February 19, 2020

Believe it or not, through the magic of technology I was able to watch both the massive Trump rally here in Phoenix and the Democrats debate in Las Vegas simultaneously. After watching both I’m starting to feel pretty damned good about my prediction of a Hillary Clinton / Stacy Abrams ticket coming out of a brokered Democrat convention.

Let’s start with the Democrats. Even if you consider yourself a liberal, this is a shit-show – nothing more, nothing less. Watching it as the student of history, I am I can’t believe this is where the Democratic Party finds itself. Think about it: where is the party of JFK and Hubert Humphrey? Or Robert Kennedy? Or, shit, even George McGovern would look like FDR compared to these bozos. At least McGovern was a man of principle. These clowns are nothing more than a bunch of kindergarten scrubs, pandering to every lesser angel of our nature, resentful, negative, cynical. It was hard to watch, but from this vantage point the only one who came out with any shred of momentum had to be Pete Buttigieg, whom I believe will be the only one to get a shred of momentum out of this clusterf**k.

I’m picking Elizabeth Warren as runner-up solely for the way she sliced, diced, and filleted Mike Bloomberg, who, in my opinion, had no business being up there. If that’s what umptold millions of dollars will get you in political advice, that doesn’t say much for either the power of his money or his judgment. “Slo’ Joe Biden remained a lost soul up there, completely oblivious to the opportunity that presented itself when those protesters started chanting before he could get his closing statement rolling. He could (and should) have shown some leadership and moxie by telling them to shut up (it would have been the moment of the debate), but instead he just stood there looking like a doofus with a stupid look on his face. Tonight was the end of his campaign. And don’t get me started on Amy Klobuchar – what a shrill, nasty woman.

I’m sorry, but if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool JFK or Bill Clinton Democrat you had to be shaking your head at what Barack Obama has allowed this Party to become – a bunch of shrill, pathetic losers who couldn’t even get elected dog-catcher in Soda-pop Valley. It was that embarrassing.

Contrast that with Donald Trump’s massive gathering in Phoenix. As far as rallies go, it was fairly stock, thousands upon thousands of folks both inside and outside the arena having a good time. Lots of laughs, the usual combination of prepared comments mixed with Trump’s stand-up comedy. But the takeaway – and no image could provide a greater contrast between the two political events, was the scene of two men carrying a 100-year old World War II veteran into the arena and then see the President acknowledge him with his son Don Jr. Laugh all you want, Democrats and liberals, but I dare you to find anything even remotely as moving from anything your party has produced – or will produce – during this election season.

The more I see the Democrats on stage, the more I think you’re going to see a brokered convention and a Hillary / Abrams ticket come out of it. Of course, it will be a disaster for the Democrats come November, but it’s a disaster in the making already. I honestly don’t know where or how the Democrats go from here. At this point, I’m just looking for a single adult in the room. And not finding one.

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