April 18, 2020

As yesterday’s post title went, we won’t get flu’d again.

Ed. note: If you don’t like salty language, best y’all find another post because I’ve had it up to here. The so-called “health experts” have never gotten anything right, so why should we believe them now?

It’s the last of the Coronavirus Crackdown” weekend for us. Before I continue, I’m linking to yet another post from Powerline blog’s John Hinderaker, who has been looking at the “real numbers” and thus has a sense as to where we are as far as this crisis stands. Here is the gist of his post:

…there is growing evidence that many more Americans have had COVID-19 than has generally been thought. Reuters reports that of the sailors on board the COVID-stricken aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, 60% of those who tested positive for the virus were asymptomatic. This is a higher percentage than was previously estimated by Dr. Fauci, 25%-50%. The Reuters reporter doesn’t seem to understand that this is good news, for two reasons.

First, it means that the fatality rate for COVID-19 is lower than most have believed. I think the balance of evidence so far is that the Wuhan virus is somewhat more lethal than the usual seasonal flu, but of the same order of magnitude. It is possible, however, that it may prove to be no worse, statistically, than the average flu.

…Next, IHME updated its model today. The new projection is more optimistic, with 60,308 U.S. COVID deaths. That is a positive, although I don’t think the IHME model is any more reliable than any of the others. More good news for those who (like me) live in Minnesota: IHME has lowered its fatality projection for our state from 656 to 195. How’s that for progress? Given that the prior projection was all of four days old, this kind of radical revision obviously does not create confidence in the model. But the new prediction is undoubtedly more accurate than the old one.

…Currently, global COVID deaths are just under 30% of the average for a seasonal flu bug, per the WHO. Those numbers are likely wrong, because China and Iran have almost certainly underreported their fatalities. If we assume that China’s true fatality number is ten times what it tells the WHO, and Iran’s is three times, then total global fatalities from COVID-19 would be 41% of an average flu season, so far.

For the U.S., according to CDC, the COVID-19 deaths to date equal 53% of the deaths from seasonal flu two yeas ago.

COVID-19 is a disease, and there nothing good to be said about diseases. But today’s news is generally positive.

Keep in mind, this is why we have chosen to destroy our entire economy and the livelihoods of millions of people over.

OK, I need to get my haircut, so we’re going to Tracey’s hairdresser who is now working out of her house. And I’ll make sure she gets a damned big fat tip for doing so. I’ve had enough, and it’s clear that all around this country folks have had enough. We’ve been hood-winked by “the experts”; like after the curtain drawn away from the Wizard; as a people we now know the power is in our hands.

…even the most stupid and moronic governors can see the current is against them.

Of course, EVERY new INFECTION and EVERY new death will now be blamed on President Trump. You know the media is thirsting for it, can’t wait to highlight every death they can find. They’re all a bunch of vile, reprehensible ghouls. F**k them.

…you listen to the local news broadcasts around here and they’re all in a froth about “the surge of new cases” and how the number of death in Arizona has reached (gasp!) 169. Look, I’m not belittling the number – every one of those victims had family and friends who mourn their passing. But Arizona has more than 7.2 MILLION residents. Like they say, DO THE MATH.

So we’re finally starting to get some real numbers associated with real testing, and guess what? We appear at this point to have shut down an economy and dpity estroyed people’s lives and livelihoods out of something that may (may, of course, being the operative word) be no more deadly than a bad flu season.

This is how a true leader leads. F**k the globalists. Put your power and your money in the hands of those who can do the work better and for less money. From now on things will never be the same.

I think this Twitter thread by Larry Schweikart is spot on as far as his view of the way events are taking over. You know, they say a good way to judge the true measure of people is how they act in the face of adversity. And throughout this crisis you can tell the difference between those governors who who whine, moan, and complain (you know who they are because they’re typically making headlines by whining and complaining), and those who know how to run their states with a steady hand. You can also tell the states that have been competently run (Texas, Florida, and Arizona are three that come to mind), and those that have not, like New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Michigan.

So what to the four states mentioned above have in common? 1) They’re heavily Democratic states run by Democratic governors, and 2) they’re heavily unionized states and cesspools of corruption. The third thing these states have in common is that each of these governors have run their states during this crisis like tin-pot dictators and/or have run them into the ground financially. Sure, you can say each of these states feature dense populations (or at least pockets of dense populations), but in my mind that would be all the more reason to have your state’s public health officials prepared for anything that comes along rather than wield executive power for the purposes of politics and patronage.

…the same holds true for New York City’s corrupt and incompetent mayor. Hey DeBlasio, take your little socialist, totalitarian, crackpot brain and GO SCREW!

Here’s another way to judge how folks are acting in times of crisis: 1) Gather around you a team of experts and rely on their help and expertise in making decisions for the ultimate good of the country, or 2) treat things as business as as usual or seek to exploit the crisis as a means to further one’s political agenda. I always thought “San Fran Nan” Pelosi had sharp political instincts, but what’s she’s doing here shows she lost her fastball a long time ago.

President Trump is 100% correct on this – there is zero reason why Congress shouldn’t be in session and working around the clock with the Senate and the administration to help the American people out. The fact she’s spending this time showing off how tone-deaf she is (freezers of boutique ice cream while folks can’t get their PPP checks?) and resisting bringing Congresss back into session is an act of political cowardice and incompetence beyond the pale.

…look, even if you’re a die-hard Democrat you have to admit the optics on this are horrible. I honestly don’t know what she’s trying to do here; anyone with the bare minimum of political instincts would be imploring her to get the Congress to get back to work instead of arm-chair quarterbacking the President.

One final note, and most critical. Per Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse:

Rebellion against unilateral and authoritarian power is America. Rebellion or push-back against non-representative government is the thread that connects the varying patchwork of our constitutional republic. Protest is so critical to our nation that it is protected within the very first amendment to our constitution.

Let the rebellion begin. Enough is enough.

…but enough of this friggin’ Corovirus. Play this loud (wait for it).

…oh screw that, play this even louder. The Beatles as you’ve never heard them before, and live.

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