October 25, 2020

So here I am back in Massachusetts to help my dad with a few things related to his bank accounts and to spend some quality time with my Goodboys pals. The weather has been very typical of late October New England – kind of gray, a little chilly. Most of the color has passed, but there remain some splotches of bright orange and reds against the dull yellow and brown trees. After the summer we had in the Valley of the Sun the coolish weather actually feels pretty good!

My trip out here was unfortunately far more eventful than I would have liked. Everything related to travel, of course, revolves around COVID-19 and the use of masks. In a flurry of activity related to mask-wearing and social distancing amongst travelers, I left my iPhone in the back of my Uber transportation and spent the better part of Thursday trying to coordinate with Uber and my driver – a very nice older gentleman – to get it back, which I did on Saturday. One tends to forget how much reliance one puts on a damned phone, but the Thursday incident reminded me just how much I use it, especially when traveling. Thank God for Siri!

It was strange flying in the COVID-19 era. My Jet Blue flight was barely half-filled, there were no restaurants or lounges open at either the Phoenix or Boston airports, so I went the entire day on Thursday without a morsel of food or a drop of cocktail, something which distressed me to no end! And all this mask wearing is really getting on my nerves. You say masks work, huh? well then explain to me why Massachusetts – a fairly rigid state when it comes to mask-wearing is in the middle of a new increase in COVID-19 cases. I don’t care what the so-called “experts” (who haven’t been right about anything this year) or the “scientists” (who are nothing but a bunch of political hacks) say – it’s all bullshit.

I’ll say it again: you take away all the deaths caused by primarily Democratic governors who killed tens of thousands of senior citizens by forcing COVID-19 patients into nursing homes and long-term care facilities, and all you’re left with is a very bad flu year. And no one has the guts to publish the real numbers that back this up. And what, in turn, do we get for all this “fear porn”? All the problems, issues, and casualties resulting from enforced seclusion, depression, self-destruction, elimination of jobs and means of employment, and children forced to learn remotely and not able to interact socially with school kids their age.

And it’s all become political.
And it’s all become bullshit.

It’s been a bit busy the past couple of days so I haven’t had as much time to keep up with things going on politically. Have you heard there’s a presidential election coming up in nine days? I’m here in Massachusetts through Thursday and will be trying to post some interesting stuff over the next few days to kind of give you an idea where things stand – and are leaning – as we head into the final weekend before the election. I already have my prediction as far as the winner and the number of electoral votes that will be won, but I want a few days to let it set before I unleash the hounds.

Stay tuned…

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