March 23, 2020

Lots of high-stakes poker being played in Washington, DC tonight between the Republicans and the Democrats. Monday is going to be an absolute bloodbath in the markets (this is going to be especially bad, from what I am hearing). As a result I do believe you are going to see the first stages of true panic out there. I’m not kidding – I’m talking true panic – runs on banks, food hoarding, and suicides.

I’m not fucking kidding.

In my view, this is everything the Democrats and their political operatives in the mainstream media have wanted from Day One. They couldn’t get Trump on “Russia collusion”. They couldn’t impeach him on Ukraine. So now they’re going to use COVID-19 as a way to tank the economy beyond repair. They don’t give a shit, and never have, about this country. It’s all about destroying Trump and his administration. If this is what this is all about I have only two words for you, and I think you know what they are.

Look, at this point I don’t know what each side wants (although knowing the Democrats and their long-view political agenda they’re throwing into the pot all kinds of pet issues like $ for Planned Parenthood (the better to kill more black babies) and forgive student loans (the better to pander to the helpless, pampered thick-headed dumb snowflake sheep out there).

The fact is, these folks are playing with real lives out there. A commenter “Luke” to this Conservative Treehouse post offers this sobering view of the way things are right now:

Today has been especially rough for me personally. The shock of what is happening has worn off and reality is taking a toll. I’m not scared of the disease other than many people getting it at once. That is a legitimate concern. We should probably heed the calls for social distancing, etc. To try and prolong the spread which will inevitably occur. The thought of our economic situation terrifies me. I work from home, in IT have been for years. My company is only going to be able to pay me for so long. Yes I mentioned that I work from home but us salesmen cost money and when sales are not being made. Nobody is really buying what I peddle at the moment. So many people have it much worse tho. The bureaucrats have 2 good stimulus packages in them. After that confidence in our financial stability wanes quickly.

This is a crucial point; whatever your thoughts are in the virility of the virus. I don’t think it’s all overhype anymore. There are plenty of doctors begging us to follow what they are telling us Stay Home. We should listen for now. It’s the single best thing we can for a president and a country that have done so much for us.

So it all comes down to a game of who do you believe, doesn’t it? I think Larry Schweikart has it nailed perfectly.

As I’ve said before (and I don’t care if I get crucified for this) the damage China, the Democrats, and their bought and paid for American mainstream media want to do is to destroy the American economy, so as the better to destroy Trump and implement their socialist strategy and do China’s ultimate bidding. You don’t believe me? Fine. But what you are seeing our elected leaders do to us as a people is far worse than anything COVID-19 is ever going to do. Are people going to die? YES. And that is too bad. But the number of people who are ultimately going to die (keeping in mind everyone racing to identify drugs to halt the spread of the virus and, in the end, immunize folks against it) is nothing – NOTHING – compared to the misery that will result from the destruction of the U.S. economy.

Enough of the fear-mongering. Enough of the fucking hysteria. Enough of all the bullshit. It would appear President Trump has finally wisened up to the games being played by the mainstream media and Democratic governors who want to use this crisis as a way to impose their totalitarian agendas on their various populaces (because that’s what socialists do, right?):


Not that Senators McConnell and Schumer or Speaker Nancy Pelosi are listening, but let me say something productive and make it easy for y’all:

1. Suspend all trading in the stock market for 14 days.

2. Call for all retail outlets of any kind to enact strict guidelines against hoarding and allow local authorities to arrest store managers who don’t pay heed.

3. Enact legislation that will:

* Provide $1,250 monthly stipend for 3 months (it will take that long to restart the economy)

* $500 per child.

* Personal incomes of less than $250K

*Include everyone including those on disability, 1099s, small business owners, & seniors


Enough is enough. It has already been revealed that Americans are nothing more than spoiled children, incapable of rational thought of any kind. Implement the above, keep it simple, and we will end up getting through this fine.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am at both my fellow countrymen and the political parties we have elected to do the nation’s business in Washington. One would think we would adhere to what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature” in this crisis, but as a country we appear to have failed miserably to come even close to that. It is a disgrace. Collectively, we should be ashamed of ourselves. Here is what I have seen:

* The mainstream media has revealed themselves to be nothing more than a bunch of alarmist boobs in their petty hatred of Donald Trump.

* The American public has revealed themselves to be nothing more than a bunch of selfish, spoiled, scaredy-cat imbeciles capable of rational thought and caring for their neighbors and fellow man.

* Our political ruling class has revealed themselves to be completely incapable of rising above petty politics and working together for the good of this country.

I remember that classic line in “Tin Cup” when Romeo tells Roy McAvoy that when the moment comes, “you define the moment or the moment defines you”.

Well the moment has come, and it is shit.

We are sooooo screwed as a country.

And we deserve everything we get.

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