January 9, 2020

Did you see these incredible pictures of a sunrise over the Persian Gulf? Truly breathtaking. No point in ruining it with political commentary – sometimes you just have to take your hat off to God and thank Him for the majesty of His Creation.

Hate linking to a leftist rag like the Huffington Post, but all I can say is, it’s about time. I’ll best just about everyone knows someone taking advantage of disability benefits to avoid actually, like, y’know, working. It’s time the practice was cleaned up. There are plenty of jobs out there – unless you’re truly disabled, you should be working.

I don’t always – if rarely – agree with Powerline blog’s Paul Mirengoff (a “Never Trumper” if there ever was one) but in this case he has “Slo’ Joe” Biden pegged both accurately and pithily:

Biden has no fixed, coherent view of the world. He’s just a hack who relies on a combination of political expediency, conventional wisdom, and a small dose of his own judgment to form his foreign policy/national security positions.

Anyone willing to choose an imbecile like Biden (who just about anyone who is knowledgeable about American foreign policy has said hasn’t been right onceonce in nearly a half-century of politics) assume the presidency needs to have their head examined.

I continue to stand by my assertion that Alex Cora will be the first MLB manager fired in 2020. I’m not even sure he’s going to make it to Memorial Day. Like Tiger Woods at Augusta last year, he caught lightning in a bottle in 2018, but he’s a lousy manager who has always been in over his head. The late, great Tom Petty could have been channeling Cora when he sang, “You Got Lucky”.

My first thoughts when I first heard of that airliner crash in Iran on Tuesday night my time. I just figured that with all the other stuff going on someone either forgot to turn some anti-aircraft weapons systems off or got an itchy trigger finger. So it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Iran won’t turn over the aircraft’s “black box”.

…prayers up for the souls of all those poor folks who perished.

The Democrats are out of their friggin’ minds. Look, I’m not going to give Donald Trump credit for turning Democrats into an Iranian terrorist-loving, America-hating party: he may be smart, but he’s not thatsmart. But the sad truth is that Democrats hate Trump more than they love this country, to the point that their actions are not just disgraceful, but borderline treasonous. One can only hope that this stain on the American political system is washed clean come 2020, because what these guys want to do – and are unafraid of appearing to do so – is overthrow this country. Harsh, but true.

Minnesota congresswomen Ilhan Omar is one of the faces and consciences of today’s Democratic Party. She and those like her are a cancer to this country that must be extracted at the ballot box. As Bryan Dean Wright tweets:

There are veterans in the districts of these progressives who have no limbs because of Iran & Qassem Suleimani.

There are widows and widowers who struggle to get through each day because of Iran & Suleimani.

The progressive left has become a trash heap, unmoored from humanity.

Hard to believe these people are elected politicians and not some raving, drooling loons rambling on about conspiracy theories and holding signs at the bottom of some interstate off-ramp. They are an embarrassment to their districts and an enemy to their country. But this is what today’s Democratic Party is, folks. As Hot Air’s Karen Townsend writes:

History will not be kind to those so afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can’t even pause and unite with other Americans in supporting a president during the aftermath of an enemy attack. Whether it is the top leadership of lawmakers or those in the media, we must believe them when they tell us who they are. They are so psychologically crippled that they broadcast support for America’s enemies instead of America. It’s sickening.

Hunter Biden, prince among men. If this were Donald Trump, Jr. you know damned well it would be nonstop 24/7 coverage in the mainstream media.

It might have quasi-worked for The Who’s Pete Townshend, but I’m not so certain the uber-elitist New York Times know-it-all Paul Krugman is gonna get away with child porn excuses. I mean, how stupid can you be? How gullible do you think people are? Of course, he can expect the same treatment from the corrupt mainstream media that Harvey Weinstein got.

This is pretty non-PC funny. And I’m sure my Goodboys pals would heartily agree!

I’ve thought from the very beginning that the only reason Democrats are pushing impeachment is because they know Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is beyond borrowed time; the thinking being they’d use impeachment as a wedge to head off confirmation hearings in the Senate for a conservative replacement. Unfortunately, they’re learning that Mitch McConnell doesn’t play those kinds of games. And if Justice Ginsberg were to pass or resign during the 2020 election season, well, that will be just too damned bad for the Democrats because McConnell ain’t the kind to given into professional courtesy. The Democrats have made their bed, now they will be sleeping in it right up until November 3.

So who is the big dog now? Barack Obama was a pussy, as was everyone around him. They kissed the assess of the mullahs and what did they get in return? Nothing. You have to remember that the Middle East is an oriental culture where the strongest horse is revered. They may not like Donald Trump, but you can bet your collective asses they respect him. And I’ll take respect over like any day.

Jillian Michaels is a total fox.

I’ve donated to the Australian Red Cross to provide aid to those impacted by the recent brushfires there. Will you?

I’ve already noticed the days are starting to get longer – have you? Not in the morning – that’s for damned sure! – but the sunsets are getting later for sure.

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