May 9, 2020

When all is said and done I think folks are going to look back on this past week as the week that the whole “Russia Collusion” began to fall apart on its own merits. As they say, sunlight is the greatest disinfectant, and sunlight there has been. The dominoes are starting to tumble, and now that the truth is starting to come out expect the cockroaches in the country’s intelligence community to start crawling out from under the baseboards to save their sorry asses. And when all is said and done it isn’t going to be pretty.

Scratch one from this number. Me? I just got me a job at a national pool supply company and I’m totally stoked about the opportunity. Not only am I going to be learning a new trade, I’ll be getting paid on top of my severance pay. Right now it will be minimum wage, but it’s a total win-win as far as I’m concerned. It will gets me out of the house and interacting with, like, real human beings while learning all kinds of new stuff and exercising my brain; in the long run I’m hoping it will provide enough of an income to help contributes to the household cause.

…my new boss is very similar to me: he worked in the pharmacy industry for over thirty years and decided to get out of the meat grinder. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he was too good at what he did and they ended up giving him his own store. Now he’s trying to back off on the number of hours, so that’s where your’s truly comes in.

…it just just goes to show that if you identify what your passions are and are willing to doing a little bit of digging in order to pursue those passions good things can happen. I’m not going into this with my eyes half closed: who knows? I might decide in the end that it’s not my kind of gig. But everyone wants to be wanted, and I’m excited to find something that’s far more chill than what I was doing before.

Do y’all miss sports? I can honestly say I don’t. I haven’t watched a sports channel ever since everything got cancelled, and I really don’t care if I ever watch a sporting event or a sports channel ever again. This whole COVID-19 thing is just more evidence of how pampered and phony all these sports figures are and have been. Not to mention the sports media industry that has been created to turn athletes into larger-than-life figures whose performances folks actually make a living to talk about incessantly. The whole business is nothing but a fraud, and I don’t plan on supporting it ever again.

…most especially (at least as far as I’m concerned) that includes the MLB Network and GOLF Channel. Hey I’ll admit: I used to tune into them purely out of habit, and yes I did enjoy watching them. But I haven’t watched a second of either since this whole crisis thing started, and you know what? I don’t miss them in the least. I’ve let my GOLF Magazine and Golf Digest subscriptions expire, and I’m never going back again.

…and the same holds true for the golf game. Something I used to live and die over. Now, for whatever reason, I have zero interest in even picking up my clubs again. Of course, that could change over the long run, but right now there’s nothing – nothing – about golf I miss. It all just seems so (to put it in COVID-19 terms) non-essential.

What, then, are my interests, you might ask? Time. That’s what interests me. Realizing every moment that I have the time to savor that moment. There are no calls, no crises, no bullshit from senior managers. Instead, there are the mockingbirds and mourning doves whose own inner time clocks measure my days. There’s reading – right now I’m working on three different Kindle books at once: a wacky Key West series book by Laurence Shames, the first in a series of delightful novels by Adele Abbot about a private investigator who discovers she’s a witch, a hard-hitting expose on the “Russia Collusion” hoax by Greg Jarrett. Cocktail hour at 5 PM and a late-night Pinot Grigio nite-cap under happy pineapple lights. If you’re looking for where The Great White Shank is right now, that’s where I am. Life is slow. I’m happy. It all seems like a dream.

Remember the mainstream media – and yes, that includes President Trump – freaking out about the state of Georgia opening up earlier and in a number of ways beyond what the President and his task force wanted? Well lookee here. I’ll allow y’all to draw your own conclusions. The fact is: folks need to get outside in the warm sun, circulate, and create the “herd immunity” against the COVID-19 virus just in case a “second wave” were to come in the fall. It’s so elementary, it’s beyond my comprehension that Democratic state tyrants don’t understand this.

…but of course they have other agendas in mind. These people are a bunch of assholes.

One thing is becoming abundantly clear: if they don’t open up their states the residents of those states will open it up for them. As they should. And if they don’t I say sue their sorry asses off. You hit ’em in the pocketbook, you’ll get their attention. Like that Texas hair salon owner who was put in jail – in jail! – for wanting to feed to feed her kids.

…but when it comes to Democrats nothing surprises me anymore. They are crooks, pure and simple. No morals. No sense of shame.

R.I.P. Little Richard. Without a doubt, one of the all-time greats of rock n’ roll, and one of the most influential.

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