March 25, 2020

You’ve got to hand it to the Democrats – right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, they’re not one to “let a good crisis go to waste”. No matter if people are dying and all the fine work President Trump and his administration have done for the economy over the past three years is all going to shit, Speaker of the House “San Fran Nan” Pelosi and her cadre of left-wing loons, both in Washington and in blue-state governorships, seem hell-bent in doing everything they can to extend everyone’s misery while doing their utmost to use this crisis to impose their far left, socialist agenda down the throats of the American people.

Did Pelosi really think her 11th-hour attempt at stuffing the original Coronavirus relief bill full of the most noxious of left-wing Christmas list items was going to fly undetected under the radar screens of social media-savvy conservatives? And even at this late hour she’s still determined to give it another try.

And it’s not just Pelosi, even the human fossil Joe Biden (supposedly the Democrats’ presumptive Democratic nominee) suggests the Democrats push their “Green New Deal” agenda in a future Coronavirus stimulus bill.

Do Democratic Party governors like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer and Nevada’s Steve Sisolak really think they can go “full totalitarian” on their state and think people aren’t going to push back? All these power-hungry idiots are doing is laying the foundation for the economic destruction of their states.

This, of course, is sheer lunacy, but it goes a long way towards illustrating just how un-serious Democrats are when it comes to handling a national crisis, and how incompetent they would be if, God forbid, they were given the reins of power in Washington.

Biden, in particular, looks like a someone far better suited for the Sunny Acres Rehabilitation Facility than he is for the White House. It’s gotten especially bad lately – his appearances on “The View” and his own campaign’s attempted virtual press conferences being an utter disaster. I’m not quite there at feeling sorry for someone who has never been anything more than a public servant grifter and a phony from the very start; I’ll leave that sentiment to my Democrat and liberal Goodboys friends.

…that being said, you Democrats and libs can forget the whole idea of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sliding into the role of Democratic nominee based on his highly-visible role in the Coronavirus crisis. He isn’t going to help the Democrats this fall. Not only will he have to deal with his own issues involving this crisis when the dust settles, he has significant corruption issues in his own state, as Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw notes:

The last thing I’ll offer is a warning to Democrats that Cuomo’s moment in the sun recently doesn’t erase his very problematic past, so even if they were inclined to tank Uncle Joe, they might want to consider someone else. Let’s not forget that there are more skeletons in Cuomo’s closet than in your average Halloween haunted house. During his time as governor, Cuomo has been involved in so many campaign finance, fundraising and appropriation scandals that books could be written on the subject. So many of his associates, cronies and former aides are either currently in prison or avoided jail time with plea deals on things like bid-rigging that they could start their own prison baseball team. Others were convicted of bribing judges and one of his longest-serving aides who he frequently described as being “more like a brother” got six years for lining his own pockets out of a massive, failed “stimulus” scheme known as the Buffalo Billion.

Not only that, like Biden he would still have to run on a far-left Democratic Party socialist, big-government agenda that the majority of Americans will never support.

Someone who, I will admit, has impressed me a great deal during this crisis has been Vice President Mike Pence. While I always liked his family personally because they have a rabbit as a pet, I was never really impressed with him because he just seemed so wooden and so, well, phony. But I have to admit his stock has risen in my view to the point where, were President Trump to be re-elected this year, Pence – largely on the strength of his current performance – would have to be at the top of my list of candidates to succeed PDJT.

But back to the virus. The President’s leadership team told us last week that, with all the increased testing and the natural course of the virus, this was going to be an ugly week, and it has. But I’m guessing that we’re already in the middle of the worst part of the crisis and that starting next week you’re going to see the news on all fronts beginning to brighten quite a bit, and quickly. Of course, the scaredy-cats and wimps out there will still be cautioning that we have to close the entire country down for another month to two months, but these folks were the first ones to call President Trump a racist and xenophobe for his bold decision to shut down travel from China back in January. I’ll bet little Justin Trudeau in Canada wishes he’d done the same.

PowerLine blog’s John Hinderaker has an interesting take on the virus’s potential impact on large populations, using the case of the cruise ship Diamond Princess, which was quarantined after it was found that an infected passenger flew into Tokyo and spent a few days aboard a Princess Cruises ship, forcing authorities to lock down the vessel with thousands of people on board. Hinderaker writes:

The Diamond Princess experience–virtually a laboratory experiment–suggests that around 80% of the population is naturally immune to COVID-19, that half the people who get the disease will experience no symptoms, and that in an elderly population, something like 1% of those who contract the disease will die. So far I don’t see anything in the reported U.S. or global fatality numbers to contradict the Diamond Princess experience.

I think this is about right and will be, at the end, determined to be so.

The bottom line here is that Trump is right – there’s absolutely no reason that, with folks following what will be a set of stringent cautions and some gradual easing of travel restrictions we shouldn’t be able to start opening things up around the country in 2-3 weeks. This is not a case of all or nothing – we certainly have the brains and the capabilities to be somewhat flexible in how things are carefully done. Trump knows this, of course, but the mainstream media will continue to do everything they can to keep the panic and hysteria going since it serves their anti-Trump agenda.

But things are about to start getting better. Here in Arizona, compared with hot-spots like Washington state and New York, things have been fairly mild, at least thus far. And I think we’ve seen the worst of it.

Say… perhaps the Goodboys’ plans of traveling to Canada for GB 30 ought to be given pause, replaced with the boys coming here to Arizona. Sure, it will be hot, but it’s a dry heat (as they say), you can conceal-carry, and you can bet we’ll have kicked ol’ Coronavirus to the curb well before then.

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