May 23, 2020

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I’ll be working Sunday and Monday. But that’s OK, will still have plenty of time to relax after work with some steaks, burgers, and dogs on the grill and then enjoy some cocktails under happy pineapple lights while listening to the outdoor poker party my neighbor Keith has every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. I really like sitting outside and listening to the festivities next door; listen I feel like the scene in “The Great Gatsby” where Tom next door eats his steak (or was it a pork chop?) he cooked on his little stove top while watching the outside gala just across the lawn. It’s a real summer treat for me, reminds me of the time my brother Mark and I, in true “Gatsby fashion”, threw a party at our house and never came down to visit the folks we invited. Good memories.

But this weekend is not about outdoor festivities, and this year our collective hearts should be heavy as we remember not only those who have died in service to our country over the years, but those who have died needlessly as a result of reckless and unconscionable conduct on the parts of our public officials who basically condemned untold numbers of elderly to death needlessly. When all is said and done, the Coronovirus will be seen primarily as a “nursing home” death deliverer, and needlessly so:

(Hat tip: Brian Cates per Clay Travis)

As Clay also tweets:

Why did Democratic governors make disastrous decision to send infected nursing home patients back into nursing homes? Because they believed media fear porn models saying hospitals were going to be overloaded. They were trying to reduce capacity, which they didn’t end up needing.

The fact this isn’t the number one story in America is a massive media failure. And you can bet it would be the number one story in America if it had been Republican governors in red states making this mistake instead of Democratic governors in blue states.

The only way the media will cover this grotesque scandal (in my view, the biggest in American political history, even eclipsing the emerging truths involving ObamaGate (after all, no one died because of ObamaGate) – is when the class-action lawsuits start flying (because they will) and state officials either resign or go to jail (because they will) after the grand juries get finished with them. You can bet on it.

…the fact is, what the governors in New York, Washington, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have done is beyond anything anyone can imagine. If it were just ignorance – yeah, I suppose one could conjure up some kind of excuse for that – but what little data there was was out there (remember that first nursing home in Washington state), and the Trump administration had built temporary hospitals in all of these states that ended up going virtually unused. This was nothing more than WILLFUL NEGLIGENCE, and the full extent of the negligence involved is just now starting to come to light.

…the national media, of course, won’t cover it, but there are dozens of local media that are going to forced to cover it because of the sheer extent of the carnage involved. This is beyond a disgrace; I believe it will be a watershed moment in American history, something that will force us as a country and as a society to change entirely the way we treat our senior citizens.

…and what it will also show is just how much a bunch of ASSHOLES these Democratic governors have been. These are vile, reprehensible, tin-horn dictators drunk on power and surrounded by political flacks, hacks, and incompetents completely incapable of making decisions involving the public good. I’d like to think there will be a political price to pay, but Democrats and liberals in “blue states” are either too stupid to see, or more than willingly ignorant to acknowledge the destruction these governors have caused. Or, perhaps more than that, they just don’t give a shit if they’re not personally affected.

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