March 7, 2020

Oh man, how long has it been? Lots of stuff going on. Been working far too much than a dude of my age should be, but there’s been a whole lot of upheaval at work where I’ll shortly have my third boss in less than five months, so what are you gonna do?

Me? I think this whole Coronavirus is a lot of bullshit. Now, were I, say, 87 years old and in a nursing home maybe I’d be concerned, but I’m 64 years old, for gawdsakes! I don’t buy the hysteria, and I think those who are paranoid about the virus are a bunch of fraidycats. Live your life. Pursue your dreams. Love the people you love. And don’t let the mainstream, Trump-hating media convince you to do otherwise. I’m dead serious about this. I mean, the number of people who die from the flu each year will far surpass those who die from this virus. In three months everyone is going to wonder what the hubbub was all about.

So let me get this straight: the party of women, minorities, and the disenfranchised have, after all this time, chosen as finalists two old white, rich geezers to be the leaders in their party’s race for the nomination for President in 2020. I mean, how pathetic is that? You can’t come up with anything better than a self-avowed Communist and a doddering old fool who can’t tell the difference between his wife and his sister at a victory party?

…don’t think if Biden is the nominee Trump will go after him mercilessly. Because he will, and it won’t be pretty – there’s way too much at stake.

Prediction time: doddering as he is, “Slo’ Joe Biden will be the party’s nominee going into the Democratic convention. But the Hillary Clinton forces will be hard at work, planting stories about his mental acuity and questioning hios abilities to handle the daily rigors of being President. Hillary finds a way to gallop to the rescue, an, with VP mate Stacy Abrams, runs against Donald Trump for the presidency.

…and will get crushed in a landslide, as would “Slo’ Joe” if he were to end up being the nominee after all.

…and if you have any doubts, watch the President’s performance during Thursday night’s town hall in Scranton, PA. If you’re a Democrat watching this, all thing being equal, of course (a gazillion things can happen between now and November) you have to know whomever goes up against Trump has zero chance of winning.

I mean, look at the job numbers from today. Do you Democrats really think the country is going to vote for a Democrat and risk losing all the gains of the past three-plus years?

Count me as someone with zero interest in the Red Sox this year.

Was just thinking the other day just how cool this song is. Truth is, I was only half-serious when yanking my fellow Goodboys’ collective chains last year when I said Steely Dan sucked as a band. Of course, they clearly don’t, but music is subjective, and I’ve never liked Steely Dan’s form of pretentious faux rock/jazz and its elitist, high-brow following. Give me a tune that reaches out and grabs me by the throat to get my attention any day, which is what a band like ABBA excelled at.

…and, if you want to look at the sheer numbers, ABBA was a helluva lot more successful a band in terms of sales, success, and airplay than Steely Dan could ever hope to have been. So, if you’re asking The Great White Shank to choose between Steely Dan and ABBA, I’ll take the Swedes any day. For example:

…you can play me any number of tracks from SD’s legendary “Aja” album (a damned good album, I’ll admit), but these ears will take to songs like this, this, or this any day.

Why? Because as a songwriter and someone who has written songs and played in more than his share of bands back in the day I was God-given a set of ears that looked out for “hooks” and “tags” that made pop and rock songs successful for what they did. There are probably no greater hooks in rock music than the Keith Richards-penned “Satisfaction”. As for tags, let me give you an idea of what I’m talking about. I’m looking for songs with a unique finish – the Beach Boys’ “California Girls” (after the “doo be doo”) are probably the finest ever recorded and “God Only Knows” gives you an idea as to two examples of great tags.

…it’s jot to say Steely Dan’s music isn’t any good, it’s just that they’re not anywhere close to a great band. Their music is for up tight tight-assed metrosexual hipster elitists, that’s all.

If you don’t think there are still heroes around these days, read this story, it’s amazing.

…speaking of The Beach Boys, we’re just about at another full moon, which always makes me think about this Dennis Wilson classic.

Good old fashioned classic rock never got more honest than this. Or this.

. Not Steely Dan, for sure.

Or this? I was at a restaurant at Boston Logan Airport and couldn’t believe they played this in its entirety. It was funny to watch the xpressions on the folks especially when the screaming started halfway through. It reminded me of that time my mom said that part of the song reminded her of giving birth.

If you wanted any further evidence that the mainstream media y’all are getting your information from are a bunch of morons I can’t find any better example than this. And these are the assholes lecturing us for the past three years about “Russia collusion”? As the saying goes, let the buyer beware.

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