May 14, 2020

Didn’t I just call this, like, the other day? I keep trying to tell y’all the best I can, but if you don’t listen to The Great White Shank you have… chosen unwisely. But seriously, folks need to go to jail for this – with Andrew Cuomo’s New York at the top of the list. These people, the ones supposedly sworn to uphold the public trust, have been negligent beyond any form of a reasonable doubt. These kinds of reckless and irresponsible actions taken by privileged, elitist, and incompetent bureaucrats reveal them to be nothing more than “do as I say, not as I do” assholes. They are bastards, and the media covering up for all of them makes them the same. It is a disgrace.

I think Marc Thiessen is right about this. You read stories like this and it just breaks your heart. In this particular case you have elitist bureaucrats (who, by the way, haven’t lost one paycheck since this whole Coronavirus thing started) making decisions that are destroying folks’ lives and businesses, and for what? To impose their patently illegal, tin-pot dictator orders upon a helpless populace? And all of this be executive order, as if everyone just has to take it up the a** because someone else says so? It’s a disgrace. As Charlie Camosy summarizes on his Twitter site:

Why don’t these facts lead the news? why aren’t LTC facilities and state officials hounded by investigative reporters? why isn’t our national COVID strategy geared toward protecting nursing homes?

No excuses: we knew from the beginning…outbreak started in a WA nursing home

This chart tells the real story, and it is a national disgrace. That last line is going to send a lot of people to jail and result in millions of dollars in criminal negligent wrongful death settlements with “blue” states that are already awash in debt due to corruption and mismanagement. And you think taxpayers from “red” states ought to bail these folks out? I. Don’t. Think. So.

I guarantee things are going to look a whole lot different in just a few weeks. As The Ramones sang, “the sun is out and I want some.” People aren’t going to stand for it, and rebellion is in the air. I just wish President Trump would be more vocal in his support for all these small businesses that are going under for no reason at all.

…people are then going to be able to look at how Democratic-led states handled the COVID-19 crisis and the actions they have taken and compare that to how Republican-led states did, and they will see it hasn’t been pretty. Of course, Democratic voters won’t care – they’re ignorant out of their blind hate for President Trump. But most independent and unaffiliated voters have a brain, and they won’t be so kind to the Democrats in their assessments. There is nothing good that has come out of this, but it sure has put a laser beam beam on the difference between historically corrupt and mismanaged states like New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, and California, and the rest of the country. It is a butcher’s bill that is long past due.

Seems to me Mark Kelly, currently the odds-on favorite to defeat Arizona senator Martha McSally in November, has some ‘splainin’ to do. If McSally’s campaign doesn’t ram this down the throats of Arizona’s voters with a series of concise, well-done television ads she’s more incompetent than I think she is.

I read this and I’m confused: after all Joe Biden, the mainstream media, Democrats, and CNN / MSNBC / NPR, et al, all have been telling me President Trump wants us all to die. Sounds like leadership to me.

Another spot-on Twitter post by the great Larry Schweikart. Personally, I’m still of the belief that anything and everything could happen between now and November, but since everyone else seems to be polling and prognosticating during a time of uncertainty and a national emergency, I’ll allow that I think he’s onto something.

Don’t look now, but the Biden campaign is imploding. When you have members of the media defending their own against a Democrat’s campaign operative you know you’re in trouble.

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May 13, 2020

Given the recent events of the past few days involving the release of transcripts clearly illustrating Obama administration officials deliberately lying to the media about “Russia collusion” involving the Trump campaign and what they testified to under threat of perjury before Congress. It’s pretty sickening stuff, considering how the Democrats and their political operatives in the mainstream media used the past three years to poison a large segment of the public in trying to convince them of something they knew never existed to begin with. If Democratic congressman Adam Schiff had any sense of shame he would resign in disgrace. But as we’ve seen with the Democrats and the media in this Trump era, there is no shame, and everything they do is designed to take the President out this November.

You watch this clip from “All The President’s Men” and it is hard not to see history repeating itself. Change the names from Haldeman and Nixon to then-CIA director John Brennan and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and consider the actions of FBI Director James Comey and agents Peter Strozk and Lisa Page, and all the pieces start to fit together. Simply put (and the truth will inevitably come out), the Obama administration had been conducting a vast amount of electronic surveillance against its political adversaries for years. Lots of folks are talking about FISA application abuse, but the FISA application was just one tool in their toolkit. They knew Lt. General Michael Flynn knew about this, and in order to: (1) keep the scope of their ongoing surveillance efforts hidden, and (2) continue that surveillance against incoming Trump administration officials with the goal of ultimately taking the President out, they went after Flynn without mercy. They concocted a scheme whereby Flynn’s words could be twisted into a document that would make Flynn appear to be lying in order to coerce him into pleading guilty for perjury and avoiding the FBI going after his son for cooked-up the Logan Act violations. In taking this extraordinary route it was clear removing Flynn as a roadblock to plans to remove Trump from office was of great interest to then-President Barack Obama.

This isn’t me pushing some conspiracy theory: Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse has laid it all out, step by step. Again, it is breathtaking in its scope, and is a must-read for anyone interested in just how corrupt our nation’s intelligence community both operated, and were allowed to operate, with Barack Obama’s complete knowledge and support.

I’m not sure, frankly, where this all goes from here. Sure, you have the ongoing investigations authorized by Attorney General Bill Barr, but one can only imagine the kind of behind the scenes intrigue going on – after all there is a lot at stake here. But, it’s a virtual lock that, in the words of “Deep Throat” history is repeating itself, and when it came to the Obama administration, “Everyone is involved”. It’s sickening.

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May 6, 2020

Kudos to Alex Berensen for this set of tweets which serves as a perfect partner to my Monday post. Here are just a few in his series:

4/ In almost every state, between 50% and 80% of all deaths are of people in long-term care facilities. That fact affects hospitalizations because many of those people die so quickly they aren’t being hospitalized…

5/ But even more importantly, governors and public health officials are so busy scaring Karens that they ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS AND FOCUSING ON PROTECTING THE MOST VULNERABLE. Every nursing home should have state surveyors visiting every day…

6/ Every nursing home/long-term care facility should be at the highest priority for staff testing, and arguably testing should be required at least weekly. Every nursing home should have protocols so staff who see COVID residents are kept from non-COVID residents…

7/ No doubt experts in nursing home care and nosocomial infection prevention have lots of other smart suggestions. THIS IS WHERE WE SHOULD BE FOCUSING OUR TIME AND ENERGY. Instead we are engaged in an unimaginably expensive and destructive game of public health theater.

It has become increasingly clear to anyone with a brain (that excludes the mainstream media, BTW) that the COVID-19 virus has been most primarily lethal to a relatively small and focused population: our nation’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Which is why, increasingly, the current strategy of full-scale “lock-downs’ of states makes little sense and increasing focus needs to be getting our economy back on track for the good of everyone concerned. While the Democrats and their political operatives in the mainstream media love to portray this as an “all or nothing” approach (and their view would be nothing, the better to leave our economy in ashes) anyone with a brain can see we as Americans can, after all, walk and chew gum at the same time.

Unlike the talking heads on the cable news networks, I’m not going to finger-point at anyone – most especially the governors of New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, and California – on this; most assuredly they have all made grievous mistakes that have contributed greatly to the number of deaths in their states’ nursing homes, but the fact remains they, and everyone else, were relying on experts’ models as a guideline in the absence of precious little actual data – models that have turned out to be wildly inaccurate in every sense.

That being said, the fact remains that COVID-19 deaths have been heavily weighted towards “blue” states, and, as David Catron writes in The American Spectator, not without justification:

There is only one reliable metric that reveals how likely you are to die from COVID-19 in a given state, and it isn’t what you’re seeing in the legacy media.

…A far more predictive metric is “death rate per million.” Why? Testing is far more consistent for fatal cases. By this measurement, you are probably more likely to die from Coronavirus if you live in a blue state rather than one of its scarlet counterparts.

If you live in New Jersey, you are 13 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than if you live in Florida. The Garden State’s death rate per million is 895.2, according to the RealClearPolitics Coronavirus tracker, compared to only 65.1 deaths per million for Florida. This disparity can’t be written off to demography or testing. Florida has a huge elderly population, and it has conducted twice as many tests as New Jersey.

…red states that refused to issue any stay-at-home orders at all have experienced even fewer Coronavirus deaths per million than Florida: Arkansas (26.5), Iowa (59.6), Oklahoma (60.1), Nebraska (40.3), Utah (15.6), North Dakota (32.8), South Dakota (23.7), and Wyoming (12.1).

How have the blue states that [Florida governor Ron] DeSantis singled out …fared? Not so well. The District of Columbia has a death rate per million of 365.6. Maryland’s fatality per million is 217.8. New Jersey, as discussed above, clocks in at 895.2 per million. New York is by far the worst in the nation with a fatality rate of 1,282.2 per million. Connecticut has a death rate per million of 716.9. Massachusetts is at 588.5 deaths per million. And there is Michigan, of course, where Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s lockdown has produced a death rate of 414.0 per million.

This is not to say absolutely that being a “red” or “blue” state is the determinant factor – other factors include population density, use and reliance on mass transportation, and the % of African-Americans in those states (the African-American community having been hit very hard as well) – but what Catron’s column (at least in my opinion) alludes to is the great disservice “blue state” public health organizations have done to their residents in their greatest time of need. And my guess (actually it’s not a guess at all) is that the public health organizations in these states (and in addition to the above I will add Massachusetts), much like the rest of the state government apparatus, has always been a cesspool of corruption, mismanagement, and patronage.

I have zero doubt that it will be seen that, not only were these states’ public health organizations not on the ball, they didn’t even know what game they were supposed to be participating in. Here is what I would like to know: prior to COVID-19, what were budgets for these states’ public health organizations? How much administrative overhead was there? What were their primary areas of focus? I think it’s pretty clear none of the above had to do with preparing for a public health emergency like a COVID-19. But go ahead, Democrats, liberals, and you loons in the mainstream media: blame President Trump for your own reckless incompetence and malfeasance. The liberal left can accuse President Trump of having blood on his hands all they want: when the final review of how this pandemic was handled at both the federal and state levels, it will be these “blue state” public health officials whose hands are dripping in the blood of the most vulnerable trusted to their care. How these officials can sleep at night is beyond me.

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May 5, 2020

Enough of the gloom and doom!

…and here’s something that will also bring a smile to your face.
(Hat tip: Larry Schweikart.

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May 4, 2020

Well, it’s another new non-work week here at Goodboys Nation weblog. I finally decided to file for unemployment; I don’t think much is going to come from it, but hey, ya never know. Got my first response from a slew of online job applications from a local pool retail supply store, so we’ll see where that goes. I have my first webinar with the outplacement services company my employer signed me up for, but I gotta say (at least at this time) I’m gonna draw a line in the sand at any job where I would have to commute into a real bona fide business office more than once a week. Just the thought of it gives me the heebie-jeebies. Sure, the money would be better than any part-time retail store gig but that’s just not where my priorities lie right now. Of course, things could change but right now I’m really trying to stay and live in the moment.

But that’s not the purpose of this post. It’s not a rant by any stretch of the imagination: I’m just asking questions here.

This Tyler O’Neil column at PJ Media is a must-read. For me, here are the money parts:

Early estimates of the COVID-19 death rate, cited to justify the lockdowns, have proven far too pessimistic. In March, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated a 3.4 percent fatality rate and Dr. Anthony Fauci estimated that the fatality rate of the coronavirus was about 2 percent. As PJ Media’s Matt Margolis reported, at least five studies have placed the death rate below 1 percent, confirming President Donald Trump’s hunch.

…Both social learning and mini-cascades shine a light on how news of the coronavirus’ danger spread. As states with coronavirus hot spots reacted, other states followed suit, preparing for outbreaks of their own.

Yet the political slant is also extremely significant, especially considering the different ways state and local officials have carried out their lockdowns. Greenville, Miss. Mayor Errick Simmons notoriously defended his ban on drive-in church services that led to parishioners facing $500 fines. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to “permanently” close churches and synagogues unless they comply with his orders — and he issued a disgusting threat to the Jewish community in particular. Andy Berke, mayor of Chattanooga, Tenn., banned drive-in church services even though Tennessee’s governor permitted them. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear dispatched the State Police against a church hosting a drive-in service. Police in Virginia threatened a pastor with a year in jail for hosting a socially-distanced church service, enacting Gov. Ralph Northam’s order.

All these political leaders belong to the same party: the Democratic Party. Not all of the onerous coronavirus restrictions that violate religious freedom have been issued by Democrats, but there is a disturbing correlation between the left-wing party and crisis orders that single out churches, synagogues, and mosques. It seems one party is more likely than the other to think of religion as less than “essential,” and much of that animus traces back to the mistaken idea that religion (Christianity in particular) and science are in conflict.

…Liberals often use “science” as a talking-point to advocate their agendas, even if those agendas arguably conflict with the best science (see abortion, climate predictions, and transgender activism). It appears the tide of science is turning on coronavirus lockdowns, and Democrats are not adjusting with it. As Republicans suggest plans to slowly reopen America while preserving tight social-distancing measures, Democrats insist that the full lockdowns must continue.

While the lockdowns began as a public health measure, their continued extension appears to have more to do with power than safety.

I was thinking about the absurdity of these “one size fits all” state lock-downs that are going on around the country right now, and I’m both appalled and frustrated at the lack of common business sense and human ingenuity that surely someone ought to have at our state and local governance levels. Let me offer my example, I’m sure any of y’all could think of your own:

I was thinking about this on Saturday when I went by the PGA TOUR Supertore down the street (closed) on my way over to Lowe’s (open) for a plant stake to bolster up a recalcitrant miniature date palm and my local Fry’s (open) for groceries. Inside Lowe’s there had to have been at least a hundred, perhaps two hundred folks working and shopping. Inside the Fry’s there were hundreds of folks food shopping. I’d guess the ratio of masked to unmasked folks in both places being, oh, 40/60. So why is the Lowe’s and the Fry’s open and the PGA TOUR Superstore closed? Let’s forget for a moment what kind of business is deemed to be “essential” vs. “non-essential” – in my view, that’s nothing more than a straw man argument, entirely subjective, and based on some criteria devised by some bow-tied, bum-kissing state employee who doesn’t have to worry about his or her next paycheck anytime soon.

…I mean, even on its most busy day and time (let’s say Saturday or Sunday morning): why, I’ll bet if there are hundred souls total inside at any given point in time you’d be surprised. And it’s not as if your average PGA TOUR Superstore is some cramped, dimly-lit hole in the wall – these are as much a big “box store” as any Lowe’s or Home Depot. You’ve got half a dozen or more hitting bays (all “safely” distanced, BTW). You’ve got wide aisles with all kinds of golf equipment spaced out and a putting area easy to monitor for “safe distance”. So why are PGA TOUR Superstores closed?

Surely, there must be some genius in (in this particular case) the Arizona state or Chandler city governments who could easily assess the “safety” of any given business (PGA TOUR Superstore or otherwise) by an onsite inspection and/or by whipping up a metric as to how many people you could safely allow inside that would enable it to stay open “safely” and, y’know, generate income for its employees and tax revenue for the city and state, isn’t there? Like, I dunno, take the square footage of any particular establishment and divide it into six-foot quadrants or something like that to determine how “safe” it is for x number of folks to shop?

I don’t think what I am saying here is anything controversial. It makes zero sense – at least to me – why this “one size fits all” criteria is being used, in Arizona or anywhere else. Since I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, I have to figure it all comes down to the following: (1) gross incompetence, (2) intellectual laziness, and/or (3) herd mentality – why, that state over there is doing x, we should therefore do x. Certainly, as taxpayers and citizens we should expect – and deserve – better from our state’s governance.

Once all of this is over and wreckage of our economy and people’s lives and livelihoods is analyzed and assessed to what could have been done better at all levels of government we’re going to find out just how ill-served we have all been served by not just the federal government (most particularly, the CDC and the FDA) but a vast majority of our state governors and our public health officials. Look, I don’t expect a governor – Republican or Democrat – to know how to implement an effective response strategy in the face of a public health emergency where the data needed to make meaningful decisions isn’t available or is hard to correlate, but I would expect every state’s public health department to have at least the general contours of what an effective strategy would look like without having to implement a knee-jerk, “one size fits all” lock-down.

Think about what a draconian measure this is, and how needless it is. After all, every business that opens in any state has to provide various kinds of information in order to be certified for opening; there are any number of regulations any business has to follow or provide in order to open (signage, for instance). Certainly included in these regulations are (or should be) information relating to type of business, physical plant size, and the number of employees. And it’s this same kind of information that could (and should) be used to make intelligent decisions about how that business could continue to operate in the face of a public health emergency of any size or kind instead of having it wrecked by a knee-jerk action taken out of fear and zero common sense.

Certainly as citizens of whatever state we all happen to reside in we should expect this kind of measured response and level of competence from our elected leaders. But what do I know? I’m just a dumb, newly-filed member of the unemployed.

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May 3, 2020

All over the country the natives are getting restless and people are starting to push back against the so-called “public health experts” who haven’t been right about a single thing yet when it comes to this Coronavirus pandemic and the mainstream media narrative supporting totalitarian tin-pot despots in Democratic-controlled states and cities across the country. President Trump has been right all along: the mainstream media is the enemy of people: these folks have little interest in the lives and livelihoods of small business owners across the country; they have a narrative to push (their hatred of President Trump), and they don’t care who or how many people’s lives are ruined in order to push that narrative.

Can you imagine the outcry if a Republican had said this? Dude’s lucky that he’s still protected in two ways: (1) he’s a Democrat, and (2) he’s African-American. All he has lost is the seat he resigned (and rightly so). Had he been a Republican his life and his family’s would have been ruined from the resulting non-stop media outrage.

…and likewise this. Why are Democrats and liberals such hateful people? Why, I always thought liberalism was all about tolerance, acceptance and diversity!

I don’t know whether Tara Reade’s accusations are accurate or not, but here are a couple of thoughts:

1. The hypocrisy of Democrats, liberals, and feminists is now out there for everyone to see (not that it will matter much – after all, these people are shameless).

2. You can bet that if Reade’s accusations are deemed to be true, the media will then do everything it can to hone in on President Trump and all prior accusations against him of a similar nature. The problem with that strategy, however, would be twofold: (1) Were something like this going to hurt Trump it would have hurt him in 2016. It didn’t. People know what they have with Trump and are willing to ride with it; (2) even if the accusations against Trump were true, they took place when he was a private citizen. In Reade’s case they involve a sitting U.S. senator; therefore, it be a gross (in more ways than one) betrayal of the public trust. You cannot in any way compare the two.

Heard a funny line on the radio today: the COVID-19 virus obviously doesn’t have anything on Hollary Clinton – if it had it would have been dead within a week.

The prediction here is that Biden survives this battle, but he’s going to increasingly be seen as losing the war. Not only was his performance on “Morning Joe” abysmal, but it was abysmal as a performance given under the absolute best circumstances. Look, he had to know in advance the kinds of questions Mika Brzezinski was going to ask him, and he still couldn’t understand the gist of what she was asking. I mean, sure, her questions were pointed, but they were softball questions Biden should have been able to hit out of the park. Instead, he looked like a deer caught in the headlights on more than one occasion.

…no matter who he ends up picking for a VP, Biden’s problem is going to similar to that of Hillary Clinton’s in 2016: the more he is seen, the lower his approval ratings will go. The issues shared by he and Clinton against President Trump are staggeringly similar: you have a career Washington politician bought and paid for by virtually every special interest you can imagine and a committed globalist running against an outsider who – like him or not – shakes things up and puts the country first.

…in 2016 Biden would have destroyed Trump had he run, but 2020 is going to be far different. The most obvious difference is the noticeable decrease Biden’s general appearance and mental acuity: he’s only three years older than Trump but looks and acts as if he is thirteen years older. Secondly, after everything this country has gone through involving China and the World Health Organization, anyone running to return to the Obama doctrine of globalism is going to be running against a pretty stiff headwind. You can bet dollars to doughnuts Trump’s campaign is going to wrap China and the WHO around Biden’s throat, and the evidence is going to be extremely damning.

…one final thought on the Biden campaign: I just don’t see where young progressive liberals and Democrats go come November. After all, it’s not as if Biden is an electrifying candidate. Say what you want about Trump voters: they will crawl miles over broken glass to re-elect the President. I have a hard time believing Bernie voters and young progressives are going to feel the same way about voting for the likes of old, petrifying Washington swamp creatures like Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. The enthusiasm gap is going to be monstrous.

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April 30, 2020

For those about to fly we salute you. Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on hopeful developments like this instead of disingenuous garbage like this and this?

Answer: (1) Because the mainstream media sucks, and (2) they would have to admit that Donald Trump wasn’t a loon and asking the right questions after all. As usual.

The answer to this question is yes. Let those who are willing to accept living like a bunch of sheep under states and/or cities poorly run and recklessly-managed cesspools of corruption under totalitarian, socialist tin-pot dictators go. Why should taxpayers under states effectively managed and capably run have to bail out such tomfoolery?

…and speaking of cesspools of corruption, Massachusetts is a joke. Any moron with half a brain would be able to devise a solution where golf courses could open safely through self-imposed social distancing – recommend the use of pull carts or limit riders to singles and advise caution in how they walk and play with each other. It’s really not that hard. But then again, it does require some ingenuity and – more importantly – a desire to open up the economy. Something Charlie Baker (a RINO Republican) seems afraid to do.

…in the end, the number of deaths due to the COVID-19 virus is going to have to in some way take into account those considered normal to a “normal” flu (for example, those who didn’t get a flu shot – recognizing, of course, the relative effectiveness of a flu shot any given year), and those considered “entirely preventable”. When all is said and done I’ll bet you the majority of the nursing home deaths in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and California will be found to be the latter. And Andrew Cuomo, the so-called “hero” governor of New York, is going to look like shit. Here’s just another reason. Unconscionable. These assholes have blood on their hands, and I cannot wait for the civil lawsuits that will be forthcoming. You thought New York was bankrupt in the ’70s? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

At least in my healthcare IT company my bonus was announced before folks like me got laid off. But, yeah, the same outrage applies. And things haven’t gotten better since I was let go. Remember, in this day and age senior management always takes care of themselves and screws the little guy. Maybe it has always been that way. Unfortunately, you can only teach ethics, you can’t enforce them. It’s a part of capitalism I hate, but Elizabeth Warren-esque alternatives where the government advises how private corporations should be run is not acceptable either.

Let me go on record as saying I believe Tara Reade’s accusations, but I don’t want “Slo’ Joe” going anywhere. I want him at the top of the Democratic ticket with either Kamala Harris or Stacy Abrams as his running mate. Trust me, “Slo’ Joe” is going to be twisted and turned in a thousand ways between now and Election Day – every big-money donor with an agenda knows the guy is borderline senile and incapable of putting out a platform of his own. The activists will tear him and his campaign apart like wolves on a wounded sheep.

…as will the Trump campaign. They will be merciless.

After posting this article, CNN should not be allowed within range of the White House for any reason whatsoever. Given China’s known involvement and behavior with the COVID-19 pandemic, this is not only ill-advised but borderline treasonous because it gives comfort to the enemies of this country. Not that I would ever advise how Woodrow Wilson would have handled this kind of things, but… CNN should be ashamed of themselves, but they’re so friggin’ dumb that they don’t know how to even be ashamed.

This drivel from The Atlantic (a no-longer-relevant loony bin for failed journalists) gives you an idea of what those of us who see things both clearly and rationally are up against. The liberal left has gone completely off the deep end.

Note the latest increase in reported COVID-19 deaths are all from Democratic-led states (except for Massachusetts, which, run by RINO Charlie Baker might as well be run by a Democrat). Geez, given the above, I wonder why that is? The reason is Democratic governors (and Charlie Baker) have little concern for the lives of senior citizens. A certain Goodboy wants to blame it all on Donald Trump; I would argue that if you are a Democratic (or RINO) governor you’re greatest responsibility is to the most vulnerable in your state. You have failed.

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April 29, 2020

Have we reached a point of no return where the Coronavirus hysteria and freak show perpetrated by the mainstream media and know-it-all scaredycats who put their unconditional trust in over-hyped models by so-called “experts” (who have never been right about anything, at any time) in the absence of honest data has reached it’s apex?

One would hope so. After all, states led by their governors are starting to open up, and we will all know soon enough whether COVID-19 turns out to be nothing more than an average flu season (or perhaps even less), now that it’s a virtual given that this Coronavirus has been in the general population far longer than originally thought and therefore much less deadly. Anecdotal evidence is already out there. And don’t give me that bullshit about not caring about the number of people who have died – of course, it has been been tragic, but as it will be seen, many of these deaths would have been entirely preventable were it not for reckless incompetence on the part of Democratic state governors like Andrew Cuomo who, through direct or indirect action, enabled the virus into nursing homes where it could run amok amongst the most vulnerable and most helpless. (This is all starting to come out, BTW, and “blue state” governors like Cuomo, California’s Gavin Newsom, and New Jersey’s Phil Murphy are going to have to account for their actions.)

Even now, you have Democratic governor-led states like California arresting people on the beach and threatening to hunt down persons reported by snitches – talk about your “Russia collusion”! Can we all finally agree that when it comes to personal freedoms Democratic governors are nothing but tin-pot dictators running their states like the socialists and totalitarians they’ve aspired to be for so long?

…And does anyone honestly believe anything the CDC says after their abysmal performance performance during this crisis? These people were incompetent when their expertise and competence were needed the most. But that’s the federal government for you.

I’ll tell you this – and I’m making the safe assumption (at least in my mind) that the private sector knows a helluva lot more about how best to open up their businesses safely and gradually, and that in less than two months’ time you’ll have outright war between “blue state” business owners looking at the freedom their “red state” cohorts have been given as a result of the competence and wisdom of their Republican governors. Then all hell will start breaking loose.

Of course, if and when this happens, President Trump and his administration will still get zero credit for their actions and responses during February, March, and April while the Democrats (primarily led by Nancy “Antoinette” Pelosi and her cohorts) will in retrospect look like the cowardly incompetents they have been. There ought to be a price paid here, both in the hysterics pushed by the mainstream media in the worst possible way while ignoring the courage and sacrifices made by the American people. You certainly won’t hear anything like that from the sniveling, cowering snowflakes at CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the mainstream news networks, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the increasingly-moronic Never-Trumpers, but average folks out there have a funny way of knowing what is bullshit and what isn’t – the reprehensible performance of the White House press corps during this crisis and social media have taken care of that.

There hasn’t been since the Civil War a nation so divided: one in which people live their lives in absolute, numbing fear of the loss of one life due to the taking of any risk of any kind – folks who have lost all sense of proportion; the other who sees the reality of where we are from where we’ve come and the bigger threat to their personal freedoms posed by government, big tech, and the national and local media – you know, the adults in the room. And by the time August and September come around, the group that has believed all the hype and hysteria pushed by the mainstream media and incompetent tin-pot Democratic dictators will have to make their minds up as to who was right and whose lives and livelihoods have been irreparably harmed over petty politics and the theory that you never let a good crisis go to waste. As Conrad Black writes in the American Spectator:

Despite all the unctuous asseverations that nothing will be the same again and that this is a human crisis that must unite the country, it is mainly political and rather tawdry politics at that. The anti-Trump media whipped up a state of frenzy and panic with no real evidence of the medical danger, initially to set the president up for responding inadequately. When he instead responded very effectively, they shifted course and without commending him on the lockdown, said that because he hadn’t developed testing capabilities quickly enough, the lockdown must be long enough to give the Democrats a chance of winning the election. (An economic depression on the scale of some plague from the Old Testament is all that could put Joe Biden into the White House.)

In fact, testing only establishes whether a person has, or has had, the coronavirus up to the time of testing. It is no magic bullet, but it has enabled extensive research that permits us to estimate the scale of this problem. Extensive recent testing indicates that in the “hot spot” of New York, more than 20 percent of New Yorkers have had the coronavirus, but fewer than half of those realized it.

There will always be those who will not allow anything done or said by President Trump to be given any credit, but I have a feeling that there are a lot of others who will come to see that the President and his administration were dealt a bad hand by Communist China and through no fault of his own, but did the best they could in response to it. One thing’s for sure: the American people aren’t going to forget what the Chinese, the WHO, Big Tech, and their accomplices in both the Democratic Party and the mainstream media have done to their lives. Nothing will ever be the same.

To that end, This is a must-watch video. It got taken down by YouTube, but if you want to know the thoughts of real doctors who have been on the front lines of this pandemic. For reasons unknown YouTube took it down (hmmm…I wonder what their agenda is?) so I encourage you to share it with your friends. You’ll be doing them a huge favor in helping to tamp down all the hysteria being shoved down your throats by our collective throats by the mainstream media, whose only interest is to extend this madness and keep the economy closed enough in time for November’s presidential election.

Hat tip to Instapundit and Powerline blog for a number of these links!

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April 27, 2020

Joe Dan Gorman’s “Intellectual Froglegs” is everything you need to watch today.

Screw the models – the data sucks.

Screw the experts – they’ve never been right, and they have never been held accountable.

We’ve all been hoodwinked, we’re a bunch of pussies led by the nose by a bunch of scaredy-cat “experts”.

The media sucks. As Joe Dan so accurately says, “The virus is the media, and the media is the virus.”

Screw the media. Grab your life, it belongs to you.

Love life.

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April 18, 2020

As yesterday’s post title went, we won’t get flu’d again.

Ed. note: If you don’t like salty language, best y’all find another post because I’ve had it up to here. The so-called “health experts” have never gotten anything right, so why should we believe them now?

It’s the last of the Coronavirus Crackdown” weekend for us. Before I continue, I’m linking to yet another post from Powerline blog’s John Hinderaker, who has been looking at the “real numbers” and thus has a sense as to where we are as far as this crisis stands. Here is the gist of his post:

…there is growing evidence that many more Americans have had COVID-19 than has generally been thought. Reuters reports that of the sailors on board the COVID-stricken aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, 60% of those who tested positive for the virus were asymptomatic. This is a higher percentage than was previously estimated by Dr. Fauci, 25%-50%. The Reuters reporter doesn’t seem to understand that this is good news, for two reasons.

First, it means that the fatality rate for COVID-19 is lower than most have believed. I think the balance of evidence so far is that the Wuhan virus is somewhat more lethal than the usual seasonal flu, but of the same order of magnitude. It is possible, however, that it may prove to be no worse, statistically, than the average flu.

…Next, IHME updated its model today. The new projection is more optimistic, with 60,308 U.S. COVID deaths. That is a positive, although I don’t think the IHME model is any more reliable than any of the others. More good news for those who (like me) live in Minnesota: IHME has lowered its fatality projection for our state from 656 to 195. How’s that for progress? Given that the prior projection was all of four days old, this kind of radical revision obviously does not create confidence in the model. But the new prediction is undoubtedly more accurate than the old one.

…Currently, global COVID deaths are just under 30% of the average for a seasonal flu bug, per the WHO. Those numbers are likely wrong, because China and Iran have almost certainly underreported their fatalities. If we assume that China’s true fatality number is ten times what it tells the WHO, and Iran’s is three times, then total global fatalities from COVID-19 would be 41% of an average flu season, so far.

For the U.S., according to CDC, the COVID-19 deaths to date equal 53% of the deaths from seasonal flu two yeas ago.

COVID-19 is a disease, and there nothing good to be said about diseases. But today’s news is generally positive.

Keep in mind, this is why we have chosen to destroy our entire economy and the livelihoods of millions of people over.

OK, I need to get my haircut, so we’re going to Tracey’s hairdresser who is now working out of her house. And I’ll make sure she gets a damned big fat tip for doing so. I’ve had enough, and it’s clear that all around this country folks have had enough. We’ve been hood-winked by “the experts”; like after the curtain drawn away from the Wizard; as a people we now know the power is in our hands.

…even the most stupid and moronic governors can see the current is against them.

Of course, EVERY new INFECTION and EVERY new death will now be blamed on President Trump. You know the media is thirsting for it, can’t wait to highlight every death they can find. They’re all a bunch of vile, reprehensible ghouls. F**k them.

…you listen to the local news broadcasts around here and they’re all in a froth about “the surge of new cases” and how the number of death in Arizona has reached (gasp!) 169. Look, I’m not belittling the number – every one of those victims had family and friends who mourn their passing. But Arizona has more than 7.2 MILLION residents. Like they say, DO THE MATH.

So we’re finally starting to get some real numbers associated with real testing, and guess what? We appear at this point to have shut down an economy and dpity estroyed people’s lives and livelihoods out of something that may (may, of course, being the operative word) be no more deadly than a bad flu season.

This is how a true leader leads. F**k the globalists. Put your power and your money in the hands of those who can do the work better and for less money. From now on things will never be the same.

I think this Twitter thread by Larry Schweikart is spot on as far as his view of the way events are taking over. You know, they say a good way to judge the true measure of people is how they act in the face of adversity. And throughout this crisis you can tell the difference between those governors who who whine, moan, and complain (you know who they are because they’re typically making headlines by whining and complaining), and those who know how to run their states with a steady hand. You can also tell the states that have been competently run (Texas, Florida, and Arizona are three that come to mind), and those that have not, like New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Michigan.

So what to the four states mentioned above have in common? 1) They’re heavily Democratic states run by Democratic governors, and 2) they’re heavily unionized states and cesspools of corruption. The third thing these states have in common is that each of these governors have run their states during this crisis like tin-pot dictators and/or have run them into the ground financially. Sure, you can say each of these states feature dense populations (or at least pockets of dense populations), but in my mind that would be all the more reason to have your state’s public health officials prepared for anything that comes along rather than wield executive power for the purposes of politics and patronage.

…the same holds true for New York City’s corrupt and incompetent mayor. Hey DeBlasio, take your little socialist, totalitarian, crackpot brain and GO SCREW!

Here’s another way to judge how folks are acting in times of crisis: 1) Gather around you a team of experts and rely on their help and expertise in making decisions for the ultimate good of the country, or 2) treat things as business as as usual or seek to exploit the crisis as a means to further one’s political agenda. I always thought “San Fran Nan” Pelosi had sharp political instincts, but what’s she’s doing here shows she lost her fastball a long time ago.

President Trump is 100% correct on this – there is zero reason why Congress shouldn’t be in session and working around the clock with the Senate and the administration to help the American people out. The fact she’s spending this time showing off how tone-deaf she is (freezers of boutique ice cream while folks can’t get their PPP checks?) and resisting bringing Congresss back into session is an act of political cowardice and incompetence beyond the pale.

…look, even if you’re a die-hard Democrat you have to admit the optics on this are horrible. I honestly don’t know what she’s trying to do here; anyone with the bare minimum of political instincts would be imploring her to get the Congress to get back to work instead of arm-chair quarterbacking the President.

One final note, and most critical. Per Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse:

Rebellion against unilateral and authoritarian power is America. Rebellion or push-back against non-representative government is the thread that connects the varying patchwork of our constitutional republic. Protest is so critical to our nation that it is protected within the very first amendment to our constitution.

Let the rebellion begin. Enough is enough.

…but enough of this friggin’ Corovirus. Play this loud (wait for it).

…oh screw that, play this even louder. The Beatles as you’ve never heard them before, and live.

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