October 26, 2020

I know the title of this post comes from a classic Pink Floyd song, but what it really is about comes from the opening lines of that classic Buffalo Springfield song:

There’s something happening here
what it is ain’t exactly clear.

If you follow the mainstream media the CNNs, MSDNCs, Washington Posts, and New York Timess of the world, you can be excused into thinking that, at least as far as this year’s presidential cycle is concerned, 2020 sounds like 2016 all over again. You’ve got the pollsters all agreeing that Biden is ahead by a lot but that the polls may, or may not, be tightening. You’ve got Donald Trump running as a political outsider hosting large and enthusiastic in-person rallies while his long-time Washington insider opponent is virtually nowhere to be seen. And you have the mainstream media doing everything it can to suppress anything negative about that Democratic candidate while pushing everything negative it can find about Donald Trump.

Can we at least all agree on that?

But this year there is something different. Go to Google, Facebook, or any other internet search engine you wish and under news type in “Trump car rallies” and see what you find. What you will see is a phenomena you will never hear about from the national media and the cable news networks. Here is just an example:

In New York.
In Beverly Hills, California.
At a Joe Biden rally in Pennsylvania.
In Arizona.
In Connecticut.
In Miami, Florida.
In Ohio.

…and that’s just a handful of what has been going on every weekend for the past few months. I think it all started with massive boat rallies in Florida and other places, and the concept just spread like wildfires across the country. They’re everywhere, they’re large, and they’re unlike anything seen in any election cycle, like, ever.

What this tells me is that there is a wellspring of Trump support out there that few, if anyone, have an idea about – how deep it might be. Frankly, even I don’t know – I’m just communicating what I see and hear. What’s most interesting to me is that these rallies are not spontaneous – they’re being coordinated using the very same social media tools the firms who provide them are using to suppress Trump support and help Biden any way they can. It’s quite satisfying to hear about. Talk about live by the sword and dying by it! These people are not stupid, they see what’s going on out there:

They see the media in every form, national and local, overwhelmingly aligned against Trump.

They see Washington and the political establishment overwhelmingly aligned against Trump.

They see Wall Street overwhelmingly aligned against Trump.

They see the nation’s intelligence infrastructure (DOJ, FBI, etc.) actively working against Trump.

They see the war-mongers of past administrations all aligned against Trump.

The see the Facebooks, Twitters, Googles, Apples, and Microsofts of Silicon Valley universally aligned against Trump.

They see the education establishment, the universities they attend and finance for their children’s education and their local school boards, universally aligned against Trump.

They hear the calls to end funding for law enforcement and, even while “Big Tech” attempts to stifle any news about them, fear Antifa and Black Lives Matter radicals, protestors, and looters coming after them and their neighborhoods should a local police officer harm in any way some doofus of color who refuses to follow their orders to cease and desist.

I have a theory: until COVID-19 came along, I don’t think the average American truly appreciated the vast societal and cultural forces aligned against President Trump. But after nearly eight months of “fear porn” being shoved down their throats by ever form of media there is, day in and day out, they’ve been given a glimpse to the extent and depth of these forces. They’ve seen their jobs go up in smoke, their children’s learning reduced to remote and after-school activities curtailed, and their churches closed. They see the various COVID-19 rules, regulations, and restrictions handed down by their elected officials as confused, conflicting, and of little sense. They hear ad nauseam about the number of COVID-19 cases but little or nothing about their actual chances of dying from it. They know the virus is dangerous and that reasonable precautions need to be taken, but there’s a nagging suspicion that it’s nowhere near as bad as folks are making it out to be.

They sense this because whenever any kind of promising or alternative drug or regimen for treating COVID-19 comes out they see and hear the mainstream media, politicians, social activists, their state and local health officials, and – incredibly – even doctors and scientists belittle and argue against those treatments.

So when it was announced that ~ 40 White House people – including the President and the First Lady – contracted COVID-19 and all seem to have recovered – and quickly, they’re now suspicious that they’ve been lied to all along. And if they can be lied to about COVID, they know they can be lied to about anything and everything. And as a result, they are now seeing – perhaps for the very first time – what the majority of well-meaning, wanting to just get along, “live and let live” Americans who don’t live in Washington D.C. or in the elitist, liberal enclaves along the east and west coasts have been seeing and saying for years:

They hate us.
They disdain and despise us.
They hate this country and the freedoms it was founded upon.

So in 2020, unlike perhaps any prior election before, this has become a battle of “us” vs. “them”. What Democrats and liberals refuse to understand is that the people who support Trump don’t just support him, they believe in him To those like us, Trump isn’t just a president, he’s a leader of a movement. Sure, he’s far from perfect: he’s crass, egotistical, and abrasive. But he means what he says and says what he means. He doesn’t bullshit or blow smoke up your ass like your average politician. He doesn’t disguise the fact that he loves this country and puts America first. He doesn’t care what color, creed, gender, or race you are, he’s a defender of America and everything its stands for. He said in 2016 what he would do, plain and simple, and he’s followed through on pretty much everything.

The majority of Trump’s supporters don’t care about Hunter Biden – they know the Bidens are no different than anyone else in Washington or in their state and county governments who pad their pockets in return for influence. But what they are now seeing, for perhaps the very first time, are the vast forces arrayed and aligned against the president. They feel the hatred and disdain shown us by the so-called “elites” who think they know better than anyone else what’s best for everyone except them. They fear that if they so much as hint at supporting Trump in any way they risk losing their job, their friends, and even the prospect of seeing their grandchildren. The fear is palpable: I’ve seen it and heard about it first-hand working the pool supply gig this summer.

The great unknown, of course, is how deep this sentiment is; we won’t know for sure until all the votes are counted. But there is evidence, both anecdotally (above) and in early vote by mail numbers and trends seen in Florida and certain “battleground” states, that something unusual may be going out there. And I have a sense we’re going to know exactly what that unusual is a week from tomorrow.

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October 18, 2020

We’re a little more than two weeks out from the presidential election and there is some weird you-know-what going on. Anyone who knows exactly what’s going to happen on November 3 is kidding themselves. For one thing, sixteen days in an election cycle is a lifetime in politics, even more so this year because voting has already started both in person and by mail in many states. So what you’ve basically got are the “official” polls on one side and on the other side folks attempting to project the final vote tallies by the number of mail-in ballots already received based upon party registration.

The problem with the polling is, as Richard Baris and others will tell you, is that nothing appears to have changed since 2016. The mainstream media’s pollster darling is Nate Silver. He didn’t get anything near right in either 2016 or the 2018 midterms, but still the media flocks to him like pigeons to a statue not yet hauled down by the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Now, Baris and others will give you all kinds of reasons why Silver’s methodology sucks, but they’re not in the mainstream media, so their voices are like the psalmist crying out in the wilderness.

As for those attempting to interpret the results of the voting already going on, The Great White Shank has been following the Twitter accounts of Larry Schweikart, Cotto/Gottfried, and M. Joseph Sheppard, among others. I like these guys because, while most certainly supporters of President Trump and the conservative cause, they’re not afraid to link to similar election watchers on the Democratic / liberal side of the aisle. I’ve also got my GOP insider guy who has been kind enough to drop me a text every once in a while when he thinks there’s information worth sharing.

So what do the tea leaves tell me at this point? First, let’s discuss two possible outcomes available to us at this point:

1. A “blue wave” fueled by a combination of Trump hatred and semi-enthusiastic support for “Slo’ Joe Biden. Certainly, the same pollsters who projected a Hillary win in 2016 are saying something similar for 2020. The Biden campaign is flush with cash from Wall Street, the unions, Hollywood, and Big Tech, and the early vote-by-mail numbers appear to heavily skewed in favor Democrats. These are all fairly persuasive, but I look at the Biden campaign and I see far more evidence to the contrary: it has started telling voters not to trust the pollsters, that the race is far closer than it appears. Just two weeks ago, the Biden campaign, which up to that point had been emphasizing social media out of COVID-19 concerns, started opening GOTV offices in several “battleground” states. And then there was Friday’s announcement that Barack Obama was going to hit the campaign trail on his behalf in places like Philadelphia and Detroit; that tells me that there are concerns about black voter enthusiasm, crucial to a Biden win.

And then there’s the issue about the Biden rallies. Even given COVID-19 concerns, his rallies generate little in the way of interest and enthusiasm, both online and in-person. The evidence is out there there for everyone to see, and it’s non-existent. Especially interesting to me is the lack of down-ballot candidate presence at Biden’s rallies. Politicians know the importance of aligning themselves with winners: were Biden so popular you’d think he’d have candidates running in close races beside him to gin-up interest. Larry Schweikart wonders if the Democrats’ campaign of COVID-19 fear-mongering will have a dampening effect on voter enthusiasm, most especially on the youth vote with so many colleges being remote this year. Sure, the rabid Trump haters will come out in droves – and perhaps that’s what the Biden campaign is counting on – but in an election that will come down once again to the Electoral College and not the popular vote, I’m not sure that’s a winning strategy.

2. A “red wave” fueled by Trump enthusiasm and a hidden Trump vote amongst Democrats and independents not being picked up by the pollsters. Anecdotally, judging by the Trump campaign’s “peaceful protest” rallies and the crazy number of Trump “flash mob” car and boat rallies taking place every weekend across the country, one has to wonder if once again the pollsters are missing something akin (or even greater) to what happened in 2016. Certainly, the enthusiasm of Trump voters is off the charts, and his rallies are heavily attended both in-person and online (for example, the Carson City, NV rally tonight already has nearly 900K online viewers). And if you watch any of the Trump rallies you know there are any number of down-ballot candidates more than willing to share the locale with him. Another difference between 2020 and 2016 is that the Trump campaign appears to have chosen to emphasize its GOTV effort over traditional media buys. How this will play out on November 3 is anyone’s guess, but I can tell y’all this: if the Trump ground game in other “battleground” states is anywhere near like it appears to be here in Arizona, his campaign is going to get people to the polls.

Conventional wisdom, of course, is that this is going to be another close election, one determined by whose campaign is able to get their base out the most. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen this year. Between the COVID-19 lockdowns and the increased vote by mail, any models and projections based upon returned ballots and voter registration will be purely speculative.

My tried-and-true approach is to infer where the race stands by watching what the campaigns are doing. And it is here I have to admit I have no clue what the Biden campaign is doing. I don’t understand Biden’s decision to stay off the campaign trail for the next four days so he can do “debate preparation”. I don’t buy it – why would a Washington swamp creature with nearly a half-century of political experience require any more debate preparation time than he’s already had? And I don’t think he’s doing it duck the New York Post‘s Hunter Biden corruption allegations; surely he knows Trump is going to make them an issue at Thursday night’s debate. Unless Biden has no plans to debate Trump on Thursday night, but I honestly can’t see him ducking that. So I don’t know what the hell is going on – maybe thebradfordfile is right: he’s giving up. But if he feels he doesn’t need to campaign because he’s confident of a win, well that doesn’t jive with his campaign’s other recent actions mentioned above. You know Trump will be everywhere doing multiple rallies between now and Election Day, so his strategy is obviously to keep the enthusiasm meter running on the red, nail down his base, and attempt to extend that enthusiasm (and therefore expand the electoral battlefield) with independents and whatever undecideds there might still be.

Of course, given that this is 2020 I still think there’s something going on out there that I’m missing. There are just too many variables. What impact will any additional Biden family corruption allegations have on independents and undecideds? It’s a given that Biden will announce his intention to pack the Supreme Court if elected as soon as Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is approved. What impact will that have with independents who haven’t yet voted? Are there other “October surprises” out there? And if so, will they make any difference at this point? If the Thursday night debate actually occurs, what – if any – impact will it have? What will be the impact of the Democrats front-loading their vote with vote-by-mail? Does it only serve to cannibalize their typical Election Day voting numbers? So the Biden campaign’s body language and general strategy seems strange to me.

I just think at this point we haven’t seen the end of 2020’s surprises. Which is why I’m having a hard time getting answers from the tea leaves. Plenty of questions, tho…


[UPDATE} ….and here you have two different sources for the same thing – early indications that what the Schweikart link about is talking about. From Democratic mouthpieces like Politico and theThe New York Times, no less. Possible indications that the Dems know they are in trouble? Perhaps thebradfordfile is right?

Biden/Harris rally in Minnesota.
Harris rally in Orlando.
Yep, the enthusiasm is palpable! Hence today’s headlines above.

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October 16, 2020

Quick takes on Thursday night’s battling town halls – NBC’s Savannah Guthrie vs. Donald Trump and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos vs. “Slo’ Joe” Biden:

1. There is little doubt between the two who had the toughest interrogator; it was the President. Lots of folks are unhappy about Guthrie’s performance, but not me. I expect anyone at this point in an election cycle who chooses to do one of these so-called “town halls” to go into the lion’s den. Personally, I don’t want Trump being interrogated by the likes of Shawn Hannity. Sure, I thought Guthrie came perilously close to being a nagging shrew at times, but I also wanted to see how the President handled himself under fire, and to that extent I thought he did just fine.

2. On the other hand, Stephanopoulos showed himself to be nothing put the partisan pussy that the Biden campaign needs at this point. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican – I cannot for the life of me understand how a so-called “journalist” from the ABC News division didn’t ask the Democrat candidate running for President of the United States about the biggest story in America today: crack addict Hunter Biden peddling influence with Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs and the Chinese Communist Party while his father was Vice-President. Regardless of your political views, the questions should have been asked; to not do so is nothing but political malfeasance and, in the end, it did Biden (or ABC and Stephanopoulos) no good.

3. Anyone who watched both town halls couldn’t deny the difference in vibes that existed between both programs. Trump’s townhall had a truly live and positive atmosphere; whether the questioner was leaning for or against the President (whether or not you believe he answered their questions sufficiently, something I think he could have done better), one cannot deny President Trump looked healthy, engaged, at ease, and forthright. I especially liked his answer regarding Roe vs. Wade – he basically put himself firmly as a supporter of the courts and the law of the land. He was disarming, in good spirits, and seemed to genuinely enjoy the give and take involved.

4. Biden’s town hall, in stark contrast, seemed to be absent of any real energy of any kind. Given the softball questions offered by Stephanopoulos, Biden was allowed to virtually sleepwalk though the entire event. Believe me, this did not help Biden in any way: voters want to see their candidates have their feet put to the fire. Compared to Trump’s assertiveness and confidence, Biden came across as just another boring Washington pol with that innate swamp creature ability to speak volumes without saying virtually anything. When I heard this my bullshit meter went past red:

Joe Biden just related another swimming pool story. This time, when he was 8 years old and he saw two men kissing each other, his dad told him, “It’s simple, they love each other.”

Doubtful in 1950 in Scranton. You may hate that, but c’mon maaaan, 1950?

Corn Pop was unavailable for a comment.

Joe Biden is full of shit. Hat tip: PJ Media.

5. I think Richard Baris has the line of the night (if you watched NBC’s town hall you’ll know what he’s talking about):

Truly folks, it was something. Did you see it? Are they aware of how it looks when they act like this?

Black women shaking their heads at the ridiculous line of questioning from a privileged white shill woman like @SavannahGuthrie.

Incredible optics.

Bottom line: tonight’s “town halls” did nothing to advance Biden’s candidacy, and those who will have turned in (and it will be seen far more watched the President than watched Biden), whether they personally like Trump or not, will grudgingly have to give him his due by going into the lion’s den.

Tonight was a win/win for the President.

Where’s Hunter?

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October 15, 2020

So I have successfully navigated my way through my 65th birthday and, already approved for Medicare parts A & B ($144 a month – are you kidding me!), I’m ready to face whatever comes my way. The only thing that becoming 65 signifies to me is that, were I to formally declare myself as retired, I can feel comfortable with it. I’d still like to find some kind of gainful employment for a couple of years until I start taking my Social Security at 67, but if there isn’t an opportunity that I really enjoy while still being able to work from home I’m OK with it.

So where are we in this election cycle? Here.

This is an older tweet from President Trump, but I think that’s exactly where his thinking has to be tonight. To think of all the shit he and his family has put up with for the last four years, knowing that “Slo’ Joe” Biden’s irresponsible and pathetically corrupt son got rich off of his father’s position is beyond contempt, but that’s where we are tonight.

What is it with these big tech companies? The suppression of news is something right out of North Korea. But, as The Last Refuge writes, methinks this is a rubicon that Twitter, Facebook, and Google will seriously regret ever crossing. Because after today, they had better get on their collective, Godless knees that Donald J. Trump never wins re-election. Because if he does you can take it to the bank he will be coming after them, and hard. As he should. I mean, can you imagine suspending the account of the President’s own press secretary?

I read this and only imagine how much of an asshole Dorsey must be, not just as a boss but as a human being. Just shows you can be rich and intelligent, but that doesn’t mean you’re smart.

You know who ought to be most pissed about the Biden revelations? Not Donald Trump. And not even “Slo’ Joe”. It should be every supporter of every Democratic Party candidate whose candidacy got torpedoed by the Washington establishment because Biden’s connections with overseas $s were far more important than putting forward a viable candidate for President. As you know, I’m a fervent supporter of Donald J. Trump, but I’m not stupid: I truly believe Bernie, Warren, Buttigieg, and (most especially) Tulsi Gabbard would have given the Prez a much more formidable candidate than (in Don Jr.’s words) the “Loch Ness Monster of the Washington swamp”. If I’m a Bernie Bro I’d be especially pissed tonight. Because this was all known during the primaries, and no one, no one had the courage to push it before he could get the nomination.

Good to see the vile, racist author of the 1619 Project being forced to come clean from under the rock she came from:

Speaking to the Post, the 1619 Project founder finally admitted she had made a key mistake. She had notoriously claimed that American patriots had rebelled against Britain in order to preserve slavery — a claim for which there is no evidence, and a good deal of evidence to the contrary. Historians repeatedly called her out on this, and The Times eventually issued a correction.

Belatedly, Hannah-Jones admitted she should have consulted with scholars who had a particular focus on colonial history, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.

“I should have been more careful, because I don’t think that any other fact would have given people the fodder that this has, and I am tortured by it,” she said. “I’m absolutely tortured by it.”

The Post did not report whether or not Hannah-Jones said she was “tortured by” lying about something else, however. Hannah-Jones and the 1619 Project had claimed that America’s true founding came in 1619, with the arrival of the first slaves (who actually arrived far earlier), rather than in 1776, with the Declaration of Independence. Last month, however, both Hannah-Jones and the Project apparently deep-sixed this claim, deleting the language from the website. Hannah-Jones even went on television and lied, claiming she had never made such a claim.

In fact, scholars have demanded the Pulitzer Prize board revoke Hannah-Jones’ Pulitzer Prize over these lies.

If she had a shred of integrity (which she doesn’t), she would return her Pulitzer Prize. But she won’t. Racists have no integrity (or a soul, for that matter).

This is the America I love. Screw you, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. There are far more of us than there are of you.

If this is true, I’m with the Prez on this. The primary role of the Attorney General is to ensure justice is handed out equally across the land. If in his honest opinion those involved in what was a de facto coup attempt against a sitting president committed no crimes, come out and say so and provide your reasoning as to why. 3+ years ought to be plenty. If you can’t do that, get the hell out.

In Joe Biden’s America no one will be safe. Choose wise, America.

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October 9, 2020

OK, so we’re less than four weeks away from Election Day, and I’ve gotta admit that things are a heck of a lot more volatile this year than they were back in 2016. Given that this is 2020, I hasten to say anything definitive because four weeks is a lifetime in politics; not just with the COVID-19 thing, but there’s a truly impressive full-court anti-Trump press underway involving pretty much everything and everyone associated with Washington, New York, Silicon Valley, every media market in between, and our nation’s education system, so it’s much harder to read the tea leaves this year than it was four years ago.

That being said, there are some variables in this political cycle that remain unchanged from four years ago. For one thing, you can take it to the bank that the polls are going to be even more unreliable than they were four years ago. There are a number of reasons for this: (1) the pressure on the pollsters from the media and social media markets this go-round to try and lift the Biden-Harris ticket (to therefore deflate the enthusiasm of the Trump voter) is quite intense; (2) the inability to accurately gauge the so-called “likely voter” is far more prevalent than it was back in 2016. It’s truly sad that people have to go out of their way to hide their support for the President, but one only need peruse the bowels of Twitter – and it is a cesspool – Twitter has the most vile, petulant, sub-human (and I have to admit, best organized) followers when it comes to anything involving President Trump; anyone who dares to express any kind of support for the President risks not just their financial and emotional well-being, but even their physical one as well; (3) the whole COVID-19 thing and voting by mail (VBM) – most especially in Democrat-governed “battleground” states – is going to make the whole prospect of knowing who has won on November 3 highly unlikely.

There are some pollsters (Richard Baris, for example) who believe we won’t actually know who was won until near Thanksgiving; while I think that’s plausible, I do believe (just as I did back in 2016) that there is a wellspring of Trump voters out there who simply defy being identified and defined by traditional polling; this has been made even more so by the increasingly brazen jackboot tactics of the “professional left” who out, shame, and if need be, destroy anyone who refuses to adhere to their belief system. If you believe (as I do) that Black Lives Matter is a vile, racist, and Marxist organization you run the risk of personal and professional destruction. If you believe that “all lives matter” and/or “blue lives matter” and you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and can’t or don’t keep your mouth shut, you risk public shaming, loss of livelihood, personal harm, or even death.

As I’ve often said in this space, you know what the tea leaves are saying by what the political campaigns are doing and where and how they are focusing their time. So, given the above and the fact that there is still a lifetime of time left in this election cycle, allow me to make a few points and prognostications:

1. I don’t believe there are nearly as many undecideds out there as the pollsters are saying. At this point you are either voting or you’re not voting. In my view (and the view of some pretty savvy political watchers I trust) the vast majority of undecideds are either voting for Trump and are refusing to say so, or are not voting at all.

2. Forget about what the pollsters are saying that this is going to be a “high turnout” election. It is not and will not. Between the COVID-19 and the mess over VBM (the number of ballots tossed is going to be astronomical) my prediction is that you’re going to find less turnout this year.

3. There are several factors associated with this, and not just because of the VBM issues I mentioned above. The great Larry Schweikart has been pushing for a while that the forced movement of college students at major universities across the country to remote learning is going to have a huge impact on the number of votes. There’s just no way – even with VBM – that you’ll have the same numbers of 18-24 voters in 2020. And when you consider the locations of these universities in key “battleground” states (think Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona) this is going to have an impact not just on the Electoral College but on the popular vote as well.

4. Because of the above, what this all boils down to is that 2020 is going to be a turnout election. Whichever candidate can convince their base to come out and vote the best is going to win. It’s really that simple. How do you know the two campaigns are aware of this? Because both campaigns are now focusing their efforts on a very small handful of states: Florida, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Sure, there are other states that are important to the campaigns: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, but here’s what it comes down to: if Trump loses Florida, it’s all over. If Biden loses Pennsylvania, it’s all over.

5. The reason for this is obvious, and it all boils down to demographics: if Trump wins Florida he’s gonna win Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, and (likely) Arizona. If Trump loses Florida, the election is over – period. Which is why, as Red Eagle Politics has been saying all along, this will not be a “Rust Belt” election, but a “Sunbelt” election.

6. In Biden’s case, I suppose he can afford to lose Florida, but that means he absolutely has to win Pennsylvania and pretty much run the table in the Rust Belt (sans Ohio, where he has no chance). Which is why, if I’m Biden’s campaign, I’m basically in PA and Michigan for the rest of the campaign.

7. I have always subscribed to belief that, when it comes to Election Day in-person voting, there is a not an insignificant block of voters who will vote for the person they believe is going to win regardless of their political beliefs. This is why the pollsters are increasingly employing the question of “who do you believe is going to win” in their surveys. And Trump is winning this question across the board, in some cases, significantly.

8. Forget about the presidential debates. To what extent they will occur or not, they will have insignificant impact on the election. The mainstream media loves to use the debates as a way to focus on “undecided voters”, but as I mentioned above I don’t believe there are many – if any – undecided voters at this time. The differences between the two campaigns in 2020 are that stark.

9. Given the above, voter enthusiasm is going to be the biggest factor in this year’s election. And there is zero doubt that the enthusiasm is with Trump voters than Biden voters. Two reasons: (1) you only need to look at the number of voters who came out during the Republican primaries with Trump running virtually unopposed to know he has them and is not going to lose them, and (2) the enthusiasm on the Democratic side is not for Biden, it’s against Trump. And I will tell you that human nature (and political history) dictates that the “for” candidate always wins. Simply put, Trump voters will crawl two miles over broken glass to vote for him; I don’t care how passionately you are against Trump, there aren’t enough of you who feel the same way.

It’s still too early to make a definitive prognostication, but all I’ll say at this point is that I would much rather be in the President’s shoes than in “Slo’ Joe” Biden’s.

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September 30, 2020

I didn’t actually watch last night’s debate between President Trump and “Slo’ Joe” Biden live, nor have I yet to watch it in its entirety. Perhaps if there were another moderator assigned I might have warmed up to the idea, but I despise Chis Wallace and his phony-ass elitism. I admired his dad Mike even though I knew he had a liberal bent, but he was at least genuine. His son is a fraud, a pea-wit masquerading as some intellectual giant. He’s an intellectual gnat, a joke.

I don’t waste my time watching jokers anymore.

As a result, I can’t say who I think won or lost the date based on the substance of anything that went on, but being a fairly savvy watcher of all things politics, I can tell by the mainstream media’s collective wisdom that Biden illustrating he can handle a ninety-minute debate with Trump’s relentless aggressiveness put the debate’s results in Biden’s favor couldn’t be further from the truth. I say this knowing full well that by Saturday you can expect to be inundated with polls showing a big move towards Biden as a result of Tuesday’s debate.

Don’t believe it. It’s all bullshit.

My view is that anyone at this point who allows a presidential debate to swing them towards voting for or against a particular candidate ought not to be voting to begin with. I see all those polls out there with so-called “undecideds”; are there really any true undecideds out there who by this time need a presidential debate to make them fill out a ballot or show up at an election precinct on November 3?


Politics in 2020, perhaps more than any other election year is about motivating your base. Any politician preaching a message to undecideds at this time is wasting their time and resources. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican; were I advising your campaign I’d be preaching a message towards motivating one’s base. And that goes for all the down-ballot races.

Which is why I didn’t need to actually see the debate to know that Trump did what he needed to do, and that Biden didn’t do what he needed to do. One look at the headlines in the mainstream media tells you everything you need to know. Trump pushed and pushed hard at Biden – something his base expected him to do. Biden survived, something his base needed him to do, but in doing so he revealed himself to be nothing much more than a shill for himself.

I could count just from the highlights I watched at least five shots the Biden candidacy absorbed that reflects poorly on his candidacy: (1) his statement that Antifa was an idea, not an organization; (2) his excuse for not calling an end to the violence in Portland and other cities because “he wasn’t in elected office”; (3) his inability to respond when Trump asked him to name one law enforcement endorsement; (4) Trump pushing Hunter Biden’s acceptance of money from the wife of Moscow’s mayor; (5) his disavowing support for his Party’s “Green New Deal”.

I honestly don’t care about the concerns of some that President Trump was too aggressive in the debate and that he needs to back off on Biden in the debates going forward. In fact, I think he needs to push Biden even more forcefully, most especially on the Biden family’s corruption in the Ukraine and his views on China. Biden cannot take a punch anymore, and Trump needs to exploit that fact going forward. Which I can guarantee you he will.

Of course, Trump can’t go all negative: he’s got a record to run on and needs to exploit his role as protector of the American worker against Biden’s role as protector of the Washington swamp.

In a base election – which is what this election is going to be – that is a winning formula for Trump. Which is why I didn’t need to watch the debate to know that he won.

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September 18, 2020

R.I.P. Ruth Bader Ginsberg. While we were on entirely different sides of the aisle politically, I respected her; she was true to her beliefs and expressed them with passion and conviction. And, she was an inspiration to many women and cancer survivors. May she rest in peace.

Did I not predict something like this? I wasn’t bold enough at the time to predict someone’s death (and I never would do this, anyways) but I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. After all, it wasn’t as if 2020 wasn’t chaotic enough, right?

Let the freak-out begin. A few thoughts:

1. There’s no way Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lets this opportunity to replace RBG’s seat on the court slide. Indeed, he’s already said there will be hearings and a Senate vote. After all, the Republicans have the Senate and the White House, and when there is a vacancy on the Court, regardless of the circumstances involved, the White House and the Senate have an obligation to fill that vacancy in a timely fashion.

2. Normally – at least as far as the Founders were concerned – this should not be that big a deal. After all, they perceived the Supreme Court and the Judicial Branch as co-equals to the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch (do they even teach Civics in school anymore?), so the prospect of replacing a Supreme Court judge would be seen by them as a normal part of the branch upon which it occupies. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has turned our judicial system into an activist branch of the Party’s agenda and ultimate goals. So now all hell is going to break loose.

3. The fact that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s first tweet following her death contained no condolences tells you everything you need to know. These people (and by that I mean Democrats in Washington) have no compassion, no soul, no humanity. They see everything in terms of politics. They are nothing but walking, living death and evil. Schumer and “San Fran Nan” Pelosi are despicable human beings, so you can expect them to use Ginsberg’s death as a way to gin up the heretofore invisible support for “Slo’ Joe” Biden’s candidacy. I like to say it won’t work, but the election is now a crapshoot.

4. In reality, this is all RBG’s fault. The liberal left were literally begging her to retire during the last year of the Obama administration and step aside so President Obama could select someone younger and just as (or even more so) politically progressive. I have it on pretty good word that it was Hillary Clinton (shocking!) who encouraged RBG to stay on out of the supreme confidence Clinton had that she would be elected President. As I understand it, RBG would then shortly thereafter announce her retirement, thus allowing HRC to choose yet another woman and one equally (if not more so) politically inclined. Talk about hubris!

5. When Donald J. Trump was elected, there was little RBG could do but try and hang on as long as she could in the hope that Trump would be a one-term president. She was fighter and hung on as long as she could, and I respect her greatly for that. But there’s something also sad about it: I can’t help but wonder what pressure RBG was under by those whose sad and pathetic lives revolve only around Washington politics. I just hope she had some time to enjoy her last days on earth and take time to smell the roses before she passed.

6. So now all hell is going to break loose. And I believe that to be the case, literally. Expect the liberal and progressive left to turn its afterburners outage to maximum
and do everything it can to intimidate McConnell and Republican senators, and use the mainstream media to make them cower to their demands. You thought the Kavanaugh hearings were bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Expect marches in the streets and renewed violence as a weapon of intimidation.

7. I wish I could tell you how it will all go and ultimately fall out, but this is a wrench into whatever machine the White House, McConnell, the pollsters, and senators on both sides of the aisle could ever have imagined. The election is now basically in free-fall, and it will take days – if not weeks – to see how this all fleshes out.

8. Keep a close eye on how all sitting senators decide to handle this. I already see AZ’s Martha McSally come out in favor of pushing forward with a judicial nomination. I think that’s smart: this will definitely be a factor in her race against Mark Kelly, and we’ll now see if the GOP has enough power in Arizona to pull her over the finish line along with Donald Trump. I think this also helps challengers like John James in Michigan. On the other hand, incumbents like Susan Collins in Maine and Cory Gardner in Colorado are really going to get squeezed politically.

9. For folks thinking it would be politically better for President Trump to hold off a judicial nomination because it’s so close to a presidential election, keep in mind the Democrats have publicly already stated they will do whatever it takes from a judicial point of view to win this election for “Slo’ Joe” Biden. The President, therefore, anticipating the need for Supreme Court rulings related to voting and vote counting, would be doing himself a great disservice were he not to follow though on nominating a replacement for RBG to ensure a full court has the opportunity to rule on election practices if needed.

10. Strap yourselves in, folks, if you thought 2020 was already a bumpy ride y’all ain’t seen nothing yet!

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September 16, 2020

I’m more than ever convinced that the coming presidential election will be a pitched battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Lemme tell you something” the Black Lives Matter organization could give a s**t about so-called “black” lives.

If they did they’d be marching peacefully in Chicago demanding mayor Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot end the carnage that has been taking place week in and week out for the past several years.

If they did they’d counsel African-Americans stopped by police to simply follow instructions and do so peacefully to prevent any possible escalations that could result in injury or death to both the person in question and the police officers involved. If Jacob Blake had done so he’d be in jail and walking today.

If they did they would push back against the largely white and privileged pussies that make up Antifa out of fear that the riots and violence are taking away from BLM’s overall message.

If they did they would renounce the Marxist beliefs of one of their co-founders.

If they did they would be as concerned about the disproportionate number of black babies aborted as compared to any other population group.

If they did you would see their founders and representatives on every nightly cable show to defend their beliefs and the actions of their followers and supporters. The fact you don’t speak volumes about their true belief system and their ultimate goals.

The fact is that the Black Lives Matter organization is a vile, racist, anti-American group of radicals committed to the destruction of this country and the rule of law. Rather than seeking to work within the system to foster real positive and lasting change, they use the power of violence and terror to further their goals. They’re not interested in change, they’re interested in overthrowing our capitalist economic and representative republic political systems in a way no different than Fidel Castro employing revolution as a means to put himself and his Marxist socialist followers into power.

I guess that’s why the Nuremberg-esque photo on the BLM home page speaks far more volumes than anything they can write about their so-called “sustainable transformation” objectives.

I’m not saying there isn’t systemic racism in America. There is, but it’s not the kind Black Lives Matter and the loons and crazies who have latched on to their movement like a bunch of leeches. Instead, the institutional racism we see in America is most often found in the soft racism of Democratic-run cities, cities managed by Democrats for a quarter-century (or more).

You see, these Democrats in their hearts of hearts have no faith in African-Americans to be free-thinkers and take control of their lives. Instead, they believe African-Americans are too dumb and ignorant to think for themselves, necessitating the need for the nanny state to “protect” them. Heck, they think African-Americans aren’t even capable of having their own personal ID by which to vote with, hence their opposition to voter ID as a tool to “suppress African-American voters.” How racist is that? Think about it: you can’t get a credit card, fly on a plane, open a bank account, or even check into a hotel without some form of ID. Do Democrats really think being able to produce a government-issued ID is beyond the capabilities of your average African-American?

But that’s what they think. And that makes them the most vile of racists.

But it’s even worse than that. So what have African-Americans who live in these cities today have to show for decades upon decades of Democratic leadership? All you need to do is take a look at places like Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit and Oakland. Why do I note these particular cities? I call it the “misery index”:

SoulWar on Twitter has a must-read thread that basically sums up everything I have written. What was once an election that would be cast in the typical broad strokes found in past elections (large government vs. small, globalism vs. nationalism, liberalism vs. conservatism, etc.) has now become one of good vs. evil, order vs. chaos, and America vs. something no one would be able to recognize were Biden / Harris were to be elected in November.

It’s no longer a question about whether you like or don’t like Donald Trump, his ego, his personality, or his abrasive nature. Think about that John Travolta movie, “Michael” – his angel is not what most folks think of what an angel looks like and how an angel would act. I’m more convinced than ever that President Trump, with all his personal defects, is the angel who has been designated to wield the sword against the godless merchants of chaos and death afflicting this country by being allowed to run amok by soulless, vile ideologues masking themselves as “Democrats”.

Just so it’s crystal clear: I’m not saying all Democrats are evil, but those Democrats who use, and have used, race as a wedge issue and as a means to keep African-Americans “on the plantation” (my words) and condemn and castigate anyone who dares to think differently are. These people are nothing more than vile racists whose only interest in the lives of African-Americans comes every election cycle.

Which brings me to “Slo’ Joe” Biden, whose history when it comes to African-Americans – in the words of his VP pick, for gawdsakes – is problematic at best. As is his equally problematic past history with the truth. Some might characterize Biden at best as a career swamp creature who is nothing more than a dithering old fool. In my view, his willingness to use his political office as a tool for personal gain, graft, and fondling women in various ways is vile and evil. And it shows in his eyes, his face, and his mannerisms.

Let me put it another way: which is the candidate that projects strength, goodness, and confidence over weakness, calamity, and fear?

I remember this wonderful scene from “The Wind and the Lion”, where Brian Keith in an excellent portrayal of President Theodore Roosevelt compares the character of this country to that of the grizzly bear. It’s worth watching and considering, most especially against what we have been seeing in Democratic-run cities and states these past few months.

There really is no choice at this point if you love this country and believe in the destiny our Founders intended it to be. It is a choice between good and evil, after all.

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August 20, 2020

A few thoughts and comments on a week where “pool boy” is starting to feel kind of restless about who he is and where is is at this point in his life. See, the thing is that about three weeks from now my current gig will be over, and it will be time to start thinking about “the future” and what my next steps should be. Should I retire? Should I find another job in retail that will get me out of the house but not too much? Should I go back into Information Technology and find a gig where I work from home? Just the thought of the latter creates a PTSD kind of response where I can’t sleep. But sooner or later, I’m going to have to at least start thinking about it.


I looked at this and couldn’t help wonder if anyone told Hillary ahead of time that she’d be associated with a graphic showing that she’d actually lost to Trump in 2016. Because I don’t think she really believes it.

You want evidence that the entire DNC convention has the enthusiasm of an Air Supply reunion tour? Check this out. Do they really think we’re that stupid?

Normally I wouldn’t post a link to a video that involves animal cruelty, but y’all need to know what these Black Lives Matter animals are all about. How assholes like this can be allowed to operate in our society is beyond my ability to even comprehend. Thank God the poor animal’s suffering wasn’t long.

…I suppose the fact that a BLM supporter would do this kind of thing to a human being shouldn’t then be surprising, then. These people are vermin and need to be arrested and locked up for a very long time so they can see what reality really is. And the fact that Democrats continue to call this kind of thing “peaceful protest” tells you exactly the kind of evil that is in their hearts. These people have no soul.

I am, and will be going forward, Andrew Breitbart. See, to me there is no going back. We either have a civilized country or we don’t. We either ascribe to the Constitution or we don’t. If you wanted to vote Democrat while I voted Republican, that used to be fine – after all, we all wanted the same things but in different ways. But that’s not the way it is now.

…the Democratic Party as it is presently constituted, solely out of its visceral hatred for Donald Trump, and nothing else, wants to destroy everything this country has been about and everything that has made it the light beacon of the world. So I say to those who still support what is today’s Democratic Party: you hate Trump? Fine. But, you hate America? You and I will have zero to do with each other going forward. The barricades have been assembled, and it is at the barricades where we must part company. You think I’m fooling? Try me.

See, I hesitate to generalize about labels like “Democrats” and “Progressives” and “Black Lives Matter”, but the fact is, that these are the same folks who are allowing the civil unrest (OK, riots) by a bunch of mentally ill vermin, insane freaks, to continue on a nightly basis for the better part of the last three months. I mean, think about it: who in their right mind as a mayor or governor would allow a city and its citizens to have their rights to free passage and commerce, and the rights to make a living destroyed by the mob?

…there was a time when I wanted President Trump to have the National Guard brought in there, but – and the same is true for Seattle, Chicago, and New York – if the citizens there don’t give a sh*t what about is happening, then why should I? Seriously, f**k them. You want to live like that? Be. My. Guest.

Honestly, when it comes to the Democrats who makes this sh*t up? Who conjures up this kind of thing?

Communist China is a cancer on the world. If you support cancer, support “Slo’ Joe Biden.

Truly one of the best and most powerful political ads I’ve ever seen.

Along those same lines, I support Laura Loomer and have contributed to her campaign. It’s a long shot, for sure, but why not?

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s Democratic Party as sanctioned by the Democratic National Convention. Because to Democrats, politics is their religion. Where is their soul?

Outside of the fact that she used American taxpayer dollars to fund her extravagant lifestyle and travel while First Lady, I’ve never really had a problem with “Moochelle” Obama. She’s not dumb, and never has been. And, like her husband, she’s a political opportunist of the greatest sort. So it was that when she posted video at the DNC with a lie that even the mainstream media couldn’t support call me not surprised. But Democrats will lie shamelessly in order to put forth their agenda. I just wish Ms. Obama would just stick to facts.

The same sentiment can’t be held against former President Bill Clinton. For some one to criticize Donald Trump for how he accounts himself in the Oval Office – from someone who used it as “Blowjob Central” is beyond parody. I guess when it comes to shameless, there are no equal to the Clintons.

OK, I don’t want to leave this post on a down note.

I could listen to Fleetwood Mac’s “Think About Me” a hundred times a day and not get tired of it. You have to listen clearly for Stevie Nicks’s harmony at the end of each verse but it’s a beautiful thing. Her harmonies in the FM mix (between Lindsay Buckingham’s and Christine McVie’s) is what makes their vocal arrangements so special.

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August 18, 2020

I’ve told y’all before how this is all going to go down, but no one listens to The Great White Shank. Did anyone really think that businesses and their insurance companies were going to sit idly by while Democratic mayors and governors allowed their inner cities to be ravaged by protesters, rioters, and looters? Did anyone really think that Democratic state governors and public health officials were going to be allowed to skate state after sending COVID-19 patients into nursing homes and long-term care facilities?

Consider this the first of many, many shoes to drop. You can be there are any number of lawyers and law firms just queuing up ready to get in on the action. Why, it will make Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” look like a goldfish convention.

Look, normally I’m not much of a litigious kind of guy. I think folks ought to be willing to try and work things out before calling the lawyers in because you know whose going to get rich off of the lawsuits, and it ain’t going to be the plaintiffs. But in these two kinds of cases the behavior of the people involved is so egregious that, even if you can’t get them to pay in criminal court you nail in civil court. And does anyone really think that a jury of peers is going to not be sympathetic to the people and their businesses who were basically hung out to dry because mayors and governors wanted to inflict the most damage on President Trump? Because that’s what it’s all about here.

These Democratic elected officials ought to be sued up their collective asses until they bleed out of their noses. Of course, none of them will be held criminally liable, but you can bet your sweet bippy that these states and cities, already in a state of fiscal desperation after years of incompetence, corruption, and reckless and wanton maladministration, are going to have to pony up to the tune of millions of dollars in damages. And given the precarious economic state of these cities and states, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if more than a few ultimately end up filing for bankruptcy in order to get their affairs straightened out. It’s not going to be pretty, and plenty of innocent people and local economies are going to be devastated as a result. But this is what happens when Democrats continue to vote Democrat and allow their cities and states to become sh*t holes of economic and physical devastation.

At some point, the voters have a responsibility in what is going down and what will be going down. They are, and will be, reaping the whirlwind of what they have sown. Which is the way it ought to be.

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