isn’t fired. This video is not only unflattering, it illustrates Biden’s thug-like behavior and the kind of political insider, Beltway power-politics that voters tend to reject.

Secondly, you have two stories published almost simultaneously that present the new supposed Democratic front-runner, Massachusetts senator Warren in an unflattering light: her stumbling response concerning Biden’s activities as unethical and something she wouldn’t stand for in her own presidency, and this story about Wall Street Democratic donors threatening to withhold support should Warren win the Democratic nomination.

Now why, you might ask, might these negative portrayals about both Biden and Warren come to the forefront virtually on the heels of each other? Isn’t it interesting that the very same week these stories erupted none other than Hillary Clinton announced her intention to undertake a so-called “listening tour”. For what purpose would Hillary Clinton want to do a “listening tour”? Just to get out there to meet her fans? Work behind the scenes to insert her influence into the current Democratic race? Don’t make me laugh – remember, this is exactly the same strategy Hillary employed prior to her announcing her entry into the race for US Senate in New York. What you are seeing play out here is nothing more than Clinton hard-ball 101, a power move by Hillary and her supporters in Democratic power circles and their ass-kissers in the mainstream media to destroy the Democratic front-runners so Clinton can enter the race as immediate front-runner.

Here’s my take: Hillary had no intention of running for President again. Oh, she wanted to, but she wasn’t going to risk being beaten by the likes of Joe Biden who, by all accounts, was a virtual shoo-in for the Democratic nomination and California senator Kamala Harris, who seemed at the time a strong better-than-odds replacement should Biden falter for any reason. But then Biden came stumbling out of booth and revealed himself to be nothing short of a slow-witted doofus. The Party faithful began to feel a sense of unease. Then Harris first underwhelmed, then imploded as folks got a look at what she was really like during the first two (or was it three?) Democratic candidate debates. Then Warren started her ascendancy to the top of the polls and the Party movers and shakers knew they had a looming disaster on their hands. And so the feelers went out to Hillary through the normal political backchannels, resulting in an action plan to take both Biden and Warren out.

I started to get the sense this was happening back in July with the first news items planted in left-leaning publications regarding concerns about Biden’s questionable dealings with his son in both Ukraine and China. Now you have this this whole “whistle-blower” controversy which is slowing being revealed as a well-planned event. The Dems had to know that this controversy wouldn’t just hurt Trump, but inflict maximum damage on Biden as well. And if in doing so the President and his pit bull Rudy Giuliani were employed as unwitting accomplices, all the better. At the same time, start planting similar kinds of news items questioning Warren’s ethics and ability to run a formidable campaign against Donald Trump, and voila!, hello Hillary!

Here’s what’s going to happen. In the next few weeks I expect Biden to drop out of the race, or, at the very least, become an afterthought with primary voters. He’s on a downward slide he cannot recover from (something, BTW, I told y’all when he first entered the race). I expect Clinton to enter the race no later than Thanksgiving, perhaps much sooner. Clinton’s sole reason for running will be to reverse the results of the 2016 election which she will state was stolen from her due to Russia collusion and voter suppression and voting irregularities. To underscore the latter, Clinton will name failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams as her running mate. (Abrams, too, believes the election was stolen from her due to voting irregularities and voter suppression.)

What this strategy will allow is for Clinton to run solely on the results of the 2016 election and not her record. She’ll run a totally negative campaign against Trump and the voters who were denied Clinton’s election, avoiding completely her e-mails and other accusations about corruption and pay-for-play influence during her time as Secretary of State. Abrams’ place on the team will serve to reinforce the “stolen election” theme and focus solely on issues involving voter turnout and suppression, and the voting irregularities that both feel led to their respective defeats. I expect Abrams, not Clinton, to be the “face” of the campaign, thus allowing Clinton to work only as hard as is absolutely needed, with lots of “soft” interviews and less public appearances by Hillary. Abrams’ role will be to reinvigorate female and LGBTQ voters (thus offsetting the loss of blue-collar, white male traditional Democratic voters who have moved to Trump), stanch the slow but steady drift of African-American voters to Trump.

Because – unless there’s a drastic change between now and the next 6-8 months – Trump’s record on the economy will preclude the kind of “are you better off now than four years ago” kind of campaign. Instead, this will be a presidential campaign run completely on identity politics – battle royale “war of the sexes”. Expect the Supreme Court to be a major topic of discussion, with Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s health (or replacement) and the Kavanaugh hearings to be front and center. As such, this will be perhaps the ugliest, most negative presidential campaign in American history. With both candidates highly polarizing figures, there will be few undecideds right from the start, and it will be all about turnout, turnout, and turnout. Will it work for the Democrats? I doubt it – Trump will have a record to run on and he’s done (or is doing) everything he promised he would do in 2016.

…but at this point I think it’s the Democrats’ best chance to defeat Trump in 2020. At the very least, it ought to make for riveting coverage. One thing I’m certain of – it’s gonna happen. Mark my words.

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September 21, 2019

Oh it hasn’t happened yet, but as I’ve been predicting for a long time now, the knives have been officially unsheathed in the direction of “Slo’ Joe” Biden’s candidacy for the Democratic nomination. I’ve been waiting to see how this whole thing would ultimately unfold, so as soon as I heard that the story of the so-called “whistle-blower” involved President Trump’s phone conversation with the president of Ukraine, boy, did my ears perk up. Oh sure, the angle that you’re getting from the usual suspects – CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc. etc. – all focus on the President and his supposed recklessness, corruption, and/or incompetence, but the story is already starting to evolve into Joe Biden’s shakedown of Ukrainian officials on behalf of his son, Hunter.

What the media won’t tell you are the facts as laid out by Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse:

The government of Ukraine under both Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and now President Volodymyr Zelensky, had been trying to deliver information about Obama officials and Democrat party officials (DNC on behalf of Hillary Clinton) requesting the government of Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 election.

Both Poroshenko and Zelensky administrations had tried, unsuccessfully, to get information to current U.S. officials. U.S. State Department officials in Ukraine were refusing to give visa’s to Ukrainian emissaries because they did not want the damaging information sent to the President Trump administration.

Failing to get help from the U.S. State Department, the Ukranians tried a workaround, and hired a respected U.S. lawyer to hand deliver the documentary evidence directly to the U.S. Department of Justice. The contracted American lawyer hand-delivered the information to the U.S. Department of Justice in New York.

However, after delivering the information and not hearing back from the U.S. government, the Ukrainian government, now led by President Zelensky, interpreted the silence as the Trump administration and U.S. government (writ large) being upset about the Ukraine involvement overall. Out of concern for a serious diplomatic breakdown, the Zelensky administration made a personal request to the U.S. State Department for assistance.

The U.S. State Department then reached out to Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani; and asked him if he would meet with Zelensky’s top lawyer, Andrei Yermak.

Rudy Giuliani agreed to act as a diplomatic intermediary and met with Yermak in Spain. After the meeting, Mr. Giuliani then contacted the State Department Officials in charge of Ukraine and Europe and debriefed them on the totality of the subject matter as relayed by Andrei Yermak.

All of this activity preceded the phone call between U.S. President Donald Trump and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

President Trump and President Zelensky discussed the issues, and this phone call is the one now referenced by the concerned “whistleblower”. The “whistleblower” obviously had no knowledge of the background and why the subject matter discussed in the phone call was framed as it was.

Apparently in the phone call, President Zelensky was explaining what action the Ukranian government had already taken to try and get the information about corrupt U.S. officials, including former VP Joe Biden, to the U.S. government.

It was from this clarification of information that President Trump is reported to have told Zelensky it was OK to proceed with any internal investigation of corruption in Ukraine that might also encompass former U.S. officials. Yes, that would include Joe Biden.

From this context we can see how the “whistle-blower”, knowing only half of the information – might incorrectly perceive the conversation. Additionally, there’s a possibility the “whistle-blower” may be ideologically aligned with the same government entities that were trying to block the Ukrainian government from delivering the information in the first place.

What I find most interesting about this story is not the story itself, nor even how it appeared when it did. What’s most interesting to me is – and I think I know the answer already – is to whom the allegiances of this so-called “whistle-blower” truly belong. I know this is all going to sound like a conspiracy theory (but who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned conspiracy theory every now and then?), but I’m guessing whomever the “whistle-blower” is, their allegiance is to none other than Hillary Clinton.

Posh, you say? Well, consider the following scenario: Let’s say you’re a member of the Democratic Party power structure. Your only goal is to field the candidate who can beat Donald Trump in 2020. And let’s say you agreed with the conventional wisdom that Joe Biden, between his Barack Obama VP experience and his much-heralded “blue-collar background” and ability to connect with the all-important “Rust Belt” voter, would be the Democrats’ best chance for 2020. And let’s say that, while you might agree whole-heartedly with the progressive sentiments of the rest of the Democratic field of candidates, you’re well aware that there’s no way in hell any of them could go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump in a general election and come out on top – at best, any of them would make a fine VP choice for Biden.

But six months in you’ve seen Biden not for what his reputation is, but for as he is on the campaign stump: a flat-footed, gaffe-prone doofus with all the persuasive abilities of some back-lot used-car salesman, totally bad news, completely incapable of articulating anything clearly. While certainly it’s early in the game, all you can think of is how the guy is going to handle the rigors of a presidential campaign. The alarm bells are now going off bigly, because you look at the rest of the field the same way a baseball GM looks at his minor league organization. The primaries are only five months away and you’re afraid there won’t be one single candidate Democrats will rally behind, resulting in the nightmare scenario of no one having enough delegates to win the nomination and a brokered convention.

And that’s where Hillary Clinton comes in. Who do you think would benefit more from Joe Biden’s collapse? And don’t think it’s not beneath the Clinton machine’s power and influence in Democratic circles to find a way to nudge Biden to the wings when he clearly can’t see what others are able to clearly see. So my conspiracy theory is that the Party movers and shakers have decided that Biden has to go, gracefully or not, and that this whole “whistle-blower” thing was planted from the outset to highlight Biden’s shake-down with Ukraine, knowing that the media would run with it as yet another example of Donald Trump’s incompetence or White House corruption. When you think of it, it’s classic Clinton.

So it wouldn’t surprise me in the coming weeks to see Joe Biden drop out of the race for “health reasons”, leading to an increasing call for Hillary to inject herself back into the race. You know damned well that she would be the odds-on favorite to get the nomination almost immediately – the stories are already being planted out there. Heck, I can almost write her speech announcing her entry into the race for the Democratic nomination, admitting she made mistakes during the 2016 campaign that are not going to be repeated again, that she considers that campaign a “growing and learning experience”, and that being humbled (I know, you’re almost ready to barf) makes her best-suited for another shot at Donald Trump.

Mark my words, it’s gonna happen.

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June 7, 2019

Now that Attorney General Bill Bar is, as to be hoped, on the case as far as the origins of the “Russia collusion” hoax are concerned, here’s hoping that he’s not weak in the knees enough to not just settle on the fact that the likes of Jim Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, and a bunch of rogue FBI top-levels played fast and loose with the law and tried to torpedo Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and cripple his presidency.

And the same holds true for those involved in using the foreign intelligence operatives in trying to entrap those associated with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign over that silly and phony “dossier” that was used as bait for obtaining FISA warrants against Trump associates. It was all total bullshit, of course, and the clowns listed above knew damned well it was bullshit. This also needs to be looked at, fer shure.

But personally, what I’m hoping for is that AG Barr not just stop there and extend his investigation to determining where the actual dossier originated from. Someone wrote it, and someone put it together – it wasn’t just created out of thin air. Because I’m guessing that what those mentioned above know full well but are unwilling to talk about (at least not publicly or on the record) is that it was the Clinton campaign that started the ball rolling. And the question then becomes (to borrow a famous Watergate era phrase), what did Hillary know, and when did she know about it? Red State’s Elizabeth Vaughn lays out the evidence as to the dossier’s origin, and it’s classic Clinton politics, rotten to the core:

It’s become crystal clear how it all originated. The Russian collusion conspiracy began the day the Clinton campaign and the DNC made the decision to hire a former British spy to produce and then propagate a dirty dossier among the powerful and the influential in Washington. While the Clinton machine managed to add several degrees of separation between themselves and the dossier, there’s no denying that it all started with the fictitious, salacious and unverifiable document which they had commissioned in the spring of 2016. It is therefore inconceivable that Hillary Clinton has, so far, managed to escape scrutiny.

Hillary and the DNC, which she essentially controlled, tried to hide their culpability by using the law firm of Perkins, Coie as an intermediary. The lawyer who represented both the DNC and the campaign was a partner at Perkins Coie. He arranged for his firm to hire Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm owned by Glenn Simpson, which then hired Christopher Steele to produce the dossier. In this way, they were able to “disguise the operation from Congress and the public, and in its Federal Election Commission (FEC) spending reports.”

Once the dossier was created, Simpson and Steele began disseminating it throughout the political community. In September, Steele shared the story with several journalists, one of whom was Yahoo! News’ Michael Isikoff, who broke the story at the end of the month.

There’s no way this kind of thing could have gotten produced and distributed without at least a nod from Madame Hillary – in the history of American politics there are few who are as immoral and ruthless as Hillary Clinton. She may have made for a rotten candidate as far as presidential politics goes, but there’s no denying her inherent quality of seeing herself as above the law and able to act without scrutiny – hell, she’d been doing it since she first arrived in Washington riding on husband Bills coattails more than a quarter century ago. One look at the way the criminal enterprise known as “The Clinton Foundation” operated, where Hillary served as head shakedown artist as Secretary of State, will tell you that. The whole purpose of the private e-mail system was to cover up “pay for play” access, and everything went – even if it involved classified information.

Hillary Clinton knew she could operate with virtual impunity because of the extensive network of Clinton enthusiasts, suck-ups, and political operatives who served within the framework of the entire federal government apparatus. As The Federalist’s H.A. Goodman writes:

At a certain point, it can’t be mere coincidence that every major figure involved in probing Trump’s campaign is linked to Hillary Clinton in some manner. Christopher Steele was “desperate” to prevent Trump from becoming president and was paid $160,000 by Democrats before he compiled his infamous dossier.

DNC lawyers met with FBI officials before a surveillance warrant was granted, raising questions as to why the FBI would meet with a political party’s counsel, yet not inform Trump his campaign was under investigation. Fusion GPS, the firm that hired Steele, was paid by money from Hillary Clinton and the DNC, funneled through a law firm, to compile the Steele dossier.

Clinton allies gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the political campaign of Andrew McCabe’s wife, yet the former FBI deputy director only recused himself from Clinton’s email probe one week before the election. Even before the FBI obtained a FISA warrant on Carter Page, Bruce Ohr of the DOJ informed FBI officials that the Steele dossier was connected to Hillary Clinton and filled with political bias. Ohr’s wife, Nellie, worked for Fusion GPS and now her emails are linked to controversy.

Crowdstrike, the only entity to analyze the claimed DNC email hack, was outsourced and paid by the Democratic National Committee. Australian diplomat Downer informed the FBI of a conversation with George Papadopoulos, where Downer stated the Trump campaign official was given information by a Russian operative about the DNC emails. Downer isn’t mentioned in the Mueller report, was never interviewed during the Mueller probe, and is linked to the Clinton Foundation.

Along with the Crowdstrike assessment that Russia hacked the DNC, the FBI used the Steele dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to surveille Page—without informing FISA judges the dossier was linked to funding by Hillary Clinton. Then of course, former FBI agent Peter Strzok texted “we’ll stop” Trump and wrote about an “insurance policy” that he had spoken about with McCabe.

At some point, any investigation that William Barr authorizes that doesn’t seek to probe deeply to the Steele dossier’s origins won’t be worth its salt. And it is essential that those associated with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are included in that investigation. Those “in the know”, know, and it is critical that the truth comes out. I would hardly expect to see anyone named Clinton behind bars – that would be asking to much – but it’s important that the American electorate – both Republican and Democrat – see how the Clinton campaign used its political muscle to lay waste to anyone who sought to get in Madame Hillary’s way during the 2016 campaign. Because it wasn’t just Donald Trump’s campaign that was a target, it was Bernie Sanders’ as well. And identifying the source of the dossier, how it came about, and how it was used as a political weapon, will help folks understand just how far the Clinton campaign was willing to go to ensure her election.

And it still astounds that, with everything they were able to do, with virtually no opposition of any kind from a vast and supportive mainstream media, she still couldn’t get the job done. Amazing.

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May 29, 2019

I’ve been holding off commenting much on the fallout from the Mueller investigation because I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle. Now that both AG Barr and Mueller himself (after yesterday’s statement) appear to have had their own last words, here is what I think happened and where things stand. As I’ve previously mentioned, it has become crystal clear that the whole Russia collusion thing was a half-baked attempt by the Hillary campaign and those at the highest levels of the country’s intelligence community to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and, following his election, his administration in order to cover up abuses and illegal spying/surveillance (call it what you will) that had expanded exponentially under the Obama administration.

The FBI did nothing with the obvious illegal actions of Hillary Clinton in using a private e-mail server and sending classified information by e-mail. They knew she was involved in “pay for play” access to the Clinton Foundation and was basically using her office as a shakedown operation for access to both her and Bill during her time as Secretary of State. Everybody knew it – most especially James Comey – but there was no way he was going to do anything about it because once that investigation got underway it would reveal the various illegal spying being done by the FBI, CIA, and other countries’ intelligence organizations at the behest of the Obama administration. Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch and his “senior advisor” Valerie Jarrett were entrusted to make damned sure of that.

They all thought Clinton would be elected president, but Election Night 2016 sent shockwaves through the various actors involved in the above. Hence, the Mueller investigation. Of course, Robert Mueller and his investigators knew all along there was no Russia collusion, so all they could do was try and use the investigation as a tool to call in witnesses in the hopes of entrapping them to sing like canaries and obtain obstruction of justice charges against anyone who could lead them to Donald Trump (and, even better, Trump himself). But that didn’t work, because the President’s legal team smelled a rat. In the end, no one could prove anything because there was nothing there to begin with. And as long as Jeff Sessions was AG, nothing further was going to happen beyond that, because Sessions – a “swamp creature” if there ever was one – knew where all the bodies were buried and, as a go along/get along kind of guy, he wasn’t going to upend the applecart.

What no one anticipated was that Donald Trump is, and never has been, a “let bygones be bygones” kind of guy. As someone who is always on offense, and – whether you agree with him or not – is the smartest guy in the room and always sees the bigger picture, Trump was willing to wait out the Mueller investigation and to pick his spot. And “his spot” was picking William Barr to be his AG and to allow Barr and his investigators (with the aid of Trump’s ability to declassify information), to uncover the real story behind the Russia investigation.

What Mueller said today, in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t really matter: this was Mueller taking a cowardly last cheap shot at Trump. The entire Mueller investigation stunk to high hell – entirely politically motivated and timed to allow those most intimately involved to cover their tracks. You want a quick translation of Mueller’s press conference? “We [Mueller’s deep state investigators] tried our damnedest but could not find evidence of collusion nor obstruction, so all we can do now is sling mud and hope it sticks. But you fellas don’t really need evidence to impeach so go ahead and do your part as per our original plan.”

I predict the Democrats will now vote to impeach President Trump, but it is going to kill them in the end come Election Night 2020. Let the political theatrics begin!

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May 25, 2019

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend here in the Valley of Sun. If having our daily May norms running 10-20 degrees below normal is because of climate change (which, of course, it isn’t) all I can say is bring it on! To get to the last week in May and have only one day where my backyard patio thermometer hit 100 degrees is pretty remarkable. It won’t last, of course, but the coming week also looks to be running below normal. I’ll say this, it’s going to make our electric bill for this month pretty easy on the eyes.

It’s stuff like this that adds a needed dose of realism to everyone (most especially the pollsters) who live and breathe politics on a daily basis. You can predict and project about the 2020 election all you want, but eighteen months is a lifetime in politics. All these clowns and talking heads on the cable news networks can spew their daily bullshit all they want, but they can’t even predict what will happen in the next 24-48 hours, let alone eighteen months.

I find it all sickening.

The sad truth is that the so called cable “news” networks really aren’t about news anymore, they’re all about speculation and controversy, nothing more. FOX Business, I think, appears to do a pretty good job, by and large, but the rest of them are just feces for the mind.

…which is why I so despise reading about polls and the mainstream media using the polls as a means to run the 2020 horse race through continuous 24-hour news cycles. These people are shameless – like they did such a great job in 2016, right? And yet they publish their same crapola and have the cable news networks treat it as gospel.

I’m normally not one for conspiracy theories, but let me try this one out for y’all. While everyone knew that sooner or later President Trump was going to order the declassification of documents associated with the Russia collusion hoax and the “silent coup” that certain leaders of our nation’s intelligence community attempted against the president, the breadth of the President’s order the other day still amazes. Look at those departments and agencies instructed to participate in the declassification effort: Treasury, Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence, and CIA, and I’m seeing the Obama administration in the crosshairs. Otherwise, why not just leave it at, say, DNI / FBI, and CIA? So here’s the scenario I’m thinking – bear with me on this:

1. Democrats and Republicans in Washington alike were well aware the Obama administration was up to its eyeballs in illegal spying (I’m sorry, I mean surveillance) on Americans – including many members of the press – for purely political reasons so as to undercut their political agenda. Sure, spying on innocent Americans with FISA warrants wasn’t new, but what the Obama administration was doing took things to a whole new level – especially since it involved surveillance of the opposition party’s political campaigns. (Note the plural – I’ll betcha what the Obama administration was doing will be found to involve not just the Trump campaign, but other GOP campaigns as well.)

2. Taking the above into account, the Democrats clown car show of two dozen extremist candidates was viewed by the political movers and shakers as necessary window dressing to enable ol’ Joe Biden to ride to the rescue as someone who would be seen as more centrist and therefore more acceptable to Democrat voters in the upper Midwest who would otherwise sit the 2020 election out or vote Trump instead of radicals likes of Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Buttigieg.

3. Unfortunately, Biden’s campaign kicked off with a big yawn. Not only did Biden look as if he’d aged 100 years, but his reappearance on the national scene served a reminder of just how dopey he could be and how much of a ticking timebomb his campaign was. Heck, even progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had unflattering things to say about the prospect of an old white centrist like Biden representing the Party’s interests against Donald Trump.

4. As a result, the Democratic party elite started sending out feelers behind the scenes to Michelle Obama to see if she’d be interested in running.

5. The President hears about this. In my conspiracy theory he was willing to leave the declassification of documents to that associated with the 2016 campaign and the Mueller report’s timeframe, but in order to preempt any ideas of Moochelle getting any crazy ideas, he decided to order the declassification of everything – not just to show how dirty Joe Biden and his son are (hence, the Department of Energy’s inclusion), but also to show just how dirty the Obama administration was.

Anyways, that’s my conspiracy theory, and I’m sticking to it.

More as the weekend moseys along.

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May 11, 2019

If you’re the kind of person who relies on the likes of CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, NPR, and The New York Times you’re probably either too absorbed in marking down the days on your calendar until Donald Trump’s impeachment, cheering the fact that surveillance on a political campaign isn’t really spying, or starving your loved one of sex to protest the increasing threat to women’s reproductive rights (whatever that is) to recognize that this week was the most important week of Donald Trump’s presidency.

And that it had nothing to do with Russian “collusion”, obstruction of justice, or the 2020 political campaign.

Oh, that’s not to say that it wasn’t an important week in that regard – the almost daily revelations of how and when the kind of surveillance Comey talked began remains a drip, drip, drip that will in due time turn into a true, full-blown political scandal of epic proportions (I’m guessing right around the same time as the 2020 primary season kicks into full gear), the Democrats’ increasing hysteria over the use of subpoenas as a political weapon – something that has both wings of the Party’s political apparatus rightly concerned, and (if you’re ignoring the polls which mean nothing this far out) a growing unease within Democratic Party circles that gaffe-prone Joe Biden’s already old and tired-looking campaign is looking increasingly like Hillary II (or is it III?) were interesting enough in their own right, but hardly the stuff of true, lasting impact on the global political and socio-economic front.

No, I’m talking about what went down with the China trade negotiations this week. And it’s not as much important as it is cataclysmic in terms of our economic and political relationship with the Panda. Because, for the first time in American history, an American president has refused to kow-tow to China’s negotiating games and head fakes and not just walked away from a trade agreement, but do so by slapping a 25% tariff on various goods and services imported from China not currently subject to tarriff. Of course, this has all the usual globalists that serve as talking heads on the cable networks and their “China First, America Second”, cheap-labor-above-all-else compadres on Wall Street, the Business Roundtable, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce talking economic Armageddon and wagging their fingers in disdain.

Me, I was in full agreement with Steve Bannon on this when he predicted the President and his savvy team of negotiators wouldn’t hesitate to walk away in the face of China back-tracking on positions that had been negotiated over the past year and a half:

“I happen to think that today [Monday] was the most important day of Donald Trump’s presidency,” Bannon told Dobbs. “He’s president of the United States because of the rejection of working-class people and middle-class people, about the managed decline of our country at the hands of people like Hillary Clinton. The Clinton global initiative, the whole Clinton apparatus. These globalists and elitists were very comfortable with the managed decline, particularly vis-a-vis the rise of China. And Donald Trump confronted that, particularly in the upper Midwest. This is the reason he won states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio. People understand […] the factories went to China, the jobs went to China, and the opioids came in. So I think that Trump understands that tariffs are more than taxes. They’re more about self-empowerment of the working class.”

…What’s more, Bannon said, these moves by Trump aren’t aimed at the Chinese people, but at their authoritarian rulers, who use their power and influence to enrich themselves, their family and their friends, while the average Chinese citizen continues to struggle (and is forced to keep his mouth shut about political issues — or else).

In other words, American lobbyists and Wall Street investors — who are putting pressure on Trump — are actually helping an enemy of the American and of the Chinese people, namely the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s pretty obvious (at least to me) that, as Michael Pillsbury states in this Fox Business interview with Lou Dobbs, that China seriously underestimated both the President’s long-held and widely known, and his negotiating team’s grim determination, to once and for all recalibrate the economic relationship between China and the U.S. As Sundance writes at The Conservative Treehouse:

President Trump has begun a process for less dependence on foreign companies for cheap goods, (the cornerstone of a service economy) and a return to a more balanced U.S. larger economic model where the manufacturing and production base can be re-established and competitive based on American entrepreneurship and innovation.

No other economy in the world innovates like the U.S.A, President Trump sees this as a key advantage across all industry – including manufacturing.

The benefit of cheap overseas labor, which is considered a global market disadvantage for the U.S., is offset by utilizing innovation and energy independence.

The third highest variable cost of goods beyond raw materials first, labor second, is energy. President Trump unleashed the U.S. energy sector and slashed regulations; as a consequence the U.S. manufacturing price of any given product now allows for global trade competition even with higher U.S. wage prices.

In addition the U.S. has a key strategic advantage with raw manufacturing materials such as: iron ore, coal, steel, precious metals and vast mineral assets which are needed in most new modern era manufacturing. Trump proposed we stop selling these valuable national assets to countries we compete against – they belong to the American people, they should be used for the benefit of American citizens. Period.

…As the wage rate increases (it is), and as the economy expands (it is), the governmental dependency model is reshaped and simultaneously receipts to the U.S. treasury improve. More money into the U.S Treasury and less dependence on welfare programs have a combined exponential impact. You gain a dollar, and have no need to spend a dollar. That is how the SSI and safety net programs are saved under President Trump.

When you elevate your economic thinking you begin to see that all of the “entitlements” or expenditures become more affordable with an economy that is fully functional.

As the GDP of the U.S. expands, so too does our ability to meet the growing need of the retiring U.S. worker. We stop thinking about how to best divide a limited economic pie, and begin thinking about how many more economic pies we can create.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out, but it’s obviously clear that President Trump’s commitment to the American worker and confidence in American ingenuity and being the charters of our own destiny is light years from Barack Obama’s self-defeating and self-depressing concept of America’s economic future. The same holds true with the Democrats’ embrace of European socialism as a way to level the playing field for all concerned. By walking away from China and letting them stew for a few weeks until they inevitably return to the negotiating table, Donald Trump is placing all his chips on unbridled American capitalism as a way to expand economic opportunity to everyone through jobs, increased wages, and an expanding economy that will inevitably fill the federal government’s coffers with increased revenues that can ultimately be used to pay down our national debt and save programs like Medicare and Social Security. It’s not going to happen overnight, obviously, but, compared to the direction we’ve been headed since Ronald Reagan was president, it’s well worth trying.

Donald Trump is placing his bets on the American people, American know-how, and capitalism as a force for lifting all boats on a rising tide of unbridled economic opportunity. Those who seek to get in his way for purely partisan political purposes (the four “Ps”!) do so at their own peril.

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