April 11, 2020

Hope y’all are enjoying another “Coronavirus Crackdown” weekend. Normally folks would be out and attending church services and going out for dinner, but there won’t be any of that this year. Here (as where y’all are) things have been pretty quiet. I’ve been working on getting my resume up to speed and I’ll be uploading that to my LinkedIn profile on Monday. I have an interview with the Visiting Angels folks on Monday to see if that is something I might be interested in doing part-time, and my resume will be going to my local Poolwerx shop and a couple of UPS stores as well. I’ve also started looking at the Craig’s list classified to see what kind of interesting work from home opportunities there might be out there. So all is good.

The one thing I’ve noticed is that, the further away I get from my previous healthcare IT life, the less attractive it is as far as the idea of returning to it. As my wife told me last night, I’ve paid my dues. Sure, the money was good, but it really wasn’t what anyone would call a quality of life. At this point in time I’m not closing my mind to anything – it would be foolish to do so. But increasingly – and things can always change (most especially the way things are now) – the thinking is that it would have to be a damned attractive and near-perfect opportunity to lure me back into the professional IT world again.

One of the questions about this whole COVID-19 pandemic thing that no one seems either interested in or curious about is why Las Vegas hasn’t been one of the hot spots out there. I mean, think about it: Vegas ought to be a virtual petri dish for a Coronavirus outbreak – the casinos didn’t start closing until late February, you have a very high Asian population that frequents the town, you have large numbers of folks working, gambling, eating, drinking, and going to theaters, nightclubs, and, yes, even strip clubs (so I’ve heard, I’ve never been in one ;-)) in close proximity to each other. One would think the town should have been a natural hot spot but it doesn’t appear to be so.

Any time you have a crisis situation like this you’re going to good folks trying to make the best of a bad situation – this story is one of them.

…and, on the other hand you’ve got folks who allow the power of their elected positions go to their heads and start acting like tin-pot dictators. And all these folks attempting to close down Easter church services – even if they are held out in the open and with folks social distancing themselves via their cars is incredible wrong and ill-advised.

…I went to a Lowe’s today to refill one of my propane tanks and they have markers on the floor to keep people apart and see-through plastic barriers to reduce direct contact with the check-out folks, so how is that OK and church services not? BINGO.

…of course these are, to a great extent, Democratic officials, so you have to think there’s some anti-religion bias going on out there. And given their liberal bent these days I highly doubt these churches can expect the ACLU to come to their rescue. It’s pretty pathetic.

…which is why I highly expect folks to begin acts of civil disobedience against state officials who begin resisting the opening up of cities and towns economically when the President’s task force starts publishing steps and guidelines along those lines. After all, freedom is baked into the DNA of this country and it’s citizens. (As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”) I have faith in our citizenry to know the risks and the rewards and will ultimately choose wisely.

And I further expect to start seeing some real push-back against Dr Fauci and his flip-flopping on the University of Washington’s IHME numbers, which continue to reflect zero reality to the actual number of deaths the Coronavirus is actually causing.. In the end, this is going to end up being nothing more than a normally-bad flu season. And no matter how they try to say the number of deaths have been reduced though social distancing, no one is pushing them to admit that social distancing was already baked into the model.

Because I know the Democrats and their operatives in the mainstream media as I do, it’s pretty easy to see how all this is going to play out in terms of messaging ahead of the 2020 presidential election:

1. Orange Man bad, a racist and xenophobe for shutting down air travel between the US and China.

2. Orange Man bad because he didn’t take the Coronavirus seriously at the beginning.

3. Orange Man bad because he’s going to kill people by opening up the economy too soon. (Watch after this happens the glee in which the media starts reporting every death that occurs starting on or around May 1.)

4. Then finally, Orange Man bad because he didn’t open up the economy sooner even when the models were always revising downward the number of expected deaths. (Watch after this the glee in which the media starts reporting how slow the economy takes to come back.) Remember that it will be up to the governors of each state to decide when to open up their own states. Considering the way locally-elected Democratic officials are using the virus as an excuse to close churches and other kinds of social gatherings they don’t like, expect state officials in Democratic states to drag their heels in an act of defiance and resistance against the President.

…after all, if you want to work against the President’s re-election in November, why be in a rush to get the economy growing and risk proving him right again?

Have a happy and blessed Easter, everyone!

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