December 23, 2020

(continued from yesterday’s post)

It’s pretty obvious to me – and my GOP “deep insider” even admits to this – that the President lost this election not in November, when the voters were actually (or not actually) cast, but in the critical months of late winter and during the spring and summer when key states were setting the ground rules for how the November election was to be conducted. While I’m not happy with what Legal Insurrection’s William A. Jacobson writes, I think he’s right on the money:

There is no better example of why elections matter, and how the 2020 presidential election was lost months ago. Liberal Jill Karofsky defeated conservative sitting Justice Daniel Kelly in an April 2020 election the Wisconsin Republicans completely botched by allowing it to take place the same date as the Democratic presidential primary. Guess who turned out to vote? Democrats. That took the court down to a nominal 4-3 conservative majority, with Justice Brian Hagedorn the weak conservative link.

In many other states, legal and political battles were fought strategically by Democrats over the several months leading up to the election. Democrats organized for a mail-in election, Republicans didn’t. Republicans were out-organized, out-hustled, and out-lawyered.

Jacobson’s right. As the old saying goes, politics ain’t beanbag, and the fact is, the Democrats wanted this election more than the Republicans did, and, in true Democratic style, were willing to do whatever it tool and go to whatever lengths were needed in order to remove President Trump from the White House. They couldn’t do it with the sham “Russia Hoax” and Robert Mueller’s sham of a probe, they couldn’t do it by impeachment over a single phone conversation with a foreign leader, they knew they couldn’t out-hustle the legions of Trump voters who would crawl over two miles of broken glass to vote for their President, so they worked with Big Tech to create an electronic “kill zone” that required nothing more than software systems and software engineers coordinating with veteran Democratic operatives in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and a few other urban centers to do the dirty work the Washington establishment couldn’t or wouldn’t do.

Of course, at some point, the real truth will come out. At least I sure hope it does because we’re the friggin’ United States of America, dammit, and you can’t have our elections – be they local, state, or federal – executed as if we were some worst example of a banana republic. People need to know their votes count and are given the same weight as everyone else’s. Look, I know politics has always been this way. I come from Massachusetts where the state, counties, and cities and towns are rife with corruption. It’s just the cost of doing business there. Same holds true in other Democratic bastions like New York, Illinois, Michigan, and California. And while it makes for humor and subject of derision for those of us who don’t live there, at some point it’s not a joke anymore. As Vince Goyner writes in The American Thinker:

But what happens when citizens feel as though their right to have a say is gone? What happens when citizens who already have a dim view of government in general have to sit by helplessly as they watch widespread fraud steal that right to say out from under them? What happens when citizens go to bed with one candidate comfortably ahead only to discover in the morning that in a nation with over 3,000 counties, the mysterious midnight machinations of a dozen counties flipped the election to the other guy — particularly when data suggest that such an outcome is less likely than finding life on Mars?

When citizens no longer feel as though they have a say in their government, when they feel as though their government has been stolen right out from in front of them, they no longer feel an obligation to live their lives by the framework laid out in the Constitution. There have always been Americans who have felt wronged or disenfranchised or powerless and decide to act in ways that are…anti-social, but they’ve largely been extreme outliers. What happens when fully half of the population feel as though they have been disenfranchised and were forced to watch the theft play out right in front of them while politicians told them, “Nothing to see here”?

One wonders how, after spending decades watching Democrats setting the table for this fraud (opposing voter ID laws, pushing for same-day voter registration, expanding voting periods, encouraging mail-in balloting, etc.) conservative, non-RINO Republicans and other freedom-loving Americans will react to this theft. It’s one thing to lose an election that appears largely above board – even when you vehemently dislike the other guy – but it’s a whole ‘nutha thing to have the election stolen from you when your eyes, common sense, and reams of data suggest that your guy won. If we were talking about dog-catcher or a state senator, this would probably not matter. But we’re talking about the head of the most powerful government in the world, whose reach extends from your kitchen table to the moon, literally.

Americans have always taken comfort in the face of election losses because our Constitution gives them the opportunity to do a better job of making their argument, getting out the vote, or selecting a better candidate next time. There was always hope. But not this time. If Democrats are allowed to steal this election in plain sight, then all is lost, including hope. No hope for honest future elections – of any kind. No hope for redemption. No hope for freedom. George Orwell said, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” If Democrats are allowed to steal this election, then America’s past becomes a fiction of hate; America’s present becomes a reality of lies, deceit, and coercion; and America’s future becomes one of oppression and subjugation. That is exactly what our Constitution was written to be a bulwark against, which is why Democrats have sought to undermine it for decades.

Such are the things revolutions are made of. This time, we’re watching history unfold right in front of us — and we all know it.

Given the obvious stakes involved, one would think our elected representatives at the state level (where, as the saying goes, the sausage is made) would give a shit about their roles and responsibilities and making sure no voter is disenfranchised for any reason, but perhaps that’s just the idealist in me talking. Perhaps, in the end, no one gives a shit anymore. It’s all about the fucking money, wherever it comes from. That seems fairly apparent at this point – at least to me – and it’s not hyperbole to say this country as we know it is over. Once you’ve lost the rule of law and confidence in our institutions the jig is up.

You have Democratic governors running their states like fiefdoms, using COVID-19 as an excuse to trample on the rights of their citizens to make a living and worship their Creator communally. You have the Washington elites agreeing upon a COVID-19 “stimulus” bill that prioritizes foreign nations over the saps who have seen their right to own and run businesses destroyed all because of a virus that has a > 90% survival rate even for those over the age of 65. And the only one standing for our freedoms, regardless of our color, creed, or gender, is President Trump, courtesy of his “America First” agenda. The same agenda that has pissed off the very same Washington elites, their pockets greased by trillions of dollars from the Chinese Communists and George Soros, for the past four years. They couldn’t defeat him by following the very same rules the elites expect us to follow, so they spent billions of dollars to perpetrate an unprecedented fraud on the America people in order to fund a return to their globalist / climate change / open borders / cheap labor agenda.

It sucks. And there’s no going back this time.

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