May 7, 2020

A nod to this late Pink Floyd classic for the title of this post.

There’s a whole lot of freedom going around today. In my case there’s a very good chance I’ll be free of being shacked with the “unemployed” yoke in the next day or two, as my next career is just one confirmation call away. Stay tuned. But that’s nothing compared to what else happened today:

All of us who have, from the very start, smelled the dirtiest of dirty rat in regards to the railroading of General Michael Flynn (and who have helped support his defense financially) after his life was destroyed by the Barack Hussein Obama Justice Department courtesy of the scumbags at the top of the FBI have a right to celebrate today.

…one can only hope this is the first of many dominoes to drop as we get closer and closer to the truth that the whole “Russia collusion” scam by James Brennan, James Clapper, Sally Yates, the infamous lovebirds, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and – yes – Barack Obama was nothing more than a silent coup plotted against the presidency of Donald Trump. These people are traitors, acting in a way that befits more a banana republic than the USA. As Roger Kimball writes in Spectator USA:

The disgusting people running the FBI — big boy James Comey, and Peter Strzok, and former head of counterintelligence Bill Priestap, among others — pursued a vendetta against Flynn, manufacturing a bogus case against him in order, first, to destroy someone that Barack Obama and his intelligence operatives detested and, second, to pursue ‘Crossfire Hurricane’, the ‘umbrella’ investigation whose goal was to destroy Donald Trump.

They were pretty successful at the first job. They smeared Flynn, then they set him up, sending Strzok and another agent to have a friendly chat with him at the White House which they weaponized into a bogus ‘you lied to the FBI’ charge. They got him fired from his position as NSA, bankrupted him through ‘the-process-is-the-punishment’ legal feels, and forced him to plead guilty to a felony by threatening his son with another bogus charge.

Due to the tireless efforts of Flynn lawyer, Sidney Powell, the DoJ has been forced to cough up incriminating memo after incriminating memo. The pot of gold came last week when Bill Priestap’s handwritten notes of a meeting with Comey and then-deputy-FBI-Director Andrew McCabe blew the proverbial whistle. ‘What is our goal?’ Priestap asked, ‘Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?’ Or maybe they should just ‘get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act, give facts to DOJ + have them decide.’


Gen. Flynn hasn’t got justice yet. That will come when he is made whole financially and when those who desecrated their offices by bringing the awesome police power of the state to bear against an individual they knew to be be innocent.

What is most sickening about all this is that, with the exception of Obama (who is rightly being called out by the President), all the people mentioned above were unelected bureaucrats, scumbags who allowed themselves to wield their power as some kind of aphrodisiac to manipulate, and if need be destroy, people simply for their distrust (and I would add hatred) for an electorate that chose Donald Trump to be their president fairly and squarely. And in doing so, they have all been traitors to this country. One can only hope the scythe of justice swings in their direction so that this kind of thing never is allowed to happen again.

…congrats to Undercover Huber, whose Twitter account has been a must-go-to by yours truly ever since I discovered his work. He’s been fearless in his predictions since day one and nailed this.

…of course, you won’t see this on CNN or MSNBC – after all, they’ve invested the better part of four years (four years!) telling us that Flynn’s lies to the FBI over a phone call with a Russian diplomat were the tip of the spear into Russia colluding with the Trump campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. It was bogus then, it is bogus today, and as more of the palace coup conspirators’ actions are uncovered, all you Trump-haters, Democrats, and liberals out there are going to find out just how stupid and gullible you were. Of course, that won’t reduce by one iota your irrational despicable hate for Donald Trump – after all, sheep gotta do what sheep gotta do.

As the great Howie Carr is wont to say, your agony is my pleasure.

Congratulations also to Shelly Luther for her release from jail. She should never have been put there, but once again you have Democrats drunk with power and using the COVID-19 virus as an excuse for their totalitarian aspirations. The Obama-appointed judge in this case ought to be ashamed of himself, but I long since learned that Democrats can and will say and/or do anything because they are incapable of feeling shame. The ends justify the means for these tyrannical losers; all they are doing is lighting a new flame of freedom against our oppressors. Luther’s release from prison will only embolden others to take the same kind of actions to take their lives and livelihoods – and yes, their country – back.

…but what do I know, I’ll just be accused of killing Grandma. Even though it’s the likes of Andrew Cuomo whom y’all should be blaming.

…as Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds has noted, “Releasing violent sex offenders while locking up salon owners is a bad look for the Democrats.” Truth is, these unelected bureaucrats, activist judges, and totalitarian tin-pot dictators masquerading as Democratic governors know only one thing: power. And money. Once can only hope to see a flurry of lawsuits, civil and otherwise, to break these bastards, bleed them and their families dry, and take them down.

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