January 4, 2020

(Hat tip: TheLastRefuge)

I guess I’m not the first one to equate the latest strike (be it US or not) against Iranian interests in Iraq with Michael Corleone’s actions against his father’s enemies in Godfather II. Clearly, President Trump is using the fruits of years of intelligence-gathering by the US and, more importantly, that of our allies in the region – to make a “short sharp shot” against not just the Iranians, but their proxies in Iraq. Folks might question whether or not the latest actions brings us closer to yet another armed conflict in the Middle East; my view is that President Trump is revealing just how strong the hand of American might is in the region as a show of force that China, Russia, and Kim Jong Un ignore at their own risk.

You read things like this and you realize just how much the Washington establishment (a.k.a. “The Swamp”) and our adversaries around the world simply don’t get Donald Trump. He’s no politician – he operates on pure instinct rather than political calculation (in other words, he really doen’t give a shit). If there’s a job to be done, an injustice going on that no one wants to touch, he touches it:

“We’ve known every minute of every day where Soleimani is for years — there’s no moment of any given day where five or six intelligence agencies can’t tell you where he is,” a Republican foreign policy hand said. “It’s been one of his talking points: The Americans can find me any time, they just don’t dare hit me.”

Another things folks don’t understand is just how cutthroat Donald Trump is – when he sets his mind to something he is all in. And I have to think that somewhere in his decision to take out Soleimani he wanted revenge for this disgraceful act.

Imagine yourself a Democrat going into the 2020 election cycle. You’re anti-Trump and think that’s going to gain you a $hitload of electoral college votes. But say you’re an average the average blue-collar worker who’s sitting over a beer and a shot with his buds down at the local watering establishment – is this the kind of thing you think he and his buds are going to vote in support of?

* Higher taxes
* Taking folks guns away
* Expanded LGBTQ rights
* Bigger, more intrusive government
* Unlimited illegal immigration
* Giving illegals drivers licenses, free healthcare, and free education
* Defending mass murderers
* Reducing penalties for crime
* Impeaching Donald Trump

Heck, after Thursday’s actions you can add to that unlimited support for Iranian thugs. Yeah, I can really see that working out.

…but this is what the Democratic Party has become. Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned them all into a gaggle of bona fide whack jobs.

This would be just desserts for the cutest loudmouth Socialist on the Democratic plantation. She might actually have to come face to face with the dreaded garbage disposal!

I’m sorry, but this is nothing more than pure mental illness. And the fact that his/her/it’s parents think this is something worth celebrating is sick. Prediction: he/she/it will be a suicide in ten years.

Susan Rice: a liar about Benghazi, a liar now. The Obama administration is looking worse and worse every day as Donald Trump changes the way America is looked upon by the rest of the world.

California is for nut-jobs. But the state legislature can keep implementing ridiculous laws like this because the state’s voters are a bunch of ignorant, clueless fools.

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