January 25, 2020

Crazy, crazy week. Never even got a chance to post since last week. Gotta do something about that…

I’ll admit, the work days have been too long to even follow the whole impeachment charade. But what I do know, those who were hungering for President Trump’s impeachment have seen their high-water mark – especially with the likes of Jay Sekulow on the President’s defense team I think there will come a time when Democrats and the liberal mainstream media will wish the “human Lemur” Adam Schiff never opened his trap. Yes, I think it is going to be that bad for them.

…my award for total loon of the week, however, goes to Jerrold Nadler – he’s a complete moron, and when he makes statements like this and like this it’s impossible to take him – and those like him – seriously.

Not that I know anything, but my prediction is Tom Brady stays in Foxboro for two more years, allowing the Patriots time to groom his successor. Which, of course, means that the Pats will go aggressively for experienced offensive performers in the offseason while using the draft to further bolster their defense.

No, the Red Sox will not be trading Mookie Betts during the offseason. It makes no sense. But what they will do, I think, is dangle him as bait at the July 31 trading deadline when they can rake in the biggest haul from a team willing to rent Betts for two months.

R.I.P. Terry Jones. One of the truly great Pythons (well, they all were great. To me, the opening scene of “Life of Brian” was Terry’s best. When he smacks the baby and says, “Oh shut up!”, that was LOL.

I’ve always been a huge Kate Bush fan; I consider “Wuthering Heights” her best and one of the coolest songs ever (it’s definitely in my Top 20 of all-time) but I never realized how much of a cult classic it was as far as gathering folks together to re-enact this video. There are literally dozens of YouTube videos out there showing women, men (in dresses no less!), and kids from all over the world gathering in red and black to dance together to her song. Tells you something about the transcendent power of music to bring folks together, doesn’t it? You can check them out on YouTube, but I think the folks in Melbourne and Perth do it best. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll learn the dance and get dressed up in red and black and show my stuff. Sans dress, of course!

…I guarantee you’ll never see anyone doing anything like that to a Steely Dan song!!

I always found Kate’s music so mesmerizing for what she did artistically, combining whimsy, mystery, and moodiness around dance, movement, and facial expression. There really isn’t anyone or an act you can compare her to. Some folks have chalked her off as weird or bizarre, but I guess that’s why I like her so. She is one of a kind.

…this is just an incredible listening experience played loud or with headphones. Try it, you’ll be amazed!

The first thing I thought of when I saw the official logo for Space Force was how long it will be before the Democrats and the mainstream media start defending the Borg.

So proud to know that President Trump was the first president to speak at a March for Life rally. It was a truly massive gathering – something I guarantee you won’t hear about from the likes of Fake News. Of course, when one demonstrator gets tossed out of a Trump rally – well, that’s news!

Reason number 1,011,120 why I despise elitists more than anything else. Folks probably think from my posts that I despise Democrats and liberals, but in fact that’s not true at all. What I truly despise are well-to-do folks who haven’t a clue as to how those unlike them live their lives. They think they’re better than anyone else, thumbing their collective elitist noses at Walmart and dollar stores. It just so happens that the vast majority of elitists also happen to also be liberals and Democrats. Personally, I like dollar stores and will poke around in them from time to time and have even been known to frequent a Walmart when I need basic stuff I want to actually see before buying. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

…and speaking of which, it’s crap like this that I believe is going to turn Virginia and (I believe) New Hampshire and Connecticut red this November. But, ya see, the Democrats and the elites just can’t help themselves.

One of my goals this year was to create a two-week emergency food and water supply to go with the dough-re-mi we set apart for the same purposes last year. As much as I’d like to get an emergency generator for my A/C unit and refrigerator, I can’t wrap my head around that just yet. I’m taking our natural disaster preparations seriously, which includes getting our concealed carry permits. Next on the list is water, but that’s gonna need some more research as to how best to store that.

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