August 16, 2020

This is our eighteenth summer here in the Valley of the Sun and I don’t think we’ve seen one ever hotter. Oh sure, we were here that summer when it got to 120, but we’ve never had a stretch like this where every day for like the past three weeks has been near or over 110 without any sign of monsoon whatsoever. Of course, I’m used to it; I just limit my outdoor exposure and enjoy my trips to the pool late at night or after playing “pool boy”.

I long for the days when I’d be scanning all directions for signs or lightning or perking up my ears at a distant rumble of thunder. But there is none. Just a blast-furnace of heat that goes on and on without any end in sight. Of course, this can’t go on forever – we’re halfway into August and I can tell how short the days have become by the need to put my lights on when driving home after closing the store. Supposedly, the meteorologists are suggesting that September could be a wet month, but who knows? It’s been such a crazy year I think – and expect – almost anything to happen at this point.

Tell me this isn’t an outside deck you wouldn’t just love to just hang out on over cocktails on a sultry Saturday night? This is our friend and longtime Goodboys Nation weblog commenter Jana’s back porch re-do. Isn’t it beautiful? Jana always had a sense of space, place, and design. I think it is very Zen. Maybe I ought to just just drive to Massachusetts in late October and plan on a stop in Louisville so I experience it for myself!


R.I.P Robert Trump. If you had any hesitation at saying just how much of a sewer is these days, all you have to do is see that #WrongTrump is currently trending on Twitter. I won’t link to it, of course, but it just shows just how the political left in this country thinks. Everything is political to them. Not only have they lost their minds, but, more importantly, they have lost their souls. Of course, one can at least try to reclaim one’s wits, but once you’ve lost your soul there is no going back.

What this country has truly and sadly lost is any sense of – as long-departed Boston radio legend Bill Marlowe used to call it – taste, class, and appreciation. Which, come to think of it, speaks as much about what one has in one’s soul as much as anything else. The political left today is nothing but trash, garbage, and evil. I’m not talking about well-meaning Democrats who are, always have been, and will always vote Democrat come hell or high water. I count them among my closest family and friends. While I think they are misguided, I respect the integrity of their political tradition, but I will also argue that the Democratic Party they presently align themselves with is long dead.

What I’m talking about are the Democrats in Washington and in power in any number of cities and states who have had decades – DECADES – to make their cities shining examples of everything that is possible in 20th and 21st century America and instead have allowed them to become absolute inner-city sewers and shit-holes for their African-American citizens. And I don’t want to hear any statistics defending anything these Democratic mayors and governors have done. And I don’t want to hear any excuses about “well, that’s only one section of town, the rest is an urban paradise.” Bullshit. Here are the statistics, courtesy of The Daily Signal. See if you can identify a common theme:

1. Detroit
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 20.0
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 50
Mayor: Michael Edward Duggan, Democrat

2. Memphis, Tennessee
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 19.5
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 51
Mayor: Jim Strickland, Democrat

3. Birmingham, Alabama
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 19.3
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 52
Mayor: Randall Woodfin, Democrat

4. Baltimore
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 18.5
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 54
Mayor: Jack Young, Democrat

5. Flint, Michigan
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 18.3
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 55
Mayor: Karen Weaver, Democrat

6. St. Louis
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 18.2
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 55
Mayor: Lyda Krewson, Democrat

7. Danville, Illinois
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 18.0
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 55
Mayor: Ricky Williams Jr. (nonpartisan election)

8. Saginaw, Michigan
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 16.7
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 60
Mayor: Floyd Kloc (nonpartisan election)

9. Wilmington, Delaware
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 16.3
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 61
Mayor: Mike Purzycki, Democrat

10. Camden, New Jersey
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 16.2
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 62
Mayor: Francisco Moran, Democrat

11. Pine Bluff, Arknansas
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 16.0
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 62
Mayor: Shirley Washington, Democrat

12. Kansas City, Missouri
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 15.9
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 63
Mayor: Quinton Lucas, Democrat

13. San Bernardino, California
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 15.3
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 65
Mayor: John Valdiva, Democrat

14. Alexandria, Louisiana
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 14.6
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 68
Mayor: Jacques Roy, Democrat

15. Little Rock, Arkansas
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 14.6
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 68
Mayor: Frank Scott Jr., Democrat

16. Cleveland
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 14.5
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 69
Mayor: Frank Jackson, Democrat

17. Milwaukee
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 14.3
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 70
Mayor: Tom Barrett, Democrat

18. Stockton, California
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 14.2
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 70
Mayor: Michael Tubbs, Democrat

19. Monroe, Louisiana
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 14.1
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 71
Mayor: James Earl Mayo, Democrat
20. Chester, Pennsylvania
Violent crime rate (per 1,000 residents): 14.0
Odds of being a victim: 1 in 71
Mayor: Thaddeus Kirkland, Democrat

…and that doesn’t even include the clueless and incompetent mayors of Seattle and Portland who have allowed their cities to have become a playground for Antifa and the anarchists who have co-opted the whole concept of “peaceful protesting” and treat those mayors like a bunch of chumps. Or cities like San Francisco and New York City whose Democratic leadership has turned them into hell holes under the excuse of “equality” and “justice”. Which is nothing more than socialist bullshit. These one-beautiful and thriving examples of American diversity and commerce are now just rotting examples of maladministration, corruption, social justice activism, and incompetence. And the majority of their people, like sheep, keep putting up with it. It’s pathetic.

And name me one major figure in the Democratic Party that has condemned the admitted Marxist, socialist, anti-American organization Black Lives Matter, or Antifa. You can’t. Of course, I can’t think of more than a handful of Republicans who have done so – most of them are Washington establishment swamp creature cowards – but at least they are some.

The sad and unflinching truth is, we have become a nation of pussies, afraid to defend our country, our history (warts and all), our flag, and our Judeo-Christian heritage all because a bunch of ignorant, pampered, basement-dwelling, self-absorbed social media cretins, brainwashed by a college and university system overrun and controlled by a bunch of post-sixties radicals, feminists, and America-hating socialist activists, indoctrinated with the belief that this country is irreconcilably unjust and racist, and that one can destroy someone’s life with a few taps on the keyboard and a Twitter following. And perhaps they can. But that’s what we have become, both as a country and a culture.

I think I’ll go for a late-night swim.

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