October 15, 2020

So I have successfully navigated my way through my 65th birthday and, already approved for Medicare parts A & B ($144 a month – are you kidding me!), I’m ready to face whatever comes my way. The only thing that becoming 65 signifies to me is that, were I to formally declare myself as retired, I can feel comfortable with it. I’d still like to find some kind of gainful employment for a couple of years until I start taking my Social Security at 67, but if there isn’t an opportunity that I really enjoy while still being able to work from home I’m OK with it.

So where are we in this election cycle? Here.

This is an older tweet from President Trump, but I think that’s exactly where his thinking has to be tonight. To think of all the shit he and his family has put up with for the last four years, knowing that “Slo’ Joe” Biden’s irresponsible and pathetically corrupt son got rich off of his father’s position is beyond contempt, but that’s where we are tonight.

What is it with these big tech companies? The suppression of news is something right out of North Korea. But, as The Last Refuge writes, methinks this is a rubicon that Twitter, Facebook, and Google will seriously regret ever crossing. Because after today, they had better get on their collective, Godless knees that Donald J. Trump never wins re-election. Because if he does you can take it to the bank he will be coming after them, and hard. As he should. I mean, can you imagine suspending the account of the President’s own press secretary?

I read this and only imagine how much of an asshole Dorsey must be, not just as a boss but as a human being. Just shows you can be rich and intelligent, but that doesn’t mean you’re smart.

You know who ought to be most pissed about the Biden revelations? Not Donald Trump. And not even “Slo’ Joe”. It should be every supporter of every Democratic Party candidate whose candidacy got torpedoed by the Washington establishment because Biden’s connections with overseas $s were far more important than putting forward a viable candidate for President. As you know, I’m a fervent supporter of Donald J. Trump, but I’m not stupid: I truly believe Bernie, Warren, Buttigieg, and (most especially) Tulsi Gabbard would have given the Prez a much more formidable candidate than (in Don Jr.’s words) the “Loch Ness Monster of the Washington swamp”. If I’m a Bernie Bro I’d be especially pissed tonight. Because this was all known during the primaries, and no one, no one had the courage to push it before he could get the nomination.

Good to see the vile, racist author of the 1619 Project being forced to come clean from under the rock she came from:

Speaking to the Post, the 1619 Project founder finally admitted she had made a key mistake. She had notoriously claimed that American patriots had rebelled against Britain in order to preserve slavery — a claim for which there is no evidence, and a good deal of evidence to the contrary. Historians repeatedly called her out on this, and The Times eventually issued a correction.

Belatedly, Hannah-Jones admitted she should have consulted with scholars who had a particular focus on colonial history, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.

“I should have been more careful, because I don’t think that any other fact would have given people the fodder that this has, and I am tortured by it,” she said. “I’m absolutely tortured by it.”

The Post did not report whether or not Hannah-Jones said she was “tortured by” lying about something else, however. Hannah-Jones and the 1619 Project had claimed that America’s true founding came in 1619, with the arrival of the first slaves (who actually arrived far earlier), rather than in 1776, with the Declaration of Independence. Last month, however, both Hannah-Jones and the Project apparently deep-sixed this claim, deleting the language from the website. Hannah-Jones even went on television and lied, claiming she had never made such a claim.

In fact, scholars have demanded the Pulitzer Prize board revoke Hannah-Jones’ Pulitzer Prize over these lies.

If she had a shred of integrity (which she doesn’t), she would return her Pulitzer Prize. But she won’t. Racists have no integrity (or a soul, for that matter).

This is the America I love. Screw you, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. There are far more of us than there are of you.

If this is true, I’m with the Prez on this. The primary role of the Attorney General is to ensure justice is handed out equally across the land. If in his honest opinion those involved in what was a de facto coup attempt against a sitting president committed no crimes, come out and say so and provide your reasoning as to why. 3+ years ought to be plenty. If you can’t do that, get the hell out.

In Joe Biden’s America no one will be safe. Choose wise, America.

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