March 9, 2020

I can’t think of anyone who has nailed the utter stupidity and corruption of Democrats better than Robert Barnes with this one tweet:

Dems could’ve picked a strong Governor from GOP states, a war veteran, Hawaii surfer w/ anti-establishment bonafides, or a hero to millennials w/ a record of rally support & inciting excitement, but, in all their genius, they chose a dementia patient w/ a record of corruption.


Now, about that “Hawaiian surfer w/anti-establishment bonafides” that Barnes speaks about. Now that it’s pretty obvious what the Democrats’ intentions are in terms of selecting their presidential nominee is, I’ll say it: the only person in the entire Democratic field from the very beginning I was concerned about was Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. And it was not just me, a number of folks I know who are “in the know” feared Gabbard more than anyone else. Why? Not only is she young, female, very attractive, and intelligent, she’s not afraid to catch her own wave, so to speak.

As it turns out, too unafraid, perhaps, for her own good.

How do I know that? Because it is obvious that a certain someone rather (cough) influential in Democratic Party circles also feared Gabbard and her ambitions. And you know damned well who I’m talking about here: the Queen Bitch herself, Hillary Clinton, who, after Gabbard accused her of exerting her influence on the Dems’ nominating process, was accused of being a Russian agent.

Only a complete and utter vile, evil, vindictive bitch like Hillary Clinton could get away something like that. What’s even worse is that no one – and I mean no one amongst the so-called “feminists” in the field at the time (Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klochubar) stood up to the Clinton establishment in support of their colleague. Which tells you more than something about their own respective characters.

Which is why the Democrats should get everything they deserve come this November.

Now were Gabbard to get the Democratic nomination I don’t know what kind of a campaign she might have run. It could be that she would make no small amount of mistakes given her lack of so-called “experience” in presidential politics. But I do know this: she’d be plenty smart enough to warrant more interest and attention by the Trump campaign than a senile, corrupt old coot of the Washington establishment and a self-avowed Communist will get.

I think about Gabbard’s freshness and attractiveness as a candidate and wonder if someone like her could even be acceptable in Democratic Party circles these days. I think about what Barnes wrote in his tweet and look at what the Democrats have allowed themselves to choose for a candidate: two losers who have spent (and will spend) their entire campaigns pandering to every Democratic Party special interests, dooming them to a Safaris-style “wipeout” come November.

And to all you Democrats out there I say this: I don’t want to hear ONE MORE FRIGGIN’ WORD about how you’re an inclusive Party of the the disenfranchised, the poor, and those who have no voice in Washington. To put it bluntly, you had your fu**in’ chance, and you’ve given your Party faithful Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

I’ll say it again. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

You get what you deserve.

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