August 8, 2020

“Retired. What the hell’s retired mean? …It doesn’t mean ya don’t do nothing. It means ya relax, rest up until there’s something to be done. Then ya do it. Then ya go back to resting.” — Bert “The Shirt” d’Ambrososia, One Strange Date by Laurence Shames

If you haven’t read Shames’ series of Key West Capers starting with Florida Straits you’re missing a good read and laugh during “these uncertain times”. Bert “The Shirt” is one of the recurring characters and his entrance always brings a smile.

…as does whenever I have a morning before having to play “pool guy” and join Dilbert creator Scott Adams for his daily Periscope TV chat, complete with the “simultaneous sip” where everyone is encouraged to join in for a sip of your favorite morning beverage. I may not always agree with his perspective, but he has interesting, common sense views on things and you’re cheating yourself if you don’t at least give it one try to see how you might like it.

This week was the last week of serious hours and days for “pool guy”. Starting next week I’m down to just spot duty of approx. 12 hours over three days and (yeah!) no more Sundays. Sure makes Saturday nights a whole lot more relaxing. I’m looking forward to the rest of August and September as much–deserved “down” time until I decide what my next steps are (if any) are going to be. I am starting to think about taking my clubs out of quarantine. It will be soon, but not yet.

The same holds true for my watching of professional golf (or any professional sport, for that matter) on TV. I guess the PGA is taking place this weekend. Is it the only major that will be played this year? I don’t know and, frankly, I don’t care. Perhaps when I pick up the game again I might take a look but it sure won’t be the same as it once was. 2020 has changed just about everything as far as I’m concerned.

…that won’t be the case for the Red Sox, however. As a result of their support for the Marxist Black Lives Matter clowns they are now and forever dead to me. I don’t support organizations whose only goal is to destroy this country (don’t believe me? Check out their website – which I refuse to link to here). The Red Sox support for BLM means they either support BLM’s goals, or (probably) they’re a bunch of fu**ing pussies afraid of today’s cancel culture. BLM is nothing but racist, hateful, evil vermin. No more, no less. And I refuse to support anything and anyone who supports it.

At the pool store we’re still continuing to see lots of new arrivals here in Arizona from places like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, and California who have bought houses with pools and need help in learning how to manage and maintain them. The real estate market around here has never been hotter; still, these are folks who (obviously) make good money and have chosen to take their taxpaying and spending capabilities to a place like Arizona where, even with our own governor’s incompetence with dealing with the COVID-19 bullshit (which has never been nearly as bad as the media has made it out to be), we’re a heckuva lot more responsible in terms of government overreach and how competently things are run.

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