August 20, 2020

A few thoughts and comments on a week where “pool boy” is starting to feel kind of restless about who he is and where is is at this point in his life. See, the thing is that about three weeks from now my current gig will be over, and it will be time to start thinking about “the future” and what my next steps should be. Should I retire? Should I find another job in retail that will get me out of the house but not too much? Should I go back into Information Technology and find a gig where I work from home? Just the thought of the latter creates a PTSD kind of response where I can’t sleep. But sooner or later, I’m going to have to at least start thinking about it.


I looked at this and couldn’t help wonder if anyone told Hillary ahead of time that she’d be associated with a graphic showing that she’d actually lost to Trump in 2016. Because I don’t think she really believes it.

You want evidence that the entire DNC convention has the enthusiasm of an Air Supply reunion tour? Check this out. Do they really think we’re that stupid?

Normally I wouldn’t post a link to a video that involves animal cruelty, but y’all need to know what these Black Lives Matter animals are all about. How assholes like this can be allowed to operate in our society is beyond my ability to even comprehend. Thank God the poor animal’s suffering wasn’t long.

…I suppose the fact that a BLM supporter would do this kind of thing to a human being shouldn’t then be surprising, then. These people are vermin and need to be arrested and locked up for a very long time so they can see what reality really is. And the fact that Democrats continue to call this kind of thing “peaceful protest” tells you exactly the kind of evil that is in their hearts. These people have no soul.

I am, and will be going forward, Andrew Breitbart. See, to me there is no going back. We either have a civilized country or we don’t. We either ascribe to the Constitution or we don’t. If you wanted to vote Democrat while I voted Republican, that used to be fine – after all, we all wanted the same things but in different ways. But that’s not the way it is now.

…the Democratic Party as it is presently constituted, solely out of its visceral hatred for Donald Trump, and nothing else, wants to destroy everything this country has been about and everything that has made it the light beacon of the world. So I say to those who still support what is today’s Democratic Party: you hate Trump? Fine. But, you hate America? You and I will have zero to do with each other going forward. The barricades have been assembled, and it is at the barricades where we must part company. You think I’m fooling? Try me.

See, I hesitate to generalize about labels like “Democrats” and “Progressives” and “Black Lives Matter”, but the fact is, that these are the same folks who are allowing the civil unrest (OK, riots) by a bunch of mentally ill vermin, insane freaks, to continue on a nightly basis for the better part of the last three months. I mean, think about it: who in their right mind as a mayor or governor would allow a city and its citizens to have their rights to free passage and commerce, and the rights to make a living destroyed by the mob?

…there was a time when I wanted President Trump to have the National Guard brought in there, but – and the same is true for Seattle, Chicago, and New York – if the citizens there don’t give a sh*t what about is happening, then why should I? Seriously, f**k them. You want to live like that? Be. My. Guest.

Honestly, when it comes to the Democrats who makes this sh*t up? Who conjures up this kind of thing?

Communist China is a cancer on the world. If you support cancer, support “Slo’ Joe Biden.

Truly one of the best and most powerful political ads I’ve ever seen.

Along those same lines, I support Laura Loomer and have contributed to her campaign. It’s a long shot, for sure, but why not?

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s Democratic Party as sanctioned by the Democratic National Convention. Because to Democrats, politics is their religion. Where is their soul?

Outside of the fact that she used American taxpayer dollars to fund her extravagant lifestyle and travel while First Lady, I’ve never really had a problem with “Moochelle” Obama. She’s not dumb, and never has been. And, like her husband, she’s a political opportunist of the greatest sort. So it was that when she posted video at the DNC with a lie that even the mainstream media couldn’t support call me not surprised. But Democrats will lie shamelessly in order to put forth their agenda. I just wish Ms. Obama would just stick to facts.

The same sentiment can’t be held against former President Bill Clinton. For some one to criticize Donald Trump for how he accounts himself in the Oval Office – from someone who used it as “Blowjob Central” is beyond parody. I guess when it comes to shameless, there are no equal to the Clintons.

OK, I don’t want to leave this post on a down note.

I could listen to Fleetwood Mac’s “Think About Me” a hundred times a day and not get tired of it. You have to listen clearly for Stevie Nicks’s harmony at the end of each verse but it’s a beautiful thing. Her harmonies in the FM mix (between Lindsay Buckingham’s and Christine McVie’s) is what makes their vocal arrangements so special.

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