August 24, 2020

Thoughts and comments heading into the Republican National Convention, which, in comparison to the lackluster Democratic version of same, promises to have the mainstream media having a bona fide meltdown on a nightly basis. Look, President Trump knows how to put on a show, right? Trust me. This is going to be a show.

I shoulda been a meteorologist. Two days ago I was watching Levi Cowan’s daily update on what was then Tropical Storm Laura and predicted to myself it would hit the Texas – Louisiana border at or near the Sabine River as a Category 2 storm. Which is exactly what it appears it’s going to do. Man, I’m a genius. And an underappreciated genius at that.

…seems a perfect opportunity for Jimmy Buffett’s “Tryin’To Reason With Hurricane Season”.

The hits on the Democratic National Convention are starting to come. Sure, you’d expect the Trump / Pence campaign to point out the underlying anti-Semitism that was present, but you wouldn’t expect a high-profile California Democrat to go public with her criticisms. Expect more in the coming days as it would appear the Dems succeeded in doing something unprecedented: that is, having a convention with zero – and I do mean zerobounce in the polls.

It’s good to see folks slowly starting to come around to the fact that Biden’s entire campaign has been built on a lie. Expect this to be hammered over and over at the RNC this week. Biden is, and always has been, an empty-suited, full of s**t liar who you wouldn’t ever consider buying a used car from. The fact that he’s become a senile demented coot doesn’t warrant compassion in any way. In my view, once a liar, always a liar. That doesn’t just disqualify you as a presidential candidate, it makes you one serious a**hole as a human being.

Further evidence that the liberal left on Twitter is nothing short of insane. I wish I could feel some compassion for these people but I don’t. They hate me and those who think like me. But I don’t hate, I just point out how stupid, ignorant, and pathetic these people are. Which wouldn’t be important except for the fact that the Democratic operatives in the mainstream media lazily and unprofessionally use Twitter as fertile ground for their incessant attacks on President Trump and his administration.

…same thing with the QAnon bullshit. Heck, I spend a lot of time on conservative websites and Twitter accounts and even I have no clue as to what the folks on “Q” espouse. There are lunatics and conspiracy theorists on both sides of the political aisle; it’s bad enough they exist, the fact that the mainstream media pushes “Q” will only send more people their way.

Planned Parenthood is evil. There is no other way to put it. They need to be de-funded and condemned to the hottest recesses of Hell.

Gotta now go play “pool guy” for the last big week of the year probably 20-plus hours. After this I’ll be dropped to next to nothing Which is OK by me – I accomplished exactly what I wanted to do during the time I was getting severance from my old job.

…after this week it will be time to relax a bit. I’ve already started working on my resume and starting to think about my next IT industry gig. I know it’s time – I’ve been starting to feel restless about getting back into “the game”; but at this point in my life I want to (or at least hope to) do it on my own terms. The outplacement agency lady said I’d be surprised at how many companies would pay me to work remotely part-time and make some good money. So at this point all I will say is, surprise me!

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