August 22, 2020

My quick take on this year’s Democratic National Convention: a picture says a thousand words. The DNC was nothing but a fear-fest – specifically, the fear of Donald Trump and the continuation of America’s historical and capitalist traditions. While I’ll admit to not watching a moment of it live, I did follow a number of Twitter feeds on both the right and the left to get the takes of people on both sides whom I consider kind of “bellwether” opinions. And nothing I read or heard was anything near what I would consider uplifting and hopeful. Or, more importantly, specific in terms of what policies a Biden administration would prioritize or pursue if elected.

…instead there were a lot of calls for “empathy” and equality through change, but nothing specific about what those changes would entail. Other than that it was Trump Derangement Syndrome ad nauseum, night after night, sprinkled with Hollywood and music industry celebrities that, looking back, did nothing to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid in 2016. And all it did was reinforce the incredibly stupid and ill-advised violation of Politics 101 rule #1: give the folks something to vote for, and not against. Voters will crawl two miles over broken glass to vote for their preferred candidate; they will not do the same to do a protest vote.

…this is why what I predict what you will see in this year’s election the swamping of early mail-in-voting numbers for Democrats who will passively drop their anti-Trump vote in the mail without checking all the other boxes, while Republicans will swamp the voting precincts on Election Day and check most (if not all) the boxes for Republican and conservative candidates.

….which is why, in the end, the underlying fear being projected by the Democrat platform at the end of last night’s convention with the mask-wearing undercuts any possible optimism “Slo’ Joe” Biden mindlessly attempted to convey during his TelePrompTer speech. What the image conveys is: be afraid, and a team incapable of projecting hope and strength. Not a good look, and most definitely not a good selling point for an undecided wanting to be convinced to vote for the Democratic ticket.

….final word: expect to see a whole different breed of cat during next week’s Republican National Convention.


Silly me. I thought that professional sports were supposed to be events for folks to relax, escape from the stresses and strains of daily life, have fun, and let loose. The NFL, and the majority of other professional sports, with the injection of politics and liberalism into its daily operations, has ceased to be fun to watch any more. What is wrong with these people? Do they have a death wish? Because they are killing whatever good they once stood for.

…but that’s what liberal by their very nature do – take the fun and enjoyment out of everything. Why is that, BTW? Is it because they’re so incapable of joy?

…all I can do is speak for myself (although I know I’m not alone in this regard), is that I haven’t watched a single professional sport or related programming (in my case, GOLF Channel and the MLB Network) all year and don’t plan on it going forward. And I’ll admit I don’t miss it. Supposedly, the PGA Championship was a week or two ago (something I would have avidly watched last year), didn’t watch it, still don’t know who won and don’t care. (I know it wasn’t Tiger Woods since that would have been all over the media.) I haven’t watched a Red Sox game, don’t even know if they are even playing. And I don’t care. They want to support Black Lives Matter? They can do it without my participation in any way.

…which also means I won’t be watching or listening to (or, for the first time in like 30 years, financially contributing to), the WEEI/Jimmy Fund Radiothon (if they’re even having it). I feel bad for the kids having cancer, so I can – and will – will find a different, similar charity to support. Like I have said previously, if you support in any way Black Lives Matter and the Marxist, America-hating organization you will not get my support in any way for anything you are involved with.

…continuing with the sports motif, is there a more ignorant yet pampered sports celebrity than LeBron James? He wouldn’t last two hours as a dishwasher at your local Texas Roadhouse – or in my landscaper Carmelo’s crew – but yet the media fawns all over him like he’s something special. He’s a moron who just happens to be good at handling a round orange ball, no more, no less.


This National Review Online article by the great Victor Davis Hanson is a must-read for everyone wanting to seriously consider what is really happening in America these days and not rather stick one’s head in the sand or closing your eyes and holding your hands over your ears while screaming “na na na na na”. Here are the money sections for me:

Once upon a time, trying to torch a federal courthouse would earn years in prison. And simply taking over a large chunk of a downtown to re-create Lord of the Flies was unthinkable. Not now. Today you can go to jail for reopening a gym that requires masks, social distancing, and constant cleansing with antiseptics. But you will not go to jail if you assemble en masse to riot, unmasked, armored with makeshift padding, umbrellas, and helmets, and you’re free to shout and spray in the faces of officers and fellow looters and rioters alike.

Yet this is the hard phase, the Jacobin moment of the Revolution. And we have not seen the full extent of the ongoing counterrevolution that will thin out the violent in the streets and in some ways fall more heavily on those who have empowered it. There will be a counterrevolution because without one there is not much of America left. And about 250 million people liked the America prior to March 1 and finally, in extremis, won’t so easily give it up. Washington and Lincoln, after all, do not just belong to some unhinged Antifa thug mad at America because he is mostly mad at himself. To almost every Jacobin tactic, from defunding the police to violent attacks on federal property, the people are opposed. And they make no apologies for their past or present.

The Sixties generation is going out as it came in: gross, loud, and cowardly, destroying the very institutions for others that it so selfishly consumed for its own benefit. If we wish to know why America’s veneer of civilization was so thin, and this year so easily scraped away, revealing barbarism beneath, look to a generation’s architects in the university, the media, sports, corporations, and politics who long ago seeded their cultural IEDs and are now giddy they are at last going off, though terrified that the ensuing blasts are reverberating ever closer to home.

Another must-read article, one that reinforces (albeit in a different way) what I’ve been saying frequently on this platform, that Democratic-run cities are dying sh**tholes, and that the Democrats who live in and around them are more than happy to both support what is happening there, and, in doing so, hastening their destruction. More money clips:

Making these riots, looting, and protests even worse however has been the responses of these same local Democratic mayors and governors. Rather than clamp down on this destruction, they have — at best — turned a blind eye to it. More often these Democratic Party politicians have actually celebrated these violent protests, calling them “mostly peaceful” and justified.

Worse, the ruling Democrats in several of these cities have compounded the problem by simultaneously calling for the elimination or significant reduction in their police forces. Even as the local police have struggled to contain the riots, their political leaders, once again all Democrats, have withdrawn their support.

The result? Businesses and citizens are now fleeing these hellholes in record numbers. As noted in the New York article above:

It’s snapshot simple. The wealthy and the companies they work for pay most of the taxes. The poor consume most of the taxes through social programs. COVID is driving the wealthy and their offices out of the city. No one will be left to pay for the poor, who are stuck here, and the city will collapse in the transition. A classic failed state scenario.

At the heart of this disaster however sit the people in charge. In Chicago Democrats have pretty much ruled unopposed for more than a half century. It is the same in Portland, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. Nor are these American cities unique. Across the nation urban cities have been failing for decades, and in almost every case those cities have been ruled unopposed by Democratic Party machines for those same decades.

While we must grant that much of the 2020 urban exodus is related to the realization by big businesses — because of the Wuhan panic shutdowns — that they don’t need people to come into an office, that working from home in this digital age works and can save a business millions in office rent, we must also recognize that much of it is because people and businesses do not wish to live and work in a pigsty where you can be attacked at will merely because you are successful, and where the Democratic Party politicians in charge won’t do anything to fix the situation, and are even taking actions to worsen it.

Hat tip: Instapundit

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