March 21, 2020

A tip of the hat to the late, great Roy Orbison for the title of this post.

Because, as Paul McCartney once sang, I’m really down.

Folks, I’ll admit, I’ve reached the breaking point in my anger and frustration at the hysteria that is going on out here because of yes, the CHINESE VIRUS. I’m tired of the empty shelves in the grocery stores. I’m tired of the hoarders – yesterday I saw some woman actually allowed to purchase two 24-can flats of green beans – acting out on the hysteria being pushed by the mainstream media at both the national and local levels. All it is doing is making people crazy and feeding the hysteria machine making everyone think we’re all about to die.

I was watching the CBS morning show yesterday morning while waiting for my car to have its oil changed, and these clowns were congratulating each other for being so brave for moving into a smaller studio to do their telecasts because of the Cornoavirus, as if they were saving humanity by reducing the amount of technical staff needed. I mean, are you kidding me? But that is what the sheep across this country of ours is watching and lapping up on a daily basis. It’s really sickening to watch.

I mean, where are our priorities here? Is it the infinitesimally small amount of people who are going to die – if not from the COVID-19 then some other form of flu this year – or the wreckage of the entire U.S. economy? Don’t get me wrong here: I’m not being callous about the loss of those who might or will die from this virus, but the sad fact is, life is cheap these days. Don’t believe me? The mainstream media and Democrats overwhelmingly support abortion right up until the moment of birth, don’t they? And you don’t hear nearly the same kind of hysteria when young black men are killing each other on the streets of Chicago or Baltimore every single weekend. I guarantee that when you look at the butcher’s bill at the end of 2020 you’ll see far more deaths from inner-city gun violence then you will from the COVID-19. So spare me your hysteria.

…the damage we are doing to our economy is ultimately going to far greater harm to a larger group of people than COVID-19 could ever dream of. And it’s time folks start pushing back against the hysteria.

I’ve had enough. I mean, you’ve now got the golf courses around here – you know, places, like, in the open air, saying that until this crisis breaks there will be no ball washers on the course. And no rakes by the sand bunkers. And no pairs in golf carts. Here’s an idea: if you’re afraid of contracting the COVID-19 virus by playing golf, then DON”T PLAY. Which is why I’m quarantining my golf game until these wackos get out of my way. I just don’t want to deal with the hysteria of it all.

I can’t help thinking that a primary driver behind all this, in some way, is the fear of lawsuits. Of course, even if you catch the virus you will never be able to prove where you contracted it from. But there is such a thing as a class-action suit, and you know that the pussies who run businesses both small and large have this in the back of their minds.

The people who are pissing me off the most are the mainstream press. They’re not just acting like assholes, but they are doing a grave disservice to this country out of their hatred for President Trump. I mean, you can’t win with these clowns. They call him a racist and a xenophobe when he suspends air travel from places like China and Europe, then criticize him for not acting fast enough. They’re all for Obama-sized big government, then they criticize him when the CDC and FDA regulations slow ability to act with urgency. The media had no issue pushing the “Chinese virus” back in January and February, now Trump is a racist for doing the same. The media has been doing their collective best to talk down Trump’s roaring economy ever since he took office, now they’re suddenly concerned when the market tanks. You simply cannot win with these people. They suck.

But the heck with President Trump and his team of experts, this is the kind of leader I want at the helm of the Ship of State during times like these. Which is just another reason why Democrats have to be feeling frustrated by how limited their responses during this crisis have been. After all, when you’ve spent the entire Trump administration focusing on issues important only to the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC, and their viewership in the elitist collectives on the east and west coasts (how’s that impeachment thing working out for y’all now?), it isn’t surprising you have precious little to offer in the way of substance when a real crisis erupts.

If there is a silver lining to this whole virus thing, it’s the destruction of all the boutique social issues the progressive elitists have been shoving down our collective throats for the past decade. Think about it: when the hype over COVID-19 is nothing less then global annihilation, there isn’t much air left in the room for issues like reusable grocery bags, the elimination of fossil fuels and plastic straws, and the number of gender pronouns we ought to be using. When times are good and there’s plenty of things for the progressive left to complain and be outraged about; when things and the times get serious their bluster seems a little silly and over the top, doesn’t it?

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