May 14, 2020

Didn’t I just call this, like, the other day? I keep trying to tell y’all the best I can, but if you don’t listen to The Great White Shank you have… chosen unwisely. But seriously, folks need to go to jail for this – with Andrew Cuomo’s New York at the top of the list. These people, the ones supposedly sworn to uphold the public trust, have been negligent beyond any form of a reasonable doubt. These kinds of reckless and irresponsible actions taken by privileged, elitist, and incompetent bureaucrats reveal them to be nothing more than “do as I say, not as I do” assholes. They are bastards, and the media covering up for all of them makes them the same. It is a disgrace.

I think Marc Thiessen is right about this. You read stories like this and it just breaks your heart. In this particular case you have elitist bureaucrats (who, by the way, haven’t lost one paycheck since this whole Coronavirus thing started) making decisions that are destroying folks’ lives and businesses, and for what? To impose their patently illegal, tin-pot dictator orders upon a helpless populace? And all of this be executive order, as if everyone just has to take it up the a** because someone else says so? It’s a disgrace. As Charlie Camosy summarizes on his Twitter site:

Why don’t these facts lead the news? why aren’t LTC facilities and state officials hounded by investigative reporters? why isn’t our national COVID strategy geared toward protecting nursing homes?

No excuses: we knew from the beginning…outbreak started in a WA nursing home

This chart tells the real story, and it is a national disgrace. That last line is going to send a lot of people to jail and result in millions of dollars in criminal negligent wrongful death settlements with “blue” states that are already awash in debt due to corruption and mismanagement. And you think taxpayers from “red” states ought to bail these folks out? I. Don’t. Think. So.

I guarantee things are going to look a whole lot different in just a few weeks. As The Ramones sang, “the sun is out and I want some.” People aren’t going to stand for it, and rebellion is in the air. I just wish President Trump would be more vocal in his support for all these small businesses that are going under for no reason at all.

…people are then going to be able to look at how Democratic-led states handled the COVID-19 crisis and the actions they have taken and compare that to how Republican-led states did, and they will see it hasn’t been pretty. Of course, Democratic voters won’t care – they’re ignorant out of their blind hate for President Trump. But most independent and unaffiliated voters have a brain, and they won’t be so kind to the Democrats in their assessments. There is nothing good that has come out of this, but it sure has put a laser beam beam on the difference between historically corrupt and mismanaged states like New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, and California, and the rest of the country. It is a butcher’s bill that is long past due.

Seems to me Mark Kelly, currently the odds-on favorite to defeat Arizona senator Martha McSally in November, has some ‘splainin’ to do. If McSally’s campaign doesn’t ram this down the throats of Arizona’s voters with a series of concise, well-done television ads she’s more incompetent than I think she is.

I read this and I’m confused: after all Joe Biden, the mainstream media, Democrats, and CNN / MSNBC / NPR, et al, all have been telling me President Trump wants us all to die. Sounds like leadership to me.

Another spot-on Twitter post by the great Larry Schweikart. Personally, I’m still of the belief that anything and everything could happen between now and November, but since everyone else seems to be polling and prognosticating during a time of uncertainty and a national emergency, I’ll allow that I think he’s onto something.

Don’t look now, but the Biden campaign is imploding. When you have members of the media defending their own against a Democrat’s campaign operative you know you’re in trouble.

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