October 16, 2020

Quick takes on Thursday night’s battling town halls – NBC’s Savannah Guthrie vs. Donald Trump and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos vs. “Slo’ Joe” Biden:

1. There is little doubt between the two who had the toughest interrogator; it was the President. Lots of folks are unhappy about Guthrie’s performance, but not me. I expect anyone at this point in an election cycle who chooses to do one of these so-called “town halls” to go into the lion’s den. Personally, I don’t want Trump being interrogated by the likes of Shawn Hannity. Sure, I thought Guthrie came perilously close to being a nagging shrew at times, but I also wanted to see how the President handled himself under fire, and to that extent I thought he did just fine.

2. On the other hand, Stephanopoulos showed himself to be nothing put the partisan pussy that the Biden campaign needs at this point. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican – I cannot for the life of me understand how a so-called “journalist” from the ABC News division didn’t ask the Democrat candidate running for President of the United States about the biggest story in America today: crack addict Hunter Biden peddling influence with Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs and the Chinese Communist Party while his father was Vice-President. Regardless of your political views, the questions should have been asked; to not do so is nothing but political malfeasance and, in the end, it did Biden (or ABC and Stephanopoulos) no good.

3. Anyone who watched both town halls couldn’t deny the difference in vibes that existed between both programs. Trump’s townhall had a truly live and positive atmosphere; whether the questioner was leaning for or against the President (whether or not you believe he answered their questions sufficiently, something I think he could have done better), one cannot deny President Trump looked healthy, engaged, at ease, and forthright. I especially liked his answer regarding Roe vs. Wade – he basically put himself firmly as a supporter of the courts and the law of the land. He was disarming, in good spirits, and seemed to genuinely enjoy the give and take involved.

4. Biden’s town hall, in stark contrast, seemed to be absent of any real energy of any kind. Given the softball questions offered by Stephanopoulos, Biden was allowed to virtually sleepwalk though the entire event. Believe me, this did not help Biden in any way: voters want to see their candidates have their feet put to the fire. Compared to Trump’s assertiveness and confidence, Biden came across as just another boring Washington pol with that innate swamp creature ability to speak volumes without saying virtually anything. When I heard this my bullshit meter went past red:

Joe Biden just related another swimming pool story. This time, when he was 8 years old and he saw two men kissing each other, his dad told him, “It’s simple, they love each other.”

Doubtful in 1950 in Scranton. You may hate that, but c’mon maaaan, 1950?

Corn Pop was unavailable for a comment.

Joe Biden is full of shit. Hat tip: PJ Media.

5. I think Richard Baris has the line of the night (if you watched NBC’s town hall you’ll know what he’s talking about):

Truly folks, it was something. Did you see it? Are they aware of how it looks when they act like this?

Black women shaking their heads at the ridiculous line of questioning from a privileged white shill woman like @SavannahGuthrie.

Incredible optics.

Bottom line: tonight’s “town halls” did nothing to advance Biden’s candidacy, and those who will have turned in (and it will be seen far more watched the President than watched Biden), whether they personally like Trump or not, will grudgingly have to give him his due by going into the lion’s den.

Tonight was a win/win for the President.

Where’s Hunter?

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