November 19, 2020

Been a while since my last post but it’s primarily because the past week or so has seen a return of “Pool Guy”. The assistant manager at my store took a vacation in Hawaii (how one can afford Hawaii on a pool store assistant manager’s salary is beyond me, but hey…), so I have been filling in for him. The district manager is pretty hot to move said assistant manager into a manager position at another store and has been pushing me – yes, me!, to take his position (he told me he “likes the cut of my jib”), but I was pretty firm in that I: (1) didn’t want to work more than 30 hours a week, (2) wouldn’t work two full weekend days (I’d be willing to work Saturday mornings) come next summer, and (3) I wanted a raise of at least $2 an hour. (What a greedy bastard, eh?) He was good with that, as was the store manager, but I don’t think the assistant likes hard work and the additional responsibility, so we’ll just leave things as is for the present time. It’s no big deal to me, believe me.

See, here’s how I look at things: I can start taking my full Social Security retirement age (FRA) in December 2021, so I just need another year to find a way to earn an additional 1-2K a month between this December 1 (when my pension from an IT gig long, long ago starts) and when I reach FRA. The easiest, less stressful thing would be to play Pool Guy for another year (or more). I could, of course, go back to working the IT meat grinder (I’ve already got some feelers out and have applied for a few positions), but I can’t help thinking is that the kind of thing I want to go back to at 65? So we’ll just have to see how this all plays out and take each day as it comes. If the assistant manager wants to stay where he is I’ll continue to look for IT jobs and also part-time work from home opportunities. If nothing shakes out between now and April, I’ll just play Pool Guy for another summer. Just take it a day at a time.

In other news…

I bought a bird feeder and hung it on a strategic location from the big mesquite tree in the back southwest corner and can’t figure out why I hadn’t thought of it sooner. It’s such a joy to take my morning coffee on the back patio and watch all the action and hear all the chit-chat going on. The sparrows are the main feeders, but they’re pretty messy eaters and they toss seed all over the place onto the rocks below. And that’s where our desert cardinals, mourning doves, and foo-foo birds get in on the action, crawling all over the rocks to dine. The other day was so sunny and tranquil that I put Pink Floyd’s “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” on the bluetooth for a perfect mellow compliment to the morning. It’s one of my all-time favorite Floyd tracks.

I read an articles like this and this, and you cannot tell me that “Slo’ Joe” Biden actually won the 2020 election:

How did Republicans pull that off? By winning almost every 2020 election in which control of redistricting was at stake:

The GOP kept control of the redistricting process in Texas by holding the state House. Given that Election Data Services estimates Texas will have 39 congressional seats for the next decade, this was arguably Republicans’ single biggest win of the 2020 election.

Republicans successfully defended the Pennsylvania legislature from a Democratic takeover, although they’ll still need to share redistricting power over its projected 17 congressional districts, as Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf has veto power.

Republicans held the majority in both chambers of the North Carolina legislature, which will enable them to draw an expected 14 congressional districts all by themselves.
Amendment 1 passed in Virginia, taking the power to draw the state’s 11 congressional districts out of the hands of the all-Democratic state government and investing it in a bipartisan commission made up of a mix of citizens and legislators.

In Missouri (home to eight congressional districts), Gov. Mike Parson was elected to a second term, keeping redistricting control in Republican hands.
In an upset, Republicans managed to keep their majority in the Minnesota state Senate, thus ensuring Democrats wouldn’t have the unfettered ability to draw the state’s projected seven congressional districts. The parties will share redistricting responsibilities there.

The GOP kept control of the state House in Iowa, with its four congressional districts.

Republicans maintained their supermajorities in the Kansas Legislature, enabling them to pass a new congressional map (worth four districts) over Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto.
Finally, Republicans surprisingly flipped both the state Senate and state House in New Hampshire (worth two congressional districts), seizing full control of both the state government and the redistricting process.

Everything about this election looks like a Republican wave election, not the “Blue Wave” election so many in breathlessly predicted. Everywhere but for President. I wonder why?

Why? Because a massive, systemic fraud was implemented. Clearly, the votes for President Trump in the so-called “battleground states” was so overwhelming and unanticipated that several key states chose almost simultaneously (and mysteriously) to halt vote-counting in the early hours of November 4 so that the machines could be re-calibrated accordingly. And to be brutally honest, I don’t know if the work of citizen journalists doing the work the so-called “mainstream media” seems unwilling to do will be in and of itself enough to convince the Supreme Court to overturn the fraud that has taken place, but if Biden is indeed deemed the winner it will be a pyrrhic victory at best, since the “America First” agenda ignited by President Trump will only grow at the indignation of having the will of the people being overturned by massive election fraud. The fight is not over, and, 2020 being what it is, you can expect (trust me on this) some big things happening before the year’s end.

I’m back on a golf sabbatical for the foreseeable future. There’s really not much more I want to get out of the game at this point. And the same holds true for televised golf and Golf Channel – heck, I didn’t even know they played the Masters this past weekend until Tracey mentioned it. Outside of “The Dead Files” and “Maine Cabin Masters” both of which I watch with Tracey, what is there to watch on TV anymore?

So I’m reading my Kindle a lot (I’m presently working through Adele Abbott’s “Witch PI” series and anything by Andrew Wareham).

Well, that’s about it for now. Back to semi-retirement. 🙂 With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, I have bike rides to take, rooms to clean and job searches to do.

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