April 25, 2020

On Monday it will be a month since I was told I was being laid off. One month. Today, it seems like it was like three months ago, to the point where I’m having difficulty remembering what I was doing for a living less than a month ago. It almost seems like a dream. Every day that goes by I’m feeling less and less inclined to hop back on board the full-time employment train. Oh, I’m still planting seeds out there (I’m actually going to apply for a full-time project manager job on Monday), but it’s primarily so I can get my formal, “professional IT” cover letter in a good state for future opportunities if I were to ever truly decide to go back to the meat grinder.

There’s actually been a lot to do this past week – I’ve been helping my sister-in-law Tammy find a new apartment, and the Tiki Bar deck looks really nice now that it has been re-stained and resealed. We’ve officially entered the door into summer where we’ll be in the triple digits pretty much every day now until October, so there will be a halt on further outdoor projects, but there’s enough to keep me busy with indoor chores.

And, of course, there will be job-hunting, although I’m being pretty picky right now as far as part-time work goes. There are elderly care-giver services I’m still looking into as well as the UPS Store, Lowe’s and Total Wine and More (imagine working around alcohol for 2-3 days a week!). These are all good excuses for working on cover letters and seeing what’s out there, but right now I think I’ll be using May as a transitional month and a month for getting back into shape. I have several 3-mile walking courses mapped out, and I’ll be planning on doing my Eades diet sometime during the month. I’ve thought about working on my golf game, but I have to admit that from the way things are currently looking back in Massachusetts – most especially my plans to stay in the guesthouse at my dad’s retirement community during Goodboys week (the third week in July) go – I’m leaning heavily towards backing out of this year’s festivities. It’s just not worth the hassle.

The one thing I have been doing is watching the President’s daily Coronavirus task force press conferences, and I’m absolutely horrified at the ignorance and the reprehensible performance of the White House press corp. For the life of me, I don’t know why the President even bothers with these folks. You see his Task Force members putting their best efforts forward, and all these so-called “journalists” want to do is ask “gotcha” questions of the President and act as if we’re all going to die. Any reasonable person (and by that I mean anyone who doesn’t get their information from the major news networks or the clowns at CNN and MSNBC) can see the Task Force has a good handle on what’s going on out there, but the media clowns are fully invested in trying to drag the hysteria as long as they can as a way to damage the President’s re-election chances in November. They truly are the enemy of the people.

As various states begin to open up expect to see more stories like this. This whole Coronavirus has been hyped from the very beginning. Look, people have died, and most of them because of pre-existent, reckless actions on the part of Democratic-run states whose public health organizations were completely unprepared. But as more testing is done and it is found that not only has the Coronavirus been around in the USA longer than we previously thought, but it is also far less deadly than originally thought. The models were not just wrong, but hideously wrong – to the point where we have closed down our entire economy for something no more deadly than a bad flu season. And who among the so-called “experts” is going to take responsibility for that? Time to stop the bullshit and allow this country to do what it does best.

Me? I’m just waiting for the final show to drop on “Slo’ Joe” Biden. Up to now, it’s just been the dude’s obvious lack of mental acuity, but the Tara Reade accusation is now starting to gain momentum to the point where you’re starting to see more Twitter posts like this. The Democrats know they’re in deep shit with Biden – they have to know Trump will absolutely have him for lunch were they ever to debate – so expect more and more calls for Biden to step aside for someone younger and mentally more with it.

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