December 28, 2019

Christmas was fine this year, although I took on more than my share of cooking than I planned to. Pot roast on Christmas Eve, and a turkey on Christmas Day. It all ended up working out OK, though – I was especially proud of the way my first attempt at Yorkshire pudding came out:

What was really interesting was the fact that, for the first time in, like, what?, 28 years, there were no golf gifts of any kind under the Christmas tree. Which was OK by me – golf is nowhere near the top of any priority list for next year. While things could certainly change, right now I’m really kind of a mind where I don’t care if I even pick up a club again. All it would do is remind me of last year’s Goodboys weekend and its residual after-effects.

Still, it was a good holiday – we got lots of rain (something no one in the Valley of the Sun except, perhaps, Chamber of Commerce members would mind), and work was fairly quiet. There’s always something to be said about that!

…and in other news:

Shhhh!! The name of the fake ‘whistleblower’ Eric Ciarmella is supposed to be a secret!!

R.I.P. Don Imus. Given his chosen profession he lived life on the edge, and that was always dangerous when it came to live radio. But dude owned up to it and paid for it in spades (am I allowed to say that anymore?), and everything he did in his philanthropic interests more than made up for one ill-advised, off-the cuff comment. The I-man was a great and there won’t be any more like him – most especially because of the politically correct, liberal fascist world we’re all forced to inhabit these days.

I’m just warning y’all do not be drinking or eating when you read this….(taking a deep breath). Are you kidding me? The woman is an obnoxious shrew, as phony as the day is long. The fact she has gotten as far as she has in this world and this culture ought to give everyone pause. What’s frightening is that there have to literally tens of thousands out there like her in academia.


…along those same lines: Memo to “Slo’ Joe”: Folks don’t need food assistance if they are working. There’s not a place you go these days where there aren’t “now hiring” signs. With all the various support systems out there at federal, state, and local levels, there is simply no excuse for the truly able-bodied to work.

…and, surprise surprise – “Slo’ Joe” has no intention of testifying before any impeachment committee. If you’re innocent, “Slo”, why not be willing to testify?

…along those same lines, anyone guess who’s missing from this picture? Maybe he did want to leave those swanky Hollywood hills digs he bought for a song?


Kids grow up, right? Sounds horrendous, but I have zero sympathy for pedophile priests – the a$$hole got what he deserved. May his soul rot in hell.


Y’all want to hear my latest theory? OK, OK, so that Hillary Clinton prediction doesn’t appear to have worked out (not that I’m willing to concede yet), but what if the “new Democrats” – meaning, the emerging powers-to-be in the Democratic Party and those who think like them, are willing to sacrifice the careers of dinosaurs like “Slo’ Joe”, Bernie, “San Fran Nan”, and House Majority Leader) Steny Hoyer, knowing they’ll be washed away following a slaughtered at the ballot box come November in order to leverage that defeat into a Democratic Socialist party looking ahead to 2024? Think about it: there’s a damned lot of old dead wood at the top of the Democratic Party thanks to the fact that Barack Obama did nothing during his presidency to build up the Party through its state and local organizations. The enthusiasm and passion are all with the young Dem Socialists, and you can’t tell me they’re not already thinking ahead to a time when the old guard is destroyed. While a short-term defeat, in their minds it might not be worst thing that could happen in the long run. Something to at least consider.


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