November 2, 2020

Well, it wouldn’t be the day before Election Day without a final reading of the tea leaves. And I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have the firmest grasp on knowing what exactly is going to happen – anyone who tells you they do is blowing smoke up your cabooskie. Between all the voice by mail, COVID-19 “fear porn”, early voting, and the usual crappy job by the mainstream media pollsters who have only recently started hedging their bets after months and months of moving their favorite narrative (Trump bad, Biden good) forward.

On top of that, you have had the globalists and “big” everything: Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Education, Big Media, Wall Street, Hollywood, and hundreds of thousands of unelected bureaucrats in the Washington swamp throwing everything they possibly can at President Trump to sabotage and undercut his administration at every turn. It’s been incessant, and real, since the moment Trump was elected. There are literally trillions upon trillions of dollars at stake, and these powerful forces know that if Trump is re-elected he’s going to be coming after them.

On the other side of the equation, you have enthusiasm for the President off the charts. What all the forces mentioned above don’t understand is the personal connection that exists between Trump and his supporters. The size of the Trump rallies this past weekend are like nothing anyone has ever seen. You wouldn’t have all these spontaneous Trump car and boat rallies on weekends, and most recently, weekdays, without that kind of connection. These are people who love their country, have seen their country and their freedoms under attack by the media, the so-called “experts” and “scientists”, and governors who have indiscriminately taken their freedoms and livelihoods away. They see organized leftist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa burning, looting, rioting and threatening the very security of their neighborhoods and homes.

…most importantly, they see Donald J. Trump as the sole guardian standing against these forces.

It’s a given fact that Trump got 18.1 million votes – the most of any incumbent – and 94% – the 4th highest of all time – in the Republican primaries. In a campaign where the President was running virtually unopposed and folks didn’t need to come out. This means that Trump will have a unified Republican party on Election Day. It also means that he will get a surge in in-person voting. The pollsters know this. They know there will be more Democrats voting for Trump in the mid-west “battleground” states than Republicans voting for Biden. They also know that Trump will be getting more Hispanics and more African-American voters than he did in 2016. And, as the great Larry Schweikart has been pushing for months, they also know the typical youth GOTV for Democrats on major college campuses has been severely stunted this year because of lockdowns and COVID-19 precautions.

So that’s where things stand this year. So many variables, so many unknowns. And I’ll admit, I felt a lot more comfortable about my prediction back in 2016 than I do this year. And if I’m wrong – which I don’t think I will be – life will still go on. Even under a Harris administration (Biden being tossed to the curbside before January 20) I’ll still be fighting my driver, looking for work to supplement my pension starting in December, and thinking and writing about life in general. But, as “Slo’ Joe” is wont to say, “here’s the deal”:

All my sources tell me there has been a BIG move towards Trump in the last week, accelerating over the weekend. Biden is increasingly seen as for lockdowns, national mask mandates, closed schools, and control of every aspect of our lives by the socialists and the globalists, whereas Trump is for freedom and “America First”. I’ve heard from my GOP party “insider” – confirmed elsewhere – that the Biden campaign knows it is in deep doo-doo. For him, the final Des Moines Register poll showing Trump up by seven is indicative of how the “battleground” states will go.

So without further adieu, here is my bottom line prediction:

Based on the latest information, Trump should take Pennsylvania but there are significant Democratic forces marshalled against him to prevent all the votes that will come in tomorrow to be counted. So I’m going to leave that as a toss-up. I’m not 100% sold on Nevada right now, but I’m assured by my “GOP part guy” that Trump is looking very good there, so I’ve marked it as red. We shall see.

(Here’s a handy hint: keep a close eye on how Virginia and New Hampshire go tomorrow night. If either of them break for Trump you’re looking at a bona fide landslide, meaning New Jersey, New Mexico, and Oregon could most definitely be in play. Likewise, if Florida is not called by Wednesday AM and is seen as up for grabs, then North Carolina could also be in play for Biden.)

I predict the Republicans will gain one seat in the Senate.

I believe the House of Representatives is definitely in play, although I can see a scenario where the GOP falls a few seats short. Again, any even slightly moderate “red wave” will give the GOP the House.

Again, I wish I could be as certain of this as I was in 2016, but the unknown variables out there are what they are.

No matter what, whether you’re a die-hard Democrat, rabid Republican, or an unaffiliated independent or undecided get out there and vote so your voice is heard. These kinds of chances only come every four years, and elections have consequences.

May the force be with you, and may God bless America.

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1 Comment
  1. A little too rosy for my liking, even though I hope you’re right. New Hampshire is always a possibility, but Virginia is no longer purple, state-wise. The number of Federal employees in the DC area committed to protecting their power and jobs are just too great. If Trump does win re-election, the first thing he needs to do is move all Federal departments outside of the DC area, keeping the top 4 levels of management close by.
    Oregon will not go red in our lifetime. I’m also not sold on Wisconsin and Michigan That they haven’t recalled Whitmer at this point shows me they’re not ready yet.
    I think the GOP loses 2 seats in the Senate (but we won’t know the final numbers until both races in Georgia go to runoffs in December), and the GOP doesn’t add any significant seats in the House. 3-5 plus or minus.

    Comment by Dave Richard — November 2, 2020 @ 8:53 pm

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