September 25, 2020

Phew! It took nearly a week, but I finally have the new laptop converted over and using all our other technology properly. The hardest thing was having it recognize our Thinkvision monitor – it took a $25 adaptor and three hours of futzing around with various cords and cables, but I finally got it done. I’m still struggling with getting my Microsoft / Google accounts working correctly. That’s a morass I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy! I’ve also been diligently working on my LinkedIn profile in case I decide to tip my toes back in the IT industry. I’m still not sure I want to go there, but you still have to do the “due diligence”. One of these days I’m actually going to try out retirement. 🙂

A few other thoughts while waiting to see what happens over the next few days. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think 2020 is done with its bombshell events.

Election year dos and don’ts:

this is how you DO political ads in the 2020 cycle.

…on the other hand, this is how you DON’T express your hatred for President Trump and his supporters. In the case of the latter, John Lennon got it just about right.

Maybe it’s just me, but I watch Joe Biden here, and Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler here, and I can’t help ask Democrats how they could have let this happen to their once-great party. Frankly, you deserve it.

…of course it didn’t need to be this way. One of my “go to” Twitter accounts is Carlos Osweda. Here he writes about Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Frankly – and I’m writing this as an avowed Trump supporter – had the Democrats nominated Gabbard instead of “Slo’ Joe” Biden, she’d be a virtual shoo-in as President. Not necessarily because of her policies (which are fairly progressive and globalist), but because she’s relatively young, very photogenic (The Great White Shank’s term for “hot”), and athletic (she surfs!), her perceived centrist route would have brought in many disaffected Democrats and women who will not pull a handle for a decrepit, senile creepy old geezer. Of course, her criticism of the Democrats’ nomination process and the stranglehold the Clintons and the Washington swamp had on it doomed her candidacy.

the bradfordfile is right: Breonna Taylor would be alive if her boyfriend didn’t shoot at police. But yeah, blame last night’s riot and the two police shootings on the cops. That’ll work.

…you go back all the way to Ferguson and the same theme holds true: obeying police instructions works both ways – it prevents a situation where either party might overreact and cause a tragedy.. Following instructions protects you as much as it does them. I don’t really have any sympathy for those who choose to push the police’s buttons. If there’s injustice involved you can always sue. All lives matter.

Anna James Ziegler is absolutely right when she writes:

Almost every political moment of the last four years can be explained by the fact that they never, ever thought Hillary would lose. They remain in shock, lashing out like spoiled kids who cannot believe they were told, “No.”

Regardless of what some in the media – and others – will try their best to portray them as, these are not right-wing protestors. And I wouldn’t even call them protestors – they’re nothing but bullies and thugs, storm-troopers for the Marxist, anti-fascist agenda that the Democrats and their political operatives in the mainstream media wholeheartedly support. If “Slo’ Joe” is elected expect the 2020s equivalent of what Winston Churchill called an “iron curtain” to descend upon this country and its institutions.

…don’t believe me? It’s already happening; here and here are just two examples. We are losing America by the day. If this is what you want the country to look like, by all means vote for a dementia-addled, once formidable used-car salesman grifter.

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