March 12, 2020

This whole Coronavirus hysteria is really beginning to piss me off. People have lost their collective minds. What the f**k is it about toilet paper that one has to resort to buying it on Amazon and then have to wait for a week in order to get it? I mean, how stupid is this? How stupid can people be? It certainly explains why nearly half the people in this country vote progressive or Democrat, I’ll tell you that. Because all of this – and I mean all of this – is fueled by nothing more the mainstream media – led by the damned cable news networks – whose loathing of President Trump and his supporters is so beyond the pale that they’ll do anything to see his administration fail and him lose the election in November.

That’s all this is.

These despicable and reprehensible cretins want to see the stock market tank. They want to see hysteria and people acting completely irrationally. They want to see this country destroyed from the outside in (no borders or travel restrictions) and from the inside out (creating chaos, hysteria, anger, and resentment). And I am sick to hell of it.

It’s everywhere. Tom Hanks and his wife have tested positive. The wife of Justin Trudeau has tested positive. This person, that person has tested positive. So what? The overwhelming chances given their demographics is that they’ll be fine in the long run. But let’s just all freak out even more, shall we?

Are there people that are going to die from the Coronavirus? Sure. But can’t we as mature adults keep things in perspective? You take a chance every day you step outside your door. You could be killed in an auto accident. Or gun violence. Or a widow-maker. We think and act as if we’re going to live forever, but our time on this earth is preciously short. Our lives are fragile, our hold on this moral coil is tenuous.

Look, I’m all for taking precautionary measures – there’s nothing wrong with putting a halt on sporting events or cruise and/or air travel for, say, six weeks and see where things stand. If those kind of temporary measures are what is needed in order to minimize the impact of this virus, fine. We’ll all get over it soon enough. I have no problem with that. What I don’t get is the irrational hysteria the media is pushing. The stock market plummeting is a joke. (Personally, I would like to the President halt all trading on the market for at least a week, perhaps two, just to allow the hysteria to subside.) Because that’s all it is – a sad joke on all of us. Look, when you can’t even find toilet paper – toilet paper – at the local supermarket that is irrational hysteria.

As an aside, what, exactly, do people think stocking up on toilet paper is going to get them anyways? But I digress.

I guess what bugs me most is that I thought as Americans we were better than this. Tough. Strong. Resilient. But we’re not, we’re bunch of f**king pussies. We’ve been coddled, pampered, over-medicated, and immersed in our social media-driven driven existences to the point where we can’t even handle responding to a health challenge like adults. We’ve lost our collective minds. What happened to the rally-round-the-flag sticktoitiveness that enabled us to join together in sacrifice and patriotism to win World War II? Think about it: if everyone and everything is going this crazy over a friggin’ virus that is going to inconvenience far, far more people than it will ever kill, can you imagine what would ensue if something truly horrifying were to inflict us? Like, say, a major, major natural disaster or a military strike by a hostile enemy? I can’t even imagine.

I will say this: all this is doing to people is making them even more angry at the mainstream media than they already have been. And they see the Democrats playing their stupid political games trying to use this as political points against the President of the United States. Even in a case like this, where the Coronavirus plays no favorites when it come to political persuasion, they can’t put the country first and do what’s best for it. Instead it’s just another excuse for attempting to destroy the president. It’s sickening. But when it comes to Democrats and the liberal left there’s nothing surprising anymore – these people have no souls, no compassion, and no sense of dedication to or love for this country. It’s all just political games.

To see what’s going on around me makes me sad and angry. It’s getting harder and harder each day to look for what ol’ Abe Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature.” Primarily as a result of the march of liberalism and progressivism in our culture, in our colleges and universities, and in our mainstream media we’ve become a bunch of soft, spoiled, snowflake sissies who freak out because of a virus that 90& of the country will never even experience in the slightest. I think it’s disgraceful, pathetic, and juvenile behavior that makes me damned glad I’ve seen far more sunrises than I’m ever going to see. I feel bad for the young people of this country, because if this is any indication of what this country’s future holds it’s not going to be pretty.

Now excuse me while I go on Amazon to find some damned toilet paper.

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