April 14, 2020

“Out here on the perimeter there are no stars. Out here we is stoned – immaculate.” — The Doors, “The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)

I haven’t been on a job interview for 16 1/2 years. Or, for that matter, on a job interview for something I didn’t really need at the time.

I am amazed at the time that has passed. I wonder if I have used it wisely. I realize the stupidity of the question because the fact is, few – if any – people use the time allotted to them wisely. All any of us can do is live in the moment and try not to make the kind of really bad decisions you can go a lifetime and never get over.

I’m interviewing for a part-time gig at Visiting Angels, something I’ve thought for a long time I might want to explore once I retired and had nothing better to do – the idea being, after so many years of taking as a result of the corporate grind, find a way to give something back.

It’s hard to believe I’m actually at that point. I never thought I would get here – there were always calls to do, deadlines to meet, assignments to assign out and make sure they got done right and on time. The forest was always too thick to even consider the idea there might be a clearing at the end of it.

But here it is. On the perimeter where there are no stars.

I’m trying to remember the last job interview I did. I was trying to get a job at (then) Eclipsys, and I was selling health insurance for a company called Western Pacific Benefits. Tracey and I had come out here to pursue the last gasp of my dreams at being ordained an Episcopal (or Anglican) priest. The circumstances are a little hazy now after all these years, but there was a seminary where I could pursue a Masters of Divinity degree with the hope of being ordained by one of the denominations that sat outside the Anglican Communion that the Episcopal Church was a part of. The seminary folded shop a couple of months after we arrived, leaving me completely out of sorts, needing something in the healthcare IT world since I certainly wasn’t cut out to sell insurance.

I had interviewed by phone with a couple of guys while Tracey and I were still living in Massachusetts, and the final in-person interview was with a gal I only remember having the name of Kim. I’d never interviewed for a job before that I felt I absolutely had to have – there was nothing else going on at the time. We had bought the house we currently live in, and there was no going back to Massachusetts. I don’t remember a whole lot about the interview itself; I tried not to show the extent to how much I needed this job – I tried my best to play it cool. I don’t think Kim was that impressed by me, although I do remember her saying at the end of the interview that I had passion, and that passion was something that was sorely needed around the office. (I never knew what that meant.) It took a few very stressful weeks before the decision came to hire me, and I remember thinking I would never allow myself to be put in that position again.

Fortunately it has never come to that.

So today I had that first job interview in 16 1/2 years, at Visiting Angels. Nice company, very together in terms of the services they sell and how they do it. I felt very comfortable there. It was all very cool, very laid back. I wore khakis and a Hawaiian shirt. Decided then and there I would never again interview for anyone in anything else but. Had my coffee travel mug in hand. Completed a questionnaire followed by a nice, laid-back conversation with the HR lady. Unlike the folks at the company I recently worked at, she seemed both a human and a resource. Talked about what I was looking for and what they offered. No pressure. They added me to their list of potential employees as requests come in. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. But I think we both liked each other and I do expect to hear from them.

Today I also applied for a Poolwerx sales associate position. I think I’m beginning to like this idea of no pressure kind of employment. Sure, the money will never be that great, but I’m starting to come around to the idea that the life I was living was actually no life at all. And I can do without the HR and senior management dickheads that are nothing but cancer in today’s professional industries.

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