March 14, 2020

Had to go back to my local Fry’s supermarket today to fetch some last-minute items for my corned beef and cabbage St. Paddy’s Day dinner. Hadn’t been there since Wednesday and was absolutely shocked at what I saw. Sure, I expected the toilet tissue to be gone, tissues and sanitizer products as well, but was unprepared for the devastation resulting from just three days of virus hyped-supermarket madness. I got the last bag of Russet potatoes. There were no bags of yellow onions. There was no chicken – chicken! in the meat area. There were five cans of soup left. Just a handful of jars of peanut butter remaining. The folks that pushed their carts down the aisles seemed as amazed as I was, with deer-in-the-headlights looks on their faces. It was just very strange to see things like that.

Anyone who watched any of the White House press conferences on the COVID-19 outbreak will know exactly why things have gotten to this point. Our mainstream media are a bunch of loony-toon morons. Not only was their behavior confrontational, sophomoric and petty, but it was clear their only interest was (perhaps as a reflection of their own network’s political agendas) was to hype the panic in order to score political points against a president whose team (at least in my view) has a very good handle on things. It was just a pathetic sight to watch. And it’s not just the national media, our local media here in Phoenix have all been doing their part to hype the virus as opposed to just reporting the facts and advising folks to stay calm. To say that it has been an infuriating thing to watch is to understate the point.

My prediction is that, not only will the President come out of this fine, but that the majority of folks are just more pissed off at the media than ever before. The mainstream media’s behavior through all of this has been reckless and reprehensible.

But everyone is caught up in the madness, even to the point of cancelling golf tournaments – golf tournaments!including the Masters. Tracey and I were still planning to go to Las Vegas for a few days next week, but, as Bob Dylan sang in Subterranean Homesick Blues, “you need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing”. I called Wynn Las Vegas and they mentioned how there was no guarantee of what was, and what wasn’t, going to be open by the time we get there so we bagged it. Again, all this is over something that 99% of the country is never going to get. But I get it – after all, putting everyone’s lives on hold for 4-6 weeks isn’t going to kill anyone. I just find it all so silly, sheep-like behavior, and much ado about little.

That being said, if there is a silver lining in all of this it is how it has exposed serious flaws in our current policies, protocols, and our pharmaceutical development/supply chain, as well as bureaucratic flaws and turf wars between federal and state governments and agencies. One would hope the lessons learned will help keep the public calm and provide fast and effective actions the next time, but without a responsible media to report facts and not hype things these efforts will only be somewhat effective.

In other news…

While he continued to rack up delegates to all but seal his nomination for the Dems presidential candidate, it wasn’t a good week for the “Slo’ Joe Biden candidacy. First, his attempt at criticizing the Trump administration’s response to the COVID-19 virus was petty, nonsensical, and completely void of substance, but his “virtual town hall” showed him to be a blubbering, dottering old fool when the technology worked, and a disaster overall. It’s pretty clear his campaign (much like their candidate), is not ready for prime-time. If he’s allowed to actually go up against Trump in a debate it will be a disaster.

…see, the problem with Biden is that there is nothing authentic about him. Not only is he a grandstanding, pathological lying blowhard who has goosed his resume and record for so long he actually believes the lies he is telling – lies that anyone with access to Google would be able to disprove in minutes – but he’s a political weather-vane, capable of only pointing where he is told to point, whichever way the wind needs to blow. As a result, he will be shifting positions quicker than a hemorrhoid sufferer between now and November to gather whatever votes are out there from whatever constituencies needing to be sated with campaign promises. The days of “centrist Joe” (if he ever were actually that) are over; because the Democratic Party has drifted so far left, he’ll now be forced to accept every far-left plank and proposal the leftists and Bernie supporters shove down his throat at their convention.

…the one thing everyone will be looking towards will be Biden’s VP choice. I originally thought it was going to be Stacy Abrams (she would have been Bernie’s if he had won, that’s for sure). Now, since Joe will obviously be pushing his senatorial bona fides, I think he’ll pick a Democratic senator and it will likely be Kamala Harris. Good luck with that choice, Joe – she’s as much as a fraud and a phony as you are. But birds of a feather flock together, as they say.

Stay safe out there, everybody!

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