October 11, 2020

Sigh. Another very warm weekend in the Valley of the Sun. Thought we were done with the triple-digit temperatures but the NWS now says we’ve got another week of them coming up. Not much of a problem for me: the golf courses are all closed so I’ll just sleep in, enjoy my morning coffee, check out a few blogs, then go for a lengthy bike ride before the heat gets too much.

I guess that is what you call “retirement”. Sigh.

As I mentioned in this forum previously: you’ll know what the campaigns are thinking by where they are devoting time and money. The fact that “Slo’ Joe” Biden is now having to focus on Nevada ought to tell you a lot. And the fact this is coming out on such a left-leaning publication as Politico ought to tell you even more. Perhaps this is what they were seeing.

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, this is going to be more of a “Sunbelt” election than a “Rust Belt” election. And if Biden has to allocate resources to – as the article mentions – “stave off a loss in Nevada”, what does that tell you about Arizona? I’ll tell you what it says.

…if this is all you can gin up in terms of enthusiasm for a trip to Yuma, your campaign is in trouble. Especially when you have to bring outsiders in. I especially liked this comment:

The Chick-Fil-A near me has longer lines than this every day.

Mark my words: Biden’s campaign is in trouble, and you’re going to start seeing increased signs of desperation in the mainstream media next week.

And speaking of Nevada: hey Joe, pander much? Never mind the obvious lack of support, the whole setting is nothing but a cartoon fit for a buffoon.

I’ll give you my honest opinion: as soon as I saw this I felt Biden just gave away the election. There’s nothing more unsetting to the average American voter than someone refusing to state their position on something so vital to our nation’s Constitution. The fact he’s doubling down on this is beyond puzzling; certainly his campaign has to know this is not a good look. Americans deserve to know what a presidential candidate intent is in regards to the highest court in the land.

…look, Biden knows damned well he’s not going to pack the Supreme Court; the guy may have early stage dementia, but, in Don Jr.’s tweet, “he’s the Loch Ness Monster of the Swamp.” Biden is a traditionalist of the highest nature, and there is no friggin’ way he would ever be supportive of such a radical proposition. Problem is, his campaign is so irrevocably tied to the radical, socialist left-wing of the Democratic Party that he’s in a no-win situation of his own accord. Dude wanted the nomination (or, perhaps more likely, the powers-that-be dictated he would have the nomination whether he wanted it or not), so what’s he going to say? No, and piss off all the people that got him the nomination to begin with? Yes, and piss away his chances at ever being elected President? So he comes up with this totally stupid answer that makes him look both evasive and untrustworthy in the minds of key voters. Totally stupid. As we’d call it in golf, an “unforced error”. And one that will likely cost him any shot at being President.

While I couldn’t be more opposed to anything she believes politically, I have always respected “San Fran Nan” Pelosi for her political chops. Back in her heyday she was a smart and ruthless politician who knew how to get what she wanted. Unfortunately, like Biden, she has lost more than a few miles off her fastball, to the point where I think – to be truthfully honest – she’s lost her marbles. Think about it: you have a nation trying to recover itself from the economic and emotional harm of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what do she and Biden do over a 24-hour period? Refuse to answer questions about packing the Supreme Court and unveil a plan to charge a commission with implementing the 25th amendment to the Constitution? This is friggin’ madness. I can only wonder what members of her own party – not to mention Republicans – are thinking about her state of mind. All of this serves to make the Democrats look like a bunch of loons. At this point in the campaign this is not the look you want to present to the American people.

A great live performance of a great tune by one of rock’s most understated and underappreciated guitarists.

So I got a heads up by one of my Goodboys pals Killer that I needed to take a look at the YouTube channel of Clay Ballard of Top Speed Golf. I’ve still been struggling with my driver so I had a look at his video on that, and all I can tell you is, it works! And not just as far as the “stable fluid spine” set-up for the driver, I am using it for my irons as well. I had a great range session on Friday – one of my best ever, I think – and all I can say is it’s “all systems go” for ten days from now when I take it to the course ahead of my trip to Massachusetts.

To think there are notable people on the left who actually think like this tells you how mortally and socially sick they are. Olbermann in particular needs to check his soul in at the nearest car wash. He’s a sick, demented individual, and the fact he gets a forum for spewing this kind of filth tells you there are an awful lot of people who actually agree with him.

When the President used it on his two-hour interview on Rush Limbaugh’s show on Friday, at first I couldn’t believe it; not that he wouldn’t use such a word in private, but that it got through the seven-second delay. Listening to it now I’m laughing out loud: it’s such an alpha-male statement that the likes of “Slo’ Joe” could never do. What it tells people is how passionate the President is about making sure Iran knows that it is never going to get nuclear weapons.

…unlike Biden and the Washington swamp and its thirst for endless wars, Trump confronts America’s enemies as an outsider, not a politician. To that end he’s bringing about a historical realignment in the region (not that you would hear it from the mainstream media and cable news networks). Trump won’t capitulate to any Iranian threat: he knows they know we’ve got enough tools in our toolbox and will use them if we need to. My view is that Iran is waiting to see who gets elected President; if Trump is re-elected you’re gonna see some very interesting geopolitical things happening that no one could ever have imagined.

If you ever find yourself in an argument with an atheist as to whether God exists, just play them this Enya tune. I especially like the organ that appears at 1:49. I just think it brings something even more elegant to an already pristine song.

As usual, Ace is base. With numbers like this (if, of course, the numbers pan out) Biden is toast.

…but remember, this is 2020 and anything is likely to happen between now and November 3. Me? I’m up for an alien invasion and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast. From a YouTube commenter:

Magnificent, unique piece of mindscape art rock that doesn’t parade its cleverness, but weaves its stately way unhurriedly, understated, and with grace, poise and composure. The closest parallels I can think of, outside of the Floyd canon, are The Beach Boys’ Surf’s Up, and Chris Rainbow’s Home Of The Brave – albeit that they are more in the realm of standard song format, but the allusion holds well. Only the Floyd – ONLY the Floyd could have dreamed this up, and only they could have performed it and committed it to vinyl so brilliantly. This is basically a piano trilogy, separated by collages of sound effects. The final section is a triumphant piece of early Floyd ensemble playing that could have stood alone very well on Meddle, Dark Side Of The Moon or Obscured By Clouds. I’d like to think that one day, there will be established a large venue devoted to a museum of the rock era, and that the Pink Floyd section will include a kitchen in which all the elements of this piece will be on show… and that the sink will have an eternally dripping tap! (I have one in my kitchen, which I sorta hope the landlord will never get around to fixing!) And who amongst us can resist, any time the word ‘marmalade’ is mentioned, feigning talking to oneself in quietly measured, almost whispered tones as if trying not to wake anybody else in the flat, the phrase ‘Marmalade – I like marmalade’ ad infinitum?!! It’s hardwired into my DNA (apposite for the fact that the late, great Douglas Adams – Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – was a huge Pink Floyd fan, and was once invited to play guitar on stage with the band, on his 42nd birthday – and his initials were, crucially… DNA – Douglas Noel Adams).
Golden moments only ever happen once in all eternity!

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