August 12, 2011

Is it just me, or are the broadcast “spectacles” that now serve as televised political debates tiresome and annoying? You get a big auditorium filled with partisans whooping and hollering for their candidates, you get these podiums lined up in front of swirling colors, and candidates attached to them looking like a bunch of freakin’ monkeys on display at a zoo. You got two or three people (or more) asking questions that you have to try and answer substantially in less than a minute’s time, and if you want to question another candidate you have to look over the heads of two or three other candidates (or more). I mean, it’s ridiculous format – if you’re a candidate vying for elected office, all you are is an answering machine tryng to spit out talking points fast; if you’re a voter, you’re not getting any sense of the person behind the politician.

For tonight’s Iowa debate, these problems were compounded by the sheer number of candidates. With so many people you could never get a sense of any kind of rhythm to the evening; it was a total mess. And the fact that, with all the problems involving our massive deficit not one – not one! – question about how each candidate would tackle the issue of Social Security and Medicare is beyond belief. I would have expected more from the Fox News and the Washington Examiner panel. Instead, we got a lot of questions attempting to provoke one candidate against another, and only Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich seemed able to stay above the fray with any success.

When you have this many candidates perhaps a better format would have been all of them sitting around a table and just hashing out their own views to each other in a more conversational fashion – at least that way you’d end up covering more ground, and let the candidates be themselves a little bit more. Perhaps at this stage of the game it really doesn’t matter – after all, it’s still way way too early for these events to begin with. Maybe the media cares who wins the Iowa straw poll fifteen months ahead of the 2012 presidential election, but I sure don’t and I doubt most people do as well. Call me after the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire and the South Carolina primaries in January, then we’ll have something do discuss.

Nevertheless, the question is who won and who lost? More accurately, who bettered their current position and who didn’t? Here are my quick thoughts on each one:

Rick Santorum – not impressive. Has this weird quirky smile. While I respect his pro-life position defending his position of prosecuting doctors who perform abortions is absurd. He didn’t help himself or hurt himself, he was just taking up podium space.

Herman Cain – he helped himself tonight by staying focused on his role as businessman and jobs creator. He’s not presidential timber, but he’d make a great VP pick for someone.

Michele Bachmann – Pawlenty went after her pretty good tonight and hurt her – a lot. She showed her relative inexperience by taking Pawlenty’s bait and going off the reservation on particular votes she made as a state legislator (who cares?) and worse, she fell back on the same talking points she’s been using for weeks about congressional legislation she either proposed, voted for, or voted against. Showing that, while the darling of many Tea Party activists, she’s not very influential in congress. She’s not presidential timber yet, but she’d make a great VP candidate for someone.

Ron Paul – What can I say, the guy is nuts. But I’m sure he helped himself immensely tonight, inserting himself into every discussion point that came up. Although I agree with him as far as decoupling ourselves from all the foreign military engagements we presently find ourselves in, he’s off the wall. Not that it will, but if it were to come down to Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama, I’m staying home.

Tim Pawlenty – I think he hurt himself big tonight by going after Bachmann. Had a funny line about offering to cook someone dinner or mow their lawn if they could show him Barack Obama’s plans for Socioal Security and Medicare, and if he left it at that it might have been the highlight of the debate. Instead he used it to make a crack about (I guess) Romney’s wealth, and it came off as petty, as were his non-stop attacks on Bachmann were. If he wanted to show how “tough” he could be by attacking Bachmann, it failed. All he came across as is churlish. He turned me off, I’m guessing others will feel the same way.

Mitt Romney – he helped himself tonight by staying above the political attacks. He’s sharp, but comes across as weirdly detached in some way. Still, I think his message about being a businessman resonates. Wish he’d talk more about how he rescued the Salt Lake City Olympics; there’s a real story of accomplishment there.

Newt Gingrich – Newt also helped himself tonight, especially when he pointed out the “gotcha” journalism being practiced by Fox’s Chris Wallace, whose repeated attempts to get the candidates to attack one another was annoying beyond belief. Newt came off as statesman-like, but he has way too much baggage to ever get the GOP nod.

Jon Huntsman – Like Santorum, he was just there. He didn’t help himself or hurt himself, he didn’t do or say anything that would make you want to hear any more or any less of him.

As far as the GOP race is concerned, it’s still way too early, and with Texas Governor Rick Perry and Sarah Palin due into the race at any time, that’s where you will see the race start to take shape. These are just the warm-up acts; it will be a Romney-Perry-Palin race by the time it’s all over, and tonight’s debate will be a long-forgotten blip on the too-early 2012 election scene.

Do we really have fifteen more months of this before us?

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August 10, 2011

Great news from Wisconsin tonight, as the GOP retained control of the state Senate in the face of six recall elections by a bunch of loony, drum-beating, hatred-spewing juveniles (also known as the public-sector unions), who saw a whopping $30 million dollars (thirty million!) of union dues invested in the effort go down in flames.

Y’know, I’m no ace in mathematics, but thirty million dollars can buy an awful lot of books and educational materials for the so-called “children of our future” these unions claim to care so much about.

As is usual with the public-sector unions (and liberals in general), all they really care about is themselves and amassing their own political power. Well, the people of Wisconsin told the public-sector unions to go screw tonight, and the hope is that one, or perhaps two, of their own will recalled in the Democratic recall elections scheduled for next week. A commenter over at tonight’s Hot Air open thread, I think, put the significance of what this means going forward will be when he wrote:

It is a win because it proves 2010 was not a fluke, the dems thought that 2010 was a one off and that the historic election was not what it appears to be a total rejection of Obama. Many good and some bad GOPers were elected in that wave election. By retaining the control of the Senate the GOP proves that 2010, far from being a fluke, was in fact real and that WI is now in play and a swing state in 2012. If Obama has to worry about a state he won by 14 pts in 2008 he is in massive trouble.

Add in the fact that the dems blew through $30 million trying to take back control and it was a major lose for them. It would have been more major if the debt deal wasn’t signed and Obama and the dems didn’t have the ability to replenish their slush funds but still a major victory for the GOP.

It also proves the RINOs [Ed. note: Republicans in Name Only, like John McCain] wrong that said that poking the dems and fighting the unions were a bad move and that [WI governor] Walker and the GOP should have compromised.

the dems will spin it how they will. they aren’t going to come out and tell you they got their butts handed to them but they know. they are in massive trouble and the more Obama is around the bigger their defeat in 2012 will be if we get the right nominee.

All I can say to that is “Amen, brother, Amen!”

This is a great night for the taxpayers of Wisconsin and for those who favor the rule of law and the results of elections over mob rule. Most importantly, it’s a great night for the mature, level-headed adults of this nation. As I’ve written previously, this country needs to grow up, and beating the public-sector unions and their Socialist (actually, Communist) leadership and their nanny state agenda at every opportunity brings us as a nation closer to that goal.

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August 9, 2011

No, I’m not talking about the 2012 budget negotiations due to begin when Congress returns from its August recess (although they could – and should – get pretty stormy). I’m talking about an even greater, more disturbing storm, that we may be seeing just the stirrings of in the random “flash mob” violence of African-American youths reported lately in Philadelphia, Chicago, and, most recently, at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Walter Russell Mead in The American Thinker writes of a coming catastrophe involving the African-American community at large as a result of being squeezed from all corners: 1) failed Great Society entitlement programs that have left the inner-cities desperate places after billions upon billions of dollars spent; 2) an immigration problem where, whether it be from legal or illegal immigration, the job market for African-Americans is getting further squeezed, and, riding above all this; 3) the failure of significant progress in the A-A community following the Civil Rights movment of the Sixties; 4) a federal government that has reached its limits in terms of being able to influence social policy through limitless domestic spending. Taken together, Mead writes that these have left the A-A community with a sense of disillusionment, desperation, and feeling trapped without any hope of a way out and a way up in America’s 21st century economic struggles.

Mead’s piece is a long piece but is worth the time and effort to read, although you’ll leave it feeling as disturbed about it as I did. To me, here are the money quotes:

The races are very far apart today; many whites believe that by electing a Black president the country has demonstrated its commitment to post racial politics and they expect Blacks to stop complaining about the past and start thriving in the glorious, racism-free paradise of America today. Many whites look at this Black success, and they think it is time to take down the affirmative action scaffolding that assisted the Black rise. Why, they ask, should the children of presidents and cabinet officers — to say nothing of celebrity offspring — benefit from racial preference in hiring and admissions?

For Blacks, especially those who haven’t made it into the elite, unemployment and the staggering losses in Black wealth during the Great Recession are far more consequential than the success of the Black upper crust. Much of White America thinks it has done all anyone could reasonably expect by opening the White House doors to a Black politician; much of Black America thinks little has changed. Many whites think Blacks have effectively used politics to win themselves jobs and preferences; many Blacks think that Black poverty in the age of Obama reveals how pitiful the results of political action really are.

Meanwhile other factors contribute to the growing disenchantment with the racial dimension of Great Society policy. Growing public perception that sixties liberalism doesn’t work undermines the consensus for sixties racial as well as immigration and economic policy. If, as seems likely, popular middle class entitlements must face cutbacks, benefits for the poor will suffer more.

Bad economic times not only make people less generous and more defensive when thinking about social policy; they undermine public confidence in the wisdom and/or trustworthiness of elites. A national political establishment forced to face the unsustainable nature of the fiscal path it has long followed is an emperor without clothes. Elite commitment to affirmative action and the rest of sixties race policy remains strong — but elites of all races are going to have less and less ability to control the direction of American social policy.

I think what Mead is saying here is the unintended (perhaps, although as I’ve written in this space before, I don’t think it’s unintended at all) rise of the Washington-induced “plantation state” that has done so much destruction to the African-American community. The multi-generational welfare state has bred dependency on the govenment to provide and stifled individual incentive and self-reliance. The decline (actually, the destruction) of the African-American family unit has created untold problems. The incessant increases in the minimum wage has closed the door of opportunity on thousands of inner-city black youth that could otherwise learn the lessons of capitalism and the importance of having a job and earning a wage. The resistance of the federal government when it comes to school choice, condeming black youth to poor education in under-performing inner-city public schools. All of these have left large sections of the African-American community with a sense of abandonment and hopelessness, reduced to being props by an elitist Democratic Party whose only interest in their well-being is their historical voting record.

Unfortunately, the only solution to all of this appears to be getting the economy moving again, but with a White House insistent upon playing the class and race card, and doubling down on legislation (read: Obamacare) and regulatory agencies that choke off public-sector job creation, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. So there is a tinderbox out there just waiting to be lit, and Mead sounds a warning that we avoid at our own peril.

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August 7, 2011

In yesterday’s post I wrote:

It’s high time this country grows up and realizes just where nearly eight decades of entitlement program and pork barrel spending by both Democrats and Republicans alike have brought this country’s economic situation to.

Glad to see someone like Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, someone whose writing and opinion I enjoy and deeply respect, is sounding a similar these in his post today:

What do we do know? It’s time to acknowledge that Ponzi schemes don’t work, and that entitlement programs are destined for collapse under current parameters. We can’t possibly tax enough to cover their costs; the problem in this case isn’t revenue as much as it is a lack of suckers on the front end of these schemes. They worked when the worker-to-beneficiary ratio was 16:1, but not when it’s 3:1 or less. Most Americans want a safety net for the elderly and the truly disabled, but in order to have that, we have to severely limit the pool of recipients to those who absolutely cannot work to support themselves, not to those who choose not to work to support themselves. Retirement needs to be self-funded, or not taken at all. We also need to revamp public-sector pension systems that threaten their own tidal waves of default at the state level to get on top of our national liabilities once and for all.

In short, we need to grow up and realize, as Robert Heinlein once instructed us, that there really ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Both Ed and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann are right in calling for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to resign, and hopefully by him doing so and through the resulting confirmation hearings for whomever President Obama nominates as his successor we can finally have an adult conversation about the fiscal mess we’ve gotten ourselves into and how the size, shape, and scope of the federal government needs to change to reduce the deficit and get this country back on solid economic footing. Perhaps that discussion and debate will have to wait until the 2012 presidential campaign gets under way, but yesterday’s news makes it certain that at least discussion will be had, and very soon.

Thank God for that, it’s freakin’ about time.

One other note about yesterday’s downgrade: you may not see any real evidence of it yet, but guarantee this means the apex of LBJ and the “Great Society” – liberalism’s view that government can, and should, be a nanny state taking care of all things for all people from birth to death – has finally, and thankfully, been reached. Endless extensions of unemployment benefits, entitlement programs careening towards bankruptcy without any caps, cuts, or means testing, job-choking regulations from unknown and unseen bureaucracies, well-intended programs designed to remove any kind of risk or unpleasantness from life, even Obamacare itself, they all have to go. There’s nothing left in the till.

It’s already a well-known fact you cannot raise taxes enough to reduce the deficit, let alone cover all the “creative” ways Washington can devise to spend the people’s money. Like one of those gossly obese teens and adults you inevitably come across on one of the Discovery Fit & Heath Channel reality shows, the time for radical treatment and the unpleasant consequences of such has arrived, and we as a people living in a nation that was founded on the principles of truly representative and limited govenment better grow up and get used to the fact that the gravy train is now officially off the rails.

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August 6, 2011

I know very little about financial houses and the way these kinds of things work, so I won’t comment about whether Standard and Poor’s was right, wrong, or misguided in their decision to drop the US’s AAA bond rating to AA+. What I will say is, because you simply cannot in this day and age separate the politics from the economic, this is a very big deal: no matter Barack Obama does for the rest of his presidency, he will go down in history as the President who, under his administration, saw the country’s bond rating drop for the first time in nearly a century.

It is a millstone around his neck that, no matter how much he doth protest, he owns. And he deserves it. Obama can claim that this is all Bush’s fault, but at some point the argument no longer washes, and today was that day. Enjoy it, sport, you earned it. And I believe this is what you wanted in the first place.

It’s not like The Great White Shank hasn’t been forewarning this kind of thing. I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative, any idiot would tell you that this country simply cannot keep spending money as if all you have to is keep printing it. You can’t keep kicking the can down the road; at some point either the can falls apart or you run out of road. And today, this country ran out of road.

I have no doubt that Obama / Pelosi / Reid (largely responsible for the mess we’re in, BTW) will decry “Wall Street” and try and shoot the messenger, but the fact is, in the last presidential campaign Wall Street Supported Barack Obama far and above any support they tossed John McCain’s way. And you can bet that in the coming days they’ll use this event as an opportunity to press their point for higher taxes as a way to close the deficit. But do you really want to raise taxes in the middle of a recession (because that’s what we’re in)?

In the end, what today’s downgrade illustrates more than anything else is the utter, total, and complete lack of leadership on the part of President Barack Obama. Not only do we now know this incompetent President has no clothes, but he has no clothes because he reached his credit limit at the local Kohl’s. Barack Obama and his Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner have mismanaged this country’s financial well-being to the point where the US has seen a historic drop in its credit rating. I would say Geithner should be fired, but he’s only taking orders from a President who has, from his first days in office, sought deliberately and overtly to destroy this country’s private sector for the sole purpose of expanding the federal government far beyond anything the original Founders ever conceived possible.

The socialist Barack Obama and his policies have finally been revealed to be an utter failure. Live with it, all you “hope and change”ers.

It’s high time this country grows up and realizes just how precarious nearly eight decades of entitlement program and pork barrel spending by both Democrats and Republicans alike have brought this country’s economic situation to. They have destroyed numerous African-American communities through broken families and abortion amounting to no less than genocide, now they seek to attempt the same through ridiculous extensions of unemployment benefits to others across the land. Yep, that’s what we need, more dependency!

And the President whose radical policies and agenda have no one to blame but themselves.

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August 5, 2011

I’m not going to the join the legions of talking heads on the cable news networks all in a panic about the stock market. Corrections are part of the business, and considering that whenever the market goes down provides ample opportunities for those looking to get in (and vice-versa) I have little doubt we’ll have our drop and then start working our way back up again.

That being said, should it come as any surprise that the market is tanking? I mean, how much bad news can one investor take? This economy is heading back into recession (if it ever climbed out of it to begin with), and it’s all because no one in their right mind would be trying to hire in the over-regulated and hostile environment the private sector finds itself trying to do business in these days. This country is awash with elitist bureaucrats attempting to control every facet of American society, and they’ll succeed if the sheep in this country let them.

NRO’s Victor Davis Hanson serves as the doctor-in-residence offering a cure to what ails this economy:

If the government were an individual household, the only way out would be to cut spending and find new sources of wealth. Given worldwide demand for food and fuel, and given recent quite astounding new finds of natural gas and oil in the Dakotas, the eastern seaboard, offshore, the American west, Alaska, and Canada, it seems that we should be hell-bent on recovering these high-value fuels through new drilling, refineries, and pipelines, including ways to power our heavy trucks and equipment on natural gas. We should be planting acre to acre and end nonsensical biofuel subsidies and artificial limitations on irrigation deliveries to California’s West Side and elsewhere in the West. We need a national manufacturing policy that prunes regulations and encourages investment here in the U.S., ceases talk of new taxes, repeals the trillion-dollar take-over of the health-care industry, and stops hectoring Boeing about opening a new facility or trying to shut down energy generation plants. Unemployment, food stamps, gargantuan debt, absorption of private companies, solar and wind subsidies, new environmental, labor, and financial regulations atop an existing labyrinth of red tape — all that has not led to new job creation or economic growth.

Only a private sector confident that of long-term government predictability and encouraged by a national culture that applauds manufacturing, energy and food production, and private health initiatives and reform can see us of this mess.

Sounds like a plan to me.

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August 2, 2011

Tea Party conservatives don’t like it.

Progressive Democrats call it a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich”.

Oftentimes, you know you’ve struck the correct balance when you have the so-called extremists on both side criticizing your agreement. In this case, however, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, this country (actually, this federal government) has a spending problem. Pure and simple. And every study worth its weight has shown you can take as much wealth as their is from those rich, greedy bastard corporations and those evil oil companies and you still won’t get eliminate our present national deficit, let alone fix the problem. Because the problem is federal spending. Giving money to the feds is like crack cocaine, all it creates is a desire for more. Until this basic fact is understood, we will continue to hurtle our way towards a future few, if any of us can comprehend.

Simply put, we are heading towards an economic catastrophe, and all Washington did was kick that dented, dirty and collapsing can down the road just a little bit more.

Republicans say it’s the best they could do, given the fact they only hold the House of Representatives. Perhaps.

Democrats say that the lack of increased revenue shows the President did a poor job at negotiating. I agree. When you have 47% of the country not paying any taxes it’s time to bring about legislation that puts everyone’s skin in the game. You get any kind of benefits from the feds or the state, you get taxed on it.

In the end, it matters little; we’re still on the road to economic catastrophe. As NRO’s Peter Kirsanow explains:

Under the latest “deal,” we are told, federal spending will be cut approximately $2.7 trillion. That’s false. We’re going to pretend to cut $2.7 trillion, which is somehow meant to be a greater achievement than pretending to cut $1.5 trillion, but not as great as pretending to cut $4 trillion, which is what the rating agencies would prefer. In reality (that benighted realm that exists outside the District of Columbia), spending will increase by about $6,000,000,000,000.

Members of the political class pat themselves on their backs for coming up with a deal that is “the best deal they could get.” The dominant media coo about the statesmanship and sobriety that supposedly pulled the nation from the economic brink, permitting us all to return to our mundane pursuits. But the spending will increase and the liabilities will mount. The day of fiscal reckoning will continue to approach.

And it’s not just the ratings agencies that will be watching. So will our creditors — including those countries whose geopolitical interests don’t necessarily align with ours. In particular, they will be watching as we slash our defense spending at the same time new threats emerge around the world. Some of those countries will place strategic bets. Those bets will not be made the same way they would have been during American ascendancy. Those bets are immune to the conceits of our political class. Those bets are going to create even more headaches for us.

The deal that emerges from the debt-ceiling debate may indeed be the “best deal we could get.” It should demonstrate, however, that this isn’t the best political class we could get. And it should demonstrate the perils of electing a spendaholic regime content to lead from behind.

So dopn’t talk to me about compromise. This so-called “deal” is a lose-lose situation for everyone who cares about this country’s future.

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July 31, 2011

Regardless of what happens in regards to the haggling over how best to increase the debt ceiling, the fact remains that the USA still has a major problem to deal with – government size and spending. Rather than me blather on, I leave it to Florida senator Marco Rubio to speak, as the liberals like to say, “truth to power”.

And how. This, me buckos, is worth watching from start to finish. If Senator Rubio isn’t on the 2012 ticket as a VP, whoever ends up getting nominated ought to have their heads examined.

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July 30, 2011

I don’t care what side of the political aisle you’re on, the fact that we have two houses of the people elected passing (i.e., the House) or refusing to debate (i.e., the Senate) legislation supposedly carved from the “best and the brightest” without any inclination to debate it in public before the people makes me both disgusted and angry with Washington beyond words. Where is the people’s interest? Where is the accountability? I don’t care about assessing blame, and I certainly don’t care about who so-called “wins” and who so-called “loses”.

This country has a spending problem, and the only solution Washington should be discussing is how much to cut, when, and how to stop us from ever getting in this position again.

It doesn’t scare me that the Republicans are falling all over themselves and negotiating with themselves while Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Barack Obama stand by without any real plan of ther own. This is what scares me, and it ought to scare the living daylights out of everyone. (Hat tip: NRO’s Corner blog)

I leave it to the esteemed Victor David Hanson to tell it like it is:

The agenda of the poorer and lower-middle classes is championed mostly by an affluent elite located on the two coasts, who find power and influence in representing “the people,” and are themselves either affluent enough, or enjoy enough top government salaries and subsidies, to be largely exempt from any hardship that would result from their own advocacy of much higher taxes and larger government expenditures.

Lost entirely in all these disputes over taxes, relative affluence, and government entitlements is any serious examination of whether federal payouts themselves consistently alleviate poverty or accomplish what they are intended for, or whether, in the age of high-technology, dirt-cheap imported manufactured goods and huge government subsidies, the notion of being poor itself should be redefined. The point is not whether the hundreds of billions invested in, say, a Head Start actually improved school performance, but, implicitly, whether thousands of constituents were employed in its administration, and, explicitly, whether its advocates felt a sense of transcendent caring in such public magnanimity (often not so easily evidenced by the fact of where they otherwise live or send their children to school).

Finally, if you add all of candidate and president Obama’s class-warfare rhetoric up (e.g., “redistributive change,” “spread the wealth,” at some point “made enough money,” hundreds of thousands of dollars in unneeded income, fat-cat bankers, etc.), collate it with the reversal of the Chrysler creditors, the NLRB’s attempted shutdown of the Boeing plant, the government takeovers, the gorge-the-beast deficits, the constant harangue to increase taxes, the creation of a new $200,000 annual-income Mason-Dixon line, and so on, you can sense how insidiously we have entered a new era of class warfare. Quite simply, Barack Obama will be remembered not so much for being the nation’s first African-American president, or even the man who ordered the killing of Osama bin Laden, or even for his Obamacare, but as the president who grew government the largest, ran up the largest deficits during any presidential tenure, and laid out most candidly and confidently the argument of why the United States is an intrinsically unfair society and how that must be remedied by government.

It’s pathetic. It’s not just an abdication of leadership on all accounts, but the fact that most of the American people are too stupid to even know just how bad things are, and just how close to a financial Armageddon we are.

Because it elected the incompetent clowns that hold the leadership in the House, the Senate, and most importantly, the White House, this country deserves whatever it gets. Now THAT’s what I call hope and change.

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July 25, 2011

I have to admit right off the bat that best-selling author and conservative fire-brand Ann Coulter has not always been my cup of tea. While I’ve pretty much agreed with her message over the years (that being that Democrats and liberals are the most hypocritical creatures on the face of the earth and the greatest danger to this country’s future), the messenger has often been a little too strident and bombastic for my tastes. Nevertheless, as a student of history, when I heard of her latest book, Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America and its basic premise that liberalism (and by extension, the Democratic Party) are as connected to the French Revolution as conservatism (and, by extension, the Republican Party) is to our own American Revolution, I was intrigued.

As it turns out, it surpassed every expectation I had. Suffice to say, for any political junkie it is a must-read.

This is an important book – not just for conservatives who will undoubtedly agree with much of what she writes, but for liberals as well, as Coulter’s expose of liberalism and its reliance on mobs and mob rule illustrates the dangers to civil society and the rule of law. As Coulter notes, even the most radical of the leaders of the French Revolution were ultimately put to death by their own kind. One of the Amazon reviews by a “S. Peek” really nails it, far better and more concisely than I ever could:

A word of caution: Those who are hard core Democrats and/or liberals will likely hate it. The observations and commentary are very tough on these groups. For anyone in those camps open minded enough to read and ponder it, this could be a real eye opener. Coulter’s observations may be harsh at times, but they are usually very accurate.

For those who are just regular people (heirs of the American revolution, rather than the French revolution, according to Ann), this has lots of great stuff. Ms. Coulter is brilliant, funny and extremely tough. She teaches some real history (as opposed to that politically correct variety popularized by the media and educational establishments) that will enlighten. She does a superb job of showing how the Democrats have been the party of the mob, love simplistic slogans rather than real ideas, have a cult-like devotion to some who have damaged the country greatly including FDR. Her chapter on ‘Contradictions’ is a must read.

Although anyone who is familiar with the ending of slavery and the civil rights fights is well aware that the Democrats were the party of protecting slavery and fighting civil rights. Their buddies in the media have totally convinced most people of exactly the opposite today, but Coulter sets the record straight. As she states, ‘Not every senator who opposed black civil rights was a Southerner, but every one was a Democrat.’ Uncomfortably for those who like to portray the opposite, she shows how such Democrat icons as Mike Mansfield, J. William Fulbright (Bill Clinton’s mentor), Robert ‘Sheets’ Byrd (the former KKK leader and ranking senate Democrat until his death a couple of years ago) were stauch Civil Rights foes. There is much more to make Democrats/liberals squirm.

This is exactly right, and Coulter’s incredibly well-researched and heavily-footnoted book makes a case that even the most die-hard progressive would be hard to challenge. They may hate the message and the messenger, but in the end facts are, as they say, stubborn things. From the Boston Tea Party and Shay’s Rebellion right through to modern times with the Vietnam War protests, the 1999 WTO riots in Seattle, and, most recently, the attempts of Wisconsin labor unions to shut down the state government there, Coulter lays out the history of, and the dangers posed by, these kinds of mob actions and how they are integral to the political strategy of modern-day liberalism.

You may not like or even agree with the messenger, but in this case, Coulter’s message is an important one, and one that needs to be read. As the saying goes, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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