February 18, 2020

…continuing from Monday’s post…

Don Surber has an excellent article about what the damage Barack Obama did to the Democratic Party, resulting in the state the Democrats currently find themselves in. Like Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama was about nothing except for himself. He allowed the Democrats to get decimated at the state and local levels by focusing solely on his own agenda and funneling significant dough-re-mi not to the Democratic Party, but to social justice and community organizations where it ended up being nothing more than grift.

Not even four years after he left office he’s left a Democratic Party polarized between young, energetic socialists completely out of tune with the majority of the country and a bunch of old fogey elitists trying to out-left each other:

Democrats running for president today are running against themselves. Recent stories include Amy Klobuchar disowning her 2006 call for “order at the border.” Mini Mike has apologized for his stop-and-frisk program which saved hundreds of black lives. And Breadline Bernie did a 180 on his call to ban the hiring of illegal aliens.

I won’t go into the way Quid Pro Joe has ditched everything he stood for because that is the nature of a grifter. He is a pay-to-play hack who fit in like a bug in a rug in the Obama administration. Biden is running again to fleece donors again who should know better by now.

But the rest have had to jettison their beliefs because Obama fundamentally transformed Democrats into a loser communist party that hates America and will punish it by stripping citizens of their inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The first step upon election is to make citizenship meaningless, which is the purpose of open borders. Businesses buy in because they think cheap labor is worth it. For some reason, corporations are led by people who foolishly believe their money will protect them from the consequences of the end of citizenship.

..and you wonder why any blue-collar bar in Milwaukee, South Bend, Gary, Evanston, or Cleveland is going to be filled with former Democrat Trump voters? And if you think they’re going back any time soon you’re dreaming. Tell me to go screw all you want, I’ve seen the numbers to prove it.

Not The Beatles, but after watching the “mockumentary” “All You Need Is Cash” for, like, the tenth time I can’t get this Rutles tune out of my mind. The bridge itself, a Neil Innes creation, is pure Lennon-McCartney. If The Beatles had done it in 1965 it undoubtedly would have been #1.

…heard this song over – of all things – the loudspeakers at my local Fry’s while in the coffee/tea/spices aisle. Talk about your deep track – The Ramones do Phil Spector! poor Joey Ramone must be having a damned good laugh about it over on the other side.

OK, maybe I’ve been a little overboard about Meg Myers recently, but her stuff is just so damned good. I can’t get her song “Numb” out of my head – it’s just so well made and I luv luv luv the bass line. Just watch this video and you might become a Meg Myers fan as well. I love the form she displays playing her Fender Precision bass and the Fender equipment her guitarist uses. That’s jake right there. And the looks ain’t bad, either.

I’ve been saying this forever, hopefully this tweet will gin up the conversation started in a meaningful way. Lila Rose rocks, thank you, Lila!!

Right now things look kinda ugly, but if the Sox are playing good ball and hanging in there come Memorial Day, watch the media start calling them “grinders” and “loveable dirt dogs” and all will be forgotten. Because that’s how being in Boston and a fan of the Boston Red Sox works. Of course, if they’re not playing well…

Called into a liberal radio show last weekend and steered them straight about the bullshit they were saying about Trump’s economy being the result of Barack Obama’s economic measures. Give me a break You want to know about what Obama, The Bushes and the Clinton’s did? One Bruce Springsteen song – Mr. Liberal himself – will tell you that. If you want to know the truth it’s all right here in plain view.

…which brings me full circle back to the beginning of this post and why Trump wins in a landslide this November. Because of all the Democrats who have come over to his side and, like I will, crawl over broken glass to vote for him.

Make America Great Again.

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