February 17, 2020

Been a while since I posted but you can blame that on the fore-mentioned “Client Who Shall Remain Nameless”, who, against what I would call their better judgement, chose to go from being self-hosted (i.e., running their own software) to using my company to host all of their software for them. Not for me to say, but they must have got one sweet deal to make that kind of decision!

…anyways, we’re still waiting for (in election terms) the “late results to come in”, but the early returns say my team did one heckuva job to make the transition as seamless as possible. I’m not willing to call victory yet (talk to me in a couple of days) but all those fourteen-hour days the last three weeks appears to have paid off in the end.

…but I’ll tell you this: I’m getting too old for this sh*t.

In other news:

You can’t go anywhere without seeing Mike Bloomberg commercials on TV, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that, when comparing his commercials to Donald Trump’s, a vast difference in perspective. Trump’s commercials are about how his presidency has improved the lives of Americans; Bloomberg’s are all about him. You look at Bloomberg’s comments about farmers and medical care for the elderly, and you can tell he’s just a rich elitist who has no clue about this country’s core values and how the majority of its people go about their daily lives.

…in that regard, while Bernie Sanders is also wealthy I get the sense that the kind of fairness Sanders is pushing with his Democratic-Socialist agenda at least takes into account a certain segment of America he sees as marginalized. Bloomberg is all about maintaining and protecting the elite state and its interests. Sanders and Trump – while perhaps diametrically opposed in the role of government – at least have in many ways the interests of the “common man”.

…I’ve always pushed for Bernie to be Trump’s opponent. It’s about time a political campaign run on capitalism and “America First” runs against one on Democratic-Socialism and the globalist / climate change / wealth redistribution agenda. It’s good from time to time to see a country have to make hard choices as presented by two radically different views of what this country is and the direction it should head. It might be painful, but overall it’s healthy and cleansing. Bloomberg’s campaign, on the other hand, is nothing but a cynical effort at employing his vast wealth to ensure the elitist “haves” will always have and f**k those who don’t, all under the guise of exploiting the Trump haters. Were I a Democrat I’d be pretty pissed about the whole state of things.

I think this is a bigger story than the attention it will get. You want to call Trump voters a cult? Fine, but having looked at numbers (courtesy of my friend in the national GOP establishment) it’s clear that Trump has picked up an inordinate amount of Democrats and Independents since 2016, and they’re not just Trump voters, they’re willing to crawl a mile over broken glass just to vote for him and give the middle finger to the elite media and “Deep State” bureaucrats who think their jobs have entitled them to run their own fiefdoms.

…regardless of what you think of Trump personally, the fact is that folks are coming around to what he is (for better or for worst), understanding that Trump’s for the country and all the “common sense” kinds of values it has stood for in the face of a media and progressives with their hate America first, socialist / open borders / anti-rule of law / LGBTQ, etc. agenda. Folks who see the homeless camped out on streets, the attacks on law enforcement and criminal sentencing, and those who want to keep our military involved in useless overseas engagements increasingly see Donald Trump as someone who, while not living like those of us, nevertheless relates to us and our love of country in a personal way.

This is the kind of thing that happens when you allow pedophiles under the fear of mainstream media, social media, and LGBTQ activist reprisals to enter your tent. These people are a cancer and will ultimately destroy everything you have tried to build up over time in good faith. It’s the Boy Scouts and modern-day Protestantism today, it will be the Roman Catholic Church tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong (and I say this for, like, the hundredth time), I’m not talking about gays, lesbians, and bis who just go about their daily lives living their lives and looking for love in all the right (and wrong) places like the rest of us do; I’m talking about LGBTQ activists and pedophiles who use the courts, mainstream media, social media and their progressive agenda to push their sick and perverted hatred of themselves (because that’s what it is) onto others in order to justify in their own way their dead souls and empty lives.

More tomorrow…

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