August 17, 2020

Hat tip: RedEaglePatriot

With the usual disclaimer about how polls in August look as compared to how folks actually vote in November, allow me to pour a little cold water on those poor saps who continue to rely upon the likes of CNN and MSNBC for their news and information. I don’t care what the so-called national polls run by the major news and cable news networks say: I trust my sources (the same sources, BTW, I relied on back in 2016 with an additional new polling company whose work I trust completely). I still remember talking to a couple of my best Goodboys pals and then a couple of guys at the Casa Blanca Mexican restaurant a week before the elections re: how confident I was Donald Trump was going to win. They all looked at me like I had two heads.

But I wasn’t wrong.

In terms of politics, August is a long time before Election Day, and I still believe some serious pins are going to drop as November 3rd gets closer. I truly believe that one way or another, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s seat is going to become available, turning the entire election into a abortion rights free-for-all, the COVID-19 virus and all the implications related to professional sports and mask-wearing be damned. And I do believe what’s going on in the economy is going to astound folks, “blue state” tin-pot dictators be damned. And I think you’re going to see the rioters and looters in “blue state” cities become more emboldened and try to take their actions into the suburbs – something the cable news networks are going to have to start to cover.

…forget about the current hubbub over mail-in voting and the US Postal Service: the fact is, come November, whether it be by the Republicans coming out and ensuring every state does things the right way, legal decisions that rightly protect the rights to “one man one vote”, or the harsh reality that if folks can go grocery shopping or “peacefully protest” they can safely vote in person, the Democrats’ push for mail-in voting will be revealed as just another attempt to gin up enthusiasm for a Democratic ticket that – to be perfectly honest – no one gives a s**t about.

…you know it and I know it: this election is going to come down to one person: Donald John Trump. And anyone who has looked at presidential elections since virtually the start of this country will tell you that you cannot win getting people to come out to vote against someone. The Democrats have nothing positive to run on. Their political operatives in the mainstream media will do all they can to give them cover, of course, but cover will get you only so far. Normally, I’d say the presidential debates are going to matter, but I still have a hard time believing “Slo’ Joe” is going to debate Trump. I just don’t see it happening – if the guy won’t take questions from reporters after making his VP pick for five minutes, do you really think he’ll be willing to do it for ninety minutes?

…I don’t believe Donald Trump is behind in any polls. Now, I don’t believe his lead is very large at this time, but there are two important facts about presidential elections you need to be aware of: (1) the incumbent usually takes the vast majority of voters who are considered “undecided” going into the campaign’s final days, and (2) the most folks have already made up their minds as to who they are going to vote for. And I can tell you that this year, the pollsters know there is a huge unknown number of folks who support the President but will never reveal that support to friends, neighbors, and – most especially – pollsters. We are living in such a toxic environment that you have more folks than you can ever imagine scared out of their wits that their family, friends, and employers will find out about their support for the Republican ticket and President Trump. As my go-to guy who knows all there is to know about these kinds of things says, “you don’t know how bad it is out there.”

So as the Democrats gather virtually for this week’s convention, be aware of two important facts: (1) virtually no one is going to be paying attention to anything “Slo’ Joe Biden or Kamala Harris says, and (2) expect the mainstream media and Democratic operatives in the cable new networks to proclaim Biden / Harris the second coming of white bread. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself this: (1) why was there zero – and I mean zero – presence of Biden campaign operatives on the Sunday morning shows, and (2) why would “San Fran Nan” Pelosi make her silly call for the head of the USPS to testify before Congress the very same week of the Dems convention? They’re losing, folks. And Pelosi knows it.

What can you expect the Democrats to run on this week? Social justice? Black Lives Matter? De-funding the police? Climate Change? Raising taxes? Donald Trump bad? Because if that’s all they’ve got, they’re friggin’ nuts. The Democrats have zero vision for this country’s future beyond social justice, climate change, and income redistribution, and they’ve chosen a worn-out, used-up, senile empty suit of a Washington swamp creature as the face of their party’s 2020 ambitions? I can tell you right now that is a loser’s hand.

So here’s the state of the race. Forget about what you hear in the mainstream media. This race is Donald Trump’s to lose. The truth is, had it not been for COVID-19 and all the fear-mongering being pushed by the national and local media, Trump would be looking at a landslide victory. And while a landslide victory is not yet out of the question, it would only take a major post-Labor Day weekend COVID-19 outbreak to cast the whole election cycle into uncertainty. But the economy is roaring back, and President Trump’s push to get things back to “normal” (something I don’t believe is possible, BTW) will find far more receptive ears than those who continuing to push fear and mandatory face masks. As a result, the President is in a great position to win re-election. Look at the map. He only needs to win one of the “gold” states to get to 270 electoral votes. My guy tells me that PA and NH are solid Trump, and MI and MN are easily within reach. And not only is Wisconsin is not out of the question, there is a “secret state” in play that neither he nor the GOP are willing to talk about. There’s a lot of money in play behind the scenes in that state, and they want to see that it gets used wisely. (I think I know what state it is but I’m not telling!)

One final note once we get past Labor Day: watch where the money is being spent. Who is trying to expand the battlefield in terms of both states and demographics? Who is trying to energize and protect their base? In politics following Labor Day in a presidential election year the the poker faces are harder to read than ever, but they can be read. Pay attention. But at this point I’d most certainly rather be in Donald Trump’s shoes than “Slo’ Joe’s.

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