January 25, 2020

Crazy, crazy week. Never even got a chance to post since last week. Gotta do something about that…

I’ll admit, the work days have been too long to even follow the whole impeachment charade. But what I do know, those who were hungering for President Trump’s impeachment have seen their high-water mark – especially with the likes of Jay Sekulow on the President’s defense team I think there will come a time when Democrats and the liberal mainstream media will wish the “human Lemur” Adam Schiff never opened his trap. Yes, I think it is going to be that bad for them.

…my award for total loon of the week, however, goes to Jerrold Nadler – he’s a complete moron, and when he makes statements like this and like this it’s impossible to take him – and those like him – seriously.

Not that I know anything, but my prediction is Tom Brady stays in Foxboro for two more years, allowing the Patriots time to groom his successor. Which, of course, means that the Pats will go aggressively for experienced offensive performers in the offseason while using the draft to further bolster their defense.

No, the Red Sox will not be trading Mookie Betts during the offseason. It makes no sense. But what they will do, I think, is dangle him as bait at the July 31 trading deadline when they can rake in the biggest haul from a team willing to rent Betts for two months.

R.I.P. Terry Jones. One of the truly great Pythons (well, they all were great. To me, the opening scene of “Life of Brian” was Terry’s best. When he smacks the baby and says, “Oh shut up!”, that was LOL.

I’ve always been a huge Kate Bush fan; I consider “Wuthering Heights” her best and one of the coolest songs ever (it’s definitely in my Top 20 of all-time) but I never realized how much of a cult classic it was as far as gathering folks together to re-enact this video. There are literally dozens of YouTube videos out there showing women, men (in dresses no less!), and kids from all over the world gathering in red and black to dance together to her song. Tells you something about the transcendent power of music to bring folks together, doesn’t it? You can check them out on YouTube, but I think the folks in Melbourne and Perth do it best. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll learn the dance and get dressed up in red and black and show my stuff. Sans dress, of course!

…I guarantee you’ll never see anyone doing anything like that to a Steely Dan song!!

I always found Kate’s music so mesmerizing for what she did artistically, combining whimsy, mystery, and moodiness around dance, movement, and facial expression. There really isn’t anyone or an act you can compare her to. Some folks have chalked her off as weird or bizarre, but I guess that’s why I like her so. She is one of a kind.

…this is just an incredible listening experience played loud or with headphones. Try it, you’ll be amazed!

The first thing I thought of when I saw the official logo for Space Force was how long it will be before the Democrats and the mainstream media start defending the Borg.

So proud to know that President Trump was the first president to speak at a March for Life rally. It was a truly massive gathering – something I guarantee you won’t hear about from the likes of Fake News. Of course, when one demonstrator gets tossed out of a Trump rally – well, that’s news!

Reason number 1,011,120 why I despise elitists more than anything else. Folks probably think from my posts that I despise Democrats and liberals, but in fact that’s not true at all. What I truly despise are well-to-do folks who haven’t a clue as to how those unlike them live their lives. They think they’re better than anyone else, thumbing their collective elitist noses at Walmart and dollar stores. It just so happens that the vast majority of elitists also happen to also be liberals and Democrats. Personally, I like dollar stores and will poke around in them from time to time and have even been known to frequent a Walmart when I need basic stuff I want to actually see before buying. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

…and speaking of which, it’s crap like this that I believe is going to turn Virginia and (I believe) New Hampshire and Connecticut red this November. But, ya see, the Democrats and the elites just can’t help themselves.

One of my goals this year was to create a two-week emergency food and water supply to go with the dough-re-mi we set apart for the same purposes last year. As much as I’d like to get an emergency generator for my A/C unit and refrigerator, I can’t wrap my head around that just yet. I’m taking our natural disaster preparations seriously, which includes getting our concealed carry permits. Next on the list is water, but that’s gonna need some more research as to how best to store that.

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January 24, 2020

nuf said.

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January 18, 2020

Back from a week-long trip to Vancouver, BC for work and was never so happy to see the palm trees and swimming pool of my back yard when I came in late on Friday night. The trip to Vancouver via Seattle wasn’t so bad, but the trip back was everything one hates about travel in winter with its endless delays and airplane cabins filled with coughing, sneezing passengers. I didn’t get my flu shot this year – a lot of good it did me last year! – so maybe I’ll be sick in five days’ time.

The weather in Vancouver sucked – the folks there can’t remember a stretch of snow, ice, and cold like the one they had this year. There are a lot of folks out there who think Vancouver some kind of exotic place (and I have little doubt it’s lovely in the summer), but all the high-rise apartments being built, the houses still with their Christmas lights up, the unplowed streets, and the generally unkept looks of some really nice houses (we were in both Richmond and Metrotown Burnaby) gave it a kind of sad look shrouded in the ice, fog, and snow. All I could think of was Moscow or some place in Siberia. Of course, there’s a large Asian population there, and going out at night we found no shortage of drop-dead gorgeous Asian chicks (I’d love to be the personnel manager at the Cactus Club Café), which helped defrost our frozen-open eyes a bit.

(A recommendation if you’re ever up in that area: the Louisiana Hot Sauce wings and the French fries at the CCC were the best I ever tasted. I tried to get this drop-dead Asian bartender with blond hair – a lethal combination if there ever was one in The Great White Shank’s view – to make a Hemingway daiquiri but it was hopeless. She did end up making a decent mojito, however, but watching her mull the lime and the mint together was as painful a sight to these purist eyes as anything I could imagine – she might as well have been churning butter!)

Seem to recall my prediction that Red Sox manager Alex Cora wouldn’t last until Memorial Day, but I was still surprised to find his job a victim as a result of his presence in both the Houston Astros AND the Boston Red Sox sign-stealing scandal which threatens to supercede all the usual Hot Stove League and Hall of Fame inductee offseason chatter. I don’t really know what to make of the whole sign-stealing thing – everyone in every sport is always looking for ways to gain an edge on the opposition, so what else is new. But maybe there are some lines you really can’t cross, I dunno.

…and while on the subject of Alex Cora, I seem to remember him declining his White House visit because of comments President Trump made about the Puerto Rico government and its role in the Hurricane Maria relief. Seems that the President was right after all. I won’t wait for an apology from Cora – he’s too busy checking out the employment ads looking for someone adept at cheating in sports.

…and while on the subject of baseball, F**K the elitist a**holes (and the Boston Globe‘s Dan Shaughnessy is the king of all of them) who take into consideration the off-field exploits of those on the ballot for Hall of Fame induction. These clowns wouldn’t vote Ty Cobb or Babe Ruth into the HOF if their likes were on the ballot these days because their personal lives weren’t as perfect or upstanding as theirs. Curt Schilling belongs in the Hall of Fame. PERIOD.

Somewhere between Calgary (where it was -12 at takeoff) and Phoenix this song popped into my mind and now I can’t get it outta there. Which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily – after all, it remains one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac tunes.

If there is such a thing in today’s online media as a “must-read article”, this is the one. Like him or hate him, there is little doubt that Donald Trump will go down in history as transformative a president as Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR were in their times. A couple of excerpts:

Donald Trump is a world-historical figure. He is not merely a part of history; he is an agent warping it with his own gravity. His ideas and actions represent a firm break from the prevailing paradigms of the past. His is an original voice arguing aggressively against the status quo. If everything about this moment feels different, that’s because it is. We are all witnesses to history’s play, but few generations see a world-historical figure ascend to its stage.

The media are blind to the moment, but future historians will see. Almost everything in the public sphere is now defined in relation to Donald Trump.

Why? Because Trump is single-handedly turning on its head everything the American public has been taught (I would argue, lectured) about American government and the role the media has played in supporting its role and growth over the past sixty years:

He stood on the dais during his inauguration and practically said, “See all these Republicans and Democrats and their great plans for our country? I’m going to destroy them all and burn down most of what they’ve built since World War II.” No wonder both sides joined hands with the Deep State and attempted to do by coup what Hillary could not. Winning the American presidency is one thing, but shining a bright light on what the American government has become is something else entirely.

Consider how many powerful ideas Donald Trump has cast into the national consciousness. He has exposed both major parties as socialist globalist cults more concerned with government health care and foreign nation-building than a policy for American freedom. He has exposed how free trade can never be free when based on slave labor. He has exposed how the silent destruction of towns across the Midwest came not from China’s comparative advantage, but from American companies’ use of slavery by proxy. He has redirected investment away from Wall Street and toward Main Street for the first time in over thirty years and has unleashed three decades’ worth of pent up entrepreneurial energy in the very towns long deemed dead. He has questioned how the federal government can have any legitimacy if it fails at enforcing its very own immigration laws.

Not one Nobel laureate imagined this American renaissance of GDP and stock market surge, record-low unemployment, wage growth, and low inflation in one bubbling cauldron. It took a change agent. Not one foreign policy mandarin suggested unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of the American oil man in order to destroy our enemies’ power over us permanently. It took a change agent. Not one State Department official questioned why the United States was still subsidizing Europe’s generous socialist welfare system seventy years after WWII. It took a change agent. Nobody wondered why we were enriching China at our own expense and preparing for a world where a communist dictator would lead. It took Donald Trump.

Because of the technology of the day and all the social media, we are witnessing first-hand history being made on a daily basis, and it is being made by someone who, perhaps more than anyone since Theodore Roosevelt, is an unabashed “American President”.

The world has noticed. It is Donald Trump to whom Nigerian Christians turn for survival from Islamic terror. It is Donald Trump who has strengthened Israel by keeping promises his predecessors lacked the fortitude to see through. It is Donald Trump whose name is often whispered by freedom-fighters in Venezuela, whose American flag is respected by regime protesters in Iran, and whose image is waved by thousands demanding freedom in Hong Kong. Nobody clamoring for freedom is waving pictures of Angela Merkel in the air, but in Hong Kong and Taiwan, a photoshopped image of Donald Trump as Rocky Balboa is easy to find. At a time when the German chancellor argues for limiting free expression, those people most desperate to escape China’s yoke see the American president as the only fighter who might help set them free. He is our American president, but he belongs to the world now, too.

Because he is actively working to destroy entrenched ideas and institutions, his opposition is clear-eyed and equally aggressive. Rather than the traditional political tug-of-war that pits adverse interests against each other without significant movement toward any direction, President Trump as a world-historical driver of change is engaging in pitched battle with winner-takes-all stakes.

Whether he ultimately succeeds in shifting various equilibriums is irrelevant to his role in history. In victory or defeat, he represents a firm marker against which past and future events will be viewed. What his fiercest adversaries are only now realizing is that Trump has shifted the trajectory of history permanently. He is not operating on their terms; they are all actors in the Trump Era.

Read the whole thing for the context in which it is written. You won’t be sorry.

Mark my words: give them both three years and they’ll come crawling back to the royalty. Prince Harry is no King Edward VIII and Meghan Markle (does anyone out there really think she’s attractive?) is no Wallace Simpson. My late and beloved Auntie Marge would be horrified!

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January 11, 2020

The Christmas tree is down and everyone has settled into the New Year in normal fashion. I’ve got bathrooms to clean and a pool filter to backwash, so 2020 doesn’t seem a whole lot different to me than 2019 was in that regard. Still, there’s stuff I’ve been meaning to get to:

One of my very favorite tunes on The Beatles’ Abbey Road was “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” It’s a great track. But this outtake from the session features an unreal Billy Preston organ and a stinging fuzz guitar that sounds like a mosquito on meth. How this didn’t make the official released version is beyond me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard organ played like this on any song, like ever – it’s so over the top as to almost sound demonic. And to think this was a band that only six – six – years’ prior was singing “She Loves You”. But oh yeah, The Beatles were overrated.

…speaking of the Fab Four, I’m of the belief that it was George Harrison, not Lennon or McCartney, the produced the best and most consistent output in his solo years. George did a lot of great stuff, but whenever I need a smile on my face “Cheer Down” with its soaring virtuoso guitar outro never fails to please.

I guess it’s a toss-up as to who had the worst week: Speaker “San Fran Nan” Pelosi, or Iran. And this news just adds to it.

…my “deep insider” in the national GOP tells me that the internal polling for Democrats is beyond bad – so bad, in fact, that there’s talk for the first time amongst Democrats (and Pelosi’s circle) that they’re going to lose the House. The decision by Pelosi to release the impeachment charges to the Senate is something she never, like, ever, thought she was going to have to do. But she’s stuck between the rabid loons in the House and Democratic senators who see what a disaster this has been.

…a prediction: watch the knives come out for the human lemur, Adam Schiff in the coming weeks. Behind the scenes Democrats are furious at the position he has put them in.

…see, the problem for Democrats is this: at some point, like the guy or not, you have to give the President his due. Not because it would demean you in any way, but because you’re a friggin’ AMERICAN, for God’s sake, and anything that benefits the country and its people in any way ought to be applauded. But you have people who are so fixated on their hatred – and I do mean HATRED – for the man that after a while folks start tuning you out. I’m as hard on Democrats and liberals as anyone, but it’s only because of their totally irrational hatred for the man and his followers that I’ve lost complete respect for them and anything they have to say. Regardless of what others might think, I’m more than willing to meet folks halfway, but the Democrats and the loony liberal left are making that impossible. So screw them all.

For those who can’t have the real thing, why not? Do I think she’s a total narcissistic loon? Yes. Do I think she’s an absolute fox? Yes.

If you want an example of what I’m talking about just read this. It’s disgraceful. Memo to SK: rather than hold a bunch of innocent, cancer-stricken kids hostage to your warped political whims, why not just give St. Jude’s the money out of the goodness of your heart? You know why you won’t? Because you’re a vile, a$$hole dick-head. I despise people who only think and act politically. Get a life, loser.

R.I.P Pete Dye. No one will ever accuse you of not being a creative golf course designer, but you and your stupid island greens and similar trick-up-the-course ideas helped make the game of golf an elitist sport and less accessible for untold number of people. Dye set back the game for untold numbers of people by making it needlessly difficult and harder to enjoy.

What a sweet story about the power of love in the midst of evil. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

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January 9, 2020

Did you see these incredible pictures of a sunrise over the Persian Gulf? Truly breathtaking. No point in ruining it with political commentary – sometimes you just have to take your hat off to God and thank Him for the majesty of His Creation.

Hate linking to a leftist rag like the Huffington Post, but all I can say is, it’s about time. I’ll best just about everyone knows someone taking advantage of disability benefits to avoid actually, like, y’know, working. It’s time the practice was cleaned up. There are plenty of jobs out there – unless you’re truly disabled, you should be working.

I don’t always – if rarely – agree with Powerline blog’s Paul Mirengoff (a “Never Trumper” if there ever was one) but in this case he has “Slo’ Joe” Biden pegged both accurately and pithily:

Biden has no fixed, coherent view of the world. He’s just a hack who relies on a combination of political expediency, conventional wisdom, and a small dose of his own judgment to form his foreign policy/national security positions.

Anyone willing to choose an imbecile like Biden (who just about anyone who is knowledgeable about American foreign policy has said hasn’t been right onceonce in nearly a half-century of politics) assume the presidency needs to have their head examined.

I continue to stand by my assertion that Alex Cora will be the first MLB manager fired in 2020. I’m not even sure he’s going to make it to Memorial Day. Like Tiger Woods at Augusta last year, he caught lightning in a bottle in 2018, but he’s a lousy manager who has always been in over his head. The late, great Tom Petty could have been channeling Cora when he sang, “You Got Lucky”.

My first thoughts when I first heard of that airliner crash in Iran on Tuesday night my time. I just figured that with all the other stuff going on someone either forgot to turn some anti-aircraft weapons systems off or got an itchy trigger finger. So it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Iran won’t turn over the aircraft’s “black box”.

…prayers up for the souls of all those poor folks who perished.

The Democrats are out of their friggin’ minds. Look, I’m not going to give Donald Trump credit for turning Democrats into an Iranian terrorist-loving, America-hating party: he may be smart, but he’s not thatsmart. But the sad truth is that Democrats hate Trump more than they love this country, to the point that their actions are not just disgraceful, but borderline treasonous. One can only hope that this stain on the American political system is washed clean come 2020, because what these guys want to do – and are unafraid of appearing to do so – is overthrow this country. Harsh, but true.

Minnesota congresswomen Ilhan Omar is one of the faces and consciences of today’s Democratic Party. She and those like her are a cancer to this country that must be extracted at the ballot box. As Bryan Dean Wright tweets:

There are veterans in the districts of these progressives who have no limbs because of Iran & Qassem Suleimani.

There are widows and widowers who struggle to get through each day because of Iran & Suleimani.

The progressive left has become a trash heap, unmoored from humanity.

Hard to believe these people are elected politicians and not some raving, drooling loons rambling on about conspiracy theories and holding signs at the bottom of some interstate off-ramp. They are an embarrassment to their districts and an enemy to their country. But this is what today’s Democratic Party is, folks. As Hot Air’s Karen Townsend writes:

History will not be kind to those so afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they can’t even pause and unite with other Americans in supporting a president during the aftermath of an enemy attack. Whether it is the top leadership of lawmakers or those in the media, we must believe them when they tell us who they are. They are so psychologically crippled that they broadcast support for America’s enemies instead of America. It’s sickening.

Hunter Biden, prince among men. If this were Donald Trump, Jr. you know damned well it would be nonstop 24/7 coverage in the mainstream media.

It might have quasi-worked for The Who’s Pete Townshend, but I’m not so certain the uber-elitist New York Times know-it-all Paul Krugman is gonna get away with child porn excuses. I mean, how stupid can you be? How gullible do you think people are? Of course, he can expect the same treatment from the corrupt mainstream media that Harvey Weinstein got.

This is pretty non-PC funny. And I’m sure my Goodboys pals would heartily agree!

I’ve thought from the very beginning that the only reason Democrats are pushing impeachment is because they know Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is beyond borrowed time; the thinking being they’d use impeachment as a wedge to head off confirmation hearings in the Senate for a conservative replacement. Unfortunately, they’re learning that Mitch McConnell doesn’t play those kinds of games. And if Justice Ginsberg were to pass or resign during the 2020 election season, well, that will be just too damned bad for the Democrats because McConnell ain’t the kind to given into professional courtesy. The Democrats have made their bed, now they will be sleeping in it right up until November 3.

So who is the big dog now? Barack Obama was a pussy, as was everyone around him. They kissed the assess of the mullahs and what did they get in return? Nothing. You have to remember that the Middle East is an oriental culture where the strongest horse is revered. They may not like Donald Trump, but you can bet your collective asses they respect him. And I’ll take respect over like any day.

Jillian Michaels is a total fox.

I’ve donated to the Australian Red Cross to provide aid to those impacted by the recent brushfires there. Will you?

I’ve already noticed the days are starting to get longer – have you? Not in the morning – that’s for damned sure! – but the sunsets are getting later for sure.

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January 7, 2020

I actally watched the opening hour of the Golden Globes Sunday night while making supper. I couldn’t believe Ricky Gervais’s skewering of the Hollywood elites and their various forms of hypocrisy right to their own faces, but it was about time someone had the guts to call them out for it on live TV.

…if you watch the whole thing his joke about a “Sophie’s Choice” sequel made me spit out my Pinot Grigio, it was that funny.

…but then I saw this and couldn’t actually believe what I was hearing. What man would ever want this vile, evil shrew anywhere near his body?

…was it just my imagination, or were there a slew of truly ugly dresses being worn Sunday night. Truly beautiful women like Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett, and (the usually drop-dead gorgeous) Gwyneth Paltrow were absolute hideous. Either they just have bad taste in clothes, or perhaps they were just looking to get noticed. If the latter, I guess it worked.

I doubt neither Tracey nor the rabbits would have anything to do with kale vodka; Tracey, of course, would take the vodka, the rabbits the kale.

It was sad watching the last minutes of the Patriots-Titans game on Saturday, GOAT Tom Brady serving up a pick worthy of some third-string July walk-on. Could it be he’s done?

Thankfully we’ve reached the end of the Obama foreign policy era. And it’s about time. Enough of the bullshit, treat our friends as friends and our enemies as enemies.

And just like that, an era of heroes ends as the last remaining office on the USS Indianapolis departs this life to his eternal reward.

The more you learn about Hunter Biden, the more slime there is to see. Is there anything this guy did that was above board? Just don’t expect it to be covered by the mainstream media.

The Democrats have lost their minds. One of the two major political parties – in an election year, no less – mourning the loss of an Iranian killer and taking the side of our sworn enemy on the world stage? I keep thinking Democrats can’t be any more stupid or go any lower, but they just going. I used to think they were just clueless. Now I’m convinced Trump Derangement Syndrome has made them suicidal nd borderline treasonous. We’re obviously living in very strange times.

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January 4, 2020

(Hat tip: TheLastRefuge)

I guess I’m not the first one to equate the latest strike (be it US or not) against Iranian interests in Iraq with Michael Corleone’s actions against his father’s enemies in Godfather II. Clearly, President Trump is using the fruits of years of intelligence-gathering by the US and, more importantly, that of our allies in the region – to make a “short sharp shot” against not just the Iranians, but their proxies in Iraq. Folks might question whether or not the latest actions brings us closer to yet another armed conflict in the Middle East; my view is that President Trump is revealing just how strong the hand of American might is in the region as a show of force that China, Russia, and Kim Jong Un ignore at their own risk.

You read things like this and you realize just how much the Washington establishment (a.k.a. “The Swamp”) and our adversaries around the world simply don’t get Donald Trump. He’s no politician – he operates on pure instinct rather than political calculation (in other words, he really doen’t give a shit). If there’s a job to be done, an injustice going on that no one wants to touch, he touches it:

“We’ve known every minute of every day where Soleimani is for years — there’s no moment of any given day where five or six intelligence agencies can’t tell you where he is,” a Republican foreign policy hand said. “It’s been one of his talking points: The Americans can find me any time, they just don’t dare hit me.”

Another things folks don’t understand is just how cutthroat Donald Trump is – when he sets his mind to something he is all in. And I have to think that somewhere in his decision to take out Soleimani he wanted revenge for this disgraceful act.

Imagine yourself a Democrat going into the 2020 election cycle. You’re anti-Trump and think that’s going to gain you a $hitload of electoral college votes. But say you’re an average the average blue-collar worker who’s sitting over a beer and a shot with his buds down at the local watering establishment – is this the kind of thing you think he and his buds are going to vote in support of?

* Higher taxes
* Taking folks guns away
* Expanded LGBTQ rights
* Bigger, more intrusive government
* Unlimited illegal immigration
* Giving illegals drivers licenses, free healthcare, and free education
* Defending mass murderers
* Reducing penalties for crime
* Impeaching Donald Trump

Heck, after Thursday’s actions you can add to that unlimited support for Iranian thugs. Yeah, I can really see that working out.

…but this is what the Democratic Party has become. Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned them all into a gaggle of bona fide whack jobs.

This would be just desserts for the cutest loudmouth Socialist on the Democratic plantation. She might actually have to come face to face with the dreaded garbage disposal!

I’m sorry, but this is nothing more than pure mental illness. And the fact that his/her/it’s parents think this is something worth celebrating is sick. Prediction: he/she/it will be a suicide in ten years.

Susan Rice: a liar about Benghazi, a liar now. The Obama administration is looking worse and worse every day as Donald Trump changes the way America is looked upon by the rest of the world.

California is for nut-jobs. But the state legislature can keep implementing ridiculous laws like this because the state’s voters are a bunch of ignorant, clueless fools.

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January 2, 2020

Deep breath. The air all fresh and new. That, my friends is the sound made knowing the holidays are over and a bran’ spankin’ new year has begun. I know that because the local Fry’s already has the Valentine’s Day aisle fully stocked and ready to go. So let’s kick off the first “Thursday Thoughts” of the year in style. In other thoughts:

You see, it’s spouting stuff like this that makes Hollywood and entertainers look nothing more than Trump hating caricatures:

“If you read the history, you won’t be surprised. It’s exactly the same,” Ronstadt replied. “Find a common enemy for everybody to hate. I was sure that Trump was going to get elected the day he announced, and I said it’s gonna be like Hitler, and the Mexicans are the new Jews. And sure enough that’s what he delivered.”

I mean, how dumb can one person be? How ignorant about history can one be? Clue to Linda: loved your music but don’t you have to be some kind of an ignoramus to know your analogy doesn’t hold up? If Trump is Hitler (a favorite and all-too-easy meme of the loony left, just like any Republican other than John McCain, BTW), and Mexicans are the “new Jews”, then answer me this, Linda: why are so many of them trying to come here by any means necessary? I don’t seem to remember Jews all over the world flocking to be part of Hitler’s Germany. Wasn’t the direction was all the other way (in more ways than one)? So just shut yer yap and stick to what you know best – singing.

Here’s hoping this is the year that President Trump pardons Michael Flynn and Roger Stone.

I’m sorry, but as a Roman Catholic watching this it’s hard not to view Pope Francis as a vile, disgusting, pompous, and ungodly man. This is how he treats members of his own flock? Just one question, PF, were these comments before or after slapping that poor woman’s hand? I guess one can add hypocrite to the above list as well.

One of the more outrageous and disgraceful aspects of the Trump presidency is the mainstream media’s treatment of First Lady Melania Trump. She has more class, modesty, and dignity than “Moochelle” Obama, who the media fawned over relentlessly throughout the Obama era. Don’t believe me? Just watch how she watches her husband answer the media’s questions prior to the New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago with such grace and style.

Sad to hear of the passing of Neil Innes, whose Monty Python association led to his co-founding (with Eric Idle) the “Prefab Four” The Rutles; “All You Need is Cash” was the first “mockumentary” predating the iconic “This Is Spinal Tap”. Innes could write Beatles-style songs almost as good as the real thing – listen to “Hold My Hand”, “I Must Be In Love”, “Ouch” (a George Harrison favorite, BTW), and “Love Life” and you’ll see what I mean.

My only response to Don Lemon’s comments on CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage, and to all those on the loony left who hate President Trump and accuse those of us who support him of being racists comes courtesy of the late, great, and incredibly-missed Andrew Breitbart.

November is coming. Bring. It. On.

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January 1, 2020

The old saying goes that whatever you are doing when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s indicates how the next year is going to go for you. That’s where the tradition of kissing at midnight came from. Me? I spent the turning of the year trying to repair an old and cherished friendship while still enjoying a beautiful fire in our new firepit. Made the whole expenditure completely worthwhile:

A perfect New Year’s Eve – all endings and beginnings. However y’all spent your own New Year’s Eve – and I hope it was a happy one – a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020 to all from Goodboys Nation weblog!

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