September 30, 2020

I didn’t actually watch last night’s debate between President Trump and “Slo’ Joe” Biden live, nor have I yet to watch it in its entirety. Perhaps if there were another moderator assigned I might have warmed up to the idea, but I despise Chis Wallace and his phony-ass elitism. I admired his dad Mike even though I knew he had a liberal bent, but he was at least genuine. His son is a fraud, a pea-wit masquerading as some intellectual giant. He’s an intellectual gnat, a joke.

I don’t waste my time watching jokers anymore.

As a result, I can’t say who I think won or lost the date based on the substance of anything that went on, but being a fairly savvy watcher of all things politics, I can tell by the mainstream media’s collective wisdom that Biden illustrating he can handle a ninety-minute debate with Trump’s relentless aggressiveness put the debate’s results in Biden’s favor couldn’t be further from the truth. I say this knowing full well that by Saturday you can expect to be inundated with polls showing a big move towards Biden as a result of Tuesday’s debate.

Don’t believe it. It’s all bullshit.

My view is that anyone at this point who allows a presidential debate to swing them towards voting for or against a particular candidate ought not to be voting to begin with. I see all those polls out there with so-called “undecideds”; are there really any true undecideds out there who by this time need a presidential debate to make them fill out a ballot or show up at an election precinct on November 3?


Politics in 2020, perhaps more than any other election year is about motivating your base. Any politician preaching a message to undecideds at this time is wasting their time and resources. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican; were I advising your campaign I’d be preaching a message towards motivating one’s base. And that goes for all the down-ballot races.

Which is why I didn’t need to actually see the debate to know that Trump did what he needed to do, and that Biden didn’t do what he needed to do. One look at the headlines in the mainstream media tells you everything you need to know. Trump pushed and pushed hard at Biden – something his base expected him to do. Biden survived, something his base needed him to do, but in doing so he revealed himself to be nothing much more than a shill for himself.

I could count just from the highlights I watched at least five shots the Biden candidacy absorbed that reflects poorly on his candidacy: (1) his statement that Antifa was an idea, not an organization; (2) his excuse for not calling an end to the violence in Portland and other cities because “he wasn’t in elected office”; (3) his inability to respond when Trump asked him to name one law enforcement endorsement; (4) Trump pushing Hunter Biden’s acceptance of money from the wife of Moscow’s mayor; (5) his disavowing support for his Party’s “Green New Deal”.

I honestly don’t care about the concerns of some that President Trump was too aggressive in the debate and that he needs to back off on Biden in the debates going forward. In fact, I think he needs to push Biden even more forcefully, most especially on the Biden family’s corruption in the Ukraine and his views on China. Biden cannot take a punch anymore, and Trump needs to exploit that fact going forward. Which I can guarantee you he will.

Of course, Trump can’t go all negative: he’s got a record to run on and needs to exploit his role as protector of the American worker against Biden’s role as protector of the Washington swamp.

In a base election – which is what this election is going to be – that is a winning formula for Trump. Which is why I didn’t need to watch the debate to know that he won.

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