June 27, 2020

Pretty sunset, huh? That’s the sunset from Thursday night – an Arizona sunset if there ever was one. The picture was taken right from my driveway.

Call it the summer doldrums, if you will. Don’t feel like posting anything much for this weekend’s post. Lots of folks are heading north to the White Mountains and Flagstaff in anticipation of the Fourth of July weekend. I know that from folks buying chlorine shock to keep their pools from turning green while they’re away and the lack of traffic on the highways. And I say good for them – I think only now people are finally coming to terms with the shock they – and everyone else – has been through for the past three months due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Politically, I know the pollsters out there are all in a heat about the President’s chances in November and where his support lies, but this is one of those years where you can’t count on anything; anything truly could (and I think will) happen between now and November, so I’m not going to get my panties in a stitch one way or the other. I’m also not going to pay attention to what – if anything – any of the professional sports going on might or might not do: I’ve stopped watch MLB Network and the GOLF Channel and have no plans to go back to watching them anytime soon. I’ve got my health, a fun pool supply gig, enough money to give us a good life, clean water, plentiful food, and a roof over our heads. I got a house to keep clean and a backyard to maintain, and that’s really all I care about right now.

The folks that want to topple statues and make other’s lives miserable for their “cause” can kiss my ass. I don’t care about their cause. In my view, not only do “all lives matter” but especially “all unborn black lives matter” since obviously liberals, Democrats, and the mainstream media could care less how Planned Parenthood is virtually a death machine when it comes to black babies. Here’s a word to y’all: when you start caring as much for the lives of the black unborn of the future as you do about statues of dead people of the past I’ll know you’re serious about having a real discussion of how “black lives matter”. Because right now all I see is a bunch a spoiled, pampered white folks bullying others around because they’re losers and freaks with no life of their own. Here is my question: who raises monsters like this? I know my parents nor my cousins parents wouldn’t stand for it. We’d get our asses kicked!

But no worries, their fifteen moments of fame is about to come to an abrupt end.

I know that the whole recent COVID-19 “spike in cases” would be a heckuva lot more newsworthy to me if the death rate from it didn’t remain incredibly low. I guess forcing folks everywhere to wear just makes the powers-that-be feel like they’re important and the sheep out there feel like they’re a part of something bigger than they are. Again, more people searching for meaning in their lives. It’s very sad.

But enough. Me? I’m just going to take this weekend off – and then some – and not worry about a thing. Hope y’all will as well.

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