May 29, 2020

I needed a haircut today so I went to my usual barber, the place I was going to before this whole Coronavirus thing started. I walked in the door, saw everyone inside were wearing masks, both barbers and customers. They have a hostess who greets me, asks if I have an appointment. I look around the place – three barbers, three people getting a haircut, no one waiting. “No”, I reply, “do I need one?” She tells me everyone needs an appointment. Hey, I’m in retail now, so my keen sense tells me the customer experience is already off to a bad start.

“Can’t I just sit here and wait for a chair?”
“You can if you make an appointment.”
“Can I make an appointment for fifteen minutes from now?”
“You can, but you’ll need to wear a mask.”

Just so y’all know, here is my stance, and I’m not backing away from it one iota. I am NOT wearing a mask anywhere, unless it involves a medical appointment of some kind. This whole COVID-19 business has been a sham from the very beginning. Sure, I was OK with all the lock-downs at the beginning, but that was only because no one – not the government, not the CDC, the NIH, or anyone – knew what the heck they were dealing with. China wasn’t helping in the least, and the models were all saying millions were going to die. So absent of any reliable data, the models were all that anyone had to go by. So I get it. As it turns, we have ~ 90K dead in the USA, and had Democratic governors irresponsibly and recklessly not sent elderly folk with the COVID-19 into the nursing homes and long-term care facilities in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Illinois you’re probably looking at no more than 50K dead at the most – no more than a bad flu season. If you want to call me a grandma killer, go for it – but I’m not wearing a mask. And there is no science out there that I’ve seen yet that convinces me I need to wear a mask. Even “Dr. Doom” now admits to that.

I tell the hostess, “I don’t have a mask.”
One of the barbers says, “Don’t leave! We have masks you can wear.”
“I’m not wearing a mask. Period.”, and I walk out the door.

Fifteen minutes later I go to another barber just ten minutes from my house. I stop at my house on the way and grab the mask I wear when I go to my doctor appointments just in case – I’ve decided that if they force the issue on me, I can tolerate one for twenty minutes for a #1 buzz if I have to; I really want to get a haircut.

The mask is in my pocket as I walk in the door. Four barbers wearing masks, none of the three gentlemen being serviced wearing masks. I get my haircut from a very nice girl named Jessica. She does a great job, and I tip her $40 for an $18 dollar haircut as a thank you for opening up in a reasonable fashion.

Question: Which barber shop would YOU rather work at? The ones who play scared, or the ones that want to make money?

My money goes to the latter.

Which is why if you want me to use your service, ANY service, whatever kind it might be, be it a barber, a retail store, an airline, a restaurant, whatever – if you’re going to force me to wear a mask, you can force it on someone else because you’re not getting my business.


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