January 11, 2020

The Christmas tree is down and everyone has settled into the New Year in normal fashion. I’ve got bathrooms to clean and a pool filter to backwash, so 2020 doesn’t seem a whole lot different to me than 2019 was in that regard. Still, there’s stuff I’ve been meaning to get to:

One of my very favorite tunes on The Beatles’ Abbey Road was “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” It’s a great track. But this outtake from the session features an unreal Billy Preston organ and a stinging fuzz guitar that sounds like a mosquito on meth. How this didn’t make the official released version is beyond me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard organ played like this on any song, like ever – it’s so over the top as to almost sound demonic. And to think this was a band that only six – six – years’ prior was singing “She Loves You”. But oh yeah, The Beatles were overrated.

…speaking of the Fab Four, I’m of the belief that it was George Harrison, not Lennon or McCartney, the produced the best and most consistent output in his solo years. George did a lot of great stuff, but whenever I need a smile on my face “Cheer Down” with its soaring virtuoso guitar outro never fails to please.

I guess it’s a toss-up as to who had the worst week: Speaker “San Fran Nan” Pelosi, or Iran. And this news just adds to it.

…my “deep insider” in the national GOP tells me that the internal polling for Democrats is beyond bad – so bad, in fact, that there’s talk for the first time amongst Democrats (and Pelosi’s circle) that they’re going to lose the House. The decision by Pelosi to release the impeachment charges to the Senate is something she never, like, ever, thought she was going to have to do. But she’s stuck between the rabid loons in the House and Democratic senators who see what a disaster this has been.

…a prediction: watch the knives come out for the human lemur, Adam Schiff in the coming weeks. Behind the scenes Democrats are furious at the position he has put them in.

…see, the problem for Democrats is this: at some point, like the guy or not, you have to give the President his due. Not because it would demean you in any way, but because you’re a friggin’ AMERICAN, for God’s sake, and anything that benefits the country and its people in any way ought to be applauded. But you have people who are so fixated on their hatred – and I do mean HATRED – for the man that after a while folks start tuning you out. I’m as hard on Democrats and liberals as anyone, but it’s only because of their totally irrational hatred for the man and his followers that I’ve lost complete respect for them and anything they have to say. Regardless of what others might think, I’m more than willing to meet folks halfway, but the Democrats and the loony liberal left are making that impossible. So screw them all.

For those who can’t have the real thing, why not? Do I think she’s a total narcissistic loon? Yes. Do I think she’s an absolute fox? Yes.

If you want an example of what I’m talking about just read this. It’s disgraceful. Memo to SK: rather than hold a bunch of innocent, cancer-stricken kids hostage to your warped political whims, why not just give St. Jude’s the money out of the goodness of your heart? You know why you won’t? Because you’re a vile, a$$hole dick-head. I despise people who only think and act politically. Get a life, loser.

R.I.P Pete Dye. No one will ever accuse you of not being a creative golf course designer, but you and your stupid island greens and similar trick-up-the-course ideas helped make the game of golf an elitist sport and less accessible for untold number of people. Dye set back the game for untold numbers of people by making it needlessly difficult and harder to enjoy.

What a sweet story about the power of love in the midst of evil. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

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