June 22, 2017

Hat tip: Mark Simone

Hey liberals, I forget – why weren’t you fifty points ahead? Indeed.

I don’t care, President Trump, bring it on. I’m still not tired of all the winning.

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June 21, 2017

Poor Jon Ossoff, the pajama boy candidate Democrats from all over poured massive amounts of dough-re-mi into in the hope they’d finally have something to crow about in their ongoing resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency. Turns out not even the mainstream media and Hollywood show-biz elites could stop him from getting smoked in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District special election.

As it turns out, Ossoff appears to have suffered from the same affliction Hillary Clinton did: the more voters got to know him and see him, the less they liked him. Take a look at this chart of the vote shift between the first April 18 election and July 20th’s. Never mind the fact that pajama boy didn’t even live in the district and couldn’t even vote for himself because of it – he was the Dems boy who would lead their journey out of the political wilderness they’ve found themselves in since Donald Trump’s election.

Sooner or later, Democrats and liberals are just going to have to accept the fact that not only is Donald Trump President, he will be for another 3 1/2 years. Moan about it all you want. Groan about it all you want. Proclaim yourself the “resistance” all you want. The fact is, Democrats need to take a long, hard look at what their party has become. A party that stands for nothing beyond the obstruction of Donald Trump’s agenda for working Americans. A party who stands for larger and more intrusive government. A party who believes in greater taxation, unfettered illegal immigration, and waging war on average Americans using race, culture, gender, and every other kind of social injustice they can gin up as a way to tear us apart instead of uniting us.

How’s that working out for ya?

Most Americans between the coasts have come to realize that the Democratic Party, their operatives in the mainstream media, and the liberal/progressive agenda they espouse have become a joke. They’re nothing but a bunch of losers (and sore losers at that) pushing a loser agenda who can’t accept the fact that their crappy candidate lost a presidential election to the likes of Donald J. Trump. Donald J. Trump!

The Democrats are now 0-4 in special elections. And Democrats can hem and haw all they want about pajama boy’s loss, but this little political race was a referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency. Karen Handel might have won the seat, but the biggest winner of the night was President Trump. And you know what that makes them? Losers. In the words of Boston’s iconic radio talk-host, Howie Carr: their agony is my joy.

Oh, and the biggest losers as far as this election goes? CNN. Can you say, constipation?

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June 8, 2017

Electrifying? Game changing? Much ado about nothing? I’ll take door number three, Alex.

Former FBI Direct James Comey’s widely-anticipated and much-ballyhooed appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee wasn’t a game-changer and was hardly electrifying, but it definitely wasn’t much ado about nothing. Of course, the mainstream media and liberals and Democrats everywhere (my apologies for being redundant) had hoped this would be the first step on President’s Trump road to impeachment (for what I’m still trying to figure, but more about that later), but at the end of the day, when you’ve lost Chris Matthews

Just like a good baseball trade, however, there was something for those on both sides of the political aisle. For Democrats, Comey’s testimony that President Trump expressed to him his hopes that the investigation involving Trump transition team member General Michael Flynn might be curtailed gives them “obstruction of justice” ammo for their talking points, but as Paul Mirengoff writes at PowerLine blog, Trump’s comments don’t even sniff at obstruction:

Comey says he took President Trump’s statements about the Flynn investigation as a “direction” to drop the investigation. However, the words Comey attributes to Trump, and Comey’s subsequent conduct, render the former director’s inference highly questionable.

Stating a hope or a desired outcome, or even exerting pressure to see that outcome occur, is not issuing an order or directive. And if Comey thought he had been directed to drop an investigation, it’s quite likely he would have resigned (as he threatened to do in 2004 when he thought the Bush administration was behaving improperly — a point made by Sen. Tom Cotton), complained publicly, or complained to the Attorney General or the White House Counsel. He did not.

For Republicans and conservatives, Comey’s bombshell testimony that Obama AG Loretta Lynch advised him to downplay Hillary Clinton’s e-mail investigation served as a big “I told you so”, and made Comey look nothing more than a two-bit Washington insider who, rather than standing up for the FBI’s reputation and the rule of law, chose to play it fast and loose for the sake of political expediency. Is it any wonder he never had President Trump’s confidence and deserved to be fired?

And then there was the bomb Comey tossed at the mainstream media when he testified that their continued use of anonymous and unnamed sources showed they really didn’t know what was going on. That had to hurt.

I do think it’s fairly safe to say that Director Comey put himself in legal danger with his testimony today, either by committing perjury before Congress or admitting to being a leaker of intelligence to the media.

In short, as PowerLine blog commenter David Spence commented, there were really only five main takeaways from Comey’s testimony today:

1. Comey leaked potentially classified info to the NY Times to smear Trump, an offense not only criminal but disqualifying him in any position of trust;
2. [Obama AG] Loretta Lynch absolutely tried to obstruct justice;
3. Comey didn’t “expect” Trump to lie, he set this up to try and trap Trump into a lie (committing a “process crime”) or obstruct justice. It didn’t work;
4. Comey lied today by saying he leaked the dinner conversation after waking up in the morning of May 15th. The NY Times story Comey leaked appeared on May 11-quite the feat!;
5. Comey is a Democrat hack; a narcissistic, whiny drama-queen – and those are his good traits.

Where does this leave the Democrats and a mainstream media who has been pushing the Russia election “hacking” probe on a daily basis since Trump’s election? Hard to say. It seems CNN is committed to keeping their impeachment dream alive. I suppose certain batsh*t-crazy moonbats might hang their vagina hats on the idea that the President’s withdrawal from the Paris climate change accord is an impeachable offense. But if that’s all they’ve got to keep their voters energized ahead of the 2018 midterms, well, they’re crazy – Elizabeth Warren crazy.

The mainstream media, of course, needs something – anything – to maintain its outrage at Trump’s election, but the only thing they have left is Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. I wouldn’t get my hopes up: after seven months of daily and unrelenting faux outrage, unnamed sources, anonymous stories and explosive headlines, no one – and I mean no one has brought forth a single piece of evidence tying the President or his administration to any wrongdoing. Whispers? Lots. Accusations? Lots. But one would think after all this time – seven months since election night – if someone, anyone, had any kind of solid, irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing in the form of documents, taped conversations, or direct eyewitness testimony it would have been leaked by now, right?

I have to think even Democrats know that the time has come to sh*t or get off the pot when it comes to Trump and Russia. You can only string your loyalists along on fake and/or manufactured news for so long – otherwise, you end up being revealed for the hapless morons you actually are, running on and standing for nothing but manufactured outrage and obstructionism without any real opposition party agenda. Does anyone out there – and I’m asking all of you liberals (and you know who you are) – know what the Democratic Party stands for anymore outside of being against anything Trump? If you do, let me know.

The clock is ticking, fellas, and Director Comey’s testimony today did y’all no favors. Sorry, hipsters.

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June 3, 2017

This is what winning sounds like:

We’ll always have Paris – NOT. Spare me the faux outrage over the Prez announcing U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate change accord. He ran on it, was one of his campaign promises. When are these dolts in the mainstream media going to understand that when Trump says he’s gonna do something he means it? Besides, when it comes to climate change George Carlin was right.

The 24 1/2 reasons Hillary Clinton lost the election. What a sad, bitter cow. This country truly dodged a bullet last November!

I’ve seen the same thing around here. And if Democrats think it’s gonna be better for them in the 2018 midterms, they have another thing coming….

…Don’t believe me? OK, then check this out.

The Kathy Griffin fiasco is going to haunt Democrats and liberals for a long time. She’s no whack job, she’s now the poster child for liberals whose so-called “resistance” to Donald Trump’s election has revealed them for the petulant, immature ignoramuses they’ve always been.

Ace is right: when it comes to what’s going down on the college campuses, it’s time to punch back twice as hard. The only thing these privileged punks are going to understand is elimination of their privileges. Any university that gets taxpayer money that pulls this kind of crap and doesn’t 100% support free and unfettered speech loses that money.

Expect to see a whole lot more stories like this in the coming months. The only way Democrats ever win is when they cheat.

Every day brings this scandal just a little bit closer to exploding. And explode it will. By the time it’s over, the Obama administration will make Richard Nixon’s actions look dime store.

Just remember what Donald Trump said. The man keeps his promises.

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June 2, 2017

I know this qualifies as “fake news” but I thought it was pretty funny…

Hat tip: Conservative Treehouse

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May 17, 2017

Glad to finally start feeling like I’m finally getting better after getting sick for the second time this year. I never used to get sick, ever, and here it is the second time in five months I’ve been laid waste to spend most of my time in bed. I’ll tell you this: if this is what getting old is gonna be like, count me out! :-)

I’ve been watching the mainstream media’s all-out war against Donald Trump’s presidency without much comment to date. After all, I think the guy knows what he is doing and has in his mind to do, it’s just that everything the media can possibly construe as negative and a roadblock to his agenda in any way is getting hyped so beyond belief that both they and the liberal left they are shilling for on a daily basis look like morons to most folks who live outside the Beltway and the usual liberal hotspots.

Think about it: The Obama administration unleashed Lois Lerner and the IRS to go after law-abiding Americans. The Obama administration put guns into the hands of Mexican thugs and drug lords as a way to increase gun violence along the southern border and serve as a reason for them to push their gun control agenda. The Obama administration went on camera and described every friggin’ aspect of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The Obama administration leaked the use of a virus that attacked Iran’s nuclear program. The Obama administration put out Susan Rice to blame the Benghazi attacks on a video. There are still 30,000 e-mails Hillary Clinton hasn’t turned over to the FBI, and it is obvious beyond any reasonable doubt that she and Huma Abedin shared classified secrets in any number of unsecured ways.

Remember any special counsel that was assigned to look into those matters? Neither do I.

Because there wasn’t one.

I understand why, of course. Throughout his administration the GOP establishment allowed Barack Obama and his cronies to get away with murder – literally – because they were afraid the mainstream media wouldn’t love them anymore and would call them racists. (Which, of course, they would have.)

Anyone who has read the fine expose on Hillary Cinton’s failed campaign, “Shattered” knows that the entire Russia meddling story was cooked up by Hillary’s campaign the day after she lost because: a) they couldn’t believe for themselves that someone as reprehensible as Donald Trump could have beaten someone like Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, and b) they simply couldn’t bring themselves to admit that the reason for (a) was the fact she and her campaign ran a lousy campaign virtually from beginning to end. And to ensure that Trump’s presidency never gain a foothold in Washington, they enlisted all of their resources embedded in the federal government – most especially in the FBI, DOJ, and NSA – to do whatever it takes to give President Trump’s administration any whiff of legitimacy.

I mean, it’s really that simple. And even more than that, everyone in DC knew this was going to happen and knows this, and has simply accepted the fact that that’s how the game is going to be played going forward – perhaps even, I think, the Prez himself. Look at the people he’s surrounded himself with. Lots of Washington insiders from his Chief of Staff Reince Preibus on down. See, I think President Trump committed himself to try to work within the system to see if the system would be willing to meet with him half way. After all, that’s what a successful businessman does to be successful. If you work both sides, grease some palms, and negotiate tough in the end you’ll get most of what you were looking for in the first place.

I’m hoping President Trump is now finding out the hard way it doesn’t work like that. Which is why I’m glad that a special counsel has been appointed to get to the bottom of this so-called Russian conspiracy thing. Because when it’s over, I think the Prez should look at Reince and the staff they chose to go to war with and say, “Look, I tried to do it your way and see how much time we have wasted. Now I’m putting in my own people who will swear loyalty to me, and I’m canning the incompetents and the leakers.” Get rid of Reince (I’d love to see Newt Gingrich in that role), overhaul the way the White House communicates with the press, cancel the kind of daily circus the daily press briefings have become, move the press out of the West Wing, and revoke White House privileges for any news organization that publishes fake news using anonymous sources. And that means the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC to start. You can’t eliminate their rights to write and publish freely, but you can certainly make a statement about how you feel about the way they do business.

It’s sad because it shouldn’t have to be this way. There is no respect in the national media for the office of the President, they’ve reduced themselves to being nothing more than an arm of the political opposition in open resistance – if not rebellion – with President Trump and the voters who elected him to office. I mean, to follow Yahoo! News on a daily basis and see the regular drumbeat of stories like this is are a thing unworthy of a great republic, more akin to a banana republic. Obviously, Yahoo! News seems to not care that millions of people who use it as a home page voted for and continue to support President Trump. And all it does is feed the liberal left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome even more.

And this is not to say that the President himself doesn’t shoulder at least some of the blame. He’s allowed this circus to go on like it has instead of nipping it in the bud from the very first days of his administration. Even though he’s been in office a little less than four months, he’s got a lot to show for as far as accomplishments go, but his administration, most especially his White House Communications Office, seems woefully underequipped for the task. Don’t like what CNN or MSNBC is saying? Put forceful and articulate spokespeople on to push back. Threaten GOP House and Senate leaders with a 2018 midterm strategy where he will run against Congress and encourage GOP candidates to be primaried if they don’t start supporting his agenda more forcefully. After all, it was Trump who got himself elected, not the GOP establishment. He ran against Washington in 2016, I guarantee he’ll do it again if necessary. And this time he’ll be doing it from the bully pulpit.

Personally, I’m not worried about President Trump achieving most, if not all the goals he setout to accomplish when he ran in 2016 whenever his term ends. I have a gut feeling that these earliest of days in his administration will be looked upon as a time of discovery, seeing what worked and what didn’t, enabling him to fix the latter and clear whatever obstacles that existed out of the way. And I guarantee that when this Russia bullsh*t dust settles, he’ll be ready to make whatever changes are necessary.

Image courtesy of Political Cartoons

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April 29, 2017

Greetings from Massachusetts, the home of the American Revolution, the Eastern Daylight Time zone, clam chowda and the veal cutlet sub, and the land of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (not necessarily in that order of significance). It has been a busy week here and the blog was getting a little anxious for an update, so here goes…

About the beyond absurd and ridiculous focus by the mainstream media and the cable new networks on the first 100 days of President Donald J. Trump’s administration:

Me? I’m giving the Prez a solid B for his efforts to date. What and how much he has actually accomplished isn’t nearly as important as the foundation he is laying for the remainder of his term. Sure, the Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court was a solid win, but the fact he has to deal with two elected parties with seemingly little interest in doing anything else but maintaining the status quo and getting re-elected, while not surprising, is what I’m most disappointed about. The GOP leadership in both the House and the Senate had the better part of eight years to prepare for action following Barack Obama’s presidency but they appear to have done nothing but feed off the public trough and taxpayer dollars.

I’m guessing the primary reason for that is that, being as out of touch as the mainstream media was in not seeing Trump’s potential ascendency, just like everyone else outside the Beltway, they never expected anything but a Hillary Clinton presidency. That’s no excuse: their job is to legislate and to provide an alternative vision to whatever Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats had to offer and they sat on their hands. Now, Trump being elected President has forced them to goven in the majority and they’re absolutely clueless as to how to even go about it.

I’m so glad I became an Independent.

I’m hoping that with the 2018 midterms on the horizon (again, the only thing our so-called “elected leaders” in Washington care about) the GOP will grow some balls and start ignoring the Democratic Party, the loony left, and the mainstream media, and just start doing their jobs. If Democrats want to play the obstructionist route, then go around them for gawdsakes. Pass healthcare reform, tax reform, and judicial reform (i.e., blow the 9th Circuit up), fill all existing judicial openings on the lower courts with solid conservative judges, and let’s get this damned country moving forward and working again. To do anything less will mean a golden opportunity to make real change happen in the country wasted.

Somehow, I don’t think a president like Donald J. Trump is going to sit back and let that happen. Let’s see what happens over the next hundred days.

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April 24, 2017

I know it was Saturday, but frankly when it comes to Earth Day, environmentalists, and climate change I could give a rat’s ass. I defer to George Carlin on this. And it’s a must-see dose of reality to everyone.

Because, y’know, those so-called climate “experts” are so damned right about everything, right? Heck, I remember back on the first Earth Day the biggest concern was about “global cooling” taking place because of the sun not being able to permeate air pollution – something, BTW, The Beach Boys sang so beautifully about back in 1972. Then it was called “global warming” and you had Al Gore’s propaganda piece and Michael Mann’s hockey stick. Then, when that didn’t happen quickly enough to alarm everyone and invoke the massive taxation on first-world countries to fund the massive redistribution scheme leftists are always dreaming about, it became, finally, “climate change”. Which is a great phrase when you think of it because you then can blame everything that happens around the world from a climate and socio-political perspective on the climate. Which, as Carlin alludes to in his bit has never stopped changing since the earth began a gazillion years before humans started inhabiting this floating ball of rock.

So excuse me if I think this whole Earth Day thing is a bunch of hooey.

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February 7, 2017

Winners beget winning. And the folks who seek to politicize everything are once again left to contemplate their losing.

Gee whiz. If the moon-bat left is going to melt down over something as ridiculous as a football game, they’re in for a loooooong four years. As the great Howie Carr is wont to say, their agony is my joy.

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January 31, 2017

He’s said he’s gonna make it at 8 PM EST. Just in case I’m right, and so it’s noted for the sake of posterity here goes:

In my view all the talk about Neil Gorsuch or Thomas Hardiman is just that: talk. The kind of talk President Trump loves to hear out the smart-ass “opposition party” media he has come to despise. So I’m thinking he’s making a choice right out of left field (or, in this case, right field).

I’m predicting Trump chooses Texas senator Ted Cruz. And if that’s the case, then watch liberal ‘splodey heads everywhere. Can you imagine watching Democratic senators once having to eat another member of their special club, and with hateful vigor? If they try to filibuster Cruz, what choice does Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have but to drop the hammer down and invoke the so-called “nuclear option”. And if that happens, all I can say is Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Anthony Kennedy better keep their health the next four years, because if they don’t Trump will pound conservative judges down the throats of the Democrats again and again.

If I’m right on this…

[UPDATE]: OK, so I was wrong, but I’m pleased with Trump’s pick of Neil Gorsuch. And you can forget about all the talk of Democrat opposition, Gorsuch will be confirmed with between 65 and 70 votes. Why? Because Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer knows this particular choice isn’t the battle worth dying on a hill over. It will be the next vacancy that occurs when either Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Anthony Kennedy decide to retire that a true battle royale will take place.

Here’s a prediction for you: Schumer knows that the Democrats are likely to lose another 4-6 seats in the Senate simply because in 2018 the electoral map favors the Republicans so strongly. Look for increasingly-public hints that Ginsberg step aside before the 2018 mid-terms so that the Democrats are playing with a deck much more in their favor than they would with Republicans holding, say, 55 or 56 seats instead of 52.

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