September 16, 2020

I’m more than ever convinced that the coming presidential election will be a pitched battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Lemme tell you something” the Black Lives Matter organization could give a s**t about so-called “black” lives.

If they did they’d be marching peacefully in Chicago demanding mayor Lori “Beetlejuice” Lightfoot end the carnage that has been taking place week in and week out for the past several years.

If they did they’d counsel African-Americans stopped by police to simply follow instructions and do so peacefully to prevent any possible escalations that could result in injury or death to both the person in question and the police officers involved. If Jacob Blake had done so he’d be in jail and walking today.

If they did they would push back against the largely white and privileged pussies that make up Antifa out of fear that the riots and violence are taking away from BLM’s overall message.

If they did they would renounce the Marxist beliefs of one of their co-founders.

If they did they would be as concerned about the disproportionate number of black babies aborted as compared to any other population group.

If they did you would see their founders and representatives on every nightly cable show to defend their beliefs and the actions of their followers and supporters. The fact you don’t speak volumes about their true belief system and their ultimate goals.

The fact is that the Black Lives Matter organization is a vile, racist, anti-American group of radicals committed to the destruction of this country and the rule of law. Rather than seeking to work within the system to foster real positive and lasting change, they use the power of violence and terror to further their goals. They’re not interested in change, they’re interested in overthrowing our capitalist economic and representative republic political systems in a way no different than Fidel Castro employing revolution as a means to put himself and his Marxist socialist followers into power.

I guess that’s why the Nuremberg-esque photo on the BLM home page speaks far more volumes than anything they can write about their so-called “sustainable transformation” objectives.

I’m not saying there isn’t systemic racism in America. There is, but it’s not the kind Black Lives Matter and the loons and crazies who have latched on to their movement like a bunch of leeches. Instead, the institutional racism we see in America is most often found in the soft racism of Democratic-run cities, cities managed by Democrats for a quarter-century (or more).

You see, these Democrats in their hearts of hearts have no faith in African-Americans to be free-thinkers and take control of their lives. Instead, they believe African-Americans are too dumb and ignorant to think for themselves, necessitating the need for the nanny state to “protect” them. Heck, they think African-Americans aren’t even capable of having their own personal ID by which to vote with, hence their opposition to voter ID as a tool to “suppress African-American voters.” How racist is that? Think about it: you can’t get a credit card, fly on a plane, open a bank account, or even check into a hotel without some form of ID. Do Democrats really think being able to produce a government-issued ID is beyond the capabilities of your average African-American?

But that’s what they think. And that makes them the most vile of racists.

But it’s even worse than that. So what have African-Americans who live in these cities today have to show for decades upon decades of Democratic leadership? All you need to do is take a look at places like Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit and Oakland. Why do I note these particular cities? I call it the “misery index”:

SoulWar on Twitter has a must-read thread that basically sums up everything I have written. What was once an election that would be cast in the typical broad strokes found in past elections (large government vs. small, globalism vs. nationalism, liberalism vs. conservatism, etc.) has now become one of good vs. evil, order vs. chaos, and America vs. something no one would be able to recognize were Biden / Harris were to be elected in November.

It’s no longer a question about whether you like or don’t like Donald Trump, his ego, his personality, or his abrasive nature. Think about that John Travolta movie, “Michael” – his angel is not what most folks think of what an angel looks like and how an angel would act. I’m more convinced than ever that President Trump, with all his personal defects, is the angel who has been designated to wield the sword against the godless merchants of chaos and death afflicting this country by being allowed to run amok by soulless, vile ideologues masking themselves as “Democrats”.

Just so it’s crystal clear: I’m not saying all Democrats are evil, but those Democrats who use, and have used, race as a wedge issue and as a means to keep African-Americans “on the plantation” (my words) and condemn and castigate anyone who dares to think differently are. These people are nothing more than vile racists whose only interest in the lives of African-Americans comes every election cycle.

Which brings me to “Slo’ Joe” Biden, whose history when it comes to African-Americans – in the words of his VP pick, for gawdsakes – is problematic at best. As is his equally problematic past history with the truth. Some might characterize Biden at best as a career swamp creature who is nothing more than a dithering old fool. In my view, his willingness to use his political office as a tool for personal gain, graft, and fondling women in various ways is vile and evil. And it shows in his eyes, his face, and his mannerisms.

Let me put it another way: which is the candidate that projects strength, goodness, and confidence over weakness, calamity, and fear?

I remember this wonderful scene from “The Wind and the Lion”, where Brian Keith in an excellent portrayal of President Theodore Roosevelt compares the character of this country to that of the grizzly bear. It’s worth watching and considering, most especially against what we have been seeing in Democratic-run cities and states these past few months.

There really is no choice at this point if you love this country and believe in the destiny our Founders intended it to be. It is a choice between good and evil, after all.

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September 13, 2020

It’s been kind of a strange week, sort of a “half retirement / half pool guy” kind of existence. I expect that, with the exception of a couple of days expected in a couple of weeks to cover a vacation, this Tuesday will be my last day as a regular “pool guy”. And the truth is, I’m OK with that. As I mentioned last week, it’s been an interesting experience, one I’m glad I did but it’s time to grow up and start thinking about what my next life is going to be. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my resume and the outplacement folks and I intend to take a deep dive into “next life” preparation for the next few weeks.

I’m starting to think that the week after the coming week I’m ready to start picking up my golf game again. This coming week we’ll have the last 105+ temps, but next week it looks like the end of the really hot temperatures. I’m glad – it’s been a long, hot summer. Unfortunately, given the likelihood of a “La Nina winter”, we’re going to continue to see warmer and drier conditions over the fall and winter months. Not much one can do about that: after all, we do live in the desert southwest!

I know posting has been light over the past several weeks but I’ve consciously wanted to take a break while I think about next steps. So when not having to play pool guy I’ve slept in, got a lot of stuff done I otherwise wouldn’t have had time to do, and went chill for a bit.

This week I’ll be back. Here are a couple of coming attractions:

But right, Donald Trump is a Russian agent.

At some point I expect President Trump to declare the Black Lives Matter organization domestic terrorists. I guarantee you as we speak that Attorney General William Barr has a slew of indictments prepared to come down. These clowns not only celebrate and invite chaos, but they’re just looking for any reason they can find to riot. Unfortunately, whatever good will they might have garnered after the George Floyd death has been long used up by the general public. These psychos and losers have revealed themselves for just what they are: domestic terrorists. And that goes for the marchers who are increasingly showing themselves to be anything but peaceful. A great sword is about to drop onto them, and they can’t see it coming.

…because the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the trees.

I told you to watch what the presidential campaigns are doing and where they are spending their money. Donald Trump is on offense and expanding the board. “Slo’ Joe Biden is playing defense. In fact, the Biden campaign is in trouble, so expect more stories like this to begin leaking out in the coming days.

More to come!

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September 7, 2020

Now that Labor Day – and with it, the “unofficial” end of summer, I thought I’d toss up a post after giving myself a much-needed couple of weeks off, blogging-wise. After all, everyone is supposed to get a summer vacation, right?

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks. I hadn’t planned on it, but one of the guys at the pool supply store had a family emergency, so I ended up playing pool guy much more than originally planned. Not that I truly minded: I got my last severance check from the meat-grinder and was shocked at how little it was. But, I went back through the calendar and found that it was indeed correct so I didn’t really feel all that bad. The thing is, September for us is traditionally the biggest, baddest month as far as bills go, so when the store manager asked if I wanted to cover for the assistant needing time off (I would have done it anyways – after all, I am a pool guy!) the chance to make a little more dough-re-mi was a good thing, indeed.

…so now it looks like I’ll do another 14 hours covering Tuesday and Wednesday, and that will likely be that. It’s been quite a learning experience. I thought I knew a lot about pools, but I’ve found out that between having to learn how to fix cleaners (industry slang for pool vacuums) and the sheer amount of equipment that’s out there, both old and new, I didn’t know jack sh*t. So the need to get up to speed quickly hasn’t been as “chill” as the store manager told me it would be. And the fact that the assistant manager and I don’t exactly see eye to eye hasn’t made it 100% chill, either, but compared to the stress I was under the past 2 1/2 years in the meat-grinder it’s been OK. Me and the assist? we’re just different people (not the least because he’s a native New Yorker and I’m Massachusetts), but we’ve figured out a way to work together – I think primarily because he knows I’m a short-timer.

…still, it was a good opportunity to take advantage of at the time. The money hasn’t been bad, and on top of the severance I’ve made the necessary hay while the sun shines. Sure, it was kid of a lost summer, but what was I going to do, anyways? You can’t go from 80 MPH to sitting around and doing nothing. In that regard I think it’s helped keep me a little sane.

So now it’s Labor Day, the pool guy is in decline, and the question is back to what do I do now? These past two weeks has given me a chance to work with the outplacement folks that came along with my severance package, so I’ve been taking advantage of their tools to polish up my resume. While I’m not actively looking at jumping back into the IT world and wars, I have started to feel that itch for one more challenge, career wise. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full-time gig, but as long as I can stay working from home (or a minimum of four days a week) I’ve decided to be open to the possibility of playing IT manager guy again.

…the outplacement folks say I’d be surprised at the number of companies looking for someone in my position and situation, so I just said, “surprise me.” They wanted me to use their services to get my resume up to speed, so now that it is we’ll give the top a whirl and we;’ll see where it takes me.

So I’ve been looking around for a fairly inexpensive red wine to replace the Greg Norman Cabernet Merlot I used to get from Total Wine & More that they now no longer carry (shame on them!) and I found a Dellatori Tuscan Red at the local Fry’s that I really like. Not heavy, not bold, just a pleasant red that you can sit and enjoy now that the cool nights are just around the corner. All the Kroger franchise stores carry it, so if you’re interested give it a try.

Labor Day is also the unofficial beginning of the this year’s presidential election campaign. It’s supposedly around this time that folks who normally don’t pay attention to politics start paying attentions and start making up their minds. I doubt very much that’s going to be the case this year. After all, I think most folks have made their minds up about President Trump one way or the other, and this election is all going to be about Trump.

…historically speaking – and regardless of what the polls say – “Slo’ Joe” Biden is going to have an uphill climb if he wants to win the White House. For one thing, incumbents way more often than not win re-election. Secondly, regardless of what folks think personally about Trump, he’s drawing sharp distinctions between what Republicans believe and what the Democrats believe, both in terms of economics and – especially with the ongoing violence in places like Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Kenosha – law and order. Sure, folks may not like Donald John Trump (and may even detest him), but they do like their 401Ks and investments, and they most surely like their neighborhoods and property values.

…why the Democrats did nothing to condemn Black Lives Matter’s thuggish behavior or Antifa’s role in the ongoing violence is beyond me. Not only did it make no sense from a practical point of view (one can certainly distinguish between truly peaceful protesting and rioting and looting), but why cede that political ground to Trump and the Republicans if you didn’t have to? Now, no matter what Kamala Harris and Slo’ Joe say, it’s way too late, and suburban white middle-class voters who might have been leaning to the Democrats purely on Trump’s personality and his administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic (rightly or wrongly) now have plenty of reason to either not vote at all or vote for the President based on his economic track record and a return to law and order.

…so forget about the polls. As I stated repeatedly in the past (and, hard to believe, this year will be this blog’s fourth presidential cycle), forget the polls, watch what the candidates are doing and where their money is being spent. Recognizing that the media will continue to pound President Trump and everything he does (or, now, what he supposedly has done via “anonymous sources”), watch the Biden/Harris ticket, where they are going, where they are spending money, and what the burn rate is. What does my GOP “deep insider” (who, like back in 2016 had the pulse of what was truly was going on) say? He sees Biden’s campaign on defense, and spending far more of its time and money shoring up states and support than being on offense.

…an example. All you needed to know about where and how the Biden campaign sees itself was on full display last week. Where was Biden giving a speech on Monday? Not in Kenosha, Wisconsin ahead of the President’s scheduled visit there on Tuesday. Instead, he was in southeastern Pennsylvania – southeastern Pennsylvania! Not only was both the setting and its visuals poor, he compounded the look of weakness by following the President’s visit to Kenosha with his own. That shows voters a sign of weakness and a lack of confidence. I’m told his campaign is also making large buys in places like Virginia and TV markets with large numbers of African-American voters. Does that sound like a campaign that’s leading in the polls? These are the kinds of things you need to watch for. You won’t have to, tho because I’ll be doing it for you. 🙂

Speaking of the President, I think this is pretty funny. It’s important to have a sense of humor these days!

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