May 30, 2020

There’s not much to say about the riots going on all across Democrat-led states and cities these past few nights except to say that this is nothing more than pure barbarism having nothing – ZERO – to do with George Floyd’s unfortunate death. I don’t give a shit what any or all of them say, this has nothing to do with George Floyd, and everything to do with biting the same hand that has been feeding inner-city African Americans liberal ideology bullshit for the past fifty years.

Think about it: why is it that 99% of the violence happening now is (and, going back to Barack Obama’s presidency, has been) in Democratic Party-led cities, and in Democratic Party-led states? I can tell you why. Because generations of nanny-state liberalism has created not just generations of dependency in the African-American community, but a sense of overwhelming frustration and anger at seeing that none of the policies implemented by these Democratic governors and mayors have done anything to improve their lives.

I don’t buy all the sociological and psychological bullshit. It’s as simple as this: you create dependency without boundaries of any kind and you build resentment at the failure to produce anything meaningful in your life as a result. Liberalism is a social disorder. Socialism is an abysmal failure. Don’t believe me? Is it any wonder that “Slo’ Joe” Biden is nowhere to be found these past few days? What about “San Fan Nan” Pelosi? And where’s “Chuckles” Schumer? I’ll tell you where: hiding behind their walled-in mansions praying like hell their security forces don’t turn the guns on them.

It’s absolutely despicable what is going on, but this is what you get when you treat African-Americans like slaves who are only needed when election time comes around.

But of course all this is all Donald Trump’s fault.

The mature people know that violence solves nothing. Peace and love are hard, requiring maturity, patience, and understanding. The assholes at CNN, MSNBC, and the mainstream news media care only about sounds and images that can harm Donald Trump in November. They are vile, reprehensible, and evil – traitors to this country. They truly are the enemy of the people.

What truly amazes me is how all of a sudden, within just a few days, the whole idea of social distancing and mask-wearing due to the COVID-19 virus has gone out the window. Open a beauty salon or a fitness center in a blue state (or a blue county in a red state)? That, my friends, will get you in jail. Loot and burn down blocks of a city? That’s OK. The hypocrisy from Democrats and their political operatives in the mainstream media is beyond comprehension. As Clay Travis tweets:

A couple of weeks ago blue checkmark brigade told us peaceful people protesting lockdowns were selfish for violating social distancing rules. Now there are infinitely bigger & violent protests & zero blue checkmark brigade comments about social distancing rules being violated.

So which is it, are all protesters horrible human beings for violating social distancing orders or not? This is why most people don’t trust the media in this country. Because there is zero consistency to their arguments. They pick & choose arguments based entirely on politics.

You may hate me. And you may even think I’m an asshole. (And you may even be right about that too). But at least I’m not a hypocrite.

There is nothing consistent about what is going on right now. You have these un-elected bureaucrats picking rules and regulations out of their asses without any idea of what makes sense. People’s lives and livelihoods are being ruined in the name of “science” that has zero basis in reality. A black man is killed by a white policeman and all the petty rules and regulations go out the window. Loot a store and burn down a city block, just be sure you’re wearing a mask and social distancing while you do it. That’s the world we are currently living in.

Well, I’m no hypocrite. And I won’t give in to someone else’s hysteria, madness, or tyrannical rule and regulation concocted out of some irrational fear of the unknown.

The fear we should all have right now is the utter and complete disappearance of law and order in this society. It appears these tin-horn dictators are really good at dictating where you can go,, what businesses can open, and how you go about in public; not so good when the buildings start burning and the looting starts.

What a joke they all are.

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