May 11, 2020

Sure you read this and wonder why, but that will change over the next several months as the wrongful death lawsuits start flying. Cuomo (like his brother at CNN) is a fraud, a corrupt and incompetent bully who is protected by a mainstream media desperate to contrast something – anything – with the Trump administration’s response to the Corovirus crisis.

…unlike Cuomo, I think the majority of the American public – those who who don’t live and breathe everything CNN, MSNBC, and NPR tells them – know that the Trump administration did the best they could, and responded the best way they knew how, given the information (and the lack thereof) available to them at the time. Most folks also know the administration was dealt a shitty hand by China, and as the states all start opening up and the economy roars back to life, how each state’s governors handled the crisis will be given more scrutiny. And in Cuomo’s case, it won’t be pretty.

While most folks (and not without justification) would choose the solo in “Something” as George Harrison’s best-ever Beatles guitar solo, I keep going back to his snarling, grunge-y solos in both the middle and on the outro on the Phil Spector-produced version of “Let It Be”. Like a good guitar solo should, it takes the song to a different place – in this case, by providing a yang to the angelic ying of McCartney’s composition. There are a lot of folks on YouTube who enjoy replicating Harrison’s performance; this is the one I think is best.

…speaking of the Beatles, some folks are hyping the latest “feud” between McCartney and Mick Jagger as far as the age-old question of which band was better. Sure, you could make the argument that the Stones have had more longevity and a far greater body of work in contrast to the Fab Four, but in my mind there’s no question any band could ever be compared to The Beatles in terms of sheer talent and impact across not just rock music, but world culture as well:

For everything we know about The Beatles, a group whose every movement and utterance has been pored over by fans and scholars in the decades since they split up, they still retain a quality of mystery. The unanswerable questions have nothing to do with the dry facts of recording dates and production technology, it is the magic of the moment: what really happened? How did so much music of such originality and depth and wit, drama, colour and emotional richness come to be channelled through four young Liverpudlian rockers in such a condensed framework of space and time? In seven packed years, The Beatles changed everything.

It was, of course, something to do with the exact combination of individuals, particularly the very different yet remarkably complimentary (and competitive) musical and lyrical talents of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and the supportive talents and personalities of gifted guitarist George Harrison and easy going, distinctive drummer Ringo Starr. The enabling skills of producer George Martin played a huge part, too. And it was something to do with the era, when rock was young and there was so much still to be discovered.

But that’s not enough. That’s not quite it. The Beatles made music that was bigger than themselves, greater than the sum of their considerable parts. When you listen to their records, the music just overwhelms analysis, it burst through with a pulsating vitality of its own, it comes alive again every single time. These are the greatest records ever made, by the greatest band that ever was.

Y’see, not only did the Fabs have three excellent singers, but by the end of their career they also had three prolific song writers whose compositions could stand up to anyones.

…I would also argue that The Beatles’ career, in effect, carried on for another four years. Think about it: between 1970-74 McCartney, Lennon, Harrison (and to a lesser extent, Ringo) produced a number of albums that critics will include in the greatest 500 rock albums of all time – for example, “All Things Must Pass”, “Plastic Ono Band”, “Ram”, “Imagine”, “Ringo”, “Band On The Run”, and “Living In The Material World. After 1974 their creative talents took off in different directions, but before that you could make the argument that within these albums (and in McCartney’s case, single releases) there could have been at least an additional four albums that would have been considered great.

…still, in the end it’s the music that they made together that counts, and in my view their greatness and their deserved spot at the of rock’s greatest bands can be justified simply by taking a look not their albums, but their singles releases. It’s eye-popping and mind-boggling that so many of their singles contained iconic music that still stands the test of time 50+ years later.

I read stories like this and am sooooo glad to have moved out of Massachusetts. Just another example of – contrary to their reputation of believing in tolerance, acceptance, and adversity – these are liberals and Democrats who are nothing more than mean, petty, and angry elitists who basically – yes – suck as human beings.

…Democrats like Chuck Schumer hate President Trump so much that they would rather see people die and than prove him – and others – right on the use of hydroxychloroquine. Unlike the clowns at the CDC who have mishandled this crisis from the very beginning, there is actual data to prove that, when administered correctly (the key here), the drug works, and as a French doctor has proven, incredibly well. One would think that Senator Schumer would take the high road on this and not spout media talking points, but assholes gotta be assholes.

You knew sooner or later the media would get around to blaming President Trump for the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. I’m just surprised it took this long. These people are shameless race-baiters.

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