April 16, 2020

Look, I know it’s Thursday – I’m just channeling “Slo’ Joe” Biden with the title of this post, of course.

Hate to say I told you so, but, well, I told you so. But no one listens to The Great White Shank. As I’ve mentioned previously, once this Coronavirus crisis is over I think this country has to take a hard look at the horrible impact Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” programs have had on the African-American community in general. The government has destroyed African-American culture by encouraging babies born out of wedlock, sanctioned the killing of disproportionate number of African-American babies though Planned Parenthood, and undermined in every way through welfare, food stamps, and other kinds of assistance programs the health and well-being of the African-American population in general. All designed, BTW, to keep them on the plantation and keep voting Democrat every four years. It is despicable.

Seems to me this doctor should be getting as much attention as all the other quacks who are deemed to be “experts”. If this is the case (at least he’s dealing with numbers) come August, COVID-19 will be nothing more than a bad dream perpetrated on the world by China.

…personally, I can’t wait for the sh*tstorm Trump is about to unleash on the Chinese Communists. I really think they thought they were dealing with some political bumpkin like the past four presidents we’ve had. They truly have zero idea who they are dealing with.

…it’s not time yet, but expect after he is re-elected President Trump to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation and tell Communist China to go pound sand.

Again, if you haven’t had the chance to view this video, please make time to do it now. I watched it last week and thought it was incredible. And the evidence keeps piling up.

One of my favorite Internet stops Styxenhammer666 has endorsed Donald Trump for re-election. The guy has never been a fan of Donald Trump personally (like, I think, a lot of folks), but when it comes time to pull the lever in November, well, most especially after the Trump re-election campaign gets done with him – he’s going to vote like a lot of other independents and libertarians.

I happen to agree with Dan Bongino on this. These tin-pot Democratic governors and mayors think they’re going to intimidate American citizens with edicts that go beyond reasonable measures? They’ve got another thing coming.And yes, if there is going to be civil war on this expect yours truly to be at the barricades. Our inherent freedoms that derive from our Creator have far greater weight than some dim-witted, raidy-cat pol.

…and yes, I am going to question the actual number of deaths resulting from the Coronavirus – this has been a crock and folks are now just starting to see that. If the powers that be (and yes, I’m including President Trump on this) had backed up their actions with real numbers, that would be one thing, but the friggin’ models are nothing but bullshit, as Powerline blog’s John Hinderaker writes:

…On April 13, IHME again revised all of its U.S. projections. For some reason, its Upper Midwestern predictions changed radically. IHME now projects these fatality totals:

Minnesota: 656
Wisconsin: 338
Iowa: 618
South Dakota: 181
North Dakota: 32

I would love to see the alleged mathematical model that, in the space of three days, caused the South Dakota projection to decline by 49% and the North Dakota projection by a whopping 91%. None of these numbers have anything to do with experience, as North Dakota and South Dakota have so far reported (per IHME) 6 deaths apiece.

Maybe someone at IHME read my post and decided to adjust predictions that were obviously unfounded, if not ridiculous. Or maybe the model was tweaked in some way to give radically different results. There is also no apparent reason why IHME increased Minnesota’s death total by 48%. As Scott has pointed out, Minnesota currently has 79 deaths (70 as of April 13, when IHME issued its new numbers) with more than two-thirds occurring in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

One way or another, public officials should not be basing major policy decisions, affecting millions of people, on the IHME model, or any other model. A model is not evidence, it is a hypothesis. The hypothesis is tested by experience. To my knowledge, no one has come up with a COVID-19 model that has been verified by experience. This is typical of past epidemic modeling, too.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “garbage in, garbage out”, and the IHME numbers being used simply don’t hold up. In the end, this is going to end up being nothing more than a very – very – bad flu season, and I refuse to buy into the hysteria.

…that being said, there’s no way in hell the Goodboys are going to get me to travel to Canada this year for GB30. They can go if they want to, but count me O-U-T out.

Keep in mind this was the very same woman encouraging folks to come down to Chinatown and party on February 24 – February 24! Nancy Pelsoi is a vile, reprehensible b**ch who has no place as Speaker of the House. I hope Donald Trump takes the unprecedented action of adjourning Congress so the adults can get to work.

Just letting y’all know Thao Ngygen is going to be my go-to-gal for all things poll-related working up to November. She knows her numbers, and unlike the polls you’ll hear quoted ad nauseum up until Election Day showing Joe Biden – Joe Biden?? – with a sizable lead, she actually has a vast database of research she’s working from.

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